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Social media marketing for fashion brands. When you have a fashion brand, the first thing you need is a marketing strategy to take that brand to the next level.


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingThe marketing strategy leads to interaction with social media platforms, which has to be as solid as anything.


Because of this, participation within social media has to be creative, as it will help you to build the brand. It will also expand the reach of your social media posts which will then increase your sales.


Let’s clarify that the world of social media can be overwhelming, and you may fall. However, do not stress, there are many new platforms, ways to use them and the algorithms do not stop advancing day by day.


We will tell you how to carry out social media so that you don’t fail on the first try, everything is practical.


This article will help you follow the path of your social media marketing strategy for a fashion brand.


Social media and marketing


BluCactus - brand awarenessIf you are starting in the world of marketing or you already know what it is about, you must already know that social media is a large topic within it.


Besides, when you enter the world of fashion you can see that it’s also a wide world.


These are two very different topics that can be complemented and merged on social media.


However, to achieve this you have to know how to do it and monitor how you will carry it out.


blucactus - brand authoritySocial media platforms are the natural environment for fashion brands.


Because of this, the best way to sell on them is to focus on their visual aspect.


For example, you can use Instagram or Pinterest since they allow you to directly expand and target potential customers.


One tool that can help you manage many different aspects of your online presence is a brand monitoring tool, such as Brand24.


Social media marketing for fashion brands. Brand24


BluCactus - brand24Brand24 is known to be a reliable, simple, and inexpensive social monitoring application.


It serves to identify, connect, and analyze online conversations about your brands, products, and competitors.


It can be done from the entire platform and in real-time. Besides, companies of all sizes and sectors also use it.




blucactus - brand authority

Brand24 can help you to:


  • Monitor the performance of hashtags and the reach of your social media posts and campaigns.
  • Choose the right hashtags to find the right audience for your posts;
  • Improve your customer service by responding quickly to customer inquiries;
  • Implement customer testimonials on your website;
  • Finding the best social media influencers for your next social media campaign.



Why does your fashion brand have to be present on social media?


BluCactus - people working togetherA lot of fashion brands don’t get why they have to use social media to sell or why it’s so important.


They don’t understand the fact that social media is now an essential element of any marketing strategy.


Social media marketing for fashion brands is so important because the fashion industry is very visual. Because of this, if you have a brand of this kind, you must use the different platforms that exist for this.


Besides, they are very easy to use, for example, Instagram or Pinterest are two platforms that focus on this aspect as you already know.


Social media marketing for fashion brands. What exactly are the benefits of a social media presence?


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - seoNext, we will mention the many benefits that you cannot ignore:



You do not need any more reasons to know what advantages the use of social media gives to your brand.


If you need a person to advise you, remember that we at BluCactus, have a wide of specialists that can help you take your brand to greater heights.


How to propose a marketing strategy on Instagram for fashion brands


BluCactus - instagramThe first thing to keep in mind is that you can use Instagram as an online catalog. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to just that.


The people who are interested in fashion look for ideas, inspiration, and trends. That is why you must focus the strategy on meeting these needs as the user who discovers can become a customer.


You must also remember that it’s important to make the purchase of a product as easy as possible from the application itself. For this, you can use the advertising formats that exist on Instagram. However, we must be honest and tell you that it can be difficult to sell if you decide to do this organically.


Take into account that formats like Instagram Shopping are designed to maximize conversions. Thus, investing in these types of ads will be profitable.


Need help?


BluCactus - instagramIt’s likely that to expose your full potential, you may need the help of a professional in social ads. They can help you to come up with a good campaign idea. This professional can even help you with the creative process and messages, and to make an optimal segmentation of the audiences.


Setting aside the fact that Instagram can be a catalog and a source of inspiration, you should also know that it is an amazing platform to show yourself as a brand. In it, you can express the personality of your clothes and more. Don’t forget that people also like to see what happens behind the scenes. It’s just human nature, we are curious creatures and our desire for discovery can get to that point.


Thus, a good idea for a marketing strategy on Instagram for fashion brands is to tell stories about what happens daily. You can show aspects that people don’t know, and create expectations around it. This way you will be able to maintain the attention of the audience to some degree.


Social media marketing for fashion brands. What social media channels should your fashion brand use?


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - socia mediaIt seems that social media platforms were invented for fashion brands because of the great boom that exists.


Besides, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest are highly visual.


This makes it easy to promote your fashion brand.


We have the following question:


What social media channels should you choose to provide the most effective social media marketing for a fashion brand?


Instagram for fashion brands


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingInstagram is one of the best platforms, and it can be the obvious choice for any fashion brand.


First of all, Instagram has grown a lot in the past few years and it now has over a billion active users.


Second, it’s a visual medium that allows you to showcase your products from the best perspective.


Fashion brands have become the masters of Instagram as they feature carefully curated content, targeted ads, and behind-the-scenes footage on Instagram Stories.


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingBut don’t worry, you don’t just have to show your product.


You can also post user-generated content, which is known by its acronym CGU.


Things like inspirational quotes, or tips on food and art destinations can be really helpful to boost your presence on this platform.


So the next question arises.


How to generate more views, engagement, or comments? With the use of hashtags!


Choose the right hashtags


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingYou can use hashtags to expand your reach on social media and show your content to new audiences.


They will help you find new customers and build a loyal fan base.


But how do you choose the right hashtags for the brand?


With a little help from a social media monitoring tool called Brand24.


Previously, we mentioned that tool, what it consisted of, and what were its advantages when used.


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people working

So the first thing to do is set up a project.


Put all your keywords in the project creation wizard.


Social media marketing for fashion brands.


Keywords can be:


  • The name of your company.
  • The name of your products.
  • General terms related to the business niche.
  • The name of your CEO or popular employees.

Facebook for fashion brands


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingThe main objective of Facebook is to give “meaningful interactions” between users.


It sounds difficult, but the truth is that it’s a great opportunity for your fashion brand!


The trick is to present the Facebook fan page as a meeting place for the target audience.


Exhibiting the newest collection is a great start, but think even further than that. Remember that innovation is the golden rule.


For example: What else could help your target audience and make them feel even more connected to your brand?


BluCactus - ratesSometimes looking for ideas can be difficult, but at the moment where you least expect it, inspiration comes.


We recommend that you, for example: introduce user-generated content and show how your products look on real people in everyday situations, not on models during photo shoots.


Another idea may be to organize a contest.


We are sure that with this, you can get a lot of creative ideas and make a connection between customers and the brand.


Social media marketing for fashion brands. Facebook Groups


BluCactus - facebook groupsWe talked about Facebook, but creating a Facebook group can be a good idea.


If you use this correctly, you will be able to get prominent interaction among your users, and this way, promote your products.


The key to a successful Facebook group for a fashion brand is not just talking about your product but introducing new ideas.


There are a lot of topics that can be interesting for your target audience.


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingSome of the topics will emerge naturally, as users will begin to ask questions, for example, about how to care for a garment or what type of shoes are best to match a dress.


You can also ask questions and information on your own.


Most consumers are interested in knowing where their garments come from, who sews them, and what type of fabric they are made from.


That’s the perfect basis for an interesting story, which will make your fashion brand stand out from the crowd on social media. You can also show an exclusive view of your most recent campaign, discount codes, and much more.


Bots for fashion brands on Facebook


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - facebookIf you use them well, bots can bring a huge advantage to social media marketing for a fashion brand.


For example, Levi’s created a virtual Levi’s stylist. This helps users find the perfect pair of jeans through a bot.


Imagine all the time you can save by going to the store or browsing hundreds of different pairs of jeans online.


The robot asks about the fit, height, stretch, and washing of the jeans, as well as, you can ask what size it is in other brands.


Everything to make sure you find the perfect pair of your Levi’s.


Social media customer service for fashion brands


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingOnce you establish your brand and become active, you will inevitably have to deal with customer complaints, no matter how good your product is.


A negative review on a social media channel can be a blessing in disguise. However, there are some rules you must follow for a negative customer review to work for you.


First, time is very important. Your customers will expect a quick response and that will be your window of opportunity to showcase the best of your customer service practices.


On the contrary, if there are negative messages, the best way to detect them is by viewing your publication. Once you find them, you can either reply or ignore them, it’s your choice. However, you can smartly answer them to prove your point.


Social media marketing for fashion brands. Live customer testimonials


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingCustomer reviews lead to the next technique you can use to stimulate the social media strategy for your fashion brand. This is it: What can be more compelling than reading the reviews left by other satisfied customers? That shows how real the store is, and future customers will have confidence.


The question is: How do you show customer reviews aesthetically and authentically? Remember that your potential customers should know that the review is written by a real customer, not a bot.


Live customer testimonials can be a widget that you can implement on your website.


When you have your project, you can choose the mentions you would like to display on your website, in a group. The tool will generate a line of code that your frontend developer can add to it.


Marketing of influencers for fashion brands


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingWhether you like it or not, influencer marketing is here to stay and now more than ever. When it comes to social media for fashion brands, this is great news.


With this technique, you can promote your fashion brand by working with micro-influencers.


Social media marketing for fashion brands. What are the benefits of this type of promotion?


  • Increase brand awareness
  • Reach new audiences
  • Build trust in your brand
  • Create greater engagement with your brand


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingOne of the first difficulties in creating successful influencer marketing is finding the right influencer to work with.


Many brands struggle with this step. That’s why you can still see a fashion blogger promoting dietary supplements or a fitness blogger working with fast-food chains. That’s why you must find someone who has a huge following and that has already used your products.


Because of this, Instagram allows you to contact well-known influencers, either to create your own stories or to become brand advocates or brand ambassadors.


We said before how good it can be for a brand to work with influencers. And it is not in vain, these opinion leaders remain at the top and it is possible to cite influencer marketing among social trends.


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingHowever, you must think deeply about these campaigns with influencers. This is because they involve a lot of work, both in the selection of the prescriber and in the measurement of results.


Don’t only stay in the easy part: distributing clothes among the most top Instagrammers can be done by any brand.


If it is necessary to think about a successful campaign, use the best channel, the best prescriber, and put the best idea at the service.


Whether in your own corporate channel, in the third party channel, or in a combination of both, having a good idea in line with the brand values, the tastes, and the preferences of the target will make a difference.


Social media marketing for fashion brands. The importance of aesthetics


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - aestheticRemember that when we talk about fashion, we think of beauty.


Therefore, everything that is done on a social media platform, as for example in the case of Instagram, has to be beautiful and with a deep aesthetic sense.


You have to inspire the consumer, capture their attention, generate engagement, and make them return to you.


This is what we mean when we say that whatever your strategy on Instagram is, you must carry beauty as a banner.


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people working

For this, we suggest that you use good quality professional photos that express your brand values.


You have to draw the public’s attention to the competition, not just anything.


Similarly, in those formats designed to launch short and quick content, such as Stories, you shouldn’t stop being spontaneous.


It should look casual, but the material should be of good quality.


Besides, it must bring interest and value to users.




BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingSelling on social media is not a job that requires the help of professionals.


Instagram and Facebook are very different social media platforms and each has its own way of working in favor of your brand and thus, your target audience.


However, we came to the conclusion that to sell, you need advertising and quality content (creative and beautiful photos).


BluCactus - contact us

Remember that less is more.


The more you show what you sell, the more you will attract the attention of the public.


As an agency specialized in Digital Marketing, we have the necessary knowledge for your fashion brand to be successful on social media.


If you need a strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us, remember that your success is our success.


We also invite you to follow us on our social media platforms and subscribe to our daily newsletter.



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