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Almost all businesses nowadays have an online presence. If you want to be part of them, you must use some digital marketing strategy to promote your business. Most local companies follow SEO to increase their business visibility in SERPs. Nonetheless, these local and small businesses don’t know the importance of local SEO. Because of this, today we will discuss local SEO services in Denver.


In Denver, many local businesses are still working. However, business owners aren’t aware of how relevant local SEO for their Denver business is. Most of those doing SEO in Denver don’t even know what and how they are doing. In short, they don’t know how to harmonize a different set of SEO activities to achieve results.


The lack of harmonization and strategy places them in a low position in local searches in the Denver area. Even if they offer excellent quality services and products, they still can’t manage to reach the top spots. If you don’t want to be yet another business affected by this, keep reading to find out the correct local marketing strategy. Only in this way will you be able to surpass your competition and succeed.


What is local SEO?


Local SEO is a technique or method used to optimize your business’s website.


BluCactus - SEO in Denver - important dataIt aims to reach a high rank for a local search query in SERPs.


So, by following this strategy, you will get a high-ranking position and increase your local business’s visibility.


What’s better, you will bring high-quality traffic to your website.


Search Engine round table states that- Today, under 50% of all Google searches have a “local intent”. 



Why is local SEO essential for Your Denver Business?


BluCactus - important dataApplying local SEO for your Denver business ensures you please searcher’s intent in your area.


For example, traditional SEO includes website listings, feature snippets, and other critical business information.


On the other hand, Local SEO will display map listings, business directories, and local knowledge panels.


Let’s say; you run a salon in the Denver area.


As a result, you provide a service only in Denver and not globally, right?


BluCactus - SEO in Denver - important data

Because of this, you must optimize it.


This way, users will easily find you no matter what they search for according to their area.


For example, they could write “Salons near me”, “Best salon in Denver, “Best salon near me” or “salons in Denver” and you will still show up.


However, this will only happen if you follow local SEO techniques.



What are the Local SEO Ranking Factors?


BluCactus - important dataBefore we look at the strategies, you must know about the possible ranking factors of Local SEO.


  • GMB profiles
  • On-page Optimization of Website
  • Citations Listings
  • NAP Consistency
  • Social signals
  • Reviews
  • Inbound links
  • User Engagement
  • Searcher’s proximity to the business
  • Personalization


How to Implement Local SEO for Your Business?


Considering all the ranking factors, you must optimize your Denver business website. For this, you can use the next techniques. We are sure that with them, you will be able to enhance the traffic and visibility of your business.


  • Local Keywords Research


BluCactus - important dataThe first in the SEO process is researching keywords.


In this sense, before anything, you must first create a list of every keyword relevant to your business.


Without these keywords, how will your prospects find you?


For example:


Let’s say you own a pizza shop or restaurant in Denver. In this case, you must define some general terms that will help users find you in the SERPs.


BluCactus - SEO in Denver - important dataFor this, you can use keywords like “pizza places in Denver”,  Pizza places near me” and/or “pizza home delivery in Denver”.


However, these are just some examples. You must do your own study and find those keywords that suit your business the best.


For this, you could use some in-depth keyword research tools.


All you have to do is choose the right one as there are a lot in the market. On the other hand, don’t forget to use as many keyword combinations as possible to optimize your business.


  • BluCactus - important data

    On-Page Optimization


Now that you have your target keywords, you must focus on your content.


In other words, you must offer high-quality content to improve your SERP’s ranking.


For this, make sure to include all your keywords and provide unique content on your website.


By doing this, you ensure a high amount of traffic and engagement from your users.


BluCactus - SEO in Denver - important dataRemember, no matter the quality of your services or techniques, if you don’t optimize your website, you won’t succeed.


A high ranking on the SERPs is vital for any business and yours isn’t the exception.


On the other hand, make sure to use a unique title, good meta-descriptions, heading tags, etc.





  • Create Local Product Pages


BluCactus - important dataDon’t offer all your products and services on a single page if you’re present in many locations.


After all, this will only impact your ranking, and not in the best way.


Instead, make separate pages for each site and use the correct keywords for it.


When it comes to Denver, you must have a page only for this city and only use the keywords that relate to it.




  • BluCactus - important dataOptimize For Mobile Searches


In today’s digital age, around 60-70 percent of local searches are made through smartphones.


Because of this, this is now a vital ranking factor for any local business.


Thus, you must optimize your website to offer the best performance on these devices.




  • Claim GMB Listing


BluCactus - important dataClaiming your GMB listing is an essential part of optimizing your business.


Even if you have a well-optimized website, if you don’t have a GMB listing, you will never be able to rank.


However, having a GMB profile won’t be enough. You must optimize it and make sure to add all details.


With this in mind, you can share posts and photos to engage your local Denver users.




  • BluCactus - SEO in Denver - important dataCreate Profile on Citations and Maintain NAP


Besides creating a profile on your GMB page, you must also register your business on other local Denver.


In this case, you should follow the NAP consistency.


What does this mean you ask? It means that your name, address, and phone number should be consistent and the same on every business citation.


If you put different information, then Google won’t trust you nor your business.


The more citations you do with NAP, the more credible your business will appear to Google.


  • BluCactus - SEO in Denver - important data

    Try To Get More Positive Reviews


If someone is interested in your business, how will you prove to them that you’re trustworthy?


In this case, you should encourage your past clients to leave some nice words about your business.


However, for this to be effective, you must ensure that you do offer the best of the best.




BluCactus - SEO in Denver - important dataOtherwise, these “nice” words won’t turn out so nice.


On the other hand, the more positive reviews and ratings you have, the higher Google will position you on the SERPs.


As you can see, reviews are a brilliant way to increase your reputation and local presence.


Nonetheless, don’t even think of posting fake reviews or ratings as these will only damage your reputation.



  • Quality link building


BluCactus - SEO in Denver - important dataBelieve it or not, links do matter and play a vital role in the SEO of any website.


What you must do in this case is adding relevant links to high-authority websites in your content.


By doing this you will be building a strong online presence on the Internet which in turn will get you more traffic.


Try adding links to news media, charity organizations, or top bloggers in Denver and ask them to link back to your site.


All this will boost your reputation to new heights and get you more clients.


  • Social Signals


BluCactus - SEO in Denver - important dataWhile social media isn’t a ranking factor, it does help you to improve your branding and visibility on search engines.


How it does this? By linking back to your website.


However, to take advantage of it, you must share high-quality posts or content as this will help you gain more users.


By doing this, you will be ensuring your business an excellent brand recognition and high-engagement on these platforms.


The more likes, mentions, and reviews you have on social media, the more stable your brand becomes. That’s why it’s vital to use social media channels for your business.


  • Have good Website Speed


BluCactus - SEO in Denver - important dataHow long a website takes to load also affects local SEO to a greater extent.


When a user searches for something, they want to get quick answers or results.


Because of this, if your website takes too long to load they will just leave and move on to another one.


All this contributes to a poor user experience which means little to no visitors.


Thus, to keep them, work on your website loading speed.




BluCactus - SEO in Denver - important dataAs you can see, many factors affect your Denver Business, either for better or worse. Because of this, you must not ignore them or underestimate them.


Work on them, and try to offer the best of the best to reach the top of the SERPs.


Denver SEO is vital for your business to succeed on local searches, don’t forget it.


Only thanks to it will you be able to gain more traffic and in turn clients.


All in all, it’s an excellent method to make your business reach new heights in the Denver local market.


Author Bio for this guest post:


Emily is a zealous writer and with her passion to read and write about marketing blogs and its implementation in our modern world. With such curiosity embedded in herself, she researches extensively before writing a blog to deliver a credible and detailed content piece.


She has written blogs mainly on the local SEO for multiple locations- Dallas SEO, Atlanta SEO, Tampa SEO, Charlotte SEO, Denver SEO, and so on. Cover all the details and customize the SEO approach for each of these locations.


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