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How much does a PowerPoint presentation cost? Conveying a message and an idea these days can be more complicated than you think. Having a good message and tone is no longer enough to catch people. Now, you need the help of external elements to grab your audience’s attention. With this in mind, you might realize that a dynamic addition or visual element is helpful to achieve this. Thanks to them, you will start attracting new people.


BluCactus - people workingAs you may know, a PowerPoint presentation has slides, which in turn have images, videos, and relevant text.


All of these are vital resources for the making of successful presentations. Besides, even if this looks easy, you should still ask for the help of experts. When doing this, you might have some questions.


For example, how much does the presentation design cost? How should it be?


Are there any secrets to making one? How much does a PowerPoint presentation cost? In this blog, you will find the answer to all of these questions. Thus, before making a PowerPoint presentation, consider all of these elements.


Why do you need a PowerPoint Presentation?


PowerPoint is a program designed to make presentations with outlined text. This includes elements like slide shows, text animations, and clipart or imported images. Not only that but with it, you can also add different fonts and drawing designs. Besides, the best thing about this tool is its straightforward use.


PowerPoint presentations by professionals


BluCactus - How much does a PowerPoint presentation cost? - computer with important dataWhen it comes to a professional setting, these kinds of tools have a high demand. This is because presentations can work as support for a more fun talk. Thus, making long and otherwise dull meetings more dynamic.


On the other hand, since PowerPoint is once straightforward to use, graphic designers often use it over any other tool. As a result, many designers now focus on creating PowerPoint slides or presentations.


When creating these presentations, they often add videos, animations, or sounds. All of this to meet the needs of a client or company. What’s more, companies mainly use presentations because they grab the public’s attention. They also help them stand out when showcasing their ideas or new projects.


Besides, thanks to them, whoever is presenting will gain credibility. After all, if they create a good presentation, the chances are that they know what they are talking about. In short, a good presentation can only come from a qualified person.


Why ask for a personalized presentation


BluCactus - people workingPowerPoint presentations are your cover letter in front of your audience. Thus, as this is one of the first things they see, it is from this that you will make your first impression. How much does a PowerPoint presentation cost? They also work as support when showcasing ideas or facts. But remember that it isn’t easy to make a professional PowerPoint presentation.


Now, thanks to the internet, you can find different kinds of templates for your PowerPoint presentations. However, even if these are fun and creative, not all of them give off a professional image. That’s why some marketing and advertising agencies started to offer personalized presentations.


These work as a fast and easy alternative for users. Especially those who often use PowerPoint but can’t find a template that suits their needs. Besides, this isn’t new, and it’s been a while since they began to offer them.


Advantages of PowerPoint presentations


A professional PowerPoint presentation can offer a company’s advantages, or benefits are very diverse. Some of them are:


Ease and speed


BluCactus - How much does a PowerPoint presentation cost? - computer with important dataYou save a lot of time by asking an agency to make them for you.


As a result, you will be able to focus on more important things, such as the information you will present.


You only need to give them all the information you need.


Then, they will create a presentation for you from scratch.


Not only that, but some agencies even offer an editable template so you can use it in the future.


BluCactus - How much does a PowerPoint presentation cost? - computer with important data

You can project them on giant screens or televisions. How much does a PowerPoint presentation cost? 


One of the main benefits of PowerPoint presentations is that you can take them anywhere.


You can use any storage device, such as a USB.


As a result, it’s elementary to project them on many devices without significant problems.



BluCactus - How much does a PowerPoint presentation cost? - computer with important dataFlexibility and customization


Another benefit of PowerPoint is that it allows you to edit and customize your slides easily.


Not only that, but it also has different tools to make this process even more accessible.


Thus, anyone can make a good presentation using simple designs and pre-made templates. Because of this, it has become the favorite of students, teachers, and academics.


Custom charts, How much does a PowerPoint presentation cost?


BluCactus - How much does a PowerPoint presentation cost? - computer with important dataPowerPoint also allows users to create detailed reports. This way, they can summarize the critical points of the presentation. This is very useful when showcasing data from a specific study.


Besides, they also add something more to the presentation to avoid making it so formal and dull. For example, statistical elements, images, and graphics.


Thanks to these, you get the support you need to justify your arguments in front of your public.


Thus, becoming confident in your material and claims.


BluCactus - people workingVersatility


Around the world, many teachers use PowerPoint to introduce a new strategy in their classes and lessons.


On the other hand, students also use it to enrich their projects, homework, and other school activities.






BluCactus - people workingEasy to use in different areas. How much does the presentation design cost?


This program is not only popular in the business sector as you saw before. This is one of the most used Office tools among students, academics, and sales professionals.


Many use it to showcase their content and data quickly and attractively.


All thanks to its valuable elements and tools. Thus, as you can see, no matter where you work, everyone can benefit from it.


BluCactus - people workingVisual effectiveness


Speakers and lecturers are also among the group of people who use PowerPoint.


In their case, they use it to add value to their speeches.


This way, they can grab the audience’s attention and keep it for as long as needed.





How much does a PowerPoint presentation cost?


BluCactus - How much does a PowerPoint presentation cost? - computer with important dataThe cost of a PowerPoint can change depending on where you ask. Besides, it would help if you also kept in mind that the PowerPoint Presentation price will also vary according to what you want. However, we can generally tell you some critical points agencies consider essential when creating a budget. These are


  • The number of slides.
  • The time in advance.
  • The complexity of the project.
  • Animations


Next, we’ll show you a table with the plans we offer in case you want to know more about them.




Presentation Design Pricing




Powerpoint Presentation Cost

Basic plan

For basic makeovers and renovations. Functional if you already have some slides and you want to improve them. For this, we can add some clarity to them as well as some color. In short, they need a little loving care and a few touch-ups to shine!

Theme Creation:

We create a visual theme for your presentation.

Visual enhancement:

We align, create new visuals, and tie it all together into a consistent design composition

Royalty-free stock images:

We buy and use high-quality photos to improve your presentation visuals

  • Number of slides
  • Amount of content on each slide
  • Structural changes are required
2500$- 4000$

Medium or Restructure Package

For presentations that need a better structure or a new story from scratch. Useful for those high-stake presentations that need to succeed no matter what. Thus, those that need to make an impact on the audience.

Story strategy:

  • We work on your overall theme and sequence to enhance your message.
  • Custom branding visual theme that ties your presentation together and sells your brand.
  • Unique custom design elements and diagrams for your presentation.
  • Advertising writing
  • Simplification of commercial and technical concepts so that your audience can easily understand.
  • Photo manipulation and retouching for high-quality archival images.

Number of slides

  • Amount of content on each slide
  • Structural changes are required
  • Animation (s) required (s) and complexity
4000$- 7500$

Complete package

Most organizations that choose this package want to create a unified presentation. Thus, they invest in it to ensure that everyone in the company transmits the same brand message.

  • Custom branded visual theme and slide library.
  • Graphics and branding elements
  • A Large number of slides
  • Personalized content and copywriting
  • Ongoing consultations before and after participation


business training on principles and how to use the presentation

  • Project time
7500$ – 25,000$

Time, money, and quality: keeping it all balanced


BluCactus - people workingMany clients don’t seem to understand that the creation of a presentation and the creative process happen simultaneously. How much does a PowerPoint presentation cost? Not only that, but the process of writing and creating textual and visual content is also part of this. Nonetheless, this is still one of the easiest and fastest tools to create presentation projects. Besides, everything must be balanced regarding a project with a real-time goal. For this to happen, the quality must remain the same, and the price must justify the work hours.


However, we know that creating a high-quality presentation can take time. Sometimes, the creative juices flow perfectly, fast, and bright. On the other hand, there are those times when this doesn’t happen at all. For example, ideas flow a little slower, you make endless edits, and you must go through a tedious review process. Thus, we recommend applying effective presentation time management techniques to avoid this. Once you do this, you can create high-quality presentations on time and within budget.


An easy project can take approximately 40 hours of work, with everyone involved, from the graphic designer, content creator, researcher, illustration manager, and animator to the content editor. As a result, companies and agencies specializing in these tools often work at a rate of $5 to $7 per hour. This is what will ensure that you get the best results possible. The quality is close to perfect between this and future PowerPoint presentation projects.


The return on your investment, How much does a PowerPoint presentation cost?


BluCactus - How much does a PowerPoint presentation cost? - computer with important dataMany clients are afraid to invest in a PowerPoint presentation made by a creative agency. This is because senior executives often don’t realize the time involved in creating presentations. Or they are too far removed from the behind-the-scenes development of the presentations. Not only that, but some don’t recognize the importance of a good quality presentation.


However, anyone working in the business market knows that PowerPoint presentations are currently at the forefront. In this sense, many executives think that this is just a document. Thus, ignoring that the visual elements of the presentation are often more seen by people than any report.


This can be either internally or externally. It doesn’t matter. Everyone notices a presentation. From quarterly stock earnings reports to training presentations and every presentation you can imagine. The PowerPoint presentation is usually on the front line of corporate communications.


That is why doing a PowerPoint presentation work should not be taken lightly. Ideally, seek help from experts on the subject and ask for advice when making the presentations. Remember that these will be the first impression of many in your company.


BluCactus - How much does a PowerPoint presentation cost? - people workingQuality matters


We often see that these presentations don’t have the necessary quality to be presented to the public.


This happens because companies don’t recognize the importance of this type of tool.


And thus, delegate these tasks to those who know little to nothing on the subject.


Most often than not, administrative assistants or simple employees are in charge of creating these vital presentations. How much does a PowerPoint presentation cost? The result of this? Slides with large text segments, lots of bullet points, gregarious graphics, and irrelevant information.


BluCactus - How much does a PowerPoint presentation cost? - computer with important dataWeak presentations unconsciously affect the viewer’s perception of a business. Because of this, submissions must reflect the highest standards of any company.


Your company must stay at the forefront by using the most popular corporate communication tool and implementing visual elements in its presentations.


How much does a PowerPoint presentation cost? As a result, you will increase the loyalty of your clients, audience, or potential collaborators for your brand.


Besides, these presentations have a long life of use and will return your investment in a short time.


Do you need help with the design of your professional PowerPoint Presentation?


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BluCactus will accompany you on every step that your brand takes.


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