Reasons to Hire an Ice Cream Label Maker in the United States

BluCactus - Reasons to Hire an Ice Cream Label Maker in the United States

Reasons to Hire an Ice Cream Label Maker in the United States. As is the case with Spain and other European powers, the United States has the highest rate of ice cream consumption globally. However, it is about the innovation in the said market and the formation of trends, so hiring an ice cream label maker is advisable. In this way, nowadays, the graphic expression of ice cream must not only be able to capture the essence of the brand. It must also know how to effectively satisfy the North American public’s needs. In recent years, a crowd has shown a high preference for new market niches and the consumption of healthy products for innovation in terms of the quality and flavor of each mix and brand.


The emergence of these last three dominant trends is not an isolated event. Innovating and creating new formulas is a characteristic feature of the US market—the latter from its industrialization in 1846 to the present. The BluCactus marketing agency is a company of European origin that currently operates as a manufacturer of ice cream labels. The advantages of having this type of service for entrepreneurs can be identified for two reasons. The first is to have creative and effective designs for marketing in the territory. Its legal team then ensures that such designs meet the labeling requirements required by national legislation.


What is the most popular ice cream brand in the United States? Who is the largest ice cream maker in the United States?


BluCactus - ice cream brandAccording to Statista, by the year 2022, the best-selling ice cream brand in the United States was Ben & Jerry’s. Its profit margin has reached a net total of 6.79 billion US dollars. It is positioning itself as one of the public’s favorites based on its characteristic flavor and exotic combination of fruits and cream. In parallel, other important brands supported by an ice cream label manufacturer compete to find space in the system. These include Nestlé Dreyer’s Ice Cream Co., Good Humor/Breyers, Blue Bell Creameries, and Ben & Jerry’s Homemade. Regarding the country’s most popular ice cream chains, it is possible to mention Häagen-Dasz and Cold Stone Creamery. The last one was founded in 1988.


Supported by all these business parks, the United States can reach a consumption rate of 3,798 million liters of ice cream annually. It is located at the same level as countries such as Germany, China, Italy, and Japan. Who makes up the largest sector of ice cream consumption on the planet? Today, professional ice cream label makers enable their customers’ products to reach the target consumer by offering eye-catching designs. In the United States, physical sales are distributed more in specialized ice cream parlors-spaces where the consumer selects the flavor of his preference and tastes it by making various combinations.


What is the FDA standard for ice cream?


BluCactus - ice cream brandThe highest authority on food labeling in the United States is the Code of Federal Regulations. Legal support through which the FDA or Food and Drug Administration controls this range of foods’ the quality and health standards. The competent regulations are established in Chapter 1 of Title 21 of the document. More specifically, part 135 is dedicated to “Frozen Desserts.” This section is titled “Requirements for Specific Standardized Frozen Desserts.» From it, we can see all the requirements that every manufacturer of ice cream labels must consider to offer adequate printing and design services.


Compliance with regulations and, thus, avoiding violations of your product is the number one benefit of a professional ice cream label maker. For the United States, a label with such characteristics works in favor of the selectivity of its product. This leads to the perception of your brand as a company concerned about the health of its consumer public. To the regulations above, the delimitation and expression of the labeling of cold foods are as follows.


Nomenclature: Conditions of use and main name variants allowed for packaging.


“Ice Cream”


BluCactus - ice cream brandThe criteria under which the term “Ice Cream” is used on packaging is established under specific conditions. The volume and concentration of the components are the most significant of all.


According to paragraph A, industrial ice cream must contain a minimum concentration of 1.6 pounds of milk solids per gallon.  At its maximum value, such measurement shall not exceed 4.5 pounds in each capacity measurement.


In such conditions, both the producing brand and the manufacturer of ice cream labels must consider the presence of elements such as milk fat and proteins, as well as the combination of its variants.



«French Ice Cream, Frozen Flan, or Cream.»


BluCactus - ice cream brandThis nomenclature is used for those products whose concentration of milk solids is greater than the established standard measure.


The solid with the most significant weight within this categorization is the egg yolk.


In a volume beyond such stipulation, the product is categorized as a flan or ice cream by-product. It may not present itself as natural ice cream.


This measure is valid and must be complied with by a brand of origin and the manufacturer of ice cream labels responsible for its marketing image.


Flavor Statement:


BluCactus - ice cream brandThe flavor of ice cream is usually given by the combination of natural fruit solids and extracts plus artificial components that emulate said flavor. There are several variants to present. All this depends on the element that has the highest concentration compared to the other.


Thus, for ice creams where the natural flavor is greater than the artificial one, the statement must be used: “flavored” or “flavored with.” For the opposite case, where the artificial flavor is greater, the expression must be the food’s main name. The words “artificial” or “artificially flavored” must be added.


The flavor declaration must always be depicted on the front face display of all products. At the time of printing, all ice cream label manufacturers must use a type size no smaller than half the size used for the primary expression of “ice cream.”


Ingredients List:


BluCactus - Ingredients ListThe declaration of ingredients or components is expressed using a list or defining phrase. It must be located at the rear end of the label. The omission of any added component is prohibited.


The latter is for substances such as natural fruits, fruit extracts, or flavorings and stabilizers, as the case may be.


On the other hand, milk fat solids must be declared in order of mass.


In addition, any manufacturer of ice cream labels in the United States must consider that colorant, under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act is the only component excluded.


What type of packaging is used for ice cream?


BluCactus - types of packaging for productsThe service of an ice cream label maker will help you protect your corporate packaging from various types of mistakes. In the United States, it is estimated that the detention or withdrawal of products from the market due to mislabeling occupies 22% of the national total. In addition to this, the FDA also performs other law updates competent for defining the container’s volume and estimating related portions. The last one corresponds to the reform of May 20, 2016. It has a maximum compliance period that reached its transition limit on January 1, 2021-the period had an extension until January 2021, only for those manufacturers with a profit of fewer than 10 million dollars in the national market.


The most decisive aspect of the new updates to the law refers to the size of the portions per container and the typography of the nutritional table. First, a serving will be defined by a maximum of 2/3 cup of ice cream. With a maximum contribution of calories equivalent to about 270 in total. On the other hand, every manufacturer of ice cream labels must also abide by the latest modifications of the “Nutrition Table.” They refer to the size of the typography of data, such as the portion and the concentration of calories. The rest of the measures and their percentages in the table must now be calculated based on the new portion measure. Additionally, the actual quantities and sugar concentration must be specified, and the new informative label of said legal reform must be included at the bottom of the table.


Is it cheaper to print your own labels or buy them? How do I design my own labels?


BluCactus - ice cream brandThe BluCactus marketing agency’s options go beyond the usual services of any ice cream label maker. Specifically, our global company focuses on building and strengthening your brand holistically. Creating for you the labeling that your product needs. The latter, under the strong support of marketing actions off and online. Our international team offers this aspect of a third advantage to all business people in cold food. Although printing your labels is cheaper, such designs are rarely built thinking regarding strategy and positioning. This a vital fact for the survival of any ice cream brand within the demanding growth rate that North America currently enjoys.


The main advantages of an ice cream label maker are that high luxury designs and professionalism are offered. At BluCactus, we focus on various packaging branches and offer a high-end finish and chromatic realism. This includes a diverse range of crafting and design papers. BluCactus professional services are accessible to you wherever you are located in the United States. We have an essential presence in the cities of the United States, such as Washington DC, New York, Miami, Houston, San Francisco, and San Diego. We invite you to contact us to learn more about our different benefits.


How much does it cost to print the labels?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510BluCactus, as a manufacturer of ice cream labels, various entrepreneurs affordable prices and cost rates. We maximize the efficiency of your brand and product based on innovation in your field. Adapt your product to the public you need to reach. We invite you to subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more information about our plans and prices. The service and contact process is available to you from our offices in Dallas, Texas. By writing to us, one of our specialists will meet with you. They are trained to collect a data matrix about the concerns and needs of your project.


Our graphic designers will be able to design various labeling proposals for you. According to your planning and marketing strategy, you need to adaot. No less critical for BluCactus are the additional services that set it apart from a traditional ice cream label maker. The latter involves the creation of graphic and personalized content for your SEO positioning and all your social media. Do you want to know more about all the possibilities BluCactus offers you? Remember! Contact us today! If your ice cream brand requires adaptation and positioning. Leave everything in the hands of the BluCactus experts! Your product will make a difference!

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