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How to sell fashion in times of crisis? In the world, there are a lot of fashion companies, and many of them use different marketing strategies for their products. Because of this, the world of fashion has become the most difficult and important challenge for brands.


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - men workingThe client often shows ‘unfaithful’ behavior thanks to the big amount of options that they find on the internet as well as on the street.


The biggest mistake you could make is to believe you’re “doing marketing” just by hiring influencers or updating social media. If you want to work within the fashion world you must know that you have to create and use a strategy that allows you to boost your sales. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing really well at that moment.


The results can be really incredible if you have never worked before on a strategy and at the same time, acting with planning.


Boosting your brand and turning it into a more profitable business are some of the benefits that you can achieve in 2020 if you bet on fashion marketing.


Besides, we are at the beginning of a new decade and digital marketing is no longer a simple option to improve income. This is because it has become the perfect tool to bring success to your company.


Make a difference in fashion marketing


BluCactus - action planHow to sell fashion in times of crisis?


To get the most out of fashion marketing today, the following steps have been taken:


  • Plan actions for the next 12 months
  • Establish a budget for digital marketing
  • Have a team to carry out the actions, whether internal or external.
  • Bet on learning more and constantly, either in mastermind groups or mentoring. Remember that the internet changes at the speed of light.


Once you have these clear steps, you can begin to develop the action strategy. Here are some steps to make your brand or your fashion business more profitable this year.


What can you do to sell more?


  • How to sell fashion in times of crisis?, Retargeting your visitors


BluCactus - retargetingThis action is very important and easy, along with the tools that are within our reach.


Likewise, it looks like many stores don’t use it, which is why they are so absent.


Retargeting, or the way to get people who have visited your store out, has become the key to driving sales.


If you think about it, users don’t usually buy immediately the first time they visit a store.


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - people working togetherIn general, when all people enter a store, first they look around, then they analyze what is in the store after they read and then they leave the store.


Perhaps some people do grab an item, while others don’t.


Whatever they do, it’s important not to miss the opportunity to remind those visitors that your brand is incredible.


You must remind them that you have a product that they liked and that they can purchase it with some extra benefits if they buy it within a certain period of time.


Retargeting can be done with Facebook and the return on investment is impressive. You can start doing it from there. For every $1 invested you can get more than 660% profit.


  • Holiday promotions


BluCactus - summer saleToday, most brands have gone through the idea of ​​doing promotions. For this, they carry with them an annual campaign calendar from which they get all the possible juice.


Said calendar that combines several points:



These are 4 calendars that every fashion brand and store that sells fashion products should have. Here, we will talk about the holiday promotions that may interest you the most during this year. This can work better if you have never launched fashion marketing strategies.


BluCactus - fashion salesOn holidays, you have the opportunity to launch campaigns and boost your sales.


For example, you can do this through email Marketing.


When sending the emails, you’re reminding your subscribers that you have discounts on various products or that you have special days to make purchases on selected products.


How to sell fashion in times of crisis? This will give you a conversion boost that will likely brighten the month.


BluCactus - salesWe have the following idea for you, for example, flash sales by-product for the summer holidays.


During 7 days you can put 7 categories on offer.


On day 1 you can place the categories of pants, day 2 of shoes, day 3 of dresses, day 4 of accessories, and so on until you complete your campaign.


How to sell fashion in times of crisis? Do you like the idea?


Let us know in the comments, we love hearing your opinion.


  • How to sell fashion in times of crisis?, Style guides


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - people working togetherThere is nothing better than style guides to work on your capture.


There are fashion brands that apply these sections in their own online stores and others that decide to create downloadable manuals.


The options are endless so that your fashion brand, your online store or physical store can make a perfect combination with the target customer who wants to buy.


You can create lifestyle guides, music style guides, party, baby, decorating style guides, and much more.


BluCactus -promotionsEverything you imagine can be turned into a style guide.


These guides have 2 key objectives:



  1. Educate your visitors, for example, in the use of your products and in combining them with wardrobe backgrounds.
  2. Capture, but without expanding its database.



What do you think of adding this section to your website?


  • Work with Influencers in your fashion marketing


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - men workingThis is something very essential when it comes to fashion. And, we agree that it is a key piece, and controversial.


In general, working with opinion leaders is always a good option. However, even if it’s a good idea, 


In order to work with influencers, you must have certain knowledge in marketing. You also need to have a website that can take on and capture the traffic that will come to you. Likewise, you need to have a good purchase process, a status foot that catches, and a good sales and after-sales service. If all of the above exists and is working properly, investing in these influencers can pay off wonderfully.


Now, if you only want to learn more about the use of influencers in marketing strategies, you must learn from professionals. Don’t listen to friends who know nothing about this or Internet ads. They could mislead you and thus, only create more doubts than answers.


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - men workingFor this year, which has been so atypical, it is better to learn from opinion leaders.


This way you can rely on them to promote the campaigns that you already have designed.


Set budgets and remember to agree on good working conditions.


This is so you don’t have negative results in the future.


Doing a good marketing job with influencers and micro-influencers can give you a great boost in terms of visibility. Thus, you will also be able to attract many sales.


  • How to sell fashion in times of crisis?, Events and fairs.


BluCactus - eventsAlthough it is true that it costs a lot to leave your comfort zone, and even more so when a brand is born in this digital age, you can create an eCommerce and it has never had a physical presence. If this is your case, it is wise for you to welcome these activities.


If your goal is “visibility” with your fashion brand, then you have to make it visible.


A great idea is to go to trade fairs in your sector, either as a visitor or as an exhibitor.


We also recommend that you talk with salespeople, representatives, stores, and other colleagues in the sector.


BluCactus - eventsThis will allow you to make connections that could, in the future, help you to boost your brand.


Don’t let the feeling of competitiveness ruin a good conversation with other people like you.


It is also a good option to participate in markets or pop-ups that are held seasonally.


It is a good opportunity to put your product in front of an audience that will give feedback from which you can learn a lot.


As a tip, we recommend that you take care of the markets and pop-ups.


This is because it’s suggested that they be of the same level as your company so that everything always brings good results.


  • Raffles or contests on Instagram


BluCactus - sweeopstakesWhen we refer to raffles, we mean virtual events. These have recently become so famous on the pages of blogs and on different social networks.


Do you know what are we talking about?


Some people call it the “digital aloe vera”. This is because running contests or raffles can bring endless benefits to the account or company. 


Likewise, some people don’t know how to set them apart and some abuse this activity on Instagram. If you want to learn more about this and how to use it correctly to get the most out of it, we recommend that you learn from professionals.


This cannot be missing in your store if you want to do fashion marketing


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - woman workingWithout a doubt, these are the 5 points that complete the 11 important keys you must know.


These can boost your fashion marketing to new heights.


Several brands confess that they have ideas and that it is difficult for them to establish a strategic plan.


Because of this, you must elaborate on a graphic division with the key points.


It can help you to move forward and achieve your objectives.


  • How to sell fashion in times of crisis?, Branding


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - brandingBranding is an extremely important job that you must do at the beginning when you are creating or starting the company.


It must always be renewed. This way you won’t lose the relationship with the client.


It’s essential that the branding of your brand message and your product go hand in hand. Otherwise, the customer will not understand what you are transmitting.


This will start the “no sales” process for your fashion eCommerce.


  • Images


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - people working togetherNow, you have the opportunity to create images. It’s important to be creative.


For this, you can use audiovisual and digital resources. These can allow you to reflect on the magic of your brand.


On the other hand, fashion sells through the eyes, much more when it’s online. How are your photos on your website?


This way you can create a good seasonal photo shooting or have photography studios to create images for your tireless digital activity.

Would you like to know how to better organize photo shootings?


If you would like to know, you can study fashion marketing. This way you can have everything in your hands to do magic every season.


  • How to sell fashion in times of crisis?, Web usability


To begin we will do the following:


Is your store comfortable for the customer?


It’s a question to ask yourself to shape your store.


The best thing you can do is avoid product sheets with a lot of elements, make easy paths from home to cart, and improve the purchase process so that they are only three steps.


Does all this sound familiar to you?


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - men workingThis is part of what we call UX or User Experience.


This is developed by looking very closely at all the data that tools like Google Analytics can give us. 


For example, do you know which your most visited pages are?


Your most viewed product?


If you have it located, then take advantage of those pages to include recruitment, sales, or loyalty hooks.


Test it!


  • Testimonials and reviews


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - men workingThis commonly calls for something like ‘social proof’ and what matters most to users today: recommendations.


In your case, in an online or physical store, this social proof is press appearances, collaborations with influencers, or logos that give confidence.


These can be eCommerce certificate seals that let your visitors know that they are in the right place.


There are always questions about how to get testimonials.


Did it happen to you?


You have clients, but there is no way for them to leave opinions.


  • How to sell fashion in times of crisis?, Trust


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - men workingWould you shop in a store with no lights, cluttered, and dubious customer service?


In your case, we know that you know better, but the general public might not.


Many users who surf the internet, see magical photos on Instagram and once they enter the store they find a really gloomy space.


You must take care of the sales processes and have a trusted payment corridor such as PayPal or Stripe, without forgetting that your store has a security certificate (https).



You can review all these aspects of your online store here.




BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - people working togetherDuring times of crisis, you often see the black dot on the entire blank page, as we are engrossed in the problem and not the opportunity in front of us.


All the strategies mentioned and explained above have been put into practice, and it has worked wonders.


At BluCactus we have Fashion Marketing specialists who affirm and explain the operation of these strategies.


If you liked this article and you are new to the Marketing world, you can contact us and subscribe to our daily newsletter to know and learn more about digital marketing.


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - people working togetherOn the other hand, you can also use these keys in companies that are starting out or that haven’t been well defined. You can do this if you aim to start from the first moment conquering the hearts of their users.


So, we give you the courage and encouragement to try.


Your level doesn’t matter, because testing is the only thing that will make you grow.



BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - conclusion




Without further ado, if you liked our article or have any comments, you can do so without any problem, we will gladly answer you.


Remember, here at BluCactus, Your Success Is Our Success.






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