7 Actionable SEO Tactics for Healthcare Industry


7 Actionable SEO Tactics for Healthcare Industry. When it comes to finding a healthcare practitioner, many patients use Google to find the nearest and finest option. 


Patients are more likely to click through and arrange an appointment if your website is at the top of the list. If you are not, your competitors are. Which means you are losing out on patients. Simply put, where you rank on the search engine results pages directly translates into the patients that walk through your door. That is why SEO is essential for any medical website. 


Driving traffic and converting them is becoming increasingly difficult, and most healthcare marketing teams lack the specialized tools and experience required to do so effectively. That is why firms like yours rely on marketing professionals to help them outperform their competitors.


Here are seven actionable SEO tips and strategies to help your healthcare company rank higher than the competition:


#1 Use Relevant Keywords


Blucactus-Use-Relevant-KeywordsWhen it comes to search engine optimization, the first step is always keywords regardless of the niche of the website. To put things into perspective, you want to target the proper keywords of your industry while optimizing your content.


Your first point of contact should be the medical services you provide, as that is what most searches will look for.


Google’s Keyword Planner, for example, may help you locate the ideal keywords for your sector by examining what is and isn’t being searched for.


Avoid “stuffing” keywords into the material, as in all circumstances.


Google will penalize your website if it detects this spamming practice. Instead, incorporate specialized, long-tail keywords into your content in a way that is relevant, legible, and natural.


This will not only set you apart from your competitors, but it will also attract the patients you desire – people who live in your nearby locations and are looking for specialized expertise. 


#2 Add Visual Treat With Video Content, SEO Tactics for Healthcare Industry


Blucactus-Add-Visual-Treat-With-Video-ContentOne of the most popular ways for individuals to absorb content is through video.


Websites featuring videos may receive more organic traffic. And because this form of content is more engaging and attractive for the users, consumers spend more time on those pages.


This increase in users’ time on the page signals search engines that there is something worthwhile on the page for patients.


Simply put, when optimizing your website for SEO, integrate relevant, high-quality videos with your content wherever possible. Many viewers will feel drawn to such material and prefer it over blocks of text, whether it’s a virtual tour of the hospital or an instructive film on a medical problem.


Your website should also offer a selection of photos and infographics. The more interactive and interesting your website is, the more visitors it will attract.


Make sure that any photos on your site have proper alt text. Image alt text assists visually impaired people, as well as Google crawlers, in better understanding what is presented on the page.


#3 Create Original Content 


Blucactus-Create-Original-ContentCreate unique content for your healthcare organization’s website in order to stand out among your competitors online, particularly in search engines.


You’ll be able to showcase your value and expertise over time by teaching your audience through great content marketing. As a result, you will land yourself at the top of SERPs


For best results, you must publish quality content such as patient stories, blogs, interviews, infographics, videos, medical studies, and breakthroughs. Also, they must be optimized according to search engines and must include relevant keywords (but do not overstuff them).


Give what your patients want. By this we mean consider writing on topics that people in your area search about. This is a wonderful method for generating quality content for your organization. 


Create content that addresses the questions your audience asks in order to generate traffic to your website when potential patients are looking for information about your area of expertise. This also contributes to your organization’s reputation and authority as a subject-matter expert.


#4 Add Site Map, SEO Tactics for Healthcare Industry


Blucactus-Add-Site-MapA site map is infamously an often-overlooked strategy for correctly indexing your website on different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


It basically provides the search engines with a map of how your website is organized and linked. It can also improve user access to your website. You can make your own site map, but it can be time-consuming, especially if your website is large. For this purpose, healthcare organizations have digital marketing professionals handle it for them. 


To create a sitemap for your website, try third-party applications. You will find a lot of them online. We’d recommend choosing one that is available online and does not require downloading.


#5 Optimize Your Website For Speed & Mobile


Blucactus-Optimize-Your-Website-For-Speed-_-Mobile - SEO Tactics for Healthcare IndustryRanking considerations include your site’s speed, security, and mobile friendliness.


If your website takes more than three seconds to load, many visitors will abandon it in favor of a rival who offers a faster experience.


Having said that, it’s worth noting that slow sites can rank highly for specific queries. Google does not penalize a perfectly good site just because it is a little slower.


However, boosting your performance will have no negative impact on the overall user experience. Your website should load in about two seconds at most, but ideally in less than half a second.


Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool is an excellent resource for determining your current site speed. It also suggests potential improvements to help you increase your speed score. Another key SEO aspect is the security of your website. An SSL certificate aids in the encryption of your website, protecting its and your visitors’ data from hackers.


#6 Do Not Forget Off-Site Factors


Blucactus-Do-Not-Forget-Off-Site-Factors - SEO Tactics for Healthcare IndustryOff-site indications, for instance, connections to your site and social media traffic, are only two examples of factors that can affect your search rankings.


While social networking is not a direct ranking component, it should be one of your top goals for offsite SEO. The content for different social media channels can have a big impact on a patient’s choice of hospital or treatment center.


Many people also consider social media reviews before making an appointment.


You should keep your social profiles up to date and relevant to your company so that users can find and interact with you in a variety of ways. In terms of links, you should also ensure that spammy links aren’t potentially harming your SEO performance.


#7 Use Local SEO to Your Advantage


Blucactus-Use-Local-SEO-to-Your-Advantage - SEO Tactics for Healthcare IndustrySEO Tactics for Healthcare Industry. You must also keep your Google My Business page optimized and current.


Patients desire local services, and in order for them to find you, your company must appear in Google’s local pack. This collection of four to five businesses appears above organic search results. They’re the only thing people see before scrolling on mobile.


Local citations are another important component in local SEO. By this, we mean online mentions of your healthcare organization that include your NAP (name, address, phone) information.


Local citations can come from a variety of sources, including business directories, social networks, blog postings, newspaper websites, and others. All of these things will aid your SEO efforts.


Parting Words


Blucactus - Contact usIf you want better Google rankings and more patients, you must have a solid SEO strategy in place.


It may take some time to expand your medical practice.


As a result, the proper approach can make all the difference. The aforementioned are basic tactics that you must implement on your medical website.


But the best course of action includes having professional marketers devise a dedicated SEO strategy for you. Have any questions? Share them with us in the comment section below.


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