How to avoid and fight plagiarism on blogs: The importance of the plagiarism checker process

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Why a plagiarism checker is important for content writers. Are you a content creator? Are you wondering what plagiarism is and how it affects your work? How it affects a website’s content? You’ve come to the right place. Here you will find the answer to all these questions.


To start, you might have heard about plagiarism and how to avoid it. In simple terms, a vital part of professional content writing is the plagiarism check process. The said process is something that you must always take into account when creating content. However, to know how to carry this out, you must first know what plagiarism and its types are.


Plagiarism doesn’t only apply to writing as it also happens in the creation of all sorts of content with a purpose. In this informative article, we’ll let you know about the dangers of plagiarism along with the importance of a plagiarism test.


Introduction to plagiarism writing


BluCactus - plagiarism checker - peoplePlagiarism comprises the copying of material from a website, or book while saying that it belongs to you. Thus, ignoring and stealing from the first author.


In today’s digital era, the threat of plagiarism has done nothing but rise. However, this can happen by mistake since countless authors are creating new material daily. As a result, you may create content that already exists without knowing it.


Because of this, the plagiarism check process has become vital in the lives of content writers. Besides, there are now a lot of accessible and some tools that allow you to do this.


Plagiarism is illegal because it disrespects the efforts of the original writer. For example, if a writer takes about 5 days to write a well-researched and SEO-driven article, then it wouldn’t be fair to copy the same article with just a click and call it your own.


Universities and some other platforms usually penalize the candidate upon the use of plagiarism. 


Types of Plagiarism


Now that you know what plagiarism is, it’s time that you know about its types. Thanks to it, you will be able to spot them and correct them.


We can divide plagiarism into many types. This way both readers and writers can understand it better.


Although there are many types of plagiarism, we will talk about the most common below.


Direct Plagiarism


This is the most frequent type of plagiarism. It entails taking an entire or specific portion of the material and then passing them off as your own.


Most often than not, firms are the ones who do this because they don’t want to put money into the creation of original content. Thus, they run sites with the sole intention of running advertising links.


Even for initial usage, this type of plagiarism is a huge risk and can create some serious consequences.


Paraphrased plagiarism


Article paraphrasing can be both automated and manual. The way this works is through changing the structure and some words in the writing of somebody else’s work.


This is quite common on websites. Besides, anyone with good grammar and punctuation can easily change a text.


On the other hand, its automated form comprises the use of online tools to find word-for-word synonyms. As a result, a paraphrased article can thoroughly deform the text itself.


In contrast, one shouldn’t confuse content marketing with plagiarism. Here, an author only draws inspiration or researches different blogs about a topic. After this, they will take this information to write in their own words an article.


Unintentional plagiarism


This is yet another common type of plagiarism. Here, a writer plagiarizes a text without even knowing they are doing it. This can happen in many ways. For example, by quoting somebody else’s thoughts and forgetting to mention the reference. As a result, they apply accidental plagiarism.


Even though it’s normal in article writing, you can often see this in academic jobs. For example, while creating their Ph.D. thesis or faculty documents, students often forget to mention their sources.


In article writing, to avoid this, authors add backlinks that follow back to the website where they got their information.


Dangers of plagiarism for article rewriters


BluCactus -dangersTo know the risks of plagiarism, you have to study what’s the link between plagiarism and the standing of professional content writers.


It ends in a lousy reputation for your business and the author’s career. It might also bring about legal cases if the plagiarism is intense. The business may get rid of a good deal of cash in the event the legal battle is lost.


For blog writing, carrying out a plagiarism check is vital. That is if you don’t want to get a penalty from Google. You have to have in mind that the search engine giant has all sorts of algorithms that allow it to detect imposters and plagiarists.


They can (and will) give your website the status of duplicate content in case of plagiarism. What’s worse, they may even ban it.


They’re also able to transfer your website down from the SERPs, based on the intensity of the status. Thus, both as authors and webmasters, you must consider the usage of the plagiarism checker.


The best way to avoid plagiarism in content


BluCactus - plagiarism checker - peopleThere are now many plagiarism checker apps in the market. Most of them are easy to use and time-efficient. This, in turn, showcases the importance of this process in content writing.


These tools can be both paid and free. A few of these checkers focus on specific areas. For example, some are helpful for students and offer them some help.


You need to consider this plagiarism checker online as it’s able to scan billions of databases as well as scrap the search engines to get the best result.


This way, it will let you get the original URL for the source or for changing your content. Some tools are available free of cost and don’t need to invest in the premium checking tools.


You can easily paste or upload the document in the tool to compare it with the published content




There have been a lot of cases where plagiarism has caused websites some serious problems. On the other hand, if you’re too involved in it, you can also become a victim.


Don’t forget that plagiarism can easily destroy all your efforts to become a professional or grow your business.


Now, thanks to plagiarism tools, it’s never been easier for writers to avoid it. As a result, you will be able to avoid any kind of punishment after publishing your content.


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