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Top 15 Pinterest influencers you must know. Influencer marketing has been around for a long time. And since then it hasn’t ceased to be an important part of this social media platform. This tool works on the visual discovery, which is why many brands turn to the most influential influencers to promote both their products and campaigns. Therefore, if you own a brand, you must know the 15 most important influencers on this platform.


Pinterest has many advantages, but the best one is the fact that you can share high-quality images to attract your audience. And that’s why this platform is so relevant within the marketing strategy for any brand.


In fact, some niches such as decoration, cooking, or aesthetics have become vital. However, regardless of your brand’s sector, working with the main influencers of this platform will always be a positive strategy to reach your target audience.


Who are the biggest Pinterest influencers?


BluCactus - Pinterest influencersPinterest may not have crossed your mind to carry out a strategy that serves as a boost for your brand. However, Pinterest accounts with more followers can grow your number of followers and bring other advantages that your brand cannot miss. However, this platform has been very popular for a long time, even before Instagram.


Besides, we must mention that this is a social media platform where the female audience predominates with 45%. While online men occupy 17%.


Another important point to highlight is the most famous niches on this platform:


  • Art
  • Home decor.
  • Photography
  • Travels
  • Design
  • DIY and crafts.
  • Quotes
  • Technology
  • Humor
  • Food and drinks.


If your business is related to any of these niches, you should seriously consider working with one of the top Pinterest influencers:


  • Maryan Rizzo


This influencer has managed to stand out as an interior designer on this platform.


On her Pinterest boards, she posts images that serve as inspiration for all her followers.


Besides, she has created specialized boards to display some particular designs.


Finally, among her more than 165 boards, she adds around 4 million followers.


  • Poppytalk


With more than 8 million followers, this influencer has a design blog where, through Pinterest, she presents her design and entertainment images.


Similarly, although she has 133 boards where it distributes her publications, three of them are usually the most used.


  • Becky Palmer


Currently, Bekka Palmer has more than 8 million followers on Pinterest. This photographer and textile artist shows many images showcasing nature. However, on her boards, she also includes fashion and DIY and a wide range of subjects such as portraits, surfing, and things to do.


  • Jane Wang


Jane Wang has over 7.5 million followers and most of her images are a representation of nature.


However, although a Chainstop penguin from Antarctica is her profile picture, her most popular board is called “Delicious”, a space filled with visuals of delicious foods.


Right now, this influencer has 98 boards including Urban Jungle, House to House, and much more.


  • Bonnie TsangBluCactus - influencers de pinterest


This Pinterest influencer is considered by Time magazine as one of the best curators to follow.


In fact, she has 26 boards that include different themes such as workspace, living space, and book covers.


  • Evelyn


Nature window and books are portable magic, they are part of the 185 boards that Evelyn has. Most of them are focused on nature and travel to see different parts of the world. In fact, she has an eye for creating vivid images that really manage to wow. Also, more than 6.6 million people follow her content.


  • Molly Pickering


Hailing from Texas, Molly Pickering has a collection of an eclectic range of boards and the most peculiar of all are their very original names. Design your seat belts, good cinema, and future destinations are part of the 17 boards of this influencer, and they are some of the most popular.


  • PejperBluCactus - influencers de pinterest


Like Molly Pickering, Pejper is also part of the group of Pinterest influencers with over 6.5 million followers.


This is a Swedish blog with a strong presence on Pinterest with her most popular board being called “Lovely Living”.





  • HonestlywtfBluCactus - influencers de pinterest


With over 10 million monthly views and 6 million followers.


This website features Pinterest boards curated by Erica Chan Coffman.


Although this site has 96 boards, the DIY one has turned out to be the most popular and sought after by people looking for inspiration.



  • BluCactus - influencers de pinterest



Danaë Vokolos is the owner of this website and has taken it upon himself to highlight both his design skills and interests as an architect.


Consequently, his Pinterest account is focused on very broad aesthetics.


His most popular one is about beauty.



  • Olya Bastet


Currently, this influencer has more than 5 million followers and 3 million monthly views on Pinterest. One of the characteristics of Olya Bastet is that she loves fashion, DIY projects, traveling, and more. Besides, despite having 94 boards, the one dedicated entirely to fashion is one of her most popular.


  • Steph’s hair and makeup


This is another Pinterest profile with a ton of followers. With nearly 5 million followers.


This Pinterest account is run by Steph, a professional hairstylist and makeup artist who offers a wide range.


Within her 11 boards it’s important to mention some of the most popular ones such as hair accessories and Steph’s hairstyle and makeup.


  • Kathy’s little things


This Pinterest account is connected to the website.


Both of which are focused on childcare, pets, food, DIY, and entertainment.


However, it has been the recipe board that has aroused the most interest among the 44 boards available.




  • Amanda Livesay


Amanda Livesay has over 4.5 million followers and 10 million monthly views. This food blogger is also known as Fake Ginger and in most of her images, she manages to surprise the palates of users with true delicacies gathered in her 125 boards that bear names such as easy weeknight meals and Nom Nom Nom.


  • Bride chicks BluCactus - influencers de pinterest


This is the most popular bridal board and it has a very particular name.


With over 4.5 million followers and 10 million monthly views, this Pinterest account has over 1,600 images spread across 84 boards.


However, some of the most popular are:


bridesmaids, DIY projects, hair and makeup, and wedding bouquets.


Who is the most popular person on Pinterest?


Now, the time has come to talk about the main influencer on Pinterest. Joy Cho has become the star of this platform, and she has managed to collect many boards related to beauty, fashion, travel, home goods, and design.


Her number of followers exceeds 12 million, and in addition to that, she has more than 5 million views each month.


Thanks to her experience, Joy Cho has great influence in different niches and has known how to create a well-coordinated brand. To date, she has thousands of images on all her boards, and the most striking of all is the beauty that its images represent by following a pastel color scheme.


Today, this influencer has 77 boards named:


  • For home.
  • Recipes
  • Hair
  • Oh, Joy for Target.
  • Oh! Baby.

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