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For the definition of the SEO trends for 2021, you will need to carry out a predictive analysis process. In this sense, the said process will take into account those dynamic factors that are in constant change. In short, the process we know as Search Engine Optimization arises from the need to ensure a link between human and computer language.


The field of work known as Machine Learning is what will allow you to achieve this. This is a set of steps that include the use of 70 positioning standards. Their efficacy will depend on the use of algorithmic standards. These, in turn, relate to the numerical performance of the information.


With natural language, today’s content creators use 20 tactics. On the internet, and for the past few years, this meant strong competition. All this, besides the diversification of content and the role of social media.


Now, to identify a trend, it’s necessary to study current patterns. In this case, the change in the recognition patterns of SEO Web Bots is what we will study. We also know this as the seasonal behavior change of a Web Bot. This is a factor that sets up how a website gets an important position in the search engine results. Next, we will study in detail the main SEO trends for 2021.


Main features of the web market in 2021 


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationSEO trends for 2021 show digital marketing as a positioning system that has four types of elements. The first one of these is the textual content. This is very relevant and useful for traditional organic positioning. Next, we can see that the video or audiovisual format is part of the universe of the mobile internet.


By 2020, video content made up 90% of search results traffic. Here, we can place the blame on the rise of Social Media. Besides, the new profile of the influencer, both as a creator and as an effective spokesperson in front of the general public.


Then, we have as the third pillar of the SEO trends for 2021 the audio content format. We can see this in the market as voice search and podcasts. On the other hand, the arrival of virtual assistance software has also been an important element of the process. For example, Cortana, Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant itself.


Finally, advertising through graphic media makes up the fourth pillar. This has been spread thanks to the creation of infographics, the app market, and paid ads. All of them aim at increasing the concept known as Brand Value. Besides the above items, the 2021 internet market will also include the following tools and items.


Lead Nurturing is the key for content creation


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationThe spread of content related to the SEO trends for 2021 also means a huge effect on e-commerce. In this sense, lead nurturing comprises a set of processes that ensure that a company can get value from its products and services. Besides, it’s also a valid option in comparison to traditional sales marketing.


This is where the seller turns into an active trainer of the buying process. What’s more, the strength of this process is the division of the purchase cycle into eight stages or workflows.


To put this type of process into practice, you must know in which stage of the process every buyer is. This way, your content will increase the interest of the audience to your brand.


The SEO trends for 2021 also include marketing automation as part of the process. Thus, the user can keep in contact with the brand actively. On the other hand, lead nurturing also allows companies to get information about each client as a benefit. Most often than not, this is their interest rates, which encourages business management processes. For example, database segmentation and the finding of new business opportunities.


Brief Content on Social Media and the rise of influencer marketing


BluCactus - example of web positioning informationStories from Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat supports the marketing of brief content. Thanks to their level of influence, many companies include them in their content strategies.


What’s more, the 250 million stories that come out daily from these platforms give way to a new type of SEO trends for 2021. Besides, these elements also changed the very concept of the Influencer.


The basic role of every company by 2021 will be to create content to gain customer loyalty. You can also hire influencers as ambassadors or micro-influencers of social media. All thanks to their skill to expand brand values.


SEO trends for 2021 also show many vital elements of this process. Thus, customer loyalty will improve a lot after including some elements. These, of course, will focus on the creation of custom content. Another important element of this will be the use of Brand Content. This offers a higher level of transparency about brands. Thus increasing loyalty.


General study of the main SEO trends for 2021


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationStarting from the different points we talked about before, we can see a unique evolutionary landscape. One where portable Internet gets an important role in the demands of post-2020 society.


In it, smartphones and other devices become vital as the main sources of information. In the same way, the internet also shows important aspects of Artificial intelligence. As a result, it becomes more flexible in the understanding of different types of commands and search intentions.


As a whole, BluCactus SEO experts identified eight SEO trends for 2021. Every one of them focuses on reinventing how brands approach the public.


At the same time, they adapt to a digital era that demands services based on different types of content. So, following the standards of our professional team, we can say that the following elements make up the future SEO trends.


Trend 1: Google’s BERT algorithm.


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationWith Rank brain in mid-2015, Google gave itself an important task. This was the creation and use of an analytical search system. The goal was to create it in such a way that it had a higher level of accuracy when compared to the human language.


Google created the first draft of this project in 2018. Then, they launched it on October 25, 2019, under the name of BERT. This stands out for Bidirectional Encoder Representation from Transformers. This project gave way to an important evolution for SEO trends for 2021.


In short, BERT is an algorithmic idea that seeks to understand human language. On the other hand, this process only works to help traditional Google algorithms.


So, as a result, BERT understands the beginning of Google’s information work chain. To be more specific, it encodes and interprets search intent a lot more accurately. During its first days, and as Pandu Nayak said, this system was only available for the United States as an experiment. Then, on December 9, 2019, BERT was available in a linguistic field of around 70 languages. Thus, we can define its impact on SEO trends for 2021 under the next behavior processes.


What is Google BERT’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) and how does it work?


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationThe importance of BERT for SEO trends for 2021 lies in the spread of the main keyword as a general idea. This way, the market sees the introduction of the concept called bidirectional search interpretation. The way this works is through the reading of the context of the content in a specific language. For this to be possible, there has to exist a mix of neural networks that promote the workings of the Natural Language Processing or NLP factor.


The bidirectionality of the algorithm works through the understanding of related propositions. In this sense, the reader will track the words placed to the left and right of a keyword. Thus, building the concept of first search intention.


Besides, including smart work operators called Transformers is also important for the SEO trends of 2021. The way this works is through the use of a semantic punctuation system to decode sentences. This last process is helpful for the reading of SEO textual content. Thus, for the creation of any SERP list, Google already has over 200 ranking factors. Google also uses them alongside the bidirectional and transforming factors all at the same time. This, to improve the user experience in the search engine.


Two important web sub-trends results of the Google Bert algorithm: Rich Snippets and Zero Click


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationThe Rich Snippet is a visual process that allows the user to make a quick consultation. The use of the said process existed way before the creation of Google BERT. As a result, the new SEO trends for 2021 will include how it can process its content.


Its importance lies in obtaining direct results. All of them with a higher level of coherence than what the user aims to find. Much of it is because of the process of action and propositional understanding. Now, language elements such as “and”, “by”, “with”, and “for” will be part of the language indicators. On the other hand, Zero Clicks is a secondary effect of Rick Snippet. Thus, given its nature, some authors classify it as a sub-trend.


In numbers, the global market for smartphones is the sector with the highest growth rate. To be more specific, its growth rate is at 11% in contrast to the computer market, which is at 9.5%.


On the other hand, traditional SEO still has a place within the SEO trends for 2021. Zero clicks will only happen when faced with ordered searches on closed questions. Today, they happen in front of topics such as the weather, mathematics calculations, and word meanings.


3 techniques to optimize web content for reading and interpretation by Google Bert


BluCactus - example of web positioning informationThe techniques used for the creation of content for Google BERT focus on the use of keywords. Besides, they highlight language building practices.


As a result, the informational coding to work with will be natural speech.


This is where the information given affects emotional intention.


Google’s working process on the SEO text of the future is the recognition of text blocks. Its tracking length will be much longer than other algorithmic versions of the past.


For creators of mainly textual content, the new SEO trends for 2021 will have the following tools.



BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationThe building of the Text according to the User’s Search Intention


Google BERT values the length of text over anything else. Because of this, the SEO trends for 2021 should focus on quality based on the concept of search intention.


On the other hand, through BERT, Google will position those contents that answer to the informational needs of the user.


Thus, any effective strategy will seek to create content no longer than 1000 words.


In the same way, this content should have thematic paragraphs and, at the same time, avoid those out of context.



BluCactus - example of web positioning informationSemantic Context Analysis


This strategy takes into account how BERT allows Google to understand the difference between different sets of sentences.


Now, every Web Bot will be able to single out the aspects of a textual unit.


To be more specific, it will identify those text units made by professionals linked to the searched subject.


The arrival of these SEO trends for 2021 promotes the positioning of web texts written by professional sources. In this sense, when the user sees web text written by a non-professional, it will be because of satellite phrases or with little context. This happens a lot with texts created by non-experts on the subject.


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationNaturalness and fluency of language


This type of strategy helps the text avoid frequent systematization. Thus, the information gotten as responses from users will get natural language treatment.


The way this works is through the offer of a true SEO experience for the user. To be more specific, one with a higher level of harmony with the format of any website.


A factor that, without a doubt will increase in these cases is the time the user spends on a website.


Besides, we must also highlight that for the SEO trends for 2021, artificial intelligence will seek to ensure a near-perfect user experience UX.



Trend 2: The AMP Stories system as a digital trend.


BluCactus - example of web positioning informationToday, this is one of the most important SEO trends for 2021, but in its early days, this was a positioning strategy for Snapchat. Its skill to mix audiovisual information in storytelling is the key to this platform’s high level of engagement. Because of this, many others in the market of social media have added it to their services. For example, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn are just a few of them. Besides, the reason Stories have become so interesting to experts is due to their inclusion in Google’s AMP project.


Since mid-March 2018, this project has been available in the market. However, we can only see it within the web rankings of the mobile platform. An element for which the AMP or Accelerate Mobile Page format has improved its driving process.


To check the quality of these elements, Google started to work with major world brands. The most famous ones would be The Washington Post, CNN, People, Cosmopolitan, and Mashable magazines. Its essence within the SEO trends for 2021 focuses on its use for the promotion of brand values.


Most important facts about the use of the Google AMP project.


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationA feature that gave way to the inclusion of Stories within the SEO trends for 2021 is its dissemination strategy. Google, as a company, chose a presentation model made up of three main formats. This makes easy the consumption and creation of this kind of content.


The first of these is the Image Carousel system for Google Discover. This is a type of preview only available for the digital market of countries such as the United States, Brazil, and India.


As the second part of this strategy, Google takes care of its presentation as far as the mobile SERP list goes. For this, programmers decided to use optimized grid-like support.


Programmers created this system only for the United States. So, in third place, we can see its optimization in Google Images as part of the new SEO trends for 2021. In such numbers, Stories show up as a card of images of great potential. Besides, this is the only factor of its three strategies fully available for all countries and languages of the world.


Main characteristics of the access and use of the Google AMP system from the mobile field.


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationAll these unique strategies of Google have allowed it to increase its competitiveness against other Social Media content processors. A relevant point in favor of the search engine is the development of tools to allow the user to create Stories.


As a result, the publisher will be able to acquire a leading role in the content production process and commercial expansion of these SEO trends by 2021.


Google has built a special plugin for the inclusion of this type of format in WordPress. Its name is the official AMP Plugin. Which has no other technical requirement other than its exclusive compatibility with version 5.2 of the CMS processor.


The production of Stories for the mobile format is not far from other HTML operational processes. Through the Stories / Add New tab, the user can find a unique library of templates for Stories. The plugin is currently only in beta version. Through it, the creator is allowed a system of plastic tools for the creation of storytelling with a high index of creativity. This involves audio files, videos, gifs, and other multimedia formats to provide valuable content amid the current SEO trends for 2021.


How can you use Google AMPs for the web positioning of your brand or business?


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationFor Google AMPs to be effective, they must be consumed by the target audience of every brand. Facts such as their inclusion within the SEO trends for 2021 depend on every marketing plan knowing how to identify the types of audience. As is a fact, Social Media do not have the same type of audience. Carrying out a statistical audience segmentation will allow this panorama to be addressed with a greater degree of precision and certainty.


Another element of great relevance to the promotion of brands with AMP is the study of audience behavior. It is important to have data regarding the status of the flow of user traffic on Social Media over time. This will allow programs to market plans according to the moment in which the user is inclined to receive such content.


The variability of these SEO trends for 2021 is among its defining features. The engagement that is expected to arouse on the user must start from a computer root composed of multiple formats. Thus, in Google AMPs, elements such as gifts, infographics, animations, and statistics will be part of the day-to-day.



Other important information about Google’s use of the AMP formats project since 2016


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationAs of 2016, one of the current SEO trends for 2021 was the extensive use of the mobile internet. Their level of activity for that year exceeded a rate greater than 50%. The problem in these types of scenarios lay in the low loading speed of websites with a large number of different formats. In this way, the AMP project was presented as a solution to enable practical acceleration in mobile data inflow.


The secret of the effectiveness of this mechanism lies in its programmed information leakage mechanism. Thus, by applying open AMP HTML instructional codes, the system interprets the reading of a website in a different way. CSS and Javascript peripheral formatting elements are blocked. This allows direct reading of the content.


Given its characteristics, it is recommended to be a system only recommended for websites such as specialized blogs and news pages. One of the most notable particularities of these SEO trends for 2021 is that Google is already able to identify AMP-enabled websites. To do this, the lightning bolt logo is used, displayed right next to the snippet in every SERP list.


Trend 3: Affect of Mobile-First Indexing on Traditional SEO.


BluCactus - example of web positioning informationThe elimination of the dichotomy between mobile and traditional indexing is another of the unique characteristics of the SEO trends for 2021. In short, this is achieved thanks to the new phenomenon of Mobile-First Indexing. It consists of an operational analogy put into operation since March 26, 2018.


It is a system whose principles establish the analytical priority of web reading factors in the format for smartphones. The factors that have led the company to opt for these changes are varied. First, the mobile SEO market has entered the 2020s with an annual average of searches equivalent to 80%.


On the other hand, it is known that desktop searches have fallen 14% in the last part of the decade. This compared to a parallel rate of rising in the mobile version equivalent to 34% annually.


This algorithmic change by Google implies an advance in SEO trends for 2021 from a purely qualitative point of view. This translates into a requirement for brands to present themselves to the market with a responsive design easily adaptable to the mobile market.


Basic data for understanding the workings of the Mobile-First Indexing process.


BluCactus - example of web positioning informationGoogle’s new mechanism of action is based on the alternation between classic and alternative SEO models. In this way, the previous classic desktop model will become an alternative in terms of its indexing. This entire work structure is due to the change in behavior in the consumption of information by users. In this way, the SEO trends for 2021 will make the web mostly visual. The information on desktop computers will be presented in the same way as it is worked on the interface of smartphones and other portable devices.


The development and implementation of this type of mechanism will have a significant impact on the creation and production of websites.


First of all, web design plans for brands will initially create any website for your mobile reading. Later, this structural formula will be expanded for larger screens.


On the other hand, these SEO trends for 2021 will also modify the content creation process. Generally, there will be a greater dual balance between the information produced between a mobile web and its equivalent desktop version.


Building the mobile version of a website: How to create it taking into account today’s standards 


BluCactus - example of web positioning informationCurrently, there are three modalities for the design and configuration of websites in the mobile edition. The first of these is the use of responsive design. Through this, the web owner can enjoy a standardized version. The codes normally used for this type of configuration use a CSS conglomerate for a massive adjustment to any type of screen in question.


The SEO trends for 2021 also consider the possibility of the constitution of independent URLs. Thus, each of the versions will have a unique address. As long as they host all the elements for Google to distinguish between formats.


As a third and last possibility are the renowned dynamic servers. An option currently in growth and expansion given its wide field of utility. Dynamic Serving allows you to condense different types of content in a URL.


The way these SEO trends for 2021 can present their data is more fluid. An interesting feature of this type of constitution is the frequency with which the accordion distribution is applied, that is, the primary presentation of the content in subtitles that reveal the information only after clicking on them.


How to optimize a website to ensure a positive effect of the Mobile-First Indexing algorithm on its performance rate?


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationGenerally, these new modalities of SEO trends for 2021 are designed to imply the least possible impact on websites. Hence, Google has implemented them strictly gradually.


Most often than not, the characteristic that Mobile-First Indexing sees as intolerable is the content discrepancy between the classic and mobile versions. This is the main reason for the penalties that this algorithm can infringe.


The most efficient way to avoid algorithmic restrictions of this category is to take care of the identity of the data structure. This fact consists of a concordant review of elements such as headlines, metadata, and hreflang. Each of them affects how Google Bot quantifies the content.


Other tools such as Search Console are also vital for checking the health and optimal functioning of websites. Equally important within these SEO trends for 2021 is that the loading speed understands the current standards stipulated for navigation. This factor, in itself, reduces the bounce rate and favors the creation of the renowned User Experience (UX).


Google and the different reasons that led to the change of the tracking system for the mobile web.


BluCactus - example of web positioning informationThe migration process from the traditional web to the First Mobile Indexer has had a completely gradual behavior. The first visible efforts of the company to adjust to these SEO trends today for 2021 occurred during 2016.


By this time the company already predicted the need for the existence of the same quantity and quality of content. This for both the mobile and the original version of the entire web.


The month of July 2019 was the stage where this technology reached its highest level of importance. According to spokespersons for the company itself, in that year, the source of 63% of the mobile traffic on the web was smartphones.


The internet will possess fully Mobile-First features. Google has already revealed the progress made on these SEO trends for 2021 in just the first year of the decade. Thus, statistically, the penetration index of the First Index system was calculated at 70% for January 2020. By September the same value already reached 100% in its entirety.


Trend 4: Voice Search processes.


BluCactus - example of web positioning informationThe introduction of operators for spoken language represents a quantum leap in SEO capabilities for phoneme recognition. The facts that explain the configuration of such movements as SEO trends for 2021 are well established.


Since 2018, a significant investment by the Google company was observed to facilitate the human voice access to the main search engine. From that moment to the present there was an increase from 20 to 50% of the average global voice searches.


All these types of tools have had an impact and acceptance in the world of online shopping or e-commerce. The interface works in a complementary way when using different genres of headphone devices.


Ben Gomes, a strategist at Google, revealed that the strategy fosters brand acceptance in regions of the world that are not fully literate, an area in which the use of oral tools is completely practical and competitive.


Conversational technology has also been included among the SEO trends for 2021 thanks to the facilities that many virtual assistants allow.


Steps for the SEO optimization of a website through voice search.


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationFor its operation, the Google voice search system uses the simultaneous action of two operators. The first of them is Natural Language Processing, which interprets and executes the receipt of orders. It is a software that is integrated into the physical support of microphones and translates them into tracking keys for the search operator.


As the second element of these SEO trends for 2021, the TTS, Text-to-Speech, or Speech Synthesis interface is integrated. This helps the auditory command to recognize the user’s voice.


After all these processes, the system alternates the participation of the RainBrain algorithm. The degree to which artificial intelligence has managed to expand over language has had great implications for content creators. Thus, the textual content must adjust to certain parameters according to the new SEO trends for 2021.


Despite the different existing techniques, the priority will be the use of a natural and fluent language. Some of the most suitable techniques for optimizing such elements are described below.


BluCactus - example of web positioning informationUse of Long Tail Keywords:


The use of long-tail keywords answers to the working of the new artificial intelligence commands. In short, its use in SEO trends for 2021 allows the content to be part of a greater universe of linguistic expression.


This also allows you to target a higher index of efficient information for all users.


Besides, we can identify all long-tail keywords due to them only having a minimum of ten words. Thus, the content creator of 2021 must know how to include them to highlight their competitiveness in SEO.


Even if the use of keywords won’t go down, the genre Long Tail will allow Google to index the entire web. All thanks to its extensive semantic, informative, and conversational qualities.


Optimization through most often asked questions or queries:


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationA section focused on the questions of users and their answers allows any website to improve its level of interaction. Besides, in this space, you can also add more information about your business.


After all, by doing this, the user will think that the company cares about solving their concerns. In the same way, Google’s engine is trained to identify these elements and highlight them as an SEO factor.


The information you can offer through this format is made in a segmented shape.


On the other hand, the SEO trends for 2021, highlights the use of a large number of conversational terms. This increases the level of chance for your positioning in the Google rankings.




BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationSite Loading Speed:


The loading speed of data from any website is an important optimization feature. In the case of SEO trends for 2021 for the use of voice, this doesn’t change.


Most often than not, the bounce rate is the main consequence of any slow website. Because of this, Google prioritizes such features as an optimization factor.


Thus, the importance of the improvement of elements such as image weight, the erase of broken links and server quality.


A factor that explains user behavior is the setting from which all voice searches are done. Usually, because of today’s market, the user’s lifestyle affects voice search. For example, when they are on the move, whether at an urban, domestic, or work level.


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationRegistration in Google My Bussiness:


From a commercial point of view, Google My Bussiness is a truthful and competitive force. If a company joins this directory, it will allow Google to quickly identify its business identity.


This is because the web system has many kinds of data. For example, address, schedules, service ratings, and related images. As a result, its presence in the SEO trends for 2021 affects Local SEO and this, in turn, voice searches.


Many digital marketing agencies offer this type of service and BluCactus is one of them. Through all this experience, our team of experts identifies the main factor that makes My Business fit for voice searches. This is the regular update of the data bank of every company.



Voice Search as a Startup Process for the Commercial Release of Answer Engine Optimization (AEO)


BluCactus - example of web positioning informationThe current characteristic of the voice search system is its unstoppable rate of spread. Despite this, experts in SEO trends for 2021 say that textual search won’t go away. In contrast, the behavior of different SEO engines shows an informative future where both methods coexist and work together.


Thus, voice search gave way to the rise of the concept of Answer Engine Optimization (AEO). This is because users use this channel to find specific and straightforward answers to their needs.


The Features Snippets edition will be part of the AEO system. This is due to the conditions of promptness with which this type of search is requested. Presiding largely over the need for manual searches.


The same effect will have a boom in the smart speaker market. It is estimated that by 2018 these teams already had a high profile equivalent to 100 million homes globally. Companies like Amazon, Apple, and Android have contributed to the dissemination process of such devices. This reason has been the main trigger for why voice searches are now part of the SEO trends for 2021.


Trend 5: The Keyword Effectiveness Index and its presence in SEO trends for 2021.


BluCactus - example of web positioning informationThanks to tools like Google Ads, the keyword effectiveness Index is very popular. Its use in SEO trends for 2021 goes beyond testing the positioning quality of all keywords. Because of this, for their study, some authors define the Keyword Research of the future as a set of sub-trends. All of them with the same goal of fitting the new concept of the market. In this market, the effectiveness no longer depends on the priority of the ranking position. In contrast, the new Keyword Research will rest on meeting the communications needs of each company.


On the other hand, because of artificial intelligence and its effect on search results, SEO now depends on marketing plans. Thus, factors such as Google’s Zero Position will only work for informational searches. In the same way, for specific standards, the Keyword Index will help sectors such as Local Searches.


This is where the registration process on platforms such as Google My Business and Google Maps becomes vital. Finally, the idea behind these SEO trends for 2021 focuses on positioning a brand. This, through the use and optimization of different types of multi-platforms agents with diverse content.


Traits and processes that Google will exercise after the use of the Natural Language Understanding (NLU) system


BluCactus - example of web positioning informationSame as other past processes, the SEO trends for 2021 also answer to a specific transition process. This comes from the words of different experts in positioning authors. Google’s work philosophy revolves around the slow replacement of the NLP or Natural Language Processing system. After this, Natural Language Understanding or NLU will take its place. The latter allows any search engine to understand different requests. Thus, this process covers a structure of linguistic closeness alike to that of the human brain.


To create this type of technology, the BERT algorithm is vital. Thanks to it, the use of neural networks for the effectiveness of SEO trends for 2021 is possible.


Besides, this system has a high level of acceptance in the SEO market of the future. This is due to the level of customization it will offer to brands and products. From this, experts also think that artificial intelligence will affect different business fields. For example, e-commerce, motorsports, medicine, entertainment, and industrial processes. Next, we will talk about the main changes that the way Google works will have thanks to artificial intelligence.


Fading of the importance of Google’s Zero position.


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationSince its debut, Google’s Featured Snippet or Position Zero was a vital feature for the visibility of a website. Today, the numbers about the performance of these SEO trends for 2021 show a different picture. During 2017, in the web market, this type of result showed a capacity to attract clicks of 21%. In simple terms, this means one click for every five queries. However, the evolution of the SERP content format explains the gradual loss of relevance of this unique element.


Unlike past years, today the indexing of mass content defines Google. The system, which used to have a top 10 of results, is now gone. After this, a heterogeneous list of results took its place.


There are many reasons why these are so effective. However, SEO trends for 2021 place the blame on the fact that any source brand can optimize a wide range of multidimensional content.


On the other hand, other authors highlight the importance of Zero Click in the SEO 2021 process. This is something that negatively affects the first position in Google’s results ranking. Thus, the positioning of the 2020s will focus on other types of alternatives.


Evolution of the concept from Key Word to Key Concept:


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationThe number of the Keyword effective Index for 2021 will start to put semantic differences aside. This is because Google will allow you to group keywords according to a specific concept. One of the sectors most affected by these SEO trends for 2021 is Landing Pages. Thus, the past indexing process needed a certain number of exact decodings. Today, their readability by Google depends on both the type of search and the intention of it.



Even if key concepts are an important part of today’s internet, they have been around for some time. To be more specific, since the arrival of Google Hummingbird. This was the first step towards the creation of a fully intelligent internet. An internet where every SEO engine could see the text as a unified conceptual system.


By identifying main and secondary ideas, Google’s web engine will be able to effectively understand the text in the search engine. All this thanks to that it will run on the new SEO trends for 2021. Besides, it bases its structure rules on the imitation of the form of intelligence and thought processes of the identity and design text.


Trend 6: The Schema Markup and the reasons for its study within the web positioning trends for 2021. 


BluCactus - example of web positioning informationDue to its effectiveness, the Schema Markup represents the apex of the SEO trends for 2021 associated with the On-Page field. In particular, it is a systematized HTML code that facilitates the optimization of the reading and decoding of any website. This code comprises a set of tags that indicates to the Google Bot the structure of the content of every site on the web. While it is true that schema Markup exists before 2021, their current behavior presents certain characteristics that have allowed it to obtain the SEO trend category. The first one is its usefulness. All this has allowed the Google to require content creators with a wide margin of obligation from 2017.


Before, the Yoast SEO plugin was one of the main sources for the generation of these codes. Nowadays and as a result of its boom, there are more practical and effective alternatives for its construction. Now, this is possible with the enablement of the website. This portal contains all the essential tools for the manual construction of this type of tag. An indispensable feature of this website is its particularity in distributing the schema formats. This according to the thematic branch and the industry to be optimized. Rich Snippets are another important reason why Schema Markup is included in the SEO trends for 2021. By using the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) format, this type of file can facilitate their appearance in the zero position of Google.


Basic notes for the installation and effective use of the HTML Schema Markup Code.


BluCactus - example of web positioning informationThanks to the degree of development and programming of the Schema.Org website, this process is now completely automated. The portal has a database segmented by category and market.


These types of SEO trends for 2021 are recommended to be used heavily by a web professional. It must be provided with all the data related to the type and nature of the website to be indexed. Certain elements such as theme, category, and product range are vital for the web system to produce an HTML outline. As more data is supplied to the interface, the greater the degree of precision of the resulting file.


The following procedures are associated with said SEO trends for 2021 to the reproduction of the same. That is, the programmer must extract the code model from the web and insert it into the hypertext of the website. Ultimately, this whole set of procedures would not be effective if it did not have a Google compatibility check. Currently and to favor this process, there is the specific application Rich Snippet Tool.


What are the main business sectors where the use of the Schema Markup is a fully recommended resource?


BluCactus - example of web positioning informationThere is a common element that the different applications of these SEO trends have for 2021. It is no other characteristic than the richness and visual diversity with which the Google Snippet is presented to the viewer. At the same time, the different thematic openings cause the structure of the Schema to vary according to the field to which it is applied. For the web market of the year 2021, one of the economic sectors most widely recommended for its use is corporate and organizational.


In the same way, the Schema Markup is used as the dissemination of events. Not in vain, multiple models of it include sections for the inclusion of relevant data. Such as the place, date, time, and theme of the event. Among other sectors mentioned for these SEO trends for 2021 is the promotion of personal branding and products.


Also, it is a strategy widely used in sectors such as culinary recipe blogs and tutorial pages. Equally important and mentioned is the Schema Markup for review pages associated with both entertainment and the world of Local SEO.


Most important benefits of the Schema Markup related to the positioning of any website.


BluCactus - example of web positioning informationThe overall competitive advantage of the Schema Markup can be examined from different points of view. Modern SEO authors had already foreseen the next commercial ascension of such SEO trends for 2021. This from 2011 when Schema was included with important rigor in the indexing pattern of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


Under such a context it is wrong to attribute Schema Markup as only a place value. In reality, the value that SEO authors highlight over these tools is their ability to emphasize a virtual identity. This trait is equivalent and applicable both for brands of products, people, and organizations.


One feature to highlight within these SEO trends for 2021 is its remarkable level of compatibility with the WordPress platform. This fact has been the main cause of the existence of a remarkable number of plugins that facilitate this fact. One of them is the Schema plugin itself and the Schema Pro. The SEO Press, WP SEO Structured Data Schema, WP SEO Structured Data Schema, and WP Review plugins are also highly cited. In addition to all this, the installation of the Schema Markup is also important for the following two facts.


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationGreater competitiveness for the creation of Featured Snippets.


The Schema Markup constitutes a relevant piece for reading the content of any web. Thus, the Google system by having more simplified access has greater effectiveness to show the user a wide range of specific data.


This factor makes it prone to be an ideal entity for the Rich Snippets training and Sitelinks. In this way, these types of SEO trends for 2021 due to a greater SERP presence of On-Page information.


Usually, this type of content is presented to a greater extent when there is an internal list of subpages. The conditional extraction of this type of data before Google can only have a proven direct effect. The indisputable average increase in clicks on the traffic attracted by any website.



BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationNotable visibility against the competitor:


The Schema Markup allows you to spot the identity of the owner of any website. On the other hand, the knowledge panel is a recent invention linked to this.


Thanks to its affinity with WordPress, its interface allows anyone to add a high number of data about the web owner.


For this, it shows a custom information panel every time the web engine gets a search request about the web address.


Another area of SEO trends for 2021 is its ability to spot any brand identity within social media. The Schema Markup also allows Google to show social media profiles linked with corporate identities.


Trend 7: Website loading speed.


BluCactus - example of web positioning informationDespite being included within the SEO trends for 2021, this characterization has existed on the web since the turn of the century. Its importance for web positioning constitutes it being an entity that is still in force today.


The acceleration of the web market where the emphasis of SEO lies on the instantaneity of the content is the main cause of this. Today it is impossible for web engines to guarantee the positioning of a website whose loading speed exceeds 4 seconds. A standardized parameter by Google, which currently has control over the digital market that exceeds 84.7%.


To respond to the effectiveness of this type of SEO trends by 2021, Google Search Console is a famous tool. In this platform, you can gather all the elements for the optimization of any website in terms of speed and performance. The latest update of this system is from November 2020.


This is the report of core Web Vitals to consider as of May 2021. Besides, three important parts named Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) influence these guidelines. In addition to First Input Delay (FID) and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationLoading speed as a ranking factor in Google SERP Rankings.


Like other important SEO trends for 2021, the rise of the mobile web market has been responsible for its consolidation and importance. Since mid-2010, this factor has increased significantly in terms of information consumption by users. As of 2018, Google’s algorithms took this feature into account for mobile SEO.


This fact implied the market entry of the algorithm of Google Speed ​​Update, specifically on July 9, 2018. Through this new system, the concept of penalizing canonical format websites was made virtually possible. All of which are not capable of meeting the speed criteria necessary for their subsistence on the web.


The appearance of this type of tool has also favored the inclusion of the AMP format as part of the SEO trends for 2021. This is because this type of reading is carried out in a more efficient way than its canonical counterparts. Until today the Speed ​​Update algorithm remains an important place within the SEO visibility of any company on the internet. To such an extent that the market now has a large supply of optimization plugins. Among them are tools such as Lighthouse, Chrome User Experience Report, and Pingdom Tool.


The loading speed and its influence on the factor called “Bounce Rate”


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationIn SEO trends for 2021, the bounce rate is classified according to the speed and response index of the entire website. On a technical level, the 4-second interval stipulated by Google constitutes an important study spectrum for SEO optimizers.


Regardless of the cause that contributes to an ineffective reading of data from the entire web, the effect will remain the same.



It is concluded that the value of the bounce rate is directly proportional to the loading time of the entire website. Based on this, for websites with a download time of 2 seconds, the calculated percentage is 9.61%.


It is stipulated that at the average level and on this scale, one second more time can represent a great difference. Thus, a web page that has a loading time of 3 seconds will see its bounce rate from 9 to 13%. Positioning experts assign another range of values ​​beyond the time limit established by Google. When the web pages have a loading time of 4 seconds, the bounce amounts to 17.1%. The maximum value equals 32.7% when the allowed time reaches 7 seconds. The latter is therefore the highest range of inefficiency allowed by these SEO trends for 2021.


How to optimize the loading speed of a website today?


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationThe inclusion of loading speed as one of the SEO trends for 2021 has implied the appearance of different optimization alternatives. For this, the WordPress CMS processor currently has a minimum total of ten different possibilities for this purpose. Among this set of strategies, elements such as the quality of web hosting stand out.


This factor is related to its typology as shared or dedicated. Equally important is the use of Content Distribution Networks. Such strategies make it impossible to saturate the resources of a website due to the demand for traffic and the recurring updating of content.


WordPress also considers the density of the images to accelerate the loading speed. An important example of this is the addition of plugins like TiniPNG for WordPress.


This allows adequate control regarding its weight, in order not to influence the basic notions of operation. Last but not least, among the SEO trends for 2021 is the availability of free plugins and tools. For more information, we will show you a brief description of two of these elements below.


BluCactus - example of web positioning informationWP-Rocket:


You can download this plugin and put it to work from its official portal. Many features make it a good choice when talking about SEO trends for 2021.


On the other hand, its process for the sped-up of websites uses clean code rules.


This gives way to high-quality multi-system compatibility. For this, it mixes actions such as caching and minimizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files.


However, what makes this a great tool is the fact that its easy setup allows the average user to do all this.


Thus, it isn’t necessary to know everything about software programming to use it.


BluCactus - example of web positioning informationWp-Optimizer


This is yet another great alternative to base speed metrics in WordPress. This system set apart its action tool into three important sectors. First is database optimization.


There, the system checks the working status of many kinds of items. For example, input reviews, spam messages, and input metadata. In the second part, we find image compression.


This is where you can use certain processes as part of the SEO trends for 2021 to maintain its quality.


Finally, Wp-Optimizer also offers the option to cach the whole website format.


Trend 8: Brand Reputation and its recognition in Google SEO.


BluCactus - example of web positioning informationIn terms of SEO, brand reputation is the conceptual breadth of a business identity. It’s also a field of factors where the influenced content allows SEO engines to identify any source website. So, for SEO trends for 2021, you can carry this standard following different interfaces.


Thus, this type of concept is the result of Google’s algorithms qualitative advances for artificial intelligence.


Specifically, this has happened with the introduction of the Google Panda algorithm as of 2014. From that moment on, this SEO engine has used the concept of Implied links or Implicit links for the positioning of a brand on the internet. Using such tools it is possible to guide the SEO engine on the positive or negative assessment that a certain commercial identity or product receives.


These SEO trends for 2021 also include a surprising level of Brand Mentions readability. For this, the context gotten by the user related to the brand is linked. These types of alternatives have been able to blur with greater importance the line that separates SEO from Social Media.


What is User Generated Content (UGC) and how to use it for the positioning of a website?


BluCactus - example of web positioning informationThe acronym stands for User Generated Content. By itself, it’s a source of similar data products of the consumer’s interactivity with a brand. Most often than not, this type of format has many purposes. For example, informative elements as mentions in blogs, websites, or social media.


On the other hand, it’s also possible to create UGC files in audio, video, image, and infographic formats. All of this with the quality that only something created by the user can have.


Besides, sources such as the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) say that this type of SEO trends for 2021 has an acceptance level close to 80%.


There are many reasons to use these SEO trends for 2021 when creating marketing plans. For example, many brands request reviews from their users as a strategy.


We can name a few of them such as Booking, Amazon, and TripAdvisor. They do this to encourage their interaction with users. Other variants of the process use gamification strategies. These include discount offers, merchandise sales, or exclusive content packages.


Main guidelines for the creation of content with the EAT standards.


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationTo give campaigns credibility, the UGC content must fit the EAT standards. These letters stand for Experience, Authority, and Trustworthy. The SEO system called Google EARTH studies these SEO trends for 2021.


What’s more, it highlights in a piece of text the level of planning of all content creators. Especially the textual one.


Google recently revealed the tools used to identify these standards. First, is the Page Rank followed by software such as Search Quality Rater. In this last case, companies use it to measure SERP quality. Thus, per these SEO trends for 2021, we recommend hiring a content writer with a high level of professional training.


This always around the theme they write. In the same way, the authority and trust elements are studied at the same time through mentions of a website in other media. Without ignoring the transparency actions that a website can offer through the publication of important data. For example, the company’s address and the name of its directors and creators of the portal.


Other important sub-trends for brand reputation management in the web market of the year 2021.


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationAround the world, the new SEO trends for 2021 have an important source of study:


The prestigious Reputation Institute. It has a wide amount of predictive studies of the digital market for the years of the 2020s.


Besides, ever since mid-2018, it has kept track of digital trends.


Thanks to this, it identified a minimum of six brand reputation sub-trends for 2021.


Among them, we can identify the following three by mixing the internal and external market factors that arise and cause them.



BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationThe spread of Influencer Marketing.


SEO trends define influencer marketing as one of the most important online image fields.


This is because, today, Social Media is vital so that brands and content creators can work together.


In the same way, next year, the hiring of influencers will go beyond YouTubers.


As a result, segmented niches may affect online image plans for 2021. All thanks to brands starting to work together with influencers from different platforms.


For example, Bloggers, Instagramers, TikTokers, and many other micro-influencers.


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationCustomer gain through value forms.


Value matrices show up because of the growth of concepts such as Fake News and the loss of credibility of social media sources.


For the new SEO trends for 2021, this means a higher level of positioning for brands with objectives that go beyond the commercial field.


Thus, the consumer in 2021 is an entity willing to intrude in the brand’s market.


However, it won’t do this without reason, it will always have a goal in mind. This is to get products and services from companies with a broad sense of social, environmental, and humane responsibility.


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning information Globalization of brand identities.


SEO trends for 2021 show an important need to meet the demand of globalization. However, if a brand wants to achieve this, it must first have a stable national identity.


So, in numbers, it’s important to maintain an index of global acceptance of value close to the national acceptance average.


On the other hand, other sources also predict the effect of politics on brands.


What does this mean? Well, brands will have to choose between joining or not the market of nationalism, regionalization, and anti-globalization. We have to remember that some states in the world now promote these risky concepts. Thus, it’s up to brands to choose if they want to be part of them or not.


BluCactus Services and their relationship with web positioning trends for 2021.


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationIf there is any feature capable of defining the new SEO trends for 2021, it is precisely its multi-format mode of action. These types of characteristics mesh very effectively with the work philosophy of the BluCactus marketing agency.


A global company, which focuses on digital marketing and its branches to offer its clients competent plans and products. That they increase their value in the market and stand out with their brands for their versatility before all kinds of demands.


For this, BluCactus has a total of thirteen different services. All of them have in common the main goal of maintaining the competitiveness of the client’s company against SEO trends for 2021.


So, according to the needs of the client, BluCactus will apply any of these thirteen services. Varying from one project to another as required to achieve an effective digital positioning. Based on all this and a merely technical level, it is possible to ensure that the following four services stand out in a great way. Just for being the most common and recurring in BluCactus work packages.


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationThe building of custom Social Media campaigns


Social Media is the undoubted field of action of the new SEO trends for 2021.


BluCactus’ first elementary work plan is the creation of marketing campaigns on social media for brands and companies.


Depending on the type of company and scope it wants to reach, the community manager will make up or select the technical team.


They, in turn, will design your positioning strategy on the web. To do this, they will get data about your target audience, then they will choose the social media platform that best suits it.


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationContent creation to attract organic traffic through SEO


BluCactus has a staff of SEO writers trained in creating high-quality content.


As a result, they can offer you the best strategies for written content. For example, blogs, corporate websites, or online news sites.


In any case, BluCactus’ written text will adapt your brand to the SEO trends for 2021.


This is because the quality of our product allows its fit through social media. Followed by an easy understanding besides audiovisual or interactive content.



BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationMultidisciplinary and corporate Branding and Graphic Design services


If your goal is to give your corporate identity a boost to stand out, BluCactus offers you complete graphic design plans.


This includes the creation of logos, web design, and unique elements of branding.


Thus, to help with the conceptual understanding process, graphic content is an important part of SEO trends . For this, we also offer the creation of elements such as infographics to brands.


All of this while not forgetting professional coverage for custom labels.


Be it packaging or for product launches.


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationWeb Design and Optimization for Responsive Format.


BluCactus strategies for the new SEO trends highlights the importance of the mobile web.


This is because its responsive format allows our professionals to offer their clients a website fully adapted to Google’s new requirements.


For the projection of your designs, our experts identify two key elements.


First, your responsive website will allow the user to stay on it for a long time while browsing it. Next, given the aspects used for the design, we can highlight how easy it will be for you to stand out among the competition.


Final Notes: BluCactus is the leading marketing agency in the web positioning trends market.


BluCactus - SEO trends - example of web positioning informationGiven all its different benefits, the BluCactus brand represents a point of innovation in the face of new SEO trends.


The effectiveness of our services lies in the professionalism of our hardworking team.


To do this, in the last ten years the BluCactus agency has grown significantly.


All thanks to its ability to have select human talent from all over Latin America and the world.


BluCactus - SEO trends - contact usCultural heterogeneity is another of our most important aspects. This is because located in the cities of Mexico, Monterrey, and Dallas, USA we serve the main markets of the world. Such as American, Asian, European, and Hispanic.


All this set of traits have allowed BluCactus to rise as one of the most important marketing agencies in the modern world.


The work plans and projects that we offer go beyond adapting your website to new requirements.


It also allows the client to educate themselves on the evolution of the market and on how its brand must withstand the new world. If you want to know more about everything BluCactus has to offer you. Do not wait anymore! Contact us right now! Discover first-hand what the SEO trends for 2021 represent both for you and the future of your company!


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