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The importance of setting SMART objectives. All companies need to set objectives to achieve short, medium, and long-term objectives. The difficulties of having a specific north arise when organizations do not know where they are going. The world becomes more competitive every day, and entrepreneurs must create strategies to survive in the markets.


BluCactus - people workinhObjectives go hand in hand with the strategies we propose in the businesses to innovate. Besides, they allow us to increase our sales, but does just any strategy work? Can I set myself any objective?


Don’t worry because we will answer these and other questions in this article. At BluCactus we strive to offer you the best marketing services and to achieve success with your business. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to help you grow in the world of marketing.


Objectives form the path that every business must follow to be successful. Without this fundamental element, there are no goals and no way forward. Nor can we achieve them, because the objectives are the basis of them. Without them, companies wander and cannot move forward.


What is the SMART criterion?


BluCactus - people workinhThere is a way to achieve and establish clear, precise, and effective objectives under the SMART criteria. With this criterion, the objectives will be easier to achieve.


This is because we will make them under specific parameters that will allow greater order. They will also allow us to focus on the goals we want to achieve.


The SMART criterion, designed by George T. Dorian, comprises 5 elements that make up the word. It’s a method that we can apply when creating objectives so that they are intelligent. And so the SMART acronym stands for:


BluCactus - SMART objectives - people workinhSpecific:


The objectives in your company must start from being specific enough so you can meet them step by step.


This way, it will be easier to focus on them in the most efficient way possible.


This, in turn, will avoid the confusion that arises when we don’t define them correctly.



BluCactus - SMART objectives - people workinhMeasurable:


The objectives of your company must be measurable so you can improve them. The KPI (key performance indicator) helps to measure the results of the strategies used in business.


This is to know if we are doing things right or not. These meters help to know if the objectives are being met.


Or even, on the contrary, they also warn of when is the best time to rethink the objectives that are not being met most appropriately.


BluCactus - people workinhAchievable:


This is an important point that you should always take into account when setting objectives in your company. It’s time to get down to earth and see if you can meet that objective you set out or not.


For this, you can test the resources you have and what it takes to achieve that objective. If the resources and ambition of the project are realistic, then the objective is achievable.


If not, you will surely be able to create other objectives that are better suited to your business needs. Not only that, but you can also achieve them at the same time.




BluCactus - SMART objectives - people workinhThis point goes hand in hand with the previous one. The objectives of your company should be realistic so you can meet them. The resources must be sufficiently necessary to achieve them.


For this, we recommend that you set objectives based on the resources that you can invest for them. With this, you will avoid surprises in terms of costs. Besides, there will be a greater organization in the management of any capital.


But not only do they have to be realistic, but they must also apply to customers.


So, think about what consumers would like the most. Importantly, users are an important part of the business. Many brands have this clear concept and always think about the well-being of their customers. This is because it’s the key to success in the market.




BluCactus - SMART objectives - people workinhYou must meet the objectives in your company, whether in the short, medium, and long term, a stipulated period. It’s important to establish the duration of the objectives. This is because it will allow you to know how long you must meet them.


This is just one criterion that many brands use to achieve their objectives. Even if this isn’t a mandatory requirement that companies must take to achieve goals, this method offers great help.


This is so that there is a better organization for setting objectives. Remember that these will allow you to reach your goal. Besides, these are the ones that will determine the progress of the company. Without clear objectives, there can be no success.


What are the benefits of applying the SMART criterion in your business?


BluCactus - SMART objectives - people workinh

This method is useful and adaptable to any company.


Besides, it works from small businesses to the largest brands.


This is because, at the end of the day, all organizations (have a track record or not) must complete this step before achieving their goals.


There are many benefits of creating objectives based on the SMART criteria.


But below, we will mention the most notable ones:


  • BluCactus - SMART objectives - people workinhIt allows us to better divide the work: With the SMART method, it’s easier to distribute the tasks. This way each one will know with greater clarity and accuracy what to do. By setting clear, measurable, and achievable objectives in your company, the tasks you do will be much more productive.


  • They are simple to understand: These characteristics make the objectives easier to understand for all members of your company. Besides, they all have a clear north and work towards reaching the final goal.


  • It’s a realistic and organized methodCreating objectives based on the SMART method will allow you to organize the route that you must complete to reach the final goal. Everyone in the company must look in the same direction to avoid misunderstandings and uncertainty.

How important is it to create objectives?


BluCactus - SMART objectives - people workinhAll companies must know the importance of objectives to achieve goals.


Taking lightly a step so important that influences the development of organizations can have great consequences.


If you still don’t know the profitability of them, here are some other benefits that will surely help you when setting objectives for your business:




BluCactus - SMART objectives - people workinhSMART objectives They identify the priorities and needs of the company:


With a series of objectives in your company, you will know early on what the most needed things you must address are.


Frequently, people tend to invest a lot of time and effort in matters that can wait or may not be fundamental.


This, in turn, results in a deviation from the central focus.


BluCactus - people workinhThey allow creating strategies:


By setting objectives, you will create strategies so you can meet them. Without a tactic in this method, it will be more difficult to achieve your goals.


Besides, strategies allow you to have a range of options at hand to act in good and not so good times.


Organizations that best plan for different circumstances are the most successful.


BluCactus - SMART objectives - people workinhSMART objectives, There is greater motivation:


By having an established route, members of the company will be more enthusiastic about meeting the goals.


Also, there will be a greater desire in reaching the objectives; especially if there is some extra incentive that rewards people’s work once they have reached the goal.





You get better results:


BluCactus - people workinhBy creating measurable objectives, it will be much easier to test the results and correct the failures if they exist.


All companies make mistakes and it’s normal.


However, it’s also important to fix them in time. With objectives, it will be less difficult to identify those things that may not be doing so well.


This way, you can get to work and find another strategy that works to achieve the objective.


BluCactus - people workinhThese are some reasons to create objectives in your company. Thanks to them, businesses get their fixed course and thus boost their companies.


Besides, having plans to achieve keeps employees motivated, and this element is also important for organizations. Human talent is one of the most important factors in business. So, it’s also a good opportunity to compensate workers for their effort to carry out the work of meeting the proposed objectives.


Globalization has revolutionized the market, and innovation is one of the pillars for companies to succeed. At BluCactus we offer you the best options to grow your business by offering innovative techniques. For more information, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to receive our marketing strategies.


How are objectives established in an organization?


BluCactus - SMART objectives - people workinhMany will wonder what steps they must take to create SMART objectives. Each company is different, and the formulation of objectives depends on what the goals of each business are.


However, it’s important to note that there are some basic tips for setting them. To do this, we recommend analyzing what the company wants to achieve and what are the resources it needs to achieve it. Besides, it’s good to consider the different options that you can take to reach the final goal.


Besides this, there are some basic rules that you must meet when creating objectives for your company. So pay attention because, below, we will show you some essential steps:


BluCactus - SMART objectives - people workinhSMART objectives, Decide what you want to achieve:


This is the starting point for creating any objective.


By knowing what your business is missing and what you would like to achieve, you can see more clearly how you will achieve any goal.






BluCactus - SMART objectives - people workinhIdentify what you need:


After knowing what you want to achieve, you must know what resources you need. After this, you can verify if you have them or not.


In case you still lack resources, test if you can get them or not. Search where you can find them and which would be the cost of them.


This way you will have more planning when making any investment.


BluCactus - SMART objectives - people workinhSMART objectives, Be honest:


Will you feel capable of meeting that goal? If you believe that you will achieve it and also have the support of your team for that, you can be sure that you will achieve it.


We recommend thinking about what you would be willing to do to achieve that desired result.


Remember to think about what you can offer your team as a reward for reaching that objective.


BluCactus - SMART objectives - people workinhTest the results:


Positive and negative consequences can affect your business.


So, you must be aware of what they are.


This way you will know what the possible outcome scenarios are.


Thus, you will be better prepared to deal with the consequences.


SMART objectives, Get your project started:


BluCactus - SMART objectives - people workinhThis is the last step, but it’s still important. The call to action is the key to achieving any objective. Many times people are afraid to take that final leap.


Therefore, there are endless projects that do not materialize. Remember that you won’t achieve success if you don’t implement the plan.


It’s very normal to be afraid of the unknown, but the truth is that challenges make us grow and advance as people. When it comes to organizations, it’s the same.


So if you already know what you want, what you need to get there, and the possible repercussions, what are you waiting for?


SMART objectives. Tips for creating objectives that suit your business


BluCactus - SMART objectives - people workinhBesides applying the SMART criteria for the creation of good objectives in your company, we recommend some other tips you can follow when creating the final route that will achieve the success of your business. Here are some of them:


  • Avoid negative thoughts: Implementing positive psychology in work and personal life has many benefits. One of them is that it helps us to organize ourselves cognitively. This element makes us think more creatively and allows us to prepare and strengthen ourselves to better face moments of crisis. This last aspect is important, as you will be ready to solve tough situations that require a greater effort to overcome.
  • Accept the challenge: Sometimes facing challenges is not such an easy task. However, as difficult as it may be, it’s necessary to specify these objectives in concrete actions. Breaking down the barriers and putting the action plan into action is what it takes to be successful.
  • Trust your work team: Trust on your own is crucial to achieving any goal. If you know that there is enough talent in your business to be successful, there is nothing to worry about.

How is a strategy related to objectives?


BluCactus - people workinhAlthough they are very similar and go hand in hand, they are not the same. An objective translates into what we want to achieve. On the other hand, strategies make up how we are going to execute those objectives.


They are two different things that must be clear to avoid mistakes along the way, many brands tend to stumble when they confuse these two terms. But although they are different, as you can see, they are factors that complement each other and need each other to achieve goals.


Action is as important as formulating objectives, but it only works if they are achievable, specific, and measurable. Besides, we recommend creating realistic strategies that can be used in a certain period. Consistency is also another important element in the implementation of strategies. If the actions aren’t followed through, the most likely results are much slower.


SMART objectives. What is the difference between goal and objective?


BluCactus - people workinhAn objective is a route that is followed to reach the final goal.


While the goal is the end of all these actions, it’s what you want to achieve, in this case, the wishes of a company.


Normally the goals are more general and the objectives more specific, they are concepts that shouldn’t be confused either.


These are some of the most important things to know when creating objectives.


BluCactus - contact usRemember that you are not alone and that we at BluCactus can help you navigate that path until you reach the final stretch and meet your goals. Ours is that you can make your business successful. For this, we offer the most innovative tools that are perfectly adapted to the needs of your company.


Objectives must change as the needs of organizations change. As goals are achieved, others are created with different approaches. The most important thing is that companies have a clear north and know where they want to go. Now tell us, did you know the importance of setting business objectives?


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