A successful 2021 at your fingertips! The perfect SEO checklist for your website

For the past few years, the SEO On-Page checklist has evolved quickly. Not only that, but it seems like it won’t be stopping soon. The reason for this lies in the new group of positioning strategies present in the web market. As a result, this influences how the user must manage and create their content. This, if they want to reach first place in the results of all search engines. By the year 2021, experts have been able to identify at least five SEO trends guilty of this evolution. So, all of this gave way to a new era of diverse content. Learn about the SEO Checklist.


Thus, companies must learn to adapt to these changes and evolve with them. For this, they must research the new crawling and indexing models in every web engine. This way, they will remain at the top of their industries and search results.


We at BluCactus Digital Marketing agency strive to be on top of the current trends of the web market. For this, we make sure to adapt all of our services to these trends. So, to allow you to easily understand them, we offer you this article prepared by our technical team of experts. As a result, the guidelines you will see here will allow you to check the SEO Checklist of every website.


A brief analysis of the digital market in 2021.


What are the main trends that currently define every SEO on-page checklist?


BluCactus - SEO On Page 2021 Checklist - technology with important informationGoogle, the most important search engine in the world, shows an important increase in the render of information by 2021. This means that the line separating human language from that of machines is becoming harder to see.


A proof of this is the arrival of the first SEO trend for 2021: Voice Search. Most experts estimate that this method will top 50% of user traffic by mid or late 2021. Thus, for every SEO checklist, this means greater use of long-tail keywords.


Voice search is nothing more than the introduction to yet another trend. This is, of course, the arrival of artificial intelligence. Google, like many other major word search algorithms, has progressed a lot with search intent. This is a very important factor in search engines for many reasons. The main one would be that it allows them to identify what the user is looking for. So, this means that the quality of the content of every website must be a clear and important feature. Finally, we can’t forget that an increase in the use of responsive web design for mobiles is also within the next SEO trends for 2021.


Meet the new BluCactus SEO On-Page Checklist.


The 12 structural elements to consider increasing the visibility of any website.


BluCactus - SEO On Page 2021 Checklist - technology with important informationThe study of SEO On-page by 2021 has drawn the attention of many sectors. The reason for this could be that it allows them to increase their Brand Awareness. This is the ability that Google’s system has to identify a certain company.


It can do this even when said mention doesn’t imply a direct link to said website. As a result, creating versatile, original, and good quality content is what brings together each of its elements. What’s more, another feature present in our SEO study is the increase in commercial competition on the Internet. This is a very important factor that often shows up in our studies of the market.


To come up with the following standards, our experts had to identify the 12 most important elements that make up an SEO On-Page Checklist. Thus, the information you will see next will allow you to identify the evolution of the web market. Not only that, but you will realize the influence that it has had on such basic elements. The main element of this is the ever-present need to be in the Zero position of google through its “Featured Snippets”. So, in short, we’ll divide the 12 elements of the SEO Checklist like this:


  • Title Tag or SEO title:


BluCactus - SEO On Page 2021 Checklist - technology with important informationAs the first element of this list, we can say that this is a fundamental pillar of Web traceability. The reasons for this are obvious. So, besides the search engine, this is the first piece of information that a user will get from a website.


Thus, it offers a brief sample of what they can find inside of it. Despite its simplicity, the Title Tag or Meta title is part of a complex system. So, alongside the Meta description, this is vital for the creation of a website’s identity.


In our SEO on-page checklist for 2021, you will find everything you need to optimize your Meta title. Here, you will find a set of standards that go beyond including the main keyword.


On the other hand, we can justify its importance because experts rest on it the entire value known as CTR. This stands for the index of “Impressions on Clicks”. Thus, if you want to create an efficient meta title, you must pay attention to the following elements:


  • Inclusion of the fiscal direction for Local SEO in the business, national, and tourist market.


BluCactus - SEO On Page 2021 Checklist - technology with important informationThis applies mostly to the business sector. Here, every title tag must have the classic standards of SEO identity.


These are the keyword and the commercial name of the business that wants to achieve good positioning. We also recommend including its address in the web title. This is because Google started to make local searches more and more visible.


By doing this, you will allow the search engine to link your company with local positioning results. By 2021, the title tag on every SEO Checklist must also include an easy-to-read URL.


For this, you must sub-divide the topics by vertical bars. This way, you will allow a better degree of decoding and reading.


  • The construction of a Meta title according to the parameters of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) 


BluCactus - SEO On Page 2021 Checklist - technology with important informationToday, the concept of “Keyword” has shared its importance to the semantic field that every SEO engine can identify.


As a result, when it comes to the creation of title tags, this has had an important impact. This is something that our SEO checklist and, ever more so BluCactus, takes into account.


What’s more, a new phenomenon enters the scene by the name of Seeker’s Semantic intent. This is thanks to Google’s need to understand a linguistic field that is becoming more and more extensive.


This way, the SEO system can show the result of any business. It doesn’t matter if the main keyword isn’t directly present in it. The name of this strategy is “Correspondence of results”. What’s amazing about this, is that you can carry it out to the extent that certain tools allow. To give you an idea, some of these tools can be such as Google Ads, Seorch.eu, among others.


  • Keywords: selection and standards of use for SEO content


BluCactus - SEO On Page 2021 Checklist - technology with important informationWhen it comes to keyword stuffing, by 2021 the digital market will fully accept the fines that come with it. Because of this, the following standards will highlight the new techniques for identifying and selecting “seed” words.


Thus, the second element from this SEO checklist is the correct identification of “positioning keywords”. Besides, according to what every company sets as its buyer persona, the system of keywords will charge a higher rate of effectiveness. In short, the closer it relates to the said buyer persona, the higher the rate of effectiveness will be.


On the other hand, we have the definition of the objectiveof any strategy. This is almost as important as the fact that Keywords answer to the client’s needs.


So, by 2021, all web content, to be efficient, must encourage the reader to make every action on a system of stimuli. These, in turn, will help to awaken in the user the behavior that the company wants. Next on our SEO checklist, you will find two of the most important strategies for the selection of keywords in the market.


  • Competition in the SEO market as the main factor in selecting keywords for the year 2021:


BluCactus - SEO On Page 2021 Checklist - technology with important informationThis is a very useful strategy for companies who are just starting to build their digital presence.


So, in short, it comprises the extraction of data according to the profile and management of keywords. This, concerning the group of companies that aim for their services and products at the same type of public.


Thus, an SEO content marketing strategy that starts from here, takes advantage of the potential of your competition. All of this, while adapting it to your profile.


For the test of this feature in any SEO 2021 checklist, we recommend using free positioning tools such as SEM Rush. This is because they are more effective when it comes to this.


  • The Topic Clusters technique as a measure to strengthen authority in Google:


BluCactus - Checklist SEO On Page - topicOver the past five years, Topic Clusters or Satellite Contents have become a famous positioning technique. By 2021, experts think that it won’t disappear from the market.


So, in simple words, the way this works is by positioning a website using generic keywords. To be more specific, it uses those that describe their work sector. For example, these can be marketing, advertising, or different branches of services.


In this SEO Checklist, we recommend carrying this out through the creation of content that has to do with the main branch. Next, you should link the use of link building to your main content. All of this will allow Google to show the level of strength that your website has. For this, it takes into account its field of knowledge or branch of commercial specialization.


  • The anatomy of a URL: main changes to strengthen its intentionality and power.


BluCactus - important dataThe role that a URL plays with the SEO On-Page system is vital to ensure the positioning of every website. Not only that, but SEO experts affirm that the universe of reading URLs is so complex it can be a brand of SEO. Until now, all SEO checklists included two stages in the adaptation of all URLs. The first of them has the name of URL Normalization. This includes many processes like the decoding of non-alphanumeric signs, erasure of capital letters, periods, and exclusion of directory index files.


The second stage is a little more famous. Within SEO Checklists, we can find it with the name of URL optimization. Here, we find that its processes are more flexible in contrast to the last stage. This is because they vary according to the search engine. Moreover, the key to its success comes from its processes. These include the organization of structures, stratification, and shortening. As a result, all of this is proof enough of the technical spectrum it has been using in recent years. On the other hand, by 2021, the next two elements appear in the market.


  • Use of Canonical URLs:


BluCactus - SEO On Page 2021 Checklist - technology with important informationAlongside an increase in competition, we can also see on the Internet an increase in content production. In an environment like this, a website can show different SEO errors.


Duplicate content is the most prevalent of them all.


Within the different SEO Checklists for 2021, among which BluCactus is present, it’s said that canonical URLs can fix this.


Nonetheless, for this to work, you must first show the system which one is the main subdomain. After this, add a canonical tag to the rest of the versions as well as add-ons.


  • The rage and implementation of Mobile-Friendly URLs:


BluCactus - SEO On Page 2021 Checklist - technology with important informationThese are the group of SEO processes that focus on mobile positioning. In the same way, mobile-friendly URLs are an essential part of responsive design.


There are three ways to make these processes possible. First, we have the use of the same URL for the natural and mobile versions.


The second works as a dynamic publication. Here, it adapts the content to the format of the device in use.


On the other hand, every SEO checklist for 2021, also supports the use of an independent URL for both the natural and mobile version of a website.


  • The Meta description as SEO text:


BluCactus - SEO On Page 2021 Checklist - technology with important informationFor the creation of an effective and powerful meta description, you must take into account the use of modern copywriting techniques.


Because of this, SEO checklists in the last five years have pointed out the rules needed to attract users. However, by the year 2021, these rules will be a must when it comes to the adaptability of the content to the search engine. As a result, the main marketing agencies in the world already know this and started to apply it.


First of all, you shouldn’t switch from uppercase and lowercase in your writing. Second, don’t use quotation marks or any other different punctuation symbol.


If you don’t carry out this last rule, you could face display problems. This is because Google has trouble optimizing those symbols that aren’t letters. For their part, our experts recommend only optimize those pages of your website that get the most traffic. Finally, these are just some important recommendations for meta descriptions. Next, we are going to show you more of these. Remember to take them into account to achieve the success you want.


  • Decrease in bounce rate and increase in CTR:


BluCactus - SEO On Page 2021 Checklist - technology with important informationThe classic SEO checklists insist that the number of characters in a meta description shouldn’t go over 145 characters.


By 2021, the arrangement of the keywords in the said text will change a lot.


For example, many experts recommend only choosing three keywords. One of them should be the main one and the other two secondary ones.


Besides this, the main keyword must appear at the beginning of the text. Thus, data like the company name and the secondary keywords should be at the end.


  • Use of tools to create and verify Snippets:


BluCactus - important dataUntil now, the market had a certain formula for the creation of meta descriptions.


Given its importance for SEO on-page, we can see a growth in the use of applications for its optimization in 2021.


One of them is SISTRIX’s free SERP snippet generator.


This software is very useful due to its vital tools for optimization and construction.


On the other hand, apps like Serpee and SemRush are also an important part of every SEO Checklist.


  • The Textual Content and the markers of its quality level:


BluCactus - important data

SEO experts often study the relationship between quality and positioning. For example, for the 2010s SEO checklist, they debated the importance of two crucial facts.


These were the mass production of articles and the updating of them. The aim of this was to find out which one was the most important for the positioning of a website. The result was that, due to its many advantages, updating blogs, articles and other forms of text was more important. Thus, thanks to this, we know a little bit more about how search engines see a website.


From another perspective Content Freshness allows SEO content to always seem updated.


This is one of the over 200 factors that Google takes into account to position a website. Thus, its index of positioning and readability, when it comes to search engines, increases every time someone updates a website. On the other hand, the inclusion of this type of technique within SEO Checklists is thanks to the spread of this concept on other elements of any website. Thus, Content Freshness also includes aspects such as banners, comment boxes, and many more multimedia elements. Besides all this, by 2021 the SEO market also registers the following trends.


  • Original research for the breadth of offline and online reference frames.


BluCactus - important dataWith the arrival of 2021, the line between marketing on and off the web becomes almost invisible. Because of this, written content also evolves. Thanks to it, we now know that research and an interdisciplinary approach have the potential to turn a brand into a benchmark.


As a result, a website or blog with information of the highest quality can then become a source for other users.


Thus, increasing its web traffic within the standards established by all SEO Checklists.


Not only that, but everyone who makes a living out of the internet can also benefit from this. These can be people such as Bloggers, YouTubers, or magazines, and other media.


  • Consolidation of Guest Blogging as a tool for generating organic traffic.


BluCactus - important dataGuest articles have, without a doubt, become a necessity more than an option.


So, by 2021, a website that doesn’t have this could lose authority and prestige.


Past SEO checklists affirm that SEM Rush is one of the most valued alternatives to allow web owners the venues for Guest Posting.


In 2021, we are sure that more alternatives will stand out. For example, LinkedIn, Medium, and Quora.



  • Elements of marketing with graphic and visual content:


BluCactus - important dataAny SEO checklist, before 2020, affirms that the use of multimedia content is an effective tool to fight against the bounce rate of any website. The way it does this is through standards we already know. Besides this, its Alt Text tags have been very useful since they show to the Google reader the content of an image.


All of this is done fast and efficiently. The reason why this is important is that the optimization of images is a major source of organic traffic. This, in turn, benefits all kinds of well-known media such as Google Images.


The evolution of the marketing of content that uses graphic media is related to the loading speed of an image. As a result of this, Google meet images with an efficiency level of 0.4 seconds. This, when it comes to the first 10 positions of its rankings. So, those results that go over the number 30 have higher loading speed. All of this implies a loss of traffic equal to 20% less than the first results. Thus, when it comes to SEO checklists, marketing trends with visual content include the following elements.


  • Optimization of the image title to reduce the Bounce Rate:



BluCactus - important data

Image optimization aims to get a bounce rate of less than 50%. In the same sense, platforms like WordPress already have different tools to fight against these effects.


The most famous one would its image title option.


This will be included in the URL of the image while also adding the keywords.


Nonetheless, there are many options for the optimization and creation of articles.


All of them offer a more rich and easy to understand text.


  • Commercial apogee of image manipulation and editing tools:


BluCactus - important dataSearch engines such as Google already have a global system that can detect duplicates images.


This works almost the same as the existing algorithms that look for duplication or plagiarism in texts.


Not only that, but it also has an important range of tools to penalize them.


Thus, this is the reason why many SEO checklists for 2021 include different editing techniques. All of them to avoid these events from happening.


Some of them can be cropping, extrusion, collage, and text synthesis.


  • Responsive Web Design or Webs for mobile environments:


BluCactus - important dataThis is a vital factor that we can’t ignore in this SEO checklist for 2021.


As such, the reason why these changes are even necessary is the existence of only 1 device: The Smartphone.


This has been the catalyst for the fact that now mobile searches have taken over the market. In fact, these take over 75% of virtual space.


What’s makes this fact so surprising, is that this data is only from 2017. As a result, there are now many strategies to succeed in this type of positioning.


BluCactus - important dataOne of them is the creation of an alternative website focused only on mobiles.


We can identify them by the presence of a letter M in its ordinal address. For example, m.domain.com and mobbile.domain.com. Besides all this, another method is the creation of custom apps for systems such as iOS and Android.


Today, it’s possible to quote two important examples of what a responsive design can do within a proper SEO checklist. These are the websites of companies such as Spotify and CNN.


In them, we can see a smart condensation of their content in a single column. Not only that, but they also replace their main format with a drop-down menu. By 2021, the following set of trends will dominate SEO on-page.


  • Application of Responsive Dynamic Design:


BluCactus - SEO On Page 2021 Checklist - technology with important informationOne of the main objectives of a website is to maintain the interest of the visitor. For this, they use many dynamic elements on the mobile web.


On the other hand, this resource is very visual and we can already see the growth of its use at the beginning of 2021.


As a result of this, designers are betting on effects related to the transition, sound, and movement of a simple nature.


Thus, the goal is that the viewer doesn’t feel overwhelmed with the website itself.


  • Application of Artificial Intelligence for Mobile Websites:


BluCactus - important dataMore than a website, a mobile user needs an authentic experience. Because of this, it seems like the advances in artificial intelligence are the answer to this.


Thus, SEO checklists for 2021 often include voice search, automatic responses, virtual assistance, and real-time navigation.


All of this gives the viewer a fully advanced website.


As a result, they will want to stay and interact with it.


Not only that, but they also might want to recommend it.


  • Page Loading Speed:


BluCactus - SEO On Page 2021 Checklist - technology with important information

A fundamental factor concerning User Experience (UX) and therefore a fundamental pillar of any SEO Checklist for 2021. The loading speed of a website is a factor that affects many informational aspects.


Because of this, many experts think that the ideal loading time of a website is less than three seconds. A delay or slowdown of this value of a minimum of 100 milliseconds can cause a 7% decrease in the conversion rate of the same.


On the other hand, every SEO Checklist before 2021 had also taken into consideration the relationship between speed and positioning. This is because Google can detect the most efficient websites and offer them a higher place in the SERPs lists. For the year 2021, positioning experts predict the arrival of this new set of trends where speed is considered a factor of SEO status.


  • Using a VSP as a means for web optimization:


BluCactus - SEO On Page 2021 Checklist - technology with important information

One of the factors that the SEO 2021 Checklist considers as a solution to speed problems is the quality of the server.


Not a few are the market sectors that have begun to look more seriously at the purchase, acquisition, and start-up of a Virtual Private Server.


As a result of the current globalization of 2021, a frequent recommendation is that the owner can find their server in the country to which he directs his attention.


This in itself reduces the load times the user faces when entering every portal.


  • Use of SEO elements complementary technician:


BluCactus - SEO On Page 2021 Checklist - technology with important informationThe technique of compressing a web page is based on the well-known Zip format.


For this, there are alternatives such as activating the Gzipq program. This has enough informational support to compress the format and content from across the web to a set of Gzip files.


They are only open at the time that every user enters the website.


By 2021, the classic and general SEO Checklist will also hold aspects such as image optimization in high regard.


This through means such as Photoshop and that allows maintaining the graphic passage of the web at a value less than 400 Kb

  • Use of Infographics for SEO Indexing: 


BluCactus - SEO On Page 2021 Checklist - technology with important informationPositioning by using Infographics or Infograms has become an authentic branch of SEO 2021. Its advent responds to the content diversification process in the last years of the 2010s.


The reason for its high level of acceptance by all SEO Checklist responds to its ability to disseminate content in multiple media. Especially through social media. This is being widely taken into consideration in areas such as corporate, executive, and organizational.


Until now, not a few On-Line tools allow its design and creation. Among this group, elements such as Canva, Infogram, Visual.ly, and Piktochart are widely used.


This in itself has favored its massification in the web market in the last year. Above all its different and well-known advantages, the SEO Checklist also includes other important techniques to optimize positioning through these types of elements.


  • The engagement from the inclusion of process infographics:


BluCactus - important dataThe utilitarian aspect of this type of infographics focuses on allowing the user to understand a varied process circle.


They can be seen among those processes that allow the user to use or become familiar with the interface of the website itself or with the content of the indexed text itself. Either way, they represent a growing option concerning obtaining web traffic.


Google Images or graphics-based search engines represent the best option for this. In certain cases, they work as a complement for the user to decide to read a certain text. The SEO Checklist values ​​this type of implements based on the feeling of knowledge and authority that they are capable of transmitting to all users.


  • The relationship between the psychology of color and conversion rate within all SEO Checklist in 2021.


BluCactus - SEO On Page 2021 Checklist - technology with important informationAs with the call to action or Call to Action buttons, choosing a certain color influences consumer behavior.


Calculations put this value at 21% in terms of the increase in the number of clicks.


This, within an infographic, implies the necessary stimulation in the understanding of processes.


Thus, the colors red and yellow have the largest influence index. Shades such as green and red incite passivity and calm.


Other important statistical data on the evolution of the SEO On-Page market today.


BluCactus - SEO On Page 2021 Checklist - technology with important informationThe next SEO On-Page Checklist for 2021 is also supported by guidelines that are currently well-known in the digital market. Google and the development of its latest algorithm Page Experience are identified as fundamental elements for this process. After the global public health contingency of 2020 is overcome, experts expect the commercial boom of three important factors that cause a great impact on SEO.


The first of them is the Core Web Vitals already observed during 2020. By 2021, they are expected to be widely valued given the speed of page loading they are capable of offering. All this is based on the optimization of the CCS code.


The next factor to which Google pays close attention in years after 2020 will be the EAT or Expertise, Authority, Trust. This involves domain pages focused on expertise and authority as is the case in the medical domain. Finally, the third preponderant factor for the SEO Checklist for the 2020s will be the inclusion of the AMP. An element that although previously was optional, PageExperience has become a mandatory entity. This within the scope of indexing for the Top Stories of Google.


Learn about all BluCactus service plans for SEO On-Page: What do they consist of and what concepts are its main parameters established?


BluCactus - Learn about all BluCactus service plans for SEO On-Page: What do they consist of and what concepts are its main parameters established?To cover an innumerable and extensive universe of problems associated with the SEO Checklist, BluCactussubdivides its work plans into three fundamental segments. The first one brings together the tools for measuring content relevance.


This implies the level of relationship between the text of your website with the terms searched by the Google user traffic. Our second section of the work refers to the search for Web Authority by the company or website to be positioned. For this, our plans focus on strengthening its three main areas: domain authority, page authority, and link authority.


The UX User Experience is the main reason why BluCactus services include these parameters within the SEO Checklist. Thus, we provide each client or prospect with an important number of comprehensive marketing plans. All this, combined with a content production system that guarantees its predilection and adjustment to the criteria of web positioning. Our various SEO On-Page audit services also include the following features:


Attention for SMEs and companies at the national, international, and global level:


BluCactus - Attention for SMEsAt the time of the start of an employment contract, our directors trained in the SEO On Page 2021 Checklist will create the best professional team adapted to all your needs.


To do this, you can either arrange a videoconference through the web or appear at our general offices located in Monterrey, Mexico.


On the other hand, our review system and SEO audit for your company can consider a total of eight different parameters on which to base the full potential of an SEO marketing strategy.



Development and management of personalized marketing plans and strategies:


BluCactus -Thus, each one of them has an SEO Checklist system based on three aspects.Our professional team made up of talent throughout America and the world can recognize the maximum potential of each client’s project.


This allows you to create the most appropriate positioning strategy for your brand.


Thus, each one of them has an SEO Checklist system based on three aspects.


The first one is the extensive Investigation of keywords, followed by a process of recruiting and building internal and external links. To conclude with the creation and production of textual and audiovisual content for your website. All this is framed within the safest and most adapted White Hat SEO strategies.


Final Notes: BluCactus, your best option for accessing prestigious and quality SEO On-Page optimization services.


BluCactus - Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry -cotact usToday, almost as important as knowing the steps to execute an SEO Checklist is knowing how to choose an appropriate digital marketing agency. At BluCactus our team brings together a chain of values ​​that have made us a favorite company in the international market.


First, we have a wide range of comprehensive services. All this through the offer of work packages that meet massive areas. This includes everything from technical SEO elements to social media and content marketing.


We also offer a personalized service. This way, we can adjust to the needs of each client. As a result of this, our team can assess traits such as clarity and communication. Thus, we always present a highly reliable profile explaining to the user each phase of the job. It doesn’t matter whether they have or no knowledge on the subject.


Finally, if you want to receive more information about our SEO On-Page Checklist services, don’t forget to subscribe to our official newsletter. This way you can keep up to date with all the news about the latest advances made by our team in digital marketing. We also invite you to follow us on our social media, don’t forget! Stay informed with us about all the advantages that marketing can offer your company.


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