25 SEO experts to watch out for in 2021

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25 SEO experts to watch out for in 2021. Looking for the best SEO experts to follow in 2021? Do you want to hone your existing SEO skills and learn advanced topics?


If your answer to the above two questions is yes, then we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll take you through 25 of the world’s best SEO experts to follow in 2021. You can follow them to learn SEO or to upgrade your existing knowledge. 


Most experts mentioned in this list have 10+ years of experience in the SEO field. So, they can give you an immense amount of knowledge. 


1. Neil Patel

BluCactus - Neil Patel

When it comes to the best SEO experts to follow in 2021, Neil Patel will always be on top of any list. He has an abundance of knowledge in the domain of digital marketing and SEO. That’s why millions of people across the world follow his blog daily.


In fact, Forbes magazine states that he is one of the top 10 marketers in the world. And that’s true due to his great amount of knowledge. Thanks to it, he will always be among the best SEO experts.


He also runs a YouTube Channel with 765,000 subscribers and 1 million Facebook fans and 372,000 Twitter followers.


Neil has also spoken at 310 conferences and companies around the world on topics like digital marketing and SEO. So, if you want to take your SEO or digital marketing game to the next level, you must follow Neil Patel.


2. Rand Fishkin


BluCactus - Rand FishkinNow here comes our personal favorite SEO expert i.e. Rand Fishkin. Rand Fishkin is the founder of Moz, popular website development and SEO blog that later turned into an SEO tool.


if you’ve been part of the SEO world, you must have already heard of Moz. 


Rand has deep expertise on topics like on-page and off-page SEO, link building, technical SEO, and more. In short, he is a one-stop-shop for all things SEO. 


In the year 2018, He founded Spartko, a platform that makes marketing research available to all.


So, if you want to take your SEO knowledge to the level of awesomeness, you must start following Rand Fishkin.


3. Brian Dean


BluCactus - Brian DeanNext in this list of SEO experts is Brian Dean. He is called an “SEO genius” by Entrepreneur.com and a brilliant entrepreneur by Inc Magazine. That’s why he’s on this list of SEO experts to follow in 2021.


As the founder of the world’s most popular SEO blog Backlinko, he generates 5 million visitors per month. 


In fact, Backlinko is a one-stop destination for anyone who wants to learn the A-Z about SEO. Brian is also the founder of popular SEO techniques like Skyscraper and Guestopgraphic technique. Both these techniques help in scaling link-building campaigns.


Apart from this, Brian’s blog also covers tons of topics like on-page, off-page, and technical SEO in detail. 


4. Marie Haynes


BluCactus - Marie HaynesMarie Haynes needs no introduction. She began her career in SEO way back in 2008. As a result, this makes her one of the most experienced SEO experts on this entire list. 


Her knowledge with regards to on-page, off-page, and technical SEO is amazing. She is also one of the few people who tackled Google’s Penguin algorithm while most tried to understand it.


You can find Marie speaking at various SEO conferences, on help forums, and on her Twitter account. She is also the owner and founder of Marie Haynes Consulting, a top-rated SEO company.


5. Michael king


BluCactus - Michael KingMichael King is a multi-talented person. He is the founder and CEO of iPullRank and an author, serial entrepreneur, and SEO expert. In fact, he got the title of top search marketer of the year 2020.


He was also a contributing author at Moz’s “Inbound Marketing and SEO”. Today, he is working on his SEO book titled “The Science of SEO”. This book focuses on the technical and computer science aspects of SEO.


So, if you are a blogger, digital marketer, or SEO expert who wants to boost their SEO knowledge you must follow Michael King.


6. Cindy Krum


BluCactus - Cindy KrumCindy Krum is yet another SEO expert whom you should be following in 2021. She has a deep knowledge of mobile SEO and app store optimization which are critical aspects of SEO in 2021.


She brings a lot of creative ideas and strategies for clients which set her apart from others on this list. One of her greatest contributions to the SEO world is her help in the launch of the first mobile-focused SEO tool. The said tool created by MobileMoxie checks whether a particular website is mobile-friendly or not.


Besides this, Cindy is also highly active in digital marketing & growth communities where she shares her knowledge regularly. So, if you want to take your mobile SEO game to a new level, you must follow Cindy.


7. George Freitag


BluCactus - George FreitagWith over 10 years of experience in the SEO domain, George Freitag has to be on this list. Whether it is on-page, off-page, or technical SEO, George Freitag kills it all. 


He also understands how search engines like Google work. That’s why he can create some exceptional SEO strategies for the best results. He has also contributed his knowledge about SEO at several forums, events, and media publications. 


Currently, he is working as an SEO growth manager for Indeed.com. 


8. Bill Slawski


BluCactus - Bill SlawskiWhen talking about the best SEO experts to follow, how can we forget about Bill Slawski? Bill has been involved in the world of SEO, internet marketing, and web promotion since 1996. 


Since then, he has been helping brands make their website visible on search engines. As a result, he has a great amount of experience making SEO strategies to increase the organic traffic of websites. In other words, thanks to him many websites have attracted the attention of their target audience.


Such strategies result in maximum sales, conversion, and revenues.


His knowledge when it comes to technical SEO is also great. We can see this in all his published white papers and research on how search works. We would personally suggest you follow him if you want to take your technical SEO knowledge to a new level.


9. Lisa Paasche


BluCactus - Lisa PaascheNow here comes another one of our favorites, SEO expert Lisa Paasche. 


She is the CEO and founder of an award-winning SEO and digital marketing agency called Verve Search. Her company helps businesses and brands boost their search engine traffic, especially their organic traffic to the next level. 


Apart from this, Lisa has also won several awards and recognition in the domain of SEO and internet marketing.


The following are some of her best achievements;


  1. BIMA100 CEO & Leaders award in the year 2017.
  2. ‘Search Personality of the Year award in 2011.
  3. 35 women under 35 by Management Today.
  4. Blackberry Women & Technology Award in 2008.


Such awards and recognition prove the fact that she is truly a top-rated SEO expert. 


10. Anil Agarwal


BluCactus - Anil AgarwalAnil Agarwal is a blogger, affiliate marketing, and SEO expert from India. He is the founder and CEO of a popular website called Bloggers Passion. At Bloggers Passion you’ll find tons of actionable tips on blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, and how to make money online. 


Not to forget that he is also making a hell of a lot of money via blogging and affiliate marketing. For this, he generates income via promoting hosting products and SEO tools.


So, if you want to learn how to make money online, he’s the one you must follow. 


11. Harsh Agarwal


BluCactus - Harsh AgarwalNext to Anil Agarwal, Harsh Agarwal is yet another blogger, SEO expert, and affiliate marketer from India. He started his blogging career way back in 2008 and soon became a top-rated Indian blogger.


His numbers are impressive with a revenue of around $10,000+ via blogging every month. 


Today, he runs and manages two blogs called Shout Me Loud and Coinsutra. At Shout Me Loud you’ll come across SEO, blogging, and how to make money online tips. While Coinsutra is all about cryptocurrency and bitcoins. 


So, if you want to learn how to make money online and kickstart your blogging career, Harsh is your guy.


12.  Nathan Gotch


BluCactus - Nathan GotchIf you are struggling to increase your search traffic in 2021, worry no more.


You just need to follow Nathan Gotch, a top-rated international SEO expert who can take your organic traffic to the next level.


He shares only proven and result-driven tips to help his clients and brands increase their organic traffic. 


We found his link-building techniques and strategies amazing. 


13.Tyler Reardon


BluCactus - Tyler ReardonTyler Reardon started his SEO journey back in 2011 at eVacuumStore.


Since then, he has worked with multiple clients across a range of industry sectors and helped them boost their SEO campaigns.


Currently, he is employed at Chewy as an SEO manager where he manages a team of 10 people. His expertise includes national, local, and international SEO. 


Apart from this, he also has a deep love and passion for blogging and content marketing. 


14. Carolyn Shelby 


BluCactus - Carolyn ShelbyLet us make no mistake by calling Carolyn one of the most experienced SEO and digital marketing experts on this list. She has been in the online marketing space since early 1994. Since then, she has mastered various online marketing techniques including SEO, SEM, and a lot more.


Her core focus revolves around SEO and helping brands increase their organic search traffic. Today, she is working as an SEO manager for Disney Media.


Her expertise includes enterprise, national, local SEO, and news SEO. She also has sound knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress development, network architecture, and information architecture


15. Craig Campbell


BluCactus - Craig CampbellCraig is yet another SEO expert with more than 18 years of experience on a wide range of online marketing strategies.


He offers SEO services as well as training to people who want to learn and explore more about SEO.


Craig also runs a YouTube channel where he uploads videos on affiliate marketing, SEO, link-building, and blogging. 


We would personally suggest you follow his YouTube channel if you seriously want to learn SEO.


16. Claire Carlile


BluCactus - Claire CarlileClarie is a 360-degree digital marketing expert. As of now she is working as a freelancer with a bunch of agencies and helping them to create amazing digital marketing strategies for their clients. 


She also holds an MSc degree in marketing along with 20+ working experience in various domains of online marketing. 


Clarie is also an SEO aficionado and offers a range of SEO services like link-building, guest blogging, technical in everything in between.


She is also Google Ads certified and can help you in setting your paid ad campaign as well. 


17. Damon Gochneaur


BluCactus - Damon GochneaurBacked by Google Ads Certification, Damon Gochneaur is yet another digital marketing expert. 


He is a complete package when it comes to digital marketing. As a result, you can learn all sorts of topics from him.


For example, SEO, SEM, PPC, organic search, Google TV, AdWords, content, and more.


As of now, he is working as a director of media for a company called The Marketing Arm. 


18.Ross Hudgens 


BluCactus - Ross HudgensRoss Hudgens is another big name in the world of SEO. 


He started his career at Single Grain as an SEO analyst. Today, he is the founder and CEO of his own digital marketing company called Siege Media.


Apart from this, Ross also runs a YouTube Channel by the name of his company.


You can follow his channel and get actionable tips on SEO, how to increase traffic and grow your blog.


19.Natzir Turrado


BluCactus - Natzir TurradoTechnical SEO plays an important role in improving your website rankings. But the harsh reality is that many webmasters and bloggers overlook it only to regret it later. 


To avoid this, you should start to follow Natzir Turrado. Thanks to him you’ll be able to master the art of technical SEO. From him, you can learn many subjects related to technical SEO. For example, speed optimization, mobile-friendliness, core web vitals, and a lot more. 


If you follow his advice and tips just for a month, you’ll see a positive impact on your rankings.


20.Danny Sullivan


BluCactus - Danny SullivanDanny Sullivan needs no introduction. He is the founder of a top-rated marketing blog called Search Engine Land and Marketing Land.


Both of these blogs have got some of the best content about SEM, Google Algo updates, and everything in between.


Currently, Danny is working as Public Liaison for Search where he is in charge of allowing the public to better understand Google search & Google.



21.Britney Muller


BluCactus - Britney MullerBritney Muller is a multi-talented woman.


As an SEO expert, blogger, speaker, and founder of Data Sci 101, she has a deep passion for SEO and search engines. That’s why her crafted SEO strategies and techniques always offer amazing results to her clients. 


Besides this, she also keeps sharing her knowledge on SEO at different events, forums, and media publications. 


So, if you want to upgrade your SEO skills and learn something advance, follow Britney.


22.Vanessa Fox


BluCactus - Vanessa FoxVanessa Fox is yet another technical SEO expert whom you should be following in 2021.


She is also the founder of Keylime Toolbox, a search analytics tool that helps you grow your organic traffic. 


She is also a contributing author on Search Engine Land where she writes about technical SEO, search behavior, and changes in search.



23.Aleyda Solís


BluCactus - Aleyda SolisAleyda is an international SEO expert and founder of a top-rated SEO company called Orainti.


She also loves to speak about SEO at different forums and international events. 


To date, she has spoken at 100 international events and conferences all across the globe. 


So, if you want to learn basic and advanced SEO, you should start following Aleyda right now.



24.Eric Enge 


BluCactus - Eric EngeEric Enge needs no introduction. Over the years he has done some remarkable work in SEO for his clients and big brands.


He has also won the Search Personality of the Year award in 2018.




He was also a contributing author at Forbes for topics like SEO, online marketing, SEM, search engines, and a lot more.



25.Marshall Simmonds 


BluCactus - Marshall SimmondsLast in this of SEO experts is Marshall Simmonds. With 20+ years of digital marketing experience, he has been leading brands and companies across the globe. He is also regarded as a pioneer leader in the search marketing world. 


From 2005 to 2010, Marshall world was the chief search strategist for New York Times.


His job was to boost the search engine traffic of this news publication.


Later, he founded his own digital marketing company called Degine Media.


Blucactus - Contact usConclusion:


Whether you want to learn SEO from scratch or want to hone your existing skills, you can follow these 25 SEO experts.


You can either follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter or even read their blogs.


These experts have years of experience in the SEO and search engine marketing world. They possess immense knowledge and can help you learn the ABCs of SEO and digital marketing. 


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