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Social media influencing the fashion industry. There is no doubt that social media has greatly influenced the fashion world. One of the most used networks in this sector is Instagram. Today it has more than 500 million users, and a large percentage of them follow fashion gurus and big brands that also have accounts on this platform.


Likewise, there are other social media platforms where users interact with posts related to fashion. Also, you may think that big brands do not need more visibility, but it is quite the opposite. They are constantly employing new strategies that can be referenced if you also have your own fashion company.


In this post, we will mention the social networks that influence fashion.


Impact of social media on the fashion industry


Social media platforms play a critical role in the fashion industry. In addition to Instagram, there are other platforms accessed by many consumers interested in fashion trends. Therefore, it can be said that social media greatly influences the fashion industry. These are some of the reasons why:


BluCactus - Social media influencing the fashion industry - Paris Fashion WeekWork with influencers


Social networks have undergone several changes over time, but one of the most significant is the rise of people who can influence consumer decisions. Models, bloggers, celebrities, and social media personalities are important. Their content is more important than we can imagine.


Over 71% of teens trust influencers more than recommendations from ordinary celebrities. This isn’t just a randomly determined percentage; in fact, the number comes from data generated by Google studies. Each of the influencers has a fan base that strongly correlates with their ability to promote.


It is beneficial for fashion companies to establish collaborations with influencers to promote their products. They become your marketing channel to advertise your products in the most effective way.


Support Diversity


BluCactus - Paris Fashion WeekIn the fashion world, one of the most positive changes has been the increased representation of different people. In other words, brands are no longer limited by the beauty stereotypes of the past. Now, it doesn’t matter if a freelance model is caucasian, brown-skinned, tall, or short. It also doesn’t matter if they have a disability or their gender.


In fact, according to experts, during the 2022 summer season, most of the fashion shows were filled with models who were people of color. This has led many consumers to become more directly involved with the fashion sector.


Those who previously did not feel represented in the world of beauty can now appreciate diversity and greater accessibility to their ideal outfits. A fashion brand catering to the whole of society has greater opportunities to have positive opinions from consumers. They can also interact with a larger group of people and collaborate with different influencers.


Go Viral


BluCactus - Paris Fashion WeekThis is another of the most significant changes in social media. Social media is generally guided by trends, which can be an excellent opportunity for fashion brands. The secret is that brands know how to adapt to what is happening at the moment. Additionally, creativity can be put to use and trends can be started.


For example, a viral social media dance might involve people dressed in summer clothes. This may be the perfect time to sell dresses with light fabrics, and shorts, among others. Or, you can also start a challenge on social media inviting users to use one of your products.


Of course, keeping up with the trends on social media isn’t as easy as it sounds. It is essential for brands to consider their target audience and which social network they use most frequently.


What are the social media platforms that influence fashion?


Fashion brands must take advantage of social networks to implement a marketing strategy. There must be something that differentiates them from the competition and allows them to promote their creations successfully. However, both Instagram and Facebook have become the preferred communication channels for carrying out practical actions. Likewise, when discussing social media influencing fashion, Pinterest and 21buttons cannot be left behind.




BluCactus - Social media influencing the fashion industry - IntagramInstagram has a lot of power in the fashion industry. It’s odd when a fashion brand doesn’t have a presence on this platform. Why? Because it is a communication channel with more than 1,000 million active users per month. Not to mention that it is currently the favorite place for influencers and micro-influencers.


It is one of the most used social platforms because it is an app with a very simple operation where people can upload their photos or other types of content. You can also use hashtags, which are keywords that direct people’s searches. In the fashion world, some of the most used hashtags are #fashionista, #shoes, #look, #moda, #model, and #shopping.


Best of all, it is an ideal platform to ally with bloggers who talk about fashion. The truth is that this is a very dynamic social network and it favors original content publications created by fashion brands that not only care about offering their products but also a lifestyle.


Brands that use this social network can use tags to highlight the prices of their products and can add links to their websites.


BluCactus - Social media influencing the fashion industry - FacebookFacebook


This social media platform also plays a vital role when buying fashion. It is a channel through which young people seek fashion inspiration. However, according to research, Instagram will always be the first option and Facebook the second when it comes to discovering news related to the fashion world.


You can carry out inexpensive but very effective advertising through both social medias. In the case of Facebook, which has more than 2 million monthly active users, any fashion brand can establish its presence on this platform.


For those who do not have an online store, Facebook is a great tool. It allows the creation of a store in a very simple way. You can easily create a product catalog to show an audience.


Indeed, it cannot go unsaid that this social network is a springboard to reaching a very wide audience with only a small investment. Likewise, different types of ads can be advantageous for companies dedicated to fashion. The products for sale can be displayed through catalogs or in a collection ad format.




BluCactus - Social media influencing the fashion industry - PinterestPinterest is not as valued as Instagram or Facebook when it comes to fashion, but the reality is that it has more than 350 million active users per month. Pinterest is an open channel for all fashion brands since users, especially women, seek inspiration to create their best outfits. This generates considerable traffic to the brand’s website.


Of course, it is important to clarify that, unlike the other fashion social networks already mentioned, Pinterest does not sell products directly. However, many users use the platform to make purchases.


In short, the platform is also a good outlet for the fashion industry. It allows brands to reach a large audience while maintaining characteristics different from those of the competition.


BluCactus - Paris Fashion Week21buttons


21buttons is considered the first fashion social network. In it, fashion brands can generate revenue by sharing users’ outfits. Also, users can share their daily looks while mentioning the brands of clothing or accessories they are using.


This becomes a great advantage since the products are advertised by the users themselves who generate content, providing more credibility for the fashion brands they use.


Consequently, users become sellers of the brand because they encourage the direct sale of products through their posts.


What is your favorite social media platform for publicizing your fashion brand?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510We have mentioned the social networks that influence fashion. If you own a fashion brand, you should follow the strategies of the big fashion brands to ensure a successful business.


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