5 New Trends that will take over social media in 2021

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5 New Trends that will take over social media in 2021. Social media hasn’t ceased to amaze us with the amount of impact it has on our lives. These platforms are in today’s world an important guideline in people’s behavior in terms of how they consume content.


Every platform is different from the other. Because of this, you can post the same material or content in different ways. However, some trends remain the same no matter the platform. Today, we are glad to show you 5 new trends that will take over social media in 2021.


The importance of Social Media for Businesses and Professionals


BluCactus - new social media trends - important dataThere’s a lot to say about the value and relevance of social media in our lives. After all, it is pretty much a fact that most people spend a good part of their days on social media and we are not exaggerating. Not in today’s world. 


Including your business on these platforms is vital to gain authority, reliability, and a good position in the market. Only in this way can you strive to even compare to the competition. And it sure is helpful that every piece of information you get from these accounts will allow you to improve your services. How? Well, you’ll be able to know your client’s needs, queries, doubts, and expectations.


On the other hand, social media is particularly important for its massive custom communication channel. Thanks to it, you can easily interact with your followers and them with you. As a result, you can offer your services and products in a way that is better for them.


Learning about the different social tools that exist gives you a greater chance to create a stable and beyond amazing bond with your audience. Remember, on social media, everything is about relating and interacting. That is truly why this is the perfect place to connect with your clients. Through social media, you can offer them kindness, empathy, and excellent service.


Advantages offered by social media for businesses


Tools like these offer companies many kinds of benefits. However, for them to work as they should, companies should only use those platforms that best fit them. We don’t recommend creating an account on every social media platform to then leave them adrift. Here are the advantages of using social media for companies.


BluCactus - new social media trends - important dataCorporate Image (Branding)


Branding is one of the most vital factors when it comes to creating a respected brand with great credibility.


This is what makes the difference between potential customers and those already loyal to you.


Improving the corporate image of your company will also help to create better links and more stable relationships. It even increases your B2B-type connections.


In other words, it can improve your business alliances while also getting new ones.


Higher positioning (SEO)


BluCactus - new social media trends - important dataToday, SEO or search engine positioning is vital for any business. A higher position in different communication channels leads to better traffic.


In turn, this allows you to climb among the first results in every search engine. For example, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.


Your business will have much better visibility as long as the content strategy that is carried out allows you to publish material constantly, which can be easily transformed into continual valuable and relevant information for your followers.


As a result, you will be able to fine-tune your knowledge base experience to maintain customers loyal and happy. 


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Customer Service


Platforms like this are an excellent proposal to have a much more direct, personalized, and real customer service with your audience.


This is an ingenious idea to guide and support them in the purchase process and any other of their questions that they have along the way.


If your customer is satisfied, they are more likely to purchase some of your products or services again.


Sales Opportunities


BluCactus - new social media trends - important dataNow that you know all of the above, you just have to remind yourself that these benefits can always help you increase your sales in a constant and significant way.


For this, we recommend creating a strategic plan.


This way, you can follow up on your established objectives.


But to be honest, sometimes this can be a bit of a handful, which is why it’s also a great idea to hire a social media expert.


By doing this, you will be ensuring the success of all your strategies, and of that, you can be sure.


Social media trends for 2021


Every year social media trends change and we see new and different ways to present content. For 2021, some trends that we will have to keep a close eye on will be:


  • User-Generated Content Remix (UGC)


BluCactus - new social media trends - important dataLawrence Lessig, media and political academic once stated that “people add to the culture they read by creating and re-creating the culture around them.” And we agree. This type of content has become one of the biggest trends on different platforms, and it is basically the same content or materials remade by users.


On Instagram, we saw it inside the so-called Reels. On other platforms like TikTok, we saw it in its different videos.


Each of the platforms knew how to interpret it in its own way, and we are far from seeing this disappear in 2021. This is a trend that allows each of the users to create materials and share them with everyone simply and directly, returning the platforms to a much more dynamic place than it already was.


  • The use of memes


BluCactus - new social media trends - important dataFor some years now, the rise of comedy and well-known memes has been impressive to say the least, not only on personal accounts but also from different corporate brands.


This has allowed users to get closer to brands much more easily and have a better interaction with the content.


It will help you improve your social media account statistics as long as you use them wisely.


Otherwise, this could take away your credibility and damage the image of your business.


  • BluCactus - new social media trends - important data



These are not only used for web pages, chatbots or auto-response robots are present in the management of both online pages and social media.


It is a great way to have an automated assistant to answer the questions of each of your clients more easily and not have it be so time-consuming.





  • BluCactus - important dataSocial gaming


Trends like this can benefit many brands as long as they know how to implement them.


Since the lockdowns began in 2020, there has been a large increase in leisure time.


People are now seeking more social interactions and fun ways to spend their free time.


Implementing interactive games on each of your platforms is a great option to entertain your followers and perform fun dynamics so that they feel more attracted to interact with your account.


  • Live content


BluCactus - important dataLives are a great strategy to make exclusive and special campaigns for brands.


Live videos tend to generate great interest in users since they can communicate directly with the team of each brand.


They can make inquiries that are of great interest, and they can give their opinions and do endless dynamics.


This is one of the most popular strategies in marketing today, and with reason.


After all, it offers great results for many brands and their engagement statistics.


Some other booming trends will be:


The 4Cs of COVID-19


BluCactus - important dataSince the confinement began due to the coronavirus pandemic, brands have had to adapt their content to new fundamental pillars. These are now called the 4c ​​of COVID-19


  • Community
  • Zero contact
  • Cleaning
  • Compassion


These are new pillars that must be very present in the strategies of the brands until we can overcome the pandemic and health crisis. The new poles will allow us to create new campaigns that bring us closer to customers and their contact needs with others.


Social awareness


BluCactus - important dataThis relates a little more to what’s happening today in the world due to the health crises.


This situation allowed us to put into perspective our attitudes and how we act in terms of the environment. As a result, brands began to take their social responsibility a lot more seriously. This way, they were able to create long lasting connections with their clients.


In your case, we recommend looking into new ways to work in favor of social welfare and living beings.


The first step starts here, you should apply biosecurity measures. This way, you’ll be able to carry your business without the risk of harming others.


What to expect from social media in 2021?


It´s not only important to know the trends that we will see this year. It is also essential to know what to expect in terms of the behaviors and analytics that we will receive in our monthly account reports.


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Some changes in behavior and statistics that will be most relevant to our businesses will be:


E-commerce globalization


Many studies have shown that in terms of e-commerce, numerous businesses will start to expand all around the world.


Globalization has happened a lot faster since the pandemic began.


As a result, internal buyers will continue to grow.


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Demographic expansion in content creation


All those who did not dare to create content in the past year or even previous years will begin to do so in 2021.


Being at home and not being able to go out has made many users much more creative and they will not be afraid to publish their materials on different platforms.


This 2021 comes loaded with new possibilities and much more dynamism, at least in the digital world.


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