7 popular misconceptions about PPC advertising

BluCactus-7 popular misconceptions about PPC advertising

7 popular misconceptions about PPC advertising. PPC and SEO are the two most important and leading marketing and online advertising strategies that brands all over the world are heavily investing in. PPC especially is one strategy of marketing that has been standing out in the market. It is one of the most commonly used kinds of marketing strategies and can land customers on your website in just the right amount and easy way. One of the reasons why PPC is most preferred in the current marketing world is you need to pay only when someone clicks on the ad. Otherwise, you do not need to pay for its reach.


However, there is one of the many mistakes that most people make. They do not generally take full advantage of the PPC. This is mainly because they do not understand what it is about and how to run PPC. Another reason they fail to do so is that they have weird misconceptions in their head that prevent them from working on the PPC campaign or building a new and more effective one.


Following are a few of the many PPC-related misconceptions that we suggest you do not fall into, and if you believe in any of them, you better stop trusting them now.


1) Use of Excessive Keywords


Blucactus-7 popular misconceptions about PPC advertising-1) Use of Excessive KeywordsKeywords are good for SEO and can get you the customers you want to land on your website. However, not even SEO experts recommend keyword stuffing. The idea behind adding as many keywords as you can in your content is that it will get you excessive traffic, which is 100% true. However, one thing that most people often miss out on is that it also increases the risk of attracting unqualified traffic. If your keywords are not relevant and useful, there is no point in adding them to the content. Moreover, the use of irrelevant and useless keywords would just end up costing you a lot without giving you any results.


2) First Spot is the only Spot


Blucactus-7 popular misconceptions about PPC advertising-2) First Spot is the only SpotEverybody wants to be number one. We all love to be there. From the time of your school and until your PPC or SEO job, you want something that can rank your website on the first number. However, do not believe that it can be profitable for you. It just never equates to the right profit you think it does. In fact, if you want to get the right traffic and the right amount of profit, you need to spend more than you actually generate first.


Moreover, all the users who click on the primary ad do not always shop from them because they are still in the researching phase of browsing. We believe it is important to experiment with different things and pay attention to how different positions can get you the most value.


3) Forget after setting it


Blucactus-7 popular misconceptions about PPC advertising-3) Forget after setting itMost PPC experts often make the mistake of not taking any follow-up of the PPC campaign that they have set. You cannot just set it and forget it, you should have a strong follow-up strategy that can keep you updated about its progress and lacking. While you run the campaign, you must constantly look for new opportunities for optimization. In case you are looking to make the most of your investment. You need to pay attention to the potential that has not been used before. Keep your keen eyes on the overall progress and make sure you are making the necessary changes at every interval.


4) Go for Long Tail Keywords


Blucactus-7 popular misconceptions about PPC advertising-4) Go for Long Tail KeywordsAll the keywords that are specially for your business are commonly known as long-tail keywords. When we think of the long-tail keyword, such as the “niche” of the overall world of PPC, even though the audience is similar, all the keywords are much targeted and are more likely to make conversions. We all can agree to the fact that long-tail keywords are most likely to be a part of your overall strategy. However, do not focus too much on them for a longer time only because they are not competitive enough and do not cost much.


The regular keywords that we use can get you in the audience’s eyes and build the overall brand awareness even if the audience does not click on it. They are going to see the brand name without searching for anything extensive.


5) Run PPC on Google Only


Blucactus-7 popular misconceptions about PPC advertising-5) Run PPC on Google OnlyGoogle undoubtedly is the most running and the most used search engine that is available online. However, this does not mean you should invest only in this medium. Other mediums, such as Bing and Yahoo, also offer extensive benefits and attractive offers in terms of better results and more visibility. Nevertheless, it all comes down to the key traffic sources and the demographics that you choose for the campaign.


6) PPC Agency is not Needed


Blucactus-7 popular misconceptions about PPC advertising-6) PPC Agency is not NeededPeople often think they are pros at PPC only by knowing the basics of the PPC. Unless you have personal experience of running PPC ads and are aware of the technicalities of it, do not think you can do it. Else you are going to lose a lot of money on it without the help of the PPC agency. These agencies are well aware of the nitty-gritty of the PPC ads and how to run the campaign. Therefore, you must depend more on them rather than making the decisions in your own hands.


A well-versed agency will help you optimize the PPC of your landing pages and make complementary recommendations and changes to ensure your campaign is all running and doing good as well. This is important for all business marketers who have little time to make investments in the PPC.


7) Gives Instant Results


Blucactus-7 popular misconceptions about PPC advertising-7) Gives Instant ResultsPPC is expensive. We all know that you need to have a solid bank balance to run PPC ads and campaigns. However, you need to understand it does not guarantee instant results.


Some can get you quick results and generate handsome returns, but not all of them will result in the same way.


You need to understand your ads are put to work instantly. You just need to wait a bit and let them mature.


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