How To Pose For Fashionable Clothes Like A Real Model

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How To Pose For Fashionable Clothes Like A Real Model. What are the best poses for clothes photos? There’s a lot of tricks you can use to create the best fashion images. In this sense, there are also many poses you should avoid. Otherwise, your clothes won’t be able to attract the public’s attention the way that you want them to.


BluCactus - Pose For Fashionable Clothes -If you want to photograph fashionable clothes perfectly, you should work together with your model. For this, you must create a relationship of trust with them to create a comfortable environment. So, while you use the best techniques to capture the best angles, your model must be confident and showcase it. Of course, this isn’t easy but if you put in the work, you’ll do it.


That’s why the most famous fashion photographers share their tips on social media. This way they allow their followers to capture the best fashion photos. Today, fashion photographers aim at having perfect portfolios to showcase only the best of their works. For this, they make sure to know and put into practice the best poses that will truly flatter and accentuate the right places.


Poses that every fashion photographer should know


BluCactus - Pose For Fashionable Clothes -For you to capture the true essence of fashion clothes like a pro, you must find out the best poses for them. Here, both you and your model can work together to find the best one for a certain outfit.


If you still can’t figure this out, you can take a look at your favorite photographers’ social media. In them, you will find only the best of their works and these can help get those creative juices flowing.


But, what it’s their secret? There’s not really a single bad picture on their portfolios. 


And do you know why? Well, that’s because they know how to bring out the big guns when it comes to showcasing fashionable clothes. So, use this to your advantage and try out these poses with your model:


BluCactus - Pose For Fashionable Clothes -The Coy Cutie: 


Here, the model should stand with their hands at their sides with their feet almost touching. Then, they can alternate their ribs to the right or the left. 


The Sidekick: 


This pose consists of crossing one leg over the other. It’s very easy and makes any type of outfit look great. After all, if it isn’t broken don’t fix it right?


BluCactus - Pose For Fashionable Clothes -The Symmetrical Saint: 


For your model to do this, all they have to do is face one corner with their hand on their hip.


Don’t forget that the foot on the side of their hand should go forward.


The Foot Massager


The model should cross their ankles, while the outer edge of the foot should lie flat on the ground.


BluCactus - Pose For Fashionable Clothes -The One Leg Wonder: 


This is one of the easiest poses to do. All your model has to do is place their right leg a little further than their left leg.


The Straight Squeeze: 


Here, your model must cross their legs and their arms and stretch them.


This way the body will look elongated.


BluCactus - Pose For Fashionable Clothes -The Tendu:


All it takes to achieve this pose is placing the tip of one foot forward, and one hand on the hip.


Super easy right?


The Double Down


Your model should place their hand on their hips.


Then, they must position their legs at the width of their hips.


BluCactus - The Point and Stretch:The Point and Stretch:


This is a very popular pose where the model must shift its weight to one side. However, they must do this without putting ALL their weight on their hips. Otherwise, it will look too forced, and consider, making the model point the foot as far as possible in the opposite direction.


The Lean Back: 


This is a photo pose widely used by both models and celebrities. It consists of facing the camera through a three-quarter angle, with a backward inclination.


BluCactus - Pose For Fashionable Clothes -The One-Hand Hip:


This pose is achieved when the model shifts its weight slightly to the right. Also, they should place their hand on their hip.


The Curvature:


The curves of your models can look much better with this pose made from the side. For example, this pose is perfect for taking photos of fit-and-flare dresses.


The Demure Duo: 


If you need to take photos of two models’ clothes together, you can use this pose. Here, they can both can stand straight while looking towards each other.


Do you know what are the best poses to photograph fashion clothes?


BluCactus - Pose For Fashionable Clothes -It’s plain and simple there are many tricks that you can take into account as a fashion photographer to offer 100% professional images.


Remember, there are a lot of fashion photographers out there that are showing off their portfolios on social media and you have to do a good job if you want to stand out too. Even celebrities have incredible photos on their Instagram account because they know how to choose the right pose to show off each of their outfits.


If you’re a beginner, here are some amazing tips to put into practice to get the best fashionable clothing photo poses.


Leg to the side 


this turns out to be one of the most striking poses, and it’s great for taking photos of clothes. What’s great about it is that these types of photos showcase an enviable figure. To achieve this pose, the hands must go over the hips to achieve the exact definition of the waist.


In the same way, the model should stick their leg out to pose with a slight inclination towards the camera. This way, they will be able to look straight ahead.


BluCactus - Pose For Fashionable Clothes -


Side profile photo


This pose is widely used, especially by celebrities who want to show off their dresses on the red carpet, or when they are invited to important events. Side photos are perfect to make the body look more stylized, and therefore angled.


To achieve this pose, the model must support their weight on their back foot, while the front leg remains slightly bent. Pose For Fashionable Clothes. As a result, you will get a very flirtatious posture where movement will be the protagonist. Besides, to show clothes with openings or details on the sides, this pose is a perfect choice.


BluCactus - professional model


Look over the shoulder


The model doesn’t need to be curvy to create this illusion. After all, to achieve the effect of curves it will be enough for the model to turn on their back while placing one foot more forward than the other. Then they should turn their waist, so their gaze is towards the camera.


The shoulder through which they’re looking should be tilted downwards. This way, they will create a small inclination and thus, define both the face and neck.


BluCactus - professional model


Hands-on hips


The hands-on hip is a classic that never gets too old, these are the best way to take fashion photographs where the clothes are the protagonist. Thanks to this, the model will always look super elegant when wearing their outfit. The secret of this pose is to move the arms away from the body to create more space. As a result, you will be able to see a slim body with more accentuated curves.


Also, the model must lean on their back leg while slightly bending their front leg. By doing this, the hips will look smaller and the pose will look perfect. And as a final trick for this pose, the head should be kept raised to avoid any double chin effects.


BluCactus - professional model


Crossed ankles


Do you need a pose for photos with dresses? This upright pose with crossed ankles is perfect for wearing long dresses since with it, the silhouette will take more shape. Besides, this pose can be used when taking photos with short dresses if the model wears shoes that show the top of her foot.


This pose creates the illusion of longer legs, however, it’s important to keep the weight of the body on the back foot. If what you’re looking for is to create a better angle, then the model shouldn’t look straight at the camera.


Now, if the model is very thin, they can place their arms at the sides. However, in case the dress is very loose, it will be necessary to place the hands on the waist to define the silhouette.


What do you think about these awesome clothing photo hacks? In your next photo session, you can try all these poses with your models to create the best fashion clothing images. As a result, you’ll be able to direct the viewer’s attention towards the model and their clothes.


BluCactus - professional model



Mistakes you shouldn’t make when taking fashion photos


BluCactus - professional modelIf you’re just starting as a fashion photographer, you will make a lot of mistakes and that’s for sure.


However, it’s normal and you will learn as time goes by.


Nonetheless, to avoid them you can start by learning all about the best techniques to take fashion photos.


As you gain insights from experts, you will improve your techniques and do a better job with your models.




BluCactus - professional modelLetting your arms out to the side without any aim


Even if there are images where placing the arm to the side looks great, this won’t always be the case.


The model should support one or both hands on their hips to create a positive line that reaches the face.





BluCactus - professional modelStand with feet apart 


The photos for clothes should be perfect, and depending on the position of the model the outfit will look good or the exact opposite it will simply not attract attention.


For this reason, your model shouldn’t just stand there with its feet apart.


In contrast, the feet should remain together to make the body look more elongated.




BluCactus - professional modelShrugging shoulders or a hunched posture 


To take fashion photos, the model must maintain good posture to correctly show off their clothes.


That’s why, preferably, the shoulders should go back to make the neck look longer.


Besides, by doing this, the model will also showcase a confident persona.




BluCactus - professional modelPut all the body weight on the front foot


If you want your clothes to look charming in your fashion photos, you need to strike a powerful pose on the model.


That’s why the weight of the body must remain on the back foot.


Also, this is one of the best poses for long dresses since if the dress has a slit, the front leg can stick out.


Want professional clothing photos for your portfolio? Avoid making these mistakes and you will notice positive differences in your work.


Complement your clothing photos with these incredible tips


BluCactus - professional modelYou have already seen the best poses for your clothing photos, as well as the mistakes you should avoid making, but there is so much more to learn when it comes to your photo session, so pay attention to the following details.


Use the perfect makeup, Pose For Fashionable Clothes


A good pose for clothing photos must also be accompanied by great makeup to get a professional job.


For this reason, you must hire an experienced makeup artist who can prepare models properly.


BluCactus - professional modelAvoid the double chin effect, Pose For Fashionable Clothes 


To avoid this, your model should rise their neck or put their face a little more forward.


You can also highlight their forehead while lowering their chin a bit.


While this pose may seem a bit awkward for the model, the lasting effect is amazing.




BluCactus - Pose For Fashionable Clothes -Apply the red-carpet trick, Pose For Fashionable Clothes


To achieve an elegant look, your model shouldn’t make excessive gestures or smiles. Pose For Fashionable Clothes.


The red-carpet trick is to place your tongue behind your teeth when smiling to prevent this from happening.






BluCactus - Pose For Fashionable Clothes -Take into account your angles, Pose For Fashionable Clothes


By getting the model to look into the camera, you will ensure good angles.


Especially if you get them to place their face in a three-quarter position to achieve greater depth in the features.


As you can see, there are many tricks and techniques that you can try to get the best photos of clothing.




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BluCactus - important dataThe secret of taking good photos of clothes is to make both the model and the outfit shine, even though the true protagonist is always the garment. There are many techniques that you can apply just like professional fashion photographers do. This way, you will be able to have a diverse portfolio of clothing photos that immediately steal the viewer’s attention.


However, to get good photos, you must have the basic equipment for your photo session. And you should also consider hiring a professional model to make your job easier and ensure the best results. And of course, you need to put all the techniques we’ve just provided into practice to get high-quality clothing photos. If you need to know more tools to become a renowned fashion photographer, at BluCactus we can give you the help you need to achieve it. Contact us!


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