The power of segmentation and how it allows you to create the perfect advertising campaign

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Segmentation when advertising. Segmentation is very important for any brand’s advertising and marketing campaign. This is because it helps them divide their audience into groups according to what they want to tell them. It also works to create ideal products or services for the needs of the same group of people.


BluCactus -Segmentation when advertising - men workingBesides, it allows you to know what the common characteristics of an entire group are. For example, your audience. Thanks to it, you will be able to know almost everything about them. At least everything that allows you to make a sale. For example:


  • Their needs
  • Purchasing habits
  • Socioeconomic levels
  • Geographic locations (where they live)
  • Their psychographic characteristics.


If you are about to do an advertising campaign or are thinking about it, you should know what are the ways to carry out a good segmentation. For example, what their types are. In this blog, we will teach you all the basics of segmentation to advertise and be successful.


Segmentation and its types.


You can do segmentation for both your online and offline campaigns as they have the same goal. This is, of course, to reach your target audience. In simple words, brands already have a target audience to whom they want to speak and send a message. However, if a brand wants to add a new product aimed at another market or niche, it must do segmentation.


BluCactus -Segmentation when advertising - computer with important informationWhen a brand segments its clients, it means that it groups people with the same characteristics, needs, and desires. But for people’s needs and wants, they are not one-sided. Segmentation when advertising. So what do we mean exactly? We mean that people’s needs and desires are unleashed, in most cases, by elements external to them.


In short, to make a person want your product all you have to do is make it seem the ultimate option. For example, you can tell them that it will fix their life or that it will give them something they want.


When it comes to digital advertising, the segmentation of your brand is vital. This is the element that will determine whether your campaign is successful or not. Next, we will explain what the types of segmentation are and how each of them will help you reach your target audience.


Types of Segmentation when Advertising


BluCactus -Segmentation when advertising - people workingGeographic


This is the type of segmentation that focuses on where people live. However, this doesn’t only mean countries or continents.


You can also segment by states, cities, and provinces among others.


Recently, segmentation and local business have become popular.


Because of this, we can say that this type of segmentation can help you boost your brand from your own region.




BluCactus - demographicsThis focuses on those elements that relate only to the person itself. Here, you can group the public according to certain aspects. For example:


  • Age
  • Sex
  • Gender
  • Height
  • Shoe size
  • Educational level
  • Socioeconomic status


On the other hand, you can also do it by other factors such as:


  • Culture
  • Religion
  • Marital status
  • Profession
  • Sexual preferences.



BluCactus -Segmentation when advertising - segmentationThis is one the most, if not the most, important type of segmentation.


This is in charge of studying consumer behaviors, habits, and personalities.


That is, you can group them by their preferences, tastes, lifestyles, and ideals. Besides, it also takes into account their values and attitudes.


This has become a favorite recently since consumers are turning more and more demanding of the products and services they want.


On social media, this is how they group people when segmenting. Today, if the values of a brand are the same as the client, it’s likely that they will buy from the brand.




BluCactus -Segmentation when advertising - whyThis type of segmentation aims at bringing together all those clients with similar consumption and behavior patterns. Other factors are very important when doing this study. Some elements that a brand must consider are:


  • Price sensitivity,
  • Brand loyalty.
  • Purchase frequency
  • The benefits they seek when choosing a product.


Brands must be very aware of these market segments. Not only that, but they must also often carry out both studies and research about them. This is because over the years and generations, interests and ways of life change.


Another point that we must highlight is that, unlike before, today’s products have predictability. This means that if a certain product is not sought after for any type of innovative element, its sales will lower. This is because it won’t be attractive to more people.


According to their interests


BluCactus -Segmentation when advertising - men workingSome people consider that this falls into psychographic.


This is because the grouping of the market according to its interests also refers to those that an entire social group has in common.


These interests can go from extreme sports to comic book conventions among thousands of examples.


Besides, it can also take into account cultural differences.


For example, the interest in exotic food or very colorful clothing.


Ideally, you should make ADs aimed at these people to grab the attention of an entire social group.


Segmentation in other areas


In this blog, we already explained what segmentation is, its types, and its importance when promoting a product, service, or brand. However, you can also use it in other aspects of an advertising campaign. Here are some other ways it can help you boost your business and sell more products than before:


BluCactus -Segmentation when advertising - men workingRemarketing


This is a type of segmentation used with those users who have interacted at some point with the brand. Usually, this works through the web pages or landing pages of your website.


How does remarketing work?


Thanks to the contact list from your e-commerce or website, you can group clients with similar purchases. Once you do this, you will have a list of people with the same tastes. Then, you can start retargeting.


Retargeting, which isn’t the same as remarketing, is a technique where your approach your past clients. These are people to who you have sold a product through publicity and advertising. The way this works is through the use of cookies and special pixels. These remind the customer that you still exist and that you have new products to offer.


Steps to segment a market


We have already explained all the bases you need to know to understand how segmentation works. Now we will explain to you what the necessary steps to segment a market and start working on your brand based on it are.


Segment the total market


BluCactus -Segmentation when advertising - woman workingThe first step to start segmenting is identifying in which total market there is already a product similar to yours. Once you know what the total market is, you can continue to segment it until it’s divided into sub-markets with consumers who have similar characteristics, desires, and needs.


The best way to start making this type of division between the markets is by separating individuals according to these variables:


  • Location (country, region, city).
  • Age range (children, adolescents, adults).
  • Gender (men and women).
  • Socioeconomic level (level A, level B, level C).
  • Income level (range of monthly income).
  • Degree of instruction (primary, secondary, university).
  • Social stratum (high, medium, low).
  • Lifestyle (activities, interests, hobbies).


In this type of segmentation, the three best-known forms are carried out: demographic, geographic, and psychographic segmentation. Once you know exactly which market you fit in best, you can continue with the next steps.


Select the target market


BluCactus - over segmentationYou have already segmented into the total market, now what you have to do is select the most attractive submarket for you.


For this, you must take into account all the ones you studied and analyzed before.


By attractive we mean a submarket that is comfortable with the resources that your brand has.


This includes your knowledge, experience, and development capacity. Besides, this sub-market must be large enough for you to enter it and that it has the necessary financial capacity to acquire your products or services.


This market will go from being one more submarket to your target market and to which you are going to address from now on. Your products, tangible or intangible, are directed to them and you will seek to satisfy any of their needs or desires.


Define the consumer profile


BluCactus - targetIf you already chose your target market, now you will be a little more specific. This step is about defining which consumer is within your target market.


Meaning who the best one is to buy your products. To do a consumer profile analysis you must discover what their main characteristics are.


For example, their video style, income, education, profession, among others.


For this, it’s best to use the same variables that you used when describing the total market.


Other variables that can be included in the analysis are where they are from, what is their age range, what is their socioeconomic level, what are their tastes and preferences. In addition to what are their consumption habits, what are their customs, what are their interests, etc.


Design marketing strategies


BluCactus - targetOnce you have the target market and your consumer profile, you should start designing the marketing strategies for your advertising campaign. These strategies will be the brand’s guide on how they will be able to approach this ideal consumer to make them purchase your products.


The design of marketing strategies can include different attractive elements within your target market.


Some of these elements may be a product design that meets the customer’s needs and standards. You can also set prices in a way that they adapt to the economic capacity of your target consumer.


Other strategies are the choice of sales channels that are accessible to you, the selection of advertising media that are within your reach, the writing of advertising messages that have an impact, etc.


Select new markets


BluCactus - conclusionYou already have an established company with an established target market. However, as your sales increase and the brand continues to grow, you can start to target larger markets. This will open up opportunities for new potential customers who have any desire or need that they want to satisfy with your products.


You can do this in different ways. Just as the ways of targeting these markets can be as creative as you want. For example:


  • You can launch new products
  • Create new or complementary brands
  • Use new communication channels to address them
  • Open new stores or branches


What’s important here is that you know that starting in a market doesn’t mean that you should stay there forever. Thus, you can venture into new segments to continue working on your brand, expanding your business, and increasing your sales.


What should you know about segmentation to do digital advertising?




BluCactus - keywordOne element that can be very helpful to carry out your digital advertising campaigns is to know the keywords very well within your target market.


The keywords are these terms that grab the attention of a certain group of consumers.


In digital campaigns, you can use them as words within a text or as hashtags, also known as tags.


You can do this either on social media posts or on your website.


Carry out a study and research on which keywords are the most attractive to your target consumer.


BluCactus - day Day and hour


If you have an advertising or digital promotion campaign, you must know which days and hours your target audience is most active.


Segmentation when advertising. There is no use in campaigning if you don’t publish them at the times when people can see them.


If you run ads on social media, look at the metrics.


Many of these statistics will tell you exactly what the best days to launch your digital ads are.



What are the benefits of segmenting?


BluCactus -Segmentation when advertising - roiThe main advantage of this technique is that it allows you to reach a group of clients who like what you offer. This makes your marketing, advertising, and promotional efforts a lot easier. Besides, it allows you to get the best results possible.


Segmenting your market allows you to improve your conversion metrics. However, this isn’t all as it also allows you to improve the ROI (return on investment) of the brand.


If you do digital advertising and work under online marketing strategies, your business will get many benefits. By using social media, web pages, or paid ads you also have the chance to reach new clients. All while putting a low amount of money into it. This makes digital advertising very profitable and has a great impact on potential customers.


Besides the segmentation and advertising work, it helps to monitor the figures of everything you do. This, besides giving almost immediate feedback on whether your ads work with this market or not.


Errors that can occur


BluCactus - Retargeting - important informationCareful with make excessive use of segmentation


If lack of targeting is a problem, overuse of targeting is the same.


When segmenting, you have to ensure that you don’t get too close to who your target market is. This is because it could close off the possibilities of potential clients who might be interested in you.


Due to this, advertising campaigns could be very inefficient and not give you the results that you expect.


If you do this, that is, try to segment your campaigns as much as possible through the mix of the different factors that we saw above, it can make your campaigns very inefficient.


Beware of biases before a target audience


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - informationWhen we talk about a bias before a target audience, we mean that you shouldn’t be so closed about the consumer you want to attract.


Not because you focus on one group means that an individual from a different group may not be interested in the products and services you offer.


Don’t stop trying new campaigns to see if there are other groups, big or small, that are interested in you and your products.


Don’t be afraid to work with other markets that you don’t know as a big sales opportunity may arise that you never saw coming.



BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


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BluCactus will accompany you every step that your brand takes. This goes from the creation of the branding of your business to the creation of content. Our focus is on supporting you with the development of your website or the administration of your accounts on social media.


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