Outdoor Advertising

Rent a strategic outdoor advertising space

Do you want your company to stand out from the crowd? Renting outdoor advertising with BluCactus is the solution for you. Every person sees over 1,000 ads per day. You can see these ads on television, the Internet, or even on the streets. However, on average, an individual remembers only seven of these ads. With digital advertising, this number is probably even smaller.

Nevertheless, the ads a person sees daily while commuting a car are unique to each person. For these people, many of the ads they will see on their way to their daily routine will be outdoor advertisements or billboard ads. These come in many shapes and sizes, but, in general, the best known are billboard ads.

Rent a strategic outdoor advertising space

A marketing tool with great visibility

This term refers to those advertisements that occupy huge boards on both sides of the streets and highways. Therefore, you can also see them downtown and other strategic places where marketing companies can place them to publicize businesses or products.

Nowadays, panoramic ads are one of the most popular outdoor advertisement types. They are the most crucial ad type when it comes to out of home advertising. From restaurants to cinemas, all kinds of companies use this type of outdoor advertising.

What is Outdoor Advertising? How can it help you increase your brand awareness?

Outdoor advertising is a means of disseminating commercial news or announcements to attract viewers and potential customers in public spaces. They are highly effective, productive, and engaging on many occasions.

The two main types of outdoor advertising are fixed and mobile. Companies use mobile outdoor advertising through advertising elements installed in means of transport: airplanes, trains, parasols, hot air balloons, subways, trucks, buses, among others.

Make a striking and memorable impression at first glance with Out-of-home advertising

Outdoor Advertising Agency

Both fixed and mobile outdoor advertising are impressive and stand out from the environment to capture viewers’ gaze. Texts on outdoor advertising are clear, direct, simple, and related to the image. The audience understands the message at first glance and thus can immediately associate the message with the product.

Out-of-home advertising

A high-impact marketing tool

Outdoor advertising has numerous advantages. It’s a great addition to other advertising campaigns and is a continuously active means. Additionally, it manages to impact even the most challenging target audience, who are away from home for a long time and do not watch television or read print media advertising.

Billboard Advertising

Large, dazzling and eye-catching

Billboards are large-scale outdoor advertisements. Companies usually install billboards at a considerable height in strategic locations. By doing so, the audience can see them from a long distance as they approach the advertisement.

Billboards are part of outdoor advertising. Companies design billboards to capture the attention of drivers, motorcyclists, bystanders, and anyone who wanders around your business.

A billboard is immense flat support that contains ads or posters with compelling and eye-catching short messages that help companies capture customers. Therefore, companies place billboards in various locations, such as sports facilities, educational centers, on means of transport, and public roads.

Why choosing billboard advertising?

Cost-effective and engaging

Ads on billboards can be relatively cheap depending on their size and location. For that reason, companies must weigh their investment towards the type of message they want to convey. As a general rule, billboards should have short, easy-to-read messages. Consequently, companies should not overload billboards with information.

Hit a home run with a stunning billboard advertising

If your campaign’s objective is to increase brand awareness, billboards are a great option to do so! Otherwise, if you want to convey a lot of information about your product or service, you might consider other options on billboards when it comes to text. The shorter, the better. This can make the difference between successfully communicating your message or not to your potential customers. Thus, a good balance between content and design is recommendable to convey your message on billboard advertising properly.

Digital Billboard Advertising

Creative and Attractive

Digital billboards provide high levels of pleasant customer experience. Digital billboard advertising provides information dynamically, which leads to unique, captivating visual experiences. In this way, companies can create an emotional connection with viewers and encourage them to purchase. Also, digital billboard advertising has the advantage that, if needed, you can modify it in little time, unlike other types of out-of-home advertising. Thus, digital billboards are flexible and cost-effective to promote your brand or company.

What are Digital Billboards?

Outdoor digital billboards have the exact dimensions as standard static billboards. However, these digital billboards use hundreds of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to create images. Large indoor advertising billboards use the same LED-based displays as outdoor digital billboards. Small indoor digital billboards use liquid crystal display (LCD) video screens, similar to computer monitors and televisions. In addition, companies can place digital advertising billboards either on a pole or on the wall. You can see many examples of this in cities like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, and Denver.

Advertising Poster

Businesses have used poster advertising for many years to promote products and services and sell ideas to a large number of people with proximity marketing. In other words, targeting potential customers at the right place, at the right time, with highly relevant advertisements.

Posters: OOH advertising is all about balance and location

Graphically, a poster must show a balance among its elements. Images, graphics, photos, and texts must represent a line of communication that allows the human eye (and the brain) to go from one point of information to another. In this way, a graphic balance creates movement and dynamism. Thus, a skilled designer places the information points in a thought-provoking and visually appealing way.

Companies use posters to capture people’s attention from a great distance while in motion. Billboards are also valuable for cities with a lot of traffic, as people are forced to stare at posters when traffic congestion occurs. For that reason, you can see signs in many high-traffic areas of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Austin, and Boston.

Billboard ads

Game Plan

Billboard advertising is a dissemination method. Companies communicate a message with the intention of advertising a brand, product, or service or promoting an event or celebration. Therefore, its objective is both commercial and informative.

For this reason, you must carefully think about the design and aesthetics of an advertising poster, as well as its future location. Thanks to this, you can significantly improve the success of your marketing campaign and reach the widest possible audience. For example, if you want to increase your visibility in Texas, you might want to think about placing your ad in the DFW area especially Dallas, Houston, Austin, or San Antonio. Why? Because in these places you can reach a diverse and financially sound audience that commutes these cities for business, fun, family reunions, and weekend getaways.

Posters Design

Text and fonts are essential elements of a poster. Companies can enhance them using striking colors and different font sizes. In this way, viewers will quickly notice the sign.

Junior Posters

Junior posters are mainly in urban neighborhoods and on more minor roads. Placed just above eye level, they can be seen as freestanding units or mounted on the sides of buildings. In this way, they are easily recognizable by pedestrian and road traffic.

OOH Advertising
Turn everybody’s heads

Companies often use junior posters for their proximity to retail outlets where they can stimulate sales. Occasionally, they are available in areas where large format posters or ads may not be abundant. For that reason, junior signs are appropriate for seasonal and regional campaigns and product presentations.

Advertisers also use them to target markets in major urban areas due to their strategic display. When it comes to the billboard advertising cost, junior posters are a great option since they offer a lower cost per thousand impressions than other ad types.

Place your outdoor billboard near points of purchase

Besides, they reach areas with a specific niche of demographic and socio-economic targets. Junior posters are highly effective for short-term campaigns that require immediate consumer attention, including product and service introductions or call-to-action messages. Also, junior posters stimulate sales near points of purchase, and companies usually place them close to the line of sight of pedestrians and motorists to increase their visibility.

Digital Posters

As its name suggests, a digital poster is a digital image or motion graphic that shows relevant information to an audience. The information displayed on a digital sign may include start times and ticket availability for an upcoming event and public service announcements or ads of new product lines.

Digital posters are at the forefront of business communication tools. Compared to traditional static signs, digital posters are cheaper in the long term, more visually appealing, and easier to manage. For that reason, every year, more companies switch to digital posters.

Transit Shelter Advertising

Seize the opportunity to increase your brand awareness

Are you seeking to reach pedestrian and vehicular traffic with your advertising message? Companies place outdoor traffic shelter advertisements on crowded streets in urban areas with many potential readers on sidewalks and in cars. In this way, the number of bus stops in a city allows you to post a compelling message along busy streets repeatedly.

Also, in suburban areas where bus routes branch off beyond city limits, bus shelter ads are often one of the few options to disseminate your message across the road and in front of a traveling audience.

Transit shelter advertising is often an excellent alternative for areas that do not have billboards as an advertising option. Traffic shelter advertising uses large indoor and outdoor display areas with great lighting for excellent visibility.

Transit shelter advertising also offers cost-effectiveness. Low entry cost compared to other outdoor advertisement formats that allow access to local organizations. In addition, their national presence also represents a competitive advantage for large brands.

A 24/7 powerful presence

Urban areas never sleep and neither does transit shelter advertising. For that reason, whenever you ask yourself “Where can I find a billboard advertising near me?” you probably will see one before finishing the question. Transit shelter ads are highly visible even at night. Hence, we could say that these ads never stop working, as the audience can’t ignore it or turn off bus shelter advertisements.

Get in the driver’s seat of your success

Transit shelter ads effectively catch the attention of your target audience, and you can also place them strategically to reach a larger and more diverse audience. For people who wait for a bus, transit shelter advertising can have a greater power of influence than many other forms of outdoor advertising. This occurs since more viewers are there for extended periods.

National advertising campaigns have the potential to get high levels of outreach through traffic shelter advertising. Besides, they are more cost-effective than high-end formats like television and radio. You can place them in different locations at an affordable price. Transit shelter ads are also an excellent strategy for a local marketing campaign. They effectively convey a message to a local audience and are versatile.

Wall Advertising

Wall advertising is outdoor advertising placed on walls for a significant amount of time to promote a brand or company. Besides being a means to communicate a message, it also serves as a decorative element.

Wall or mural advertisements are also known as signs. Companies paint wall advertising directly on building surfaces or print them on pressure-sensitive vinyl and attach them to walls. However, not all walls allow vinyl. Wall advertising can also be tailored to various creative shapes and sizes.

Plus, they have high exposure to vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Because of that, they can be seen on major highways, on commuter and tourist routes, and in downtown business districts. Companies design these murals in a customized way for long-term exposure.


Reach the masses smoothly

A wallscape is an elaborate outdoor advertisement. Companies paint a wallscape as a mural or adhere it directly to the exterior surfaces. Wallscape landscapes vary in size and are typically located in iconic locations of major metropolitan cities for out-of-home advertising. This type of outdoor advertising is displayed on the walls of apartment buildings, parking lots, construction areas, and other high-profile zones of a city. They are also in the downtown business and commercial districts, where traditional billboards are limited.

In this way, wallscape advertising refers to large ads attached or painted on walls. They are the most significant outdoor advertisement that can be found, often several times larger than a traditional billboard. There is no standard size or format for a wallscape since every wall has a different shape.

A wide variety of creative designs

Some outdoor wallscape ad designs also include the surrounding areas. For example, a creative wallscape may show a design that continues under the wall, on a sidewalk below, or even in parking areas. Thus, outdoor wallscape advertising requires a great deal of planning, technical knowledge, and creativity. Wallscapes are often displayed for a longer time than traditional billboards. This is because of the creative process involved in their design. Designers aim at creating unique and memorable wallscapes to make a long-lasting impression on the audience.

Digital Wallscape

Reach the masses smoothly

Digital wallscape advertising creates a stunning presence in any setting that is impossible to ignore. They are programmable, which allows displaying dynamic text. They offer unmatched visibility and allow customization.

In outdoor advertising, a wallscape can take creativity even further. Special effects and changing images catch the attention of pedestrians. As a result, wallscape advertising brings the impact factor to every outdoor advertising campaign.

other means of OOH advertising

Located along busy streets in major metropolitan cities, benches provide excellent pedestrian and vehicle traffic exposure. Visibly placed on sidewalks, ads are eye-catching to thousands of people waiting for the bus or taking a short rest. Also, they establish a solid local presence in a community.

Benches are stationary advertising spaces located at bus stops in major cities. They provide an excellent opportunity to target specific audiences smoothly. They are practical marketing tools close to strategic places in a town like supermarkets, malls, cinemas, and tourist attractions.

Bus Advertising

What is the bus advertising? Bus advertising refers to fully or partially wrapped advertisements displayed on and off city buses. Advertisers commonly use exterior and interior bus advertising to quickly generate an effective mass reach.

A versatile means where you can place your outdoor advertising

Bus advertising can be used not only for promoting commercial brands but also for political campaigns and public campaign messages. Besides, statistics show that the effectiveness of bus advertising includes their great reach at an affordable cost and rapid spreading. Hence, posting bus ads outside and inside the city is a great way to build and swiftly increase brand awareness.

Similarly, placing advertisements on double-decker buses is a great way to increase the exposure of an advertising campaign. Bus and bus stop advertising are powerful marketing tools available almost everywhere to reach a wider audience throughout a city.

Subway Advertising

Subways are busy places, thus, strategic places to promote your business. People who constantly move through stations and get on and off trains provide advertisers with a large captive audience ready to watch ads in a somewhat intimate setting. Although potentially surrounded by people, subway passengers often feel more comfortable looking at advertisements for the duration of their journey rather than sneaking peeks at other passengers. As a result, all subway campaigns are high visibility campaigns.

In this way, subway passengers represent an ideal audience for your marketing campaign. Subway commuters often get on the subway to do their daily diligence, for example, going shopping, which is an excellent time to consume advertising. Passengers may see your ad and suddenly include a visit to your business on their shopping day.

The yin energy of a powerful marketing tool

Subway users who don’t head to enjoy a shopping day, but daily commute the subway, also represent an ideal audience for your advertising campaign, as they are repeatedly exposed to your ad. These commuters may travel the same subway route every day, possibly even on the same train. This allows them to see your ad constantly and, over time, be influenced by it. Therefore, the subway represents a profitable option for companies seeking to carry out awareness campaigns.

Due to the nature of the subway audience, advertising within the subway system allows passengers to get to know your brand repeatedly while waiting for the train to arrive at their destination.

Be the front runner of your industry thanks to an effective marketing strategy

Advertisers can control this high level of exposure depending on the number of advertisements they display on the subway. It is also possible to saturate a location with your advertisements. You can “take over” a subway station by purchasing all the available advertising space. In this way, your company can stay ahead of the competition by having greater visibility in the city.


Kiosks are an excellent outdoor advertising platform to reach customers in different public places—for example, malls, schools, coffee shops, airports, and office buildings. When strategically placed near a POP (point of purchase), kiosks provide an opportunity to reach audiences willing to spend money.

Kiosks also provide small business owners with a physical presence with heavy foot traffic areas at a low cost. In addition, stalls offer multiple formats to consider when developing advertisements.

Urban Advertising
Be a strategist, place your outdoor billboard near the subway.

Located at the top of subway entrances and exits, urban panels are the city’s most dominant and vibrant street advertisements. This allows your brand or company to connect to its target audience smoothly. For that matter, both static and digital displays are good options. Urban advertising will enable you to address different geographic target markets by selecting key locations. Hence, this type of advertising is an excellent means to develop maximum brand awareness.

What are you waiting for to increase your brand awareness with the incredible benefits of billboard advertising?

There are many types of outdoor advertising. Each of them has incredible advantages that will contribute to the success of your marketing plan. You can choose between static, dynamic, and digital outdoor advertisements depending on your budget and the impact you want to generate on your target audience. When it comes to outdoor advertising, sometimes it doesn’t matter the size of your ad but its creative design and engaging message. Remember that you don’t need a huge ad to reach your target audience. It would be best if you had an excellent Marketing Agency like BluCactus that helps you develop a successful advertising strategy.

BluCactus, Outdoor Advertising Company

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BluCactus’ experienced specialists will create powerful strategies to make your outdoor advertising campaign successful. We guide you through each process step as we fully commit to your satisfaction. Contact us now and ask us about our services.