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Does your company have a presence in social media?

Why is social media marketing essential for business? Is the service of a community manager necessary?

How can a digital marketing agency help me? Social media is an indispensable part of our daily life. This new technology has dramatically changed the contemporary world with its innovations in communication.

The possibility of reaching millions of people, at a commercial level, is essential for a business to work efficiently. You must find the target audience that you want to reach. It’s also important to know the different types of social media that exist. In the first place, the success of digital marketing is to get the right messages to the right audience. You can attract the attention of new customers through effective social media marketing.

Social media marketing, what is it and why is it important for my brand?

Furthermore, social media marketing can help increase your audience and turn interested people into potential customers in a meaningful way. Relevant and designed content for your audience is key to increasing your brand’s presence in digital media.

It is vital to understand the functioning of social media and the response of your audience in each of them. Additionally, you must work in analyzing, evaluating and executing the content. In BluCactus, we’re specialists in social media marketing. Let us share some reasons why marketing in social media is important.

Importance Of Social Media Marketing

Brand Building

As a brand, we must be able to attract and satisfy our audience in a predictable and consistent manner. It’s important to generate empathy with our consumers. One of the best ways to do this is to offer content that enriches their experience with the brand. This is how you build a strong and positive brand in the minds of our audience.

Web Traffic

We talk about the number of visitors who access our website and how they add value to our digital portal. The use of a good social media strategy is an excellent way to attract visitors to your site from well-known platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more.

Positioning (SEO)

More traffic on your site means a better reputation when search engines decide to do the positioning work. Likewise, the activity of your social profiles adds value to our brand in the digital world. A site with more external references has a better location on the pages for search engines.


Social media are powerful tools and marketing on them represents a much lower cost compared to other digital and traditional media. In addition to being cheaper, the segmentation it offers is specific and accurate. Segmentation allows you to reach your target market more quickly making your brand more relevant and increasing the intention to purchase in your customers

Simply put, social media marketing is key to the growth of your brand today. If your brand does not yet have web positioning strategies, now is the time to start.

Why is social media important?

We have been attending the exponential growth of social media for a few years. This movement has caused excessive enthusiasm for many marketing professionals. However, you must study any action carried out in this environment in order to place within the strategic planning of the company.

The way we people act before a buying process is different. The large amount of information available on the network leads us to seek data and opinions from many sources. For example, manufacturers, distributors, critics, users and more. The purchase process can lead to situations in which the consumer has more exhaustive information than his own seller. Doctors, for example, are surprised at the technical questions that many patients can ask them.

Even the after-sales phase has undergone major changes. Customers have a greater ability to identify their purchase date, access the ticket and initiate a claim to demand a guarantee. In addition, its power to publicize a positive or negative shopping experience has been multiplied.

Companies have greatly improved their ability to collect and analyze data. A business can identify its customers and potential customers, identify behaviors and make improvements based on real experiences not conditioned by the way this data is collected.

In simple terms, social media marketing means building a business through many different media. For example, viral videos and blogs. The objective of social media marketing is to give exposure to a company and execute different purchasing processes.

The growth of social media marketing

The participation of the community of people and society, in general, has driven the growth of social media marketing. There is almost no one who is not participating in one or another type of social platform. For example, exchanging emails, using chat or publishing photographs and exchanging music or the like.

With the growing number of online community participation, social media is an important medium. Businesses are approaching social media to find the most effective way to reach customers and get to know them deeply.

Sellers are able to get in touch with those who have already become their customers and experienced their products. However, they can also reach potential customers who might be inclined or may be influenced to buy the product.

Unlike traditional media where readers or viewers are passive participants, a social network is a place where customers actively participate and exchange information. They participate in sharing experiences and giving their opinion and comments based on their understanding. This means that markets can interact with the customer in real-time and benefit from communication.

The organization can really “listen” to the customer and understand more about their perception of the brand, as well as the product.

Social media marketing helps build collective opinion

and precipitate healthy debates on relevant issues.

An important feature is that social media marketing is spread through a variety of channels and media compared to the limited channels that the press and the media operate. Social media works with several tools, including audio, video, text, audio pods, and private forums, public discussion forums, SMS, chat, emails, as well as blogs and more.

Social media marketing is a dynamic and flexible medium

that continues to change content, tools and continues to evolve all the time.

As the participants continue to provide input, the interaction between the business and the audience results in constant change. For that reason, social media marketing requires a different type of participation from sellers.

In traditional media, companies conduct campaigns and advertisements designed by their team customers focused on a particular audience or group. However, social media allows participants to lead the discussion and marketers can learn from their audience in order to develop better marketing strategies.

Social media is evolving at a very fast pace due to the technological tools that are available. Businesses have no choice but to use social media, understand how things work and make sure they are being heard. Not being present in the networks at the present time is not an option for any company.

Your best option for a social media marketing agency

Our professional methodology is backed by many years of experience. BluCactus is a digital marketing agency fully dedicated to the success of all our clients. With BluCactus, you will find the best social media marketing strategies. We can carry out a totally unique digital marketing project, specially prepared to help you reach your target audience.