Search Engine Optimization Positioning Services (SEO Positioning)

Better known as SEO positioning, Search Engine Optimization is an important tool for website visibility and marketing. It is the process that improves a website’s position in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Thanks to a well-executed SEO strategy, by a profesional SEO company, a website will naturally appear higher in the list of organic results. This means that positioning SEO Services helps a website so that it appears organically in the first pages of search results.

This is different from promoting a website or bidding on the advertisement with Google Ads. Those two services involve paying Google or the search engine company. This payment makes your website appear at the top of the search results’ list for a short period of time.

SEO Services

For example, let’s say you search for an online store selling eyewear. You’re probably going to get hundreds of thousands of results. Most users don’t look beyond page number 5.

Usually, people click the top results and find what they’re looking for. So, if your web site does not appear in those pages, users will most likely never notice it. If you are looking to increase the visibility of your website, an SEO Company has the answer.

SEO Company

With SEO Services, you should be able to position your website advantageously in Google’s – or any other search engine’s – list of results. A website that has received an optimization for search engines will have a better place in Google’s organic results.

How does a SEO Company work?

SEO Company and Google

Google is, of course, the main target of search engine optimization. It isn’t for nothing, Google’s search engine is the most used search engine in the world. According to Alexa, it is, in fact, the most visited page in the whole world wide web.

It’s no surprise then that almost all efforts of search engine optimization are focused on Google. That said, Google has the same mechanism as other search engines. However, it also has a few kinks of its own.

When you search for something using Google (or any other search engine), an algorithm kicks in. Trying to find the best and most related result to your search term/phrase. Of course, using very advanced indexing process, Google already has a database of billions of web pages. These pages are ranked using a special algorithm that SEO positioning revolves around, catering to its needs. A professional SEO company needs to be aware of all these algorithms.

As part of the technical website SEO audit we perform, we check back-end factors (hosting and indexing), front-end factors (content, keywords, metadata), link quality, and backlinks. We do this both manually and through digital tools before recommending changes. In this way, we avoid unintended consequences and make sure to create the perfect SEO strategy for your website.

How do SEO Services work?

SEO Services First Rule: Relevancy!

This is the first part of how Google identifies if a specific web page should be displayed and ranked for a specific search term. That’s why Google looks first-and-foremost for pages that are closely related to your keyword.

However, Google doesn’t simply rank “the most relevant pages at the top”. That’s because there are thousands (or even millions) of relevant pages for every search term. Try it for yourself, search for the word chocolate and you will see hundreds of millions of results.

The smart people behind the search engines industry figured out two other elements to sort and rank search results, Authority and Usefulness.

SEO Services Second Rule: Authority

This is how Google’s engineers find out if the content is accurate and trustworthy. The way they know this is by looking at the number of other pages that link to this page. These are called backlinks. Backlinks are very important and lend heavily to how a page is ranked in Search Engine Positioning Services.

SEO Services Third Rule: Usefulness

Content on a web page might be very relevant and very trustworthy but they might not be useful. And they might be useful, but some other content is of much higher quality.

Google looks at user experience signals to figure out which page should be given more points on the usefulness scale. Consider a web page on “diet and exercise” that has lots of scientific content. As well as paragraphs from research journals but is not neatly organized or has a lot of boring sections.

People then will not spend time on that page and would definitely look for another that is more appealing. That page might even rank higher than the highly authoritative badly organized one. A professional SEO company will reorganize the content of your pages.

On-Page and Off-Page SEO Services Techniques

Anything that has to do with optimizing a page on your website for maximum visibility is considered On-Page SEO Services. Within this area will fall the content of the page, internal links, metadata, keywords, and even images.

The external links quality and quantity or in other words the backlinks is what constitutes as off-page SEO Services. So, this contributes heavily to giving the page more authority points.

At BluCactus SEO Agency we care about the smallest details to make sure your pages are 100% ready to compete with the big players for the top spots. We don’t just focus on filling the gaps we also don’t over-do it to avoid penalties and violations.

Search Engine Positioning Services

We also focus on optimizing your website for mobile devices and making sure it complies with the latest web standards.

This is because most users browse the internet with their smartphone or tablet. Google rewards, then, brands and companies that design their websites in ways that are mobile friendly and comply with web standards.

Why BluCactus SEO Company for affordable quality Search Engine Positioning Services?

At BluCactus SEO Agency, we’re specialists in web design and SEO Services. We have extensive experience in marketing and Google’s search engine algorithm.

For our SEO Services, we use strategies based both on keywords and links, and optimization for mobile devices. BluCactus is a SEO company with affordable SEO Services that every business with an online presence should consider.

Contact us and we’re going to help you position your website in Google Search’s first pages with organic results. With BluCactus you can reach that visibility you have been searching for.