4 Reasons You Need To Revamp Your Restaurant Marketing Strategies in 2021

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4 Reasons You Need To Revamp Your Restaurant Marketing Strategies in 2021. Marketing strategies continue to evolve with each passing year. However, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of things to change.  So, you need to use new restaurant marketing strategies in 2021 if you haven’t done it already.  


Marketing experts say the restaurant industry needs to change its strategies. These are the top reasons why these changes are going on around the world.


  1. You Need to Present Yourself as a COVID-19-Safe Business


BluCactus - PERSON WORKINGPeople are finally getting vaccinated. However, the pandemic is far from over. We may have to wait until the end of this year.


There are still some rules to follow when you’re in public. The COVID-19 standards for safe behavior are still important.


People are still worried about their safety. Not everyone feels good about going for coffee, a snack, or dinner.


So, it doesn’t matter if you run one local restaurant or have a big franchise. Your marketing campaigns should show you care. You need to send the message that you’re taking steps to stop the spread of the virus.


You can, for instance:


  • Tell people how your staff is keeping things contactless and germ-free
  • Encourage people to use your takeout service
  • Show how you maintain social distancing while serving freshly cooked meals
  • List out the steps you take to ensure a safe experience 


The key is to drill down such messages through your marketing. Whether it’s SEO, social media marketing, PPC advertising, radio, or anything else.


You need to reassure customers that you are doing everything to keep them safe. They need that assurance. That way, they feel better about spending time at your restaurant or placing an order online. This could mean updating your scheme markup, ad copy, or banner text. 



  1. Focus Your Marketing Efforts on Services that Are More in Demand


BluCactus - PERSON WORKINGMost restaurants started to offer delivery services. That’s a good way to work around restrictions.


Sure, it must have been hard to adjust to these new changes.


Many businesses had to switch completely to delivery or drive-thru models.


Marketing is a big element when it comes to reaching your target audience. So, you need to send a message to your clients.


You may have never promoted your restaurant as a takeout service. But, if you are offering takeouts, you might as well start optimizing your campaign around it.


BluCactus - Table rateIn fact, during the pandemic, Google searches for ‘home delivery’ hit a record high.


Maybe you’ve realized this and already changed your plans. Then, you can hire an SEO marketing agency. It can help grow your local business with digital marketing.


People who like the traditional dining experience will no doubt start visiting restaurants again soon.


However, a huge number of people have for the first time ordered food online or used a takeout service.  A lot of these people will continue to do so.



  1. Optimize Your Marketing Campaign for Local ‘Near Me’ Searches


BluCactus - Restaurant Marketing Strategies - CAMPAINGToday, “restaurants near me” is one of the most popular search queries around the world. Tons of people are looking for restaurants near their homes or offices.


Building your digital marketing campaign around these searches helps. You stand a chance to gain more than with any other marketing strategy.


In case you haven’t listed your restaurant on Google My Business, now is the time. Franchisees can create separate local pages for distinct locations. You just need to make sure that the brand name, contact number, and address remain consistent.


For the best results, it’s a good idea to hire experienced digital marketing professionals. This is important if you operate in a highly competitive market where online presence is not enough. 



  1. Use Influencer Marketing


BluCactus - Restaurant Marketing Strategies - COVIDChoosing an influencer for your business is like choosing a marketing partner. They can help you increase in presence or sales. You just need to make sure that the influencer and their public image align well with your restaurant’s brand persona.


Most restaurants operate in a specific locality. For instance, a city, neighborhood, or suburb. Thus, local influencers can help boost your marketing campaign.


No, it’s not always necessary to work with influencers. Only when you are promoting your restaurant to a local audience on social media. Yes, posting captivating images of the products you offer helps. It’s a great way to persuade people to visit your restaurant.


BluCactus - Restaurant Marketing Strategies - CONTACT USBut, you can also use such partnerships to boost your brand image through other forms of marketing.


For instance, a familiar food blogger endorsing your brand. Or a local celebrity talking about your restaurant on TV or radio.


There are a lot of things to consider. For example, public perception of influencers, your budget, and the nature of your target audience.


It helps decide on how you want to blend influencer marketing with your ongoing marketing campaign.


During the pandemic, influencer marketing can help you convey your key marketing messages more effectively.


BluCactus - SIMONAuthor Bio for this guest post:


Simon Mikail is one of the founders and head of operations at 405 Ads.


Simon serves as an online marketing manager to businesses and agencies worldwide.


His overall business and marketing experience has helped hundreds of business owners get their presence done right when it comes to today’s online world.


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