The opinion of people matter: All about positive reviews and how to get them

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The importance of positive reviews on a website. There are many characteristics that a website must meet to show up in search engines. One of them, and perhaps the most important, is to have positive user reviews to attract potential customers.


BluCactus - positive reviews - example of a positive reviewFor this, websites must follow a guideline that will help them stand out to obtain only positive results. In this sense, user reviews have become relevant because they affect the way users make decisions when visiting a website for the first time.


On the internet, changes happen over time. Because of this, reviews now play a vital role in websites that offer a product or service.


Before, just having good content or high-resolution images was enough to make a website attractive. However, positive reviews are what attract users who want to find a website that can fit their needs.


Most websites allow their customers to write reviews of the site or products purchased


BluCactus - profesional personReviews comprise the study or opinions that users of a product or service of a website can leave.


These will depend on how the website owner can satisfy their needs. This is the only way to achieve the best reviews and to have good positioning on the web.


When a user looks at search results on Google, they can see the number of reviews a website has. Thus, they can see the information about the products and services that the website offers.


The opinion of customers on a website is the key to achieving a good average of the ratings.


BluCactus - positive reviews - example of a positive reviewThese appear in the search results and tell other users how useful a website can be. Users have the opportunity to leave their opinions on websites that offer different types of products:


  • Music.
  • books
  • Fashion.
  • Cosmetics and many more.


Reviews on a website can be both positive and negative. Once a website has its own reviews, they will show up as snippets. Google Maps, and the Google My Business tab, are some of the organic lists where you can see the reviews left by customers of different websites.


The impact of positive reviews on the opinion of users


BluCactus - profesional personReviews have a great impact on the opinions of users who recently visited a website. Most often than not, when someone uses the internet is because they are looking for something. This can be information, a service, or a product.


When choosing a website to buy a product, a user will first look for the reviews left by customers. This way, they can find out all the details of the products they want to buy. This will also determine if they can trust the website.


Currently, many users take reviews into account to choose a website that meets their expectations. According to statistics from marketing experts, 85% of users take their time to read reviews.


It is likely that if there are a lot of reviews on a website, users will only read the ratings that are at the top of the lists. That’s why it’s so important to get the most positive reviews possible on a website.


The purchase decision of a client will depend on the reviews that the product has and the site where it is. Thus, websites that function as online businesses need positive reviews to increase their reputation. That’s why they act as influencers on clients who are searching for the best website.


How are positive reviews useful?


BluCactus - positive reviews - example of a positive reviewThere is a term that is known as the perception principle, and it works a lot like social proof. Most people need referrals from other people to make a decision, and the same is true in the digital world.


Some data taken by marketing experts allows to see just how relevant those reviews users leave on a website can be. For users to have a concrete idea of ​​a website, 90% of them will read a minimum of 10 reviews, and 84% will take into account the recommendations left by customers.


But this is not all, because approximately 54% of users will enter a website after seeing positive reviews in search results. While 74% of users will trust a website according to the positive reviews they can find.


Marketing strategies and customer reviews to achieve goals.


BluCactus - profesional personOnce you know the mindset of your users, it is easier to use the right tools to achieve the positive reviews that a website so badly needs. On business websites, users need to see the highest star rating.


Some websites take the initiative to ask their customers to leave a review about the site or the product or service they have purchased. This idea is usually great to have many reviews and constantly update them. This is because, the older the reviews, the less attractive they become to users.


One of the keywords that users must feel to be able to choose a website is trust. In fact, most of the purchases that users make online are due to the positive reviews that customers have left on websites.


For all these reasons, websites need strategies that boost their online reputation. Most of the websites right now use marketing to get good ratings from their customers. On the other hand, websites that don’t adhere to these strategies can simply become obsolete.


Positive reviews determine the attraction of potential customers to the website


BluCactus - positive reviews - example of a positive reviewUsers are the ones who decide whether to write a positive review or a negative one on websites. Thus, those who have a website must apply the best strategies to have the best reviews. Only in this way will Google’s search engine take it into account.


For all websites, it is essential to appear in search engines, because this tool is responsible for showing users accurate information to meet their needs. The decisions of the future purchases of the users will depend on the recommendations obtained organically.


Many users are used to reading reviews before making a specific decision. That’s why it’s so important to not have negative opinions, or else the reputation of the website won’t have a high value.


Users who see a large number of positive reviews on a website will want to know more information about it. In this way, websites manage to position themselves in the Google ranking to obtain many benefits.


The benefits of website reviews


SEO tools must also have your participation in the websites for them to stand out. When a website is fully optimized, it is easier for you to add positive reviews. And these, in turn, can offer many benefits:


BluCactus - profesional personReviews help you to select the right keywords 


There is a lot of competition in terms of keywords that are handled in google search engines.


To know which keywords can best fit in a website are, seeing the phrases that users leave in the reviews can be of great help.


Reviews become a great benefit since from them you can extract the phrases that customers want to hear to entwine their trust in a website.


BluCactus - profesional personThey allow you to use SEO organically 


The optimization of the websites allows them to appear in the search results.


And to achieve this, internal links, keywords, titles, and backlinks are used.


When customers leave reviews on websites, they contribute by creating links and keywords within their comments, which will later serve to strengthen the SEO of the site.



BluCactus - positive reviews - example of a positive reviewYou can achieve automation


For a website to have the proper optimization, search quality evaluators take into account the experience and trust that it provides to its users to give a result of reputation.


But also, there are search engines that operate in an automated way through spiders, which are in charge of crawling product reviews. Besides, they also take into account customer testimonials to determine whether they are positive or negative.


The reviews that users leave on a website are taken into account as written content. Thus, they allow to strengthen the credibility of the site in an effective way.


Strategies to get positive reviews and avoid negative ones


Some strategies can be implemented to get the user reviews that websites need:


You must answer all reviews


BluCactus - positive reviews - example of a positive reviewThose in charge of the websites must respond to positive reviews and negative reviews. Closeness to users is important, regardless of the type of review that is written.


Most users appreciate the proximity to the website, and leaving their reviews will be the opportunity to thank them.


You can also take this chance to show more information about the products or services offered by the site.


You should also answer negative reviews. In this case, you must be respectful and try to offer solutions if possible.


BluCactus - profesional personAsk customers to leave a review 


By politely asking a customer to leave a review on the website, they are likely to immediately agree.


But to achieve this, it’s vital to offer a quality service to the user.


Besides, you must always seek to satisfy them when they buy something from you.


When a user buys something, you can remind them to leave a review providing an opinion of the site and the product.


BluCactus - positive reviews - example of a positive reviewBe on the lookout for inappropriate reviews


Google allows you to flag as inappropriate those reviews that don’t comply with its terms and conditions.


However, you must take into account some standards to determine that a review is disrespectful.


A negative review isn’t always inappropriate.




Negative reviews aren’t the end of the world


BluCactus - profesional personPeople get the idea that your website rankings can decline if your website has negative reviews. However, Google is prepared to accept criticism that may be made for websites.


This way it will not penalize those sites that have negative reviews.


Much less is taken into account if the positive reviews are greater than the negative reviews.


Websites that have adjusted to marketing strategies pay attention to the reviews left by their users. The opinions that users leave when making a purchase are of great help to get potential customers that will be of great help to the success of a website.


BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


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