Is it possible to promote pharmaceutical products on Google ads? 

BluCactus - Is it possible to promote pharmaceutical products on Google ads? 

Is it possible to promote pharmaceutical products on Google ads? The world of online advertising has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years, prompting many healthcare providers to seek visibility through various platforms. All in the pursuit of promoting their products and services.


But, when it comes to advertising pharmaceuticals on Google Ads, it’s typically a complex endeavor. Because you, or your campaign managers, must consider legal regulations, web page design, and other factors that contribute to achieving a fair and effective balance. So, if you’re just getting started with pharmaceutical advertising on Google Ads, this article will provide you with guidance on how to run a successful campaign.


How to Promote a Pharmaceutical Product on Google Ads?


Promoting pharmaceutical products on Google Ads requires careful planning and adherence to specific steps for a 100% effective campaign. You must remember to take advantage of your budget and demonstrate quality work to send a clear message to the client. So, here’s a concise guide to help you achieve an effective pharmaceutical advertising campaign:


Certification for Ads with Restricted Medical Terms 


BluCactus - doctor promoting medicine on google adsGoogle imposes restrictions on advertising pharmaceutical products and the specific medical conditions you can address. Therefore, before you can create a pharmaceutical ad on Google Ads, Google requires a crucial step: ensuring that both healthcare professionals and consumers can place their trust in the website to which the ad will direct traffic.


Therefore, if your website contains information about various medical conditions or advertises prescription drugs, it is important that every user can confirm your compliance with the legal requirements specific to the country where you are advertising. Furthermore, a critical component of this process involves a form that clients must complete and sign. This completed form must then be submitted to Google for certification. Typically, this certification process takes a few days to complete.


  • Description of Pharmaceutical Products


BluCactus - pharmaceutical at pharmacy talking about pillsIn the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plays a vital role in safeguarding the safety of medications and other healthcare products for consumers. For pharmaceutical marketers, determining whether certain medications may cause side effects can be challenging unless adverse reactions are observed during clinical trials or as a result of using the medication.


It’s essential to note that when it comes to advertising pharmaceutical products on platforms like Google Ads, the wording must be approved. This approval process may restrict certain phrases or keywords in the headlines. Nevertheless, the descriptions within your ads hold a significant  influence over click-through rates. It’s crucial to leverage everything that’s been approved to make your product stand out from the competition.


For example, if your medication offers unique benefits compared to others in the market, you should rely on the market research you’ve conducted to highlight these advantages in your description. If your product requires just one daily dose, your description should emphasize the importance of adhering to the “once-daily dosage” regimen.


It’s a well-known challenge for healthcare professionals to ensure patients follow prescribed treatment regimens. Medications are most effective when taken according to directions, but unfortunately, many people fail to do so. If your product can help patients maintain compliance with their regimen, consider mentioning it in your description.


Moreover, your pharmaceutical product description should be written in capital letters, and you have a limit of 41 characters to spotlight the medication’s unique aspects. So, you need to make each character count to effectively convey the benefits and differentiators of your product.


  • Promotion of Medical Directories


Results from a survey conducted by a comprehensive network of healthcare providers have shown that over 50% of consumers find pharmaceutical brand websites to be extremely valuable when searching for prescription information. Nonetheless, locating the right doctor to access treatment often poses a significant barrier.


When running pharmaceutical campaigns on Google Ads, these campaigns put your brand in front of potential customers. However, if one of your goals is to promote prescription medications, it’s essential to integrate a doctor directory into your website. While a well-crafted product description remains important, including a doctor directory also plays a pivotal role in the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaign.


To accomplish this, you can specify the URL for the directory search results. Taking this step helps you define the customer’s journey, thus optimizing and enhancing the conversion rate of your pharmaceutical advertising campaign.


  • Generic End Terms URLs


BluCactus - pharmaceutical at pharmacy talking about pillsTypically, pharmaceutical websites are structured to cater to both patients and healthcare professionals, with a convenient drop-down menu for each audience. The patient-oriented section must maintain an accurate medication database to ensure the correct prescription drug intake. On the other hand, the section designed for healthcare professionals should include detailed comparative studies explained in more specialized language. It’s indeed a challenge to effectively reach these distinct audiences who might use the same search terms to access your website.


But, is it possible to achieve this delicate balance?


While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, a practical strategy to include all generic and branded relevant keywords, within a single ad group. Then, you can employ the final URLs to guide each user in the right direction. Additionally, combining generic terms with specific doses in milligrams, such as “Amoxicillin 250 mg” or “ibuprofen 600 mg,” can be highly effective. These terms resonate with individuals seeking quick answers on Google and searching for a reliable source they can trust.


What Is the Bounce Rate in Google Ads For Promoting Pharmaceutical Products?


BluCactus - doctor promoting medicine on google adsPharmaceutical Websites Are Created for Potential Customers. Therefore, they demand a corresponding design that meets their unique needs. This design should offer healthcare professionals a reliable resource where they can access verifiable information about treatment protocols, relevant research studies, and the latest advancements in the pharmaceutical industry.


Moreover, when you advertise a pharmaceutical product through Google Ads, you significantly enhance the likelihood of doctors discovering the advantages of your products. This newfound knowledge can encourage them to proactively prescribe your products to their patients.


Typically, information highlighting the benefits of your pharmaceutical products should be prominently featured on the homepage. It’s vital to employ compelling writing and consider the language used to pique user interest and prevent them from leaving the site prematurely. Additionally, you can incorporate a downloadable PDF with references, allowing users to access prescription information conveniently. However, it’s important to note that PDFs do not track user interactions through Google Analytics. To enable tracking, you must include a URL link within your site that directs users to the PDF document.


How to Create a Google Ads Results Report For Pharmaceutical Products?


BluCactus - doctor promoting medicine on google adsAt the end of each month, reviewing the reporting is important. This essential step helps you analyze the effectiveness of your Google Ads advertising campaign. It provides valuable insights into the number of users who have engaged with your ads by clicking on them.


Additionally, you’ll have access to data on how many users clicked to access prescription information, which can be tracked through Google Analytics.


Even if your campaign experiences a high bounce rate, analyzing this data is crucial. It offers a deeper understanding of what aspects of your campaign are working well and where improvements are needed. In essence, this data empowers you to optimize your campaign, adding more significant value and increasing its overall effectiveness.


In Which Countries Is It Possible to Advertise an Online Pharmacy?


BluCactus - doctor promoting medicine on google adsFinally, here is a list of countries where online advertising of pharmaceutical products is permitted: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


As per Google’s terms, online pharmacy advertisers are limited to using specific keywords related to medications that require a doctor’s prescription. These restrictions apply to the following countries: Australia, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


Would You Like to Promote Your Pharmaceutical Products on Google Ads?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Google certification is a mandatory for all online pharmacies looking to advertise pharmaceutical products. Google typically restricts the use of terms related to prescription drugs in ads for many countries. Therefore, to craft an effective advertising campaign that complies with Google’s legal restrictions, seeking guidance from experts is highly recommended.


BluCactus is a digital marketing agency in Mexico staffed with pharmaceutical marketing specialists who are well-versed in navigating challenges. We can create a Google Ads campaign tailored to your needs and manage it effectively to achieve the desired results. Don’t hesitate to contact us today; together, we can work towards boosting the sales of your pharmaceutical products through short-term paid advertising.


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