Personalization tactics that scare away your consumers

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Personalization tactics that scare away your consumers. One of marketing’s main characteristics is its ability to adapt to the needs, tastes, and desires of people. That’s why you must pay attention to how you manage a personalized marketing strategy.


Today, we will explain what personalized marketing is and the personalization strategies you must avoid. Otherwise, you will only make your clients uncomfortable and create a bad image for your brand.


What is personalized marketing?


BluCactus - dataWhen it comes to personalized marketing, we mean those marketing strategies whose main goal is to bring an audience closer. For this, we must offer them soluti0ns to their problems. As a result, this is a more personal and direct type of communication with the client. After all, it allows us to make them special and unique to our brand.


To achieve this kind of communication, your brand must understand who its target customer is. For example, what they’re looking for, their tastes, and lifestyle among others. All these characteristics are what make your clients unique, and you must remember them.


All of this data will allow you to work on a personalized marketing strategy to grab the attention of a specific niche or group. As a result, you will have a business with a well-segmented target audience. Now, to get to work with this type of strategy, you will need a lot of data in terms of your clients. For this, you will the help of different data capture tactics. Some of them use email marketing or a website that allows you to get said information.


Some strategies may even help you to get closer to your clients. However, there are others you must avoid at all costs. Next, we’ll give a list of some of them. It’s not worth it to use them as they can scare away your customers, don’t forget.


  • BluCactus - dataDon’t be too personal


Each customer relationship is unique, some will be more personalized and closer than others.


However, in some cases, we mustn’t get so personally involved with our clients.


They need to feel confident enough about our company without appearing that we are invading their privacy.


Before any personalization strategy, ask yourself for a moment if this is too intimate or if you’re harming the privacy of your client with this tactic.


  • Being too personal too soon


BluCactus - Personalization tactics that scare away your consumers - dataTake some time to get to know your client’s wants and needs in-depth. Use your website to understand what they require of your brand.


All of this while not offering personalized content right away.


This can be very over the top for some customers and can make them a bit uncomfortable with the way your brand tracks and analyzes their behavior so quickly.


Because of this, you should start collecting information little by little through email marketing strategies. This way, you will have a better idea of ​​what your customers need over time. Once the relationship between the consumer and the brand has been consolidated a little more, you can start to personalize the content according to their behavior.


  • BluCactus - Personalization tactics that scare away your consumers - dataCustomize based on rare searches


By customizing using information regarding the most unusual search results, you may be more effective in your personalization strategies.


This can be done through tools such as Google Console that will allow you to have an overview of what are the searches carried out by those who find your website.


This way, you will be able to reach a much more specialized audience than doing massive content difficult to attain.


Remember to segment frequently to achieve a better understanding of the profile and behavior of your consumer.


  • Don’t add contextual data to your strategy


BluCactus - Personalization tactics that scare away your consumers - dataWhen we talk about contextual data, we mean creating content relevant and valuable to our brand’s clients.


Ideally, these should also be responsive, that is, they adapt to any type of device.


Use the information you collect from your website and social media to better understand what your customers need and offer the best possible experience around your brand.


The content refers to an offer, while the context in the when and where to offer said offer.


That’s why you must understand very well who your client is, their needs, and also where they are in their journey as a buyer. Our recommendation is to don’t make content just to do it, make it relevant and post it on the most frequented spaces by your customers.


  • Wrong targeting location


BluCactus - Personalization tactics that scare away your consumers - dataBy having a large amount of information, you can know a lot more about your clients.


For example, their age, language, sex, and even their location. This can be a great advantage within your personalization strategy. After all, it will give you the chance to place ads relevant to them.


However, many make the mistake of using a very wide location or the wrong one.


You should only focus on your area and surroundings. So, if your business is in the United States, the easiest place to enter as a company is the United States.


That’s why you must ensure that your ads’ and your client’s location are in the right place. Otherwise, your ads won’t be effective and may even make you lose your investment in them.


  • Too much contact


BluCactus - Personalization tactics that scare away your consumers - dataPart of personalization is also understanding when growth cannot just be excessive.


Besides, it’s important for your business that all the contacts you have on your list are really valuable and genuinely interested in your brand.


If you find out that most of your contacts aren’t opening their emails or interact with them, you must find out why. Something you can do to improve this situation is to keep a record of the activity of these consumers in your business.


For example, if they interact very little in the first 30 days, you may need to lower the number of messages and emails that you send. They may feel bombarded and prefer to have less contact with your business.


  • Using too much data from social media posts


BluCactus - Personalization tactics that scare away your consumers - dataSocial media is a space where most users discover new things.


In it, they can also find advertisements about places that may interest them or product offers.


However, if you use all the data that they throw up to send them a new ad, you can overwhelm them. They may also feel weird knowing the amount of monitoring your business does of their actions.


So, to avoid this, you should limit the amount of content you offer them regarding their actions.


Take a break and give them time to see new things. Use personalization sparingly to grab everyone’s attention.


  • Use retargeting


BluCactus - Personalization tactics that scare away your consumers - dataThis is a marketing strategy that involves looking for ways to re-engage or warm-up forgotten users.


These are mostly people who choose to not interact with your brand. However, if you insist and bombard them for a long time, they will get upset and simply ignore you.


What’s worse, they may even go to the competition.


Because of this, you should work on a retargeting strategy for only 30 days. If during this time they don’t do any type of action or interact with your content, leave them alone. Messaging these customers won’t make them come back. In fact, it will do the opposite, it will drive them away. Besides, they may also start to speak badly of your brand and damage your image.


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