How to Improve Your Sales with a Relationship Management App?

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How to Improve Your Sales with a Relationship Management App? The increase in sales is the easiest way for a business to succeed. So, to accumulate sales, a business must be able to properly advertise, market, and network. The best way to keep track of your leads and improve sales is with a Customer Relationship Management app (referred to throughout this article as CRM).


BluCactus - important dataThe phrase CRM stands for customer relationship management, which is effective and useful


way to organize your interactions with current or possible clients. To illustrate, within the CRM, you can create leads, call those leads, set appointments, save documents, and even take notes. Therefore, it is an all-in-one tool that benefits the business by providing data analysis on its clients.


How a Relationship Management App Works


There are numerous ways to use relationship management apps for the success of your business. For example, here is just one pathway to take:


Step 1: Create your Team/Onboarding


BluCactus - important dataWhether it’s a startup or an already established company, it is important to have the entire team on board with the CRM.


Firstly, make sure to emphasize the importance of a CRM and why it is essential for the growth of the company. 


With this step, everyone will be given the chance to pitch data so that flaws and strengths are visible to the entire company.



Step 2: Transfer all Data 


BluCactus - important dataThe good thing with most CRMs is that you are able to transfer data with just the click of a button.


Specifically, this will allow all previous data that was probably saved on shared documents or spreadsheets to be transferred onto an organized database. 


The perk of using a database system is that it is searchable, indexable, and editable.


Because of this, you can specify a format for the data that allows you to filter, sort, and communicate with leads in your sales pipelines easily and effectively.


Step 3: Set Up


BluCactus - important dataThis is where the relationship management app comes in handy.


Because of it, you can set up your contacts by name, phone number, location, etc.


So, the more information you have available on the business, the easier and healthier the relationship will be. 


By properly setting up the CRM, you can look into the specific statistics of the company, such as leads won or leads lost.


Similarly, you can track conversation topics for a seamless, personalized experience for your customers.


Step 4: Engage 


BluCactus - important dataProbably the most important step is to engage with your prospects. For example, if you have a list of 100 possible clients, set up a goal to call 20 a day for 5 days straight. 


By doing this, you are increasing your chances of someone saying yes to your product, which is your main goal. 


Choose a relationship management app that offers AI assistance in this area. Then, you can set up smart reminders that notify you when to reach out to a contact, so you never lose touch.


The app scans the web for you to find relevant news articles affecting your contacts. Because of this, you’ll have context before you call and topics to drive a discussion.


Step 5: ABC 


BluCactus - important dataNow, your goal is close, it doesn’t matter if it’s through a call or email. With customer relationship management apps, you can set up and save templates that will automatically be sent to your clients until you receive a response.


Using a CRM app is designed to make your sales life easier. So, whichever platform you choose to integrate into your company, exhaust its features to amplify your sales and free up time.


How Does a Relationship Management App Improve Sales?


We just covered what a CRM is and how to use it. Now, the real question is, how do we get it to improve the number of sales we receive? 


Research suggests that the average ROI for a CRM is $8.71 for every dollar invested. To clarify, that translates to an eightfold increase just for being more organized.


BluCactus - relationship management app - important data

  • Customer


Having a CRM that goes beyond organizing your leads is extremely beneficial in creating a relationship with your potential customers. 


It helps you learn more about your customers through monitoring activity specific to them or their company.


For this, you have to know who your customer is and what value they want in order to close a sale successfully.



  • Report


BluCactus - relationship management app - important dataThroughout the sales pipeline, you are either moving towards a sale or losing leads. For instance, the speed at which you close a deal, the number of leads at each stage of the pipeline, and the effectiveness of sales tactics are all measurable metrics.


Then, once you have the data for each of these items, you can begin to report that to your company.


What strategies are working? What needs to be changed? How can we improve the rate or speed at which new leads close?


Proper decision-making depends on data. The advantage of using a CRM to capture and report this data is that you can provide not just manually written notes but also a visual. To illustrate, charts or graphs can show the lows and highs of a sales cycle.


  • Market/Sale


BluCactus - relationship management app - important dataOnce you have optimized your sales strategy, it is time to engage with the customers and sell. Even if you have a lead that is not interested, it never hurts to try by keeping in touch. 


You always want to try to get in contact with the decision-maker, such as the manager or director. With a CRM app, you can track relationships within the company or between your contacts. 


Consider asking for a referral or introduction to get you closer to the key decision-maker. Nevertheless, many companies have a gatekeeper that will block you from speaking to the higher-ups, but don’t let that bring you down.


Use the features of a relationship management app to create a strong relationship with these people. Establish a level of trust that makes them want to let you through. Remember, the goal is to close!


  • Consistency


BluCactus - relationship management app - important dataA very crucial step is to be consistent with your leads. You never want to let a lead go cold or die off from neglect.


Even if you don’t hear a response, you can create a template that will automatically send emails to your leads until you do. 


The relationship management app Covve does this with its AI-powered platform by allowing you to set reminders to keep the client relationship alive.


Receive smart reminders, tailored discussion content suggestions, and add notes about your conversations to always have context for your next call.


  • Close


BluCactus - relationship management app - important dataAfter walking your lead through the entire sales funnel, you will receive an answer. At this point, it is time to declare the lead lost or won. 


A win is, of course, the preferred outcome since it is where the money is made. However, a lost lead is not all bad. 


It will allow you to take a look and reflect on why the sale failed to close and what other changes should be made. Were they not your target customer? Was your sales strategy off? Did they need a different type of nurturing throughout the process?


Use every conversation as a learning opportunity and document those learnings in your relationship management app to share with your entire sales team and continuously improve.


Bottom Line


BluCactus - relationship management app - important dataUsing a customer relationship management app will generate more sales in the long run.


A business must organize all their clients in a workspace that can return data to them. 


That way the data can be easily interpreted and molded into a positive sales strategy.


Because of this, AI-powered assistance is a major advantage in today’s digitally advanced technological age. 


The way we do business successfully is evolving. Where can you systematize and improve? Where do you need to retain a human-centric approach? Your answers to these questions will drive your business results.




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Author Bio for this guest post:


Gabrielle Sinacola is the CEO and founder of Luminaria, delivering digital marketing consulting and content strategy to high-growth startups.


She is also a guest lecturer at USC and helps other entrepreneurs, freelancers, and aspiring business owners find scalable success without trading time for money.


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