How choosing the right logo color can bring success to your fashion brand?

How should you select the logo color for your fashion company to succeed? Do you know what qualities it should possess to be a successful one? If not, we can help you find out. This blog will explain everything you need to know about selecting the perfect color for your logo.

BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorChoosing fonts and colors can be very tricky. Because they all have their own specific meanings.

And fashion brands must choose their color palettes in a way that represents their values.

This element is essential when communicating the message of your brand.

Furthermore, the use of color as a marketing strategy is highly effective in moving people’s emotions.

That’s why in this blog we present everything you need to know about choosing the right colors for your brand’s logo.

Describe Your Brand Through Colors

BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorThe best way to create an emotional connection with your customers is through the visual elements of your logo.

The use of colors is highly effective in creating a bond with your target audience.

Because 95 percent of people’s decisions are made according to what they feel. So, brands must create an emotional connection with their customers.

The Theory of Color Within Marketing

Orange, red and yellow are associated with several meanings such as passion, danger and audacity.

Blue represents calm and responsibility, green can represent abundance, and purple can represent creativity and wealth.

White and black are used to show that a company is simple or minimalistic.

As such, these colors are used by businesses who want consumers to associate those things with their company.

Because using certain colors can impact your brand through their meaning. Therefore, you must know the objectives of your fashion brand first. So that you can decide which color will be the best one to use.

Applying Brand Colors

BluCactus - example of a color

Every color communicates something. Especially in the fashion industry. And using colors can help you convey particular meanings to your consumers.

Brands use colors to evoke feelings such as the following:

  • Calm
  • Desire
  • Power
  • Joy
  • Strength
  • Passion
  • Elegance

The Meaning of Each Color in Fashion

BluCactus - white

To create a logo that perfectly represents your brand, use colors that best reflect your brand essence. Is it energetic or serious, tranquil or rugged?

Similar to this, you will also need to consider how you want to make your brand known to the competition.

Below, we’ll break down the most common meanings for each color used in marketing.

BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorWhite

White is an ideal neutral color you can combine with any other color. It symbolizes purity, calm, tranquility, cleanliness, light and simplicity.

This color is perfect if your fashion company focuses on professionals who want to have a formal look.

On the other hand, if you want your brand to project strength, white isn’t the choice for you.

BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorBlack

Black conveys authority and power.  It’s best to use this color in small doses to show authority but not enough to detract from the feeling of confidence and growth.

BluCactus - example of a colorGray

Gray is a fantastic neutral color.  It’s easily recognizable as a color of sophistication and elegance.

Many of the brands that use gray, either in their garments or in their logos, can convey authority and seriousness without the complete intensity that comes with using black. Gray can also convey trust and honesty.

BluCactus - example of a colorBrown

Brown is a warm tone that conveys stability and neutrality in business.

As such, if you want your logo to communicate a feeling of comfort, this is the perfect color for you to use.

BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorYellow

Yellow represents happiness, positivity and joy. This color is perfect if you want your logo to reflect a brand that’s happy and exciting. However, using yellow correctly can be a task that’s difficult to get right. Primary yellow can be too overwhelming, so it’s best to use yellow in different shades or variants such as pastel yellow or mustard yellow.

BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorOrange

Orange represents energy, fun and adventure.

If your business targets adventurous customers who are fun and unique, this color will be the best for your branding.

However, if you use orange, use it with caution. It can be very energizing and might cause people to feel uncomfortable.

BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorRed

Red is often used by passionate people who want to be noticed.

Red conveys strength, character, power, energy and passion. If used well, it can also give an air of elegance and sensuality. If any of these elements are in your brand, red is a great choice for your logo.


BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorPink

Although the meaning of all colors change according to the specific shade used, pink is commonly associated with women.

It’s usually used to give a feeling of fun, innocence, dynamism and a lot of energy.

If you want to convey that your brand is cheerful and energetic, pink is the perfect color to use.

BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorViolet

Violet is the color of mystery, sensitivity, power and imagination. It’s also known as one of the shades used for ancient royalty.

This color, also known for being one of the shades of royalty, tends to convey sensitivity, power, and imagination.

This color is an excellent choice for luxury or spiritual brands.

BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorBlue

Blue represents trust, calm, loyalty and dependability. This color — especially dark blue in the business world — is great for building customer loyalty and for use in businesses where reliability is essential to convey to customers such as banks or other financial companies. 

BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorGreen

This color represents nature, success, money and health.

Regardless of the type of shade you use,  green gives a feeling of serenity and stability.

Many sustainable fashion brands are incorporating these colors into their garments or logos. Now that you know which color is associated with what emotion, you can pick out the perfect color for your brand’s logo.

Emotional Associations of Each Color

While colors symbolize concepts, they also make people feel certain emotions when they look at them. So here’s a breakdown of the colors we just covered from an emotional perspective.

  • Red: passion, importance, attention.
  • Orange: playful, friendly, vitality.
  • Yellow: happiness, optimism, warning.
  • Green: nature, stability, prosperity.
  • Light blue: calm, confident, open.
  • Dark blue: professionalism, security, dependability.
  • Purple: royalty, creativity, mystery.
  • Pink: femininity, youth, innocence.
  • Brown: rough, earthy.
  • White: clean, virtuous, healthy.
  • Gray: neutrality, sadness.
  • Black: powerful, sophisticated, edgy.

Taking color and their meanings into consideration, you can plan what color you want your logo to be. Think about your brand and what it represents and research your target audience as you decide on the perfect color — and shade of that color — you want to represent your brand.

Formula To Build a Brand Color Scheme

Having a color scheme for your brand is going to be essential. Because it’ll aid planning and ensure visual consistency in your brand. Below are some steps you can follow to easily create a color scheme for your fashion business.

Base, Accent and Neutral Colors

BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a color

A very smart and simple rule to follow is to use three or four colors as your brand colors. These will be your pallet.

Pick a base color that represents the overall goal of your brand and connects with your customer base emotionally. Then, pick an accent color and a neutral color. The neutral color will unite both tones, and together these shades will tell customers what kind of business you are. Whether that’s rugged, playful, refined or anything in between.

Regardless of whether the audience of your clothing brand is formal, youthful, dynamic, adventurous, executive, professional or casual, when you use colors they connect with, they’ll feel like your fashion brand is meant for them.

How To Choose The Perfect Color Schemes

Selecting colors for your brand doesn’t mean simply picking the colors you like the most. There are three basic types of color schemes that are great for logo creation. Instead of picking random colors only to see them clash, use these color schemes as guidance. They are explained in the following paragraphs.

BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorMonochrome

Monochromatic color schemes are when you use the same color in different hues. It’s ideal for minimalist brands but can be difficult to use properly. Because the balance of different hues can be hard to get right.

However, when monochromatic color is used properly for a logo, the result is striking.


BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorAnalogous

Analogous colors are colors that are close to one another on the color wheel. As such, they often have similar emotional connotations.

Analogous colors go well together and make people feel calm compared to the intense clashing of colors that are opposite one another on the color wheel.

BluCactus - colorComplementary Colors

Complementary colors are opposite each other on the color wheel. They contrast each other and easily catch people’s attention. Contrasting colors are dynamic and stimulating. And they are perfect for dynamic audiences and high-energy brands.

BluCactus - colorTriadic Colors

As the name suggests, a triadic color scheme uses colors from three areas of the color wheel. It’s a highly stimulating scheme.

The biggest challenge of using this is ensuring that it can accurately convey your brand’s identity. Since three different colors can convey lots of different meanings and feelings all at once.

Selecting and using a color scheme that accurately reflects the identity of your business is important – and very difficult.

That’s why you need the help of experts who can conduct in-depth market research on your target customers to ensure you select the perfect colors for your logo.

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