A step-by-step guide on how to present a digital marketing strategy to your manager

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How to present a digital marketing strategy to your manager? In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to create the best one thanks to the right tools.


When we talk about a marketing strategy, we mean all those actions needed to achieve all your and your client’s online marketing goals. Of course, for many, it can be hard to create a solid strategy. However, we know you can do it. You just need to focus on what you want to achieve through your strategy to implement the right action plan. In general, all businesses have one main objective in common, and that is to increase their website’s leads.


So, for you to present a good digital marketing strategy to your clients, you must first know a little more about it.


What is a digital marketing strategy?


BluCactus - present a digital marketing strategy - Men WorkingIt consists of planning concrete actions which will then allow you to reach your objective. Of course, you must focus your strategy on the digital area. Besides, for it to be really effective, you must spread your content through your website.


Social media, blogs, and emails are just some tools you can use to present an effective marketing strategy to your clients. Always keep track of the newest changes in the digital world as it’s always changing. After all, this will shape the evolution of your business and its success or failure.


Digital marketing has many tools that you must use to promote your company. Content marketing, SEO and analytics are just some you just can leave out from your ideal digital marketing strategy.


Create your digital marketing strategy focused on your goals


BluCactus - present a digital marketing strategy - objectivesBefore presenting a digital marketing strategy to your clients, you must know where to start. First, depending on your company’s size, you should focus on a target number.


That is, the larger it is, the more objectives it should have.


Creating a strategy is not something you achieve overnight, because of this, you must focus on it to achieve the best results. For this, here you’ll find some incredible tips to present an effective digital marketing strategy to your clients.


On the other hand, another objective could be creating a strategy effective enough to position your company on the web. However, try to focus on creating a powerful digital marketing campaign.


How to start a digital marketing campaign?


BluCactus - present a digital marketing strategy - Men WorkingMany people tend to confuse a digital marketing strategy with a marketing campaign. That’s why, before carrying out any of them, you must first know what sets them apart from each other. By doing this, you will be able to present a solid strategy to your clients.


As you already know, a digital marketing strategy includes a set of actions you must follow to meet your business objectives. In contrast, a digital marketing campaign has the needed elements to create a good strategy. Added to this, you must take into account to achieve all of your objectives. Don’t forget nor mix up these concepts if you want to succeed.


If you want to generate more leads for your website, you must show your clients a strategy where they can see your private content through a social platform. For example, through Twitter, you can create more leads within that channel. Because of this, you can add this campaign to make it part of your strategy to get more leads.


Digital marketing campaigns can last for many years, however, this doesn’t ever make them a strategy. Rather, they will remain campaigns, and you can mix them to create a single strategy.


Let’s look at 3 examples of successful digital marketing A step-by-step guide on how to present a digital marketing strategy to your clients


BluCactus - CampaingFor a marketing campaign to attract attention, it must be extraordinary. And although there is no exact formula to do so, these 3 companies have done some of the best marketing campaigns. Look at them and learn from them to create ideas to boost your brand.


Pepsi: The refresh Project


Over many years, this company invested millions of dollars in advertising for the Super Bowl.


However, they decided to stop doing this at one of the most important advertising events in the world. Instead, they invested a third of their budget for their marketing campaign. The result? Success.


BluCactus - CampaingBurger King


This mainstream marketing campaign became very successful once they launched it in 2009. Burger King used its Facebook account to invite its follower to sacrifice 10 Facebook friends for a free Whopper.


However, Facebook stepped back from this campaign after only 10 days of its launch.


The reason for this is that it violated the terms of user privacy. Nonetheless, 10 were more than enough to distribute 20,000 Whoppers and increase the brand’s visibility.


BluCactus - CampaingOffice Max: Elf Yourself


Launched in 2002, this digital marketing campaign looked very simple. However, it caught the attention of thousands of people from all around the world.


That’s why it became a viral phenomenon, and even a Christmas tradition held year after year.


As you can see, to carry out their digital marketing campaign, these companies knew their objectives.


This way they were able to impact their client and make a mark in the market.


You can’t leave out SMART objectives from your digital marketing strategy


SMART is the acronym used to define the 5 objectives you can’t leave out of your digital marketing strategy for your clients. As a result, you should set these goals early in your marketing campaign to get only the best results.


BluCactus - present a digital marketing strategy - specificBy setting your smart goals before you start your campaign, you can determine the time and manner you will use to achieve them. Next, we will show the elements you must always meet for the success of your strategy.




When it comes to carrying out a digital marketing strategy, you need to know exactly what you want to achieve. Beyond increasing sales or the number of visits, you must focus on other elements. As smart objectives, we can take into account the type of customers your company needs and the types of products you want to sell. Thinking about these points helps you focus on each goal in the right way.


BluCactus - present a digital marketing strategy - MeasurableMeasurable


All your objectives must be measurable.


Thanks to this, you will be able to see if you’re really achieving them or on the way to do so.


Besides, if your strategy has some errors, with this date you can correct them.





BluCactus - present a digital marketing strategy - AttainableAchievable


These may be objectives that at first may seem hard to achieve.


However, taking risks is can be very positive for your business.


Because of this, you must ensure that your objectives are achievable and in tune with your brand’s reality and purpose.



BluCactus - present a digital marketing strategy - RelevantRelevant 


You must only propose objectives relevant to your company.


This way you can measure them with positive results.


However, to be relevant, your objectives must be consistent with your digital marketing strategy.


Only in this way will you ensure its success.



BluCactus - present a digital marketing strategy - Timely



For you to achieve your objectives, you must set a deadline to achieve them.


For this, you can define a roadmap to avoid your objective from extending far longer than wanted.


How to present a digital marketing strategy to your clients? Before this, you must first figure and set your company’s objectives.


After this, you can learn how to create a digital marketing strategy.


How to create a digital marketing strategy?


Before presenting your clients with a digital marketing strategy, first, you need to know how to create it.


Develop the buyer persona


To create a marketing strategy, you must know what type of people you are going to target. In fact, the reason behind the success of many marketing strategies is their focus on a buyer persona. That’s why you must create a profile to figure out who is your ideal client.


BluCactus - cv

Don’t guess your client’s information or make assumptions about them. Otherwise, you will make a serious mistake. To know them, you must only consider real data about them and their needs. Thus, your buyer persona’s information must be made up of both quantitative and qualitative data.


Quantitative data


  • Location
  • Age
  • Job title.
  • Income


Qualitative data


  • Objectives to reach your buyer persona.
  • Solve doubts or problems through customer service.
  • Talk to users and customers who are close to your target audience.
  • Prioritize communication with your target audience, to discover what is important to them about your business.


Identify the marketing tools that should be used for your objective


BluCactus - GoalsWhen using a digital marketing strategy, you must ensure that it relates to your company’s objectives. If you want to increase your income online, your goal should be to increase the leads on your website. Always taking into account the data of previous years so that the following are much better.


Take an assessment of the channels you have available for digital marketing


When choosing to include some digital marketing channels in your strategy, you must first study the different media that are available in the market:


  • Own means.
  • Paid media.
  • Means obtained.


Plan your own media


BluCactus - MediaIn digital marketing you can use your own media, most people do it in the form of content. However, this needs a lot of attention as it has the power to convey what your brand wants.


This content can be made up of:



Your content will turn user visits into leads and customers. So, whenever you want to carry out a digital marketing strategy, you should use your own content to get all its benefits.


Audit your existing content


BluCactus - present a digital marketing strategy - Woman workingUse content marketing. Make a list of your own existing content, and rank them based on their performance and goals. As a result, if your objective is to increase leads, classify the elements that have generated the most leads in the past.


The audit can be done on content found on a blog, on a page of your site, or in an e-book.


All the content that can generate a good conversion rate must be taken into account.


Based on your buyer persona you can also determine the deficiencies that your existing content has to make the corresponding changes.


Unify your actions


BluCactus - present a digital marketing strategy - Woman workingFor a good digital marketing strategy, you must unify your actions. This way you will be able to gather all the elements that make up your digital marketing strategy. So, to unify your actions you must have:


  • A very clear profile of your buyer persona.
  • One or more specific objectives.
  • A spreadsheet where the own means, those obtained, and those paid are included.
  • An engaging content creation plan.


After knowing how to put together a content marketing strategy, now is the time to know how to present to your customers.


How to present a digital marketing strategy to your clients?


Perhaps you don’t know how to present a digital marketing strategy to your clients. If so, you should read the following steps to adopt new strategies with your team.


BluCactus - present a digital marketing strategy - Men WorkingDiscover your challenge


The first thing to do is understand your business goals.


Then, analyze how the new marketing strategy relates to what you are trying to achieve in your company.


Did you notice a gap in leads coming through your website while you were trying to expand your market share to the local market?


If so, your organization may have a weakness. Once you have discovered it, plan how to present a completely new digital marketing strategy.


Define your research on digital marketing opportunities


BluCactus - present a digital marketing strategy - ResultsNow, do a lot of research to show your customers the benefits they can get from a digital marketing plan. For this, you can start by identifying the current strengths and weaknesses of your company’s website. Afterward, check if its functionality goes along with the challenges you noted before. Finally, search for a key to overcome potential challenges. In this case, you can opt for an enticing career page and a quote calculator on your website.


88% of people today research online before spending money. On the other hand, 75% of consumers never go beyond the second page. Because of this, you may want to audit your site’s technical search engine optimization factors. For This, let’s look at the factors you need to take into account.


  • The URL should define a clear path so that visitors can identify exactly where they are on your website.
  • Title tags for all pages must be unique and have a maximum of 65 characters.
  • The media must contain alternative texts.
  • Your website must pass Google’s speed test for both desktop and mobile devices.
  • The meta description for all pages must also be unique and less than 160 characters.
  • Your website must be mobile-friendly.
  • All pages must include unique H1 headings at the top.


Your client may want to see the value of your digital marketing ideas for themselves. So, try to explain how your competition is using this platform through a platform analysis. Then, and only then, will your client consider your plan.


How can you make your client see the potential of a digital marketing strategy?


First, use tools like MOZ to show your customer website traffic, rankings, links, and other statistics. Then you can show them a comparison between your company and your main competition.


After this, show them the potential of a good digital marketing plan. For example, you can display the full picture of your site, including the location of visitors, the time they spend on your site, and other relevant data. In addition to this, you can also talk about your vision for the future. Convert your goals into money and propose your digital marketing strategy plan!


Secure a backup test


BluCactus - present a digital marketing strategy - MozYour client will likely say something like “show me some evidence that your proposal is worth its investment”, right? If this happens, you must do all you can to help them grant the investment for a digital marketing strategy. For this, you should research some case studies of similar strategies or industries and try to highlight the trigger points. Also, include specific details like:


  • 50% improvement of organic traffic on your website.
  • Obtaining a larger job application through the new job board page.
  • 115% increase in the entry from mobile devices to its website.
  • A 50% increase in the generation of qualified leads for sales.
  • A 35% increase in organic conversion increased.


Sharing your research on what works for similar companies can help you demonstrate why a similar strategy can work well for your business. To get your point across, we recommend explaining every single detail. For example, how success will look and how the website and your strategy come together to achieve that success.


Think ahead and cover all your bases.


BluCactus - present a digital marketing strategy - Men WorkingYour client may want to think ahead. Here, they can ask you about the cost, whether your strategy will increase the profit margin, ROI, the impact on market share, how much time to see the results, and who’ll manage what.


All these answers differ according to your strategy and the channels you’ll be using to run your tactic. Namely, some of the most popular digital marketing channels are:


  • Pay per click (PPC): PPC can increase your website traffic within your department’s digital marketing budget. The money will be spent according to the exposure you get.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This channel does not require paid advertising and will lower your cost per acquisition.
  • Content Marketing Increase your leads by 68% with blogging for your business. The growth of your leads will be visible after posting 20 or more articles on blogs, social media, or e-books. Help your business lead more conversations and beat your competition by focusing on content marketing.

BluCactus - present a digital marketing strategy - PPCFeatures to measure results


There is still work to do. The next step is vital for your strategy.


You need to measure the outcome you’ll get from digital marketing.


For this, analytics has become a critical pillar for the success of digital marketing strategies and performance.  


Your strategy needs a real-time visualization system. The digital world never stops growing, and it will continue to do so for many years to come. Because of this, you must be ready to identify future improvement opportunities.


Ready to present a marketing strategy to your clients?


BluCactus - present a digital marketing strategy - Measure resultsHopefully, this step-by-step guide will help to understand how to convince your customer to adopt a new digital marketing strategy.


While it may be difficult to persuade your clients to invest in online marketing, it can be very easy as long as you put on a good presentation.


And in this guide, you have got everything you need to know to do it.


If you have little knowledge of digital marketing, consult a digital marketing agency. This way you will know how these strategies work. Besides, you can also ask them to help you create a digital marketing budget.


BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


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