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Social media trends for 2021. Social media is becoming more and more important in everyone’s life. They help us stay in touch with our loved ones and our friends. They also allow us to learn new things every day. This is thanks to the relevant content that users share every day through different platforms.


BluCactus - social media trends - important social mediaHowever, we know the great importance that social media also has for brands and businesses today. These platforms are very important for the creation of marketing strategies for brands. It doesn’t matter if these are just starting or are already have a place in the market, everyone can benefit from social media.


The social media became vital to remain updated and in touch with everything. As a result, brands had to create better social media strategies to boost themselves during these trying times. Some new strategies came to light others were improved. Different forms of content started to trend and little by little gained a place in everyone’s accounts.


In this blog, we will introduce you to the trends in social media that will be most present in this New Year.


What is each social media platform for?


We already know that social media is important. However, is very common to not know what to use each platform for. Here, we’ll list the most popular social media platforms. Added to this, we’ll also explain how each of them can benefit your business.




BluCactus - social media trends - important social mediaThis platform is ideal for those who want to do microblogging.


Depending on your profession, you can tell stories about what’s happening in your niche.


On Twitter, you can share short videos and opinions. On the other hand, you can also use it to keep up with the newest trends and collect useful content.


Depending on your company’s objectives for what they want to publish, Twitter may or may not suit you.


For example, this platform could be the right choice if:


  • Your strategy is to post often
  • Your business focuses on daily trends,
  • You want to keep up with new announcements or discussion topics.


What’s important here is to understand that Twitter is ideal for sales strategies and attract new customers. However, have in mind that you could push them away if you’re very insistent. This is because this is a social media platform with very demanding users. As a result, they could destroy a business or push them to be better.




LinkedIn has grown to be a brand favorite among social media platforms. This is because it focuses on B2B companies and building professional relationships. In this sense, many professionals use it to grow or create their network of contacts.


BluCactus - social media trends - important social media

Thus, if your business focuses on professionals or you offer products and services for companies, LinkedIn is for you.


Here, what matters are the professional achievements of users and not their professional life.


As a result, this is a platform that stands out in the world of social media platforms whose focus is on social life.


It’s worth highlighting that this is a platform that keeps growing, and its users aren’t very active.


However, it can still help you a lot to become known among professionals. On the other hand, thanks to it you can also create your professional brand as a coach.




This is the second most visited website in the world after Google. YouTube is a platform focused on the sharing of videos about a different topic.


BluCactus - social media trends - important social media

These just a few of the topics users can share here.


  • Tutorials
  • News
  • Vlogs
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Reviews
  • Branding


As you can see, this platform offers many options to boost your brand. Added to this, it also allows you to create transmedia strategies. This means that you can publish a video on your website or another platform without any problem. This is thanks to its easily adaptable format.


Millennials are the ones who run this platform today, and many of its users are also from this generation. That’s why if your target audience is within this group, YouTube may be what you need to grow your brand. Besides, it has a lot of new functions that make its use much more practical.




BluCactus - social media trends - important social mediaIt’s one of the most used and popular platforms of the moment. Instagram focuses on offering a space to share visual content creatively. For example, images or videos. Because of this, its users are very active as they are mostly within the younger generation.


This platform works perfectly to create emotions and impact your followers. Added to this, it also helps you with your brand’s branding and interactions. However, this isn’t all, with it you can create impressive designs to grab the attention of your products or service followers. This, in the case that you have a website where you sell them.


If you have a business or physical store, you can offer these services through Instagram. This way you will make it much more known within the community. Besides, with the help of tags and locations, you will be able to stand out as a local business. As a result, followers near you fill find you thanks to location algorithms.


BluCactus - social media trends - important social mediaPinterest


Pinterest also focuses on the sharing of images, infographics, and visuals. Besides, it’s a favorite of women, bloggers, and small businesses.


It is very popular with female customers.


Thus, if they are your target audience, Pinterest is the ideal place for you.






BluCactus - social media trends - important social mediaOne of the social media platforms best known by all and with the largest number of users in the world. Facebook is a platform where its users share their personal life.


When it comes to business, this can be the most important social media platform. This is thanks to its many tools that allow you to create strategies for other platforms. Besides, it’s also connected to some of the most popular platforms. For example, Instagram and WhatsApp.


Facebook can help you to strengthen your brand. Thanks to it, you will be able to improve your interaction with followers. On the other hand, if you have a local business, it allows customers to find you a lot easier. Another of its advantages is how cheap it’s to advertise on it. Besides, it allows you to create new strategies to sell your brand’s products as well as reach new potential clients. However, this isn’t all! With Facebook, you can also connect with other brands and interact with them.


Importance of social media today


BluCactus - social media trends - important social mediaAs we mentioned at the beginning of the blog, social media platforms became the way to communicate with our loved ones. Regardless of whether they are at a distance, it is a way to keep abreast of everything that happens in their lives, learn about current news and obtain new knowledge that is of our relevance.


Today, people have a high need to share everything they do. This also involves brands. Because of this, social media isn’t only important to keep in touch with our audience. Many other factors make it a vital aspect of any marketing strategy. On social media, people’s data gets stored. This, in turn, helps you to know and study what people really want, their consumer behaviors and characteristics. For a brand, this is information is vital because is allow you to:


  • Increase your visibility among followers who are interested in the products you offer.
  • Improve the brand and promote its branding.
  • Increase traffic to your website.
  • Communicate directly between the company and the client.
  • It helps you study the market in real-time.
  • It encourages Networking, that is, the connections we can make over the internet.


Social media trends for 2021


You already know the bases of each social media platform and its importance. Now, it’s time that you know all about the new social media trends that experts expect to see this year:


  • UGC (User Generated Content) growth


BluCactus - social media trends - important social mediaSome social media experts affirm that this year’s trend will be marked by changes in the functions of each platform. This, alongside changes on the content that users create themselves. Another element that affects how content will develop is the current pandemic around the world.


These new elements that are out of everyone’s control will change the way we get along with digital networks and platforms. Since users are at home more time they look for new ways to generate content to share with their followers. The platforms where we will see the most UGC will be platforms such as Instagram or TikTok for its ease of making videos.


However, they could also seriously affect brands and businesses. As there is so much new content every day, people can ignore your brand and go for another. On the other hand, it can also help you boost yourself if you make these contents with more professional touches than common.


  • New ways of communicating


BluCactus - social media trends - important social mediaThe way we keep in touch with each other will change this 2021. This is because brands and businesses must carry out attractive digital content strategies to replace face-to-face events. Now, everything must be virtual to keep promoting networking with other companies and communities.


Communications between communities should be in such a way that grab the attention of customers. Only in this way will they want to be up-to-date with everything that your business does. Tools like Zoom have been very helpful for those companies that want to keep especially gathering their followers.


These events that companies used to hold, it seems that they will not return in the short term. Social media trends. This means that the ways of celebrating will be changed as well. Since the arrival of COVID-19, all communications went online. This in turn represents a change in the way we consume and address our customers.


  • Digital sales, Social media trends 


BluCactus - important dataWe’ve talked a lot about how we’re turning into a digitally-focused world. That’s why in the sales environment we aren’t left behind with this transformation. Companies this year don’t expect digitization in all its forms.


Digital Selling will be the sales strategy for 2021. Another element that we learned this year is that it’s no longer enough to just be on social media.


If you want your business to be successful and compete with the different organizations in the world, you must have a mix of communication channels, strategies, and sales. Among these, you also have to have successful SEO strategies, content marketing, work with influencers, and communication-based on networking to stand out.


  • Create a strategy with several combined social media platforms


BluCactus - important dataSome claim that different B2C businesses will reach high levels of demand within their e-commerce. While B2B businesses will leap towards platforms such as LinkedIn to join this platform that looks for companies with these characteristics.


Today, all companies use their best digital weapons to attract the largest number of customers.


They do this to retain them and keep making sales through social media. It’s not about working with a single platform. Because of this, we recommend creating a strategy for your business.


However, you must ensure that it’s easily adaptable for all social media platforms. The mix of all these strategies will you a brand destined for success.


  • The rise of e-commerce


BluCactus - important dataAnother trend in social media for 2021 and in line with the previous ones, is the rise of e-commerce. This year we will see how things will become more hectic for companies.


This is due to the arrival of COVID-19 which made us reach a level of technological growth that was expected for the year 2025.


This means that if your company was not before On par with digital trends, you now have a lot to catch up on.


This year virtual sales are something much more common. Physical stores will become part of social media to make sales in this way and not just self-promotion. After this, they will begin to create their websites and finally specialized pages to sell.


  • The emergence of new social media platforms


BluCactus - important dataExperts predict that during 2021 new social media platforms will come to light as an alternative to Instagram or Facebook.


This is because users now want to keep sharing content while keeping their data private. Something that they can’t do with the said platforms.


One of these alternatives seems to be Reddit. This social media platform is a social bookmarking and news aggregator website where users can add text, images, videos, or links.


In it, users can vote for or against content, making it appear in featured posts. Apps like these keep their members’ privacy without losing the entertainment aspect.


  • More and more memes


BluCactus - social media trends - important social mediaLast year wasn’t easy for anyone, and that’s why many used humor as a method to deal with uncertainty. Because of this, whether in brands, businesses, organizations, or professional accounts, many memes will be shared. A meme is a funny image that users share to bring a laugh out of many. Some of them even become viral and a fixed element of pop culture.


Memes allow new customers or followers to have a much less popular first impression of the brand and give them a more fun touch. Their main characteristic is that they are highly compatible visual elements that easily go viral.


As a result, they can make you stand out as a brand. However, you have to be very careful with these types of materials because they can give a very unprofessional image of your business.


  • Nostalgia as a marketing resource


BluCactus - important dataIt seems that before the pandemic everything was better. Because of this, brands are now using those moments and memories to grab the attention of their followers. With these campaigns, filled with feelings and emotions, they can create a connection with users. As a result, users feel connected with the brand and create a positive image around it. Thus, identifying with its values.


Now the challenge of social media accounts is to create content with high emotional charges.


Only in this way will they be able to create a deep connection with their followers. The best thing you can do for this is, with the help of your followers, ambassadors, or influencers, create complete campaigns.


  • Encourage conversations on your social media


BluCactus - important dataAll users on social media are looking for accounts that really listen to them. Besides, they are also looking for those that are authentic and accessible.


For this, these accounts must share organic, fresh, and debate content.


Find out what the most important topic within the community or your target audience is.


This way you will be able to create attractive content for them. Once you create this content, use a call to action to encourage your followers to share their opinions about it.


  • Gaming platforms and social media merge


BluCactus - important dataThe lockdowns around the world by COVID-19 have caused a large part of social media users to use video games as a distraction.


Since then, many platforms began to implement games within their functions.


An example of this is some of the filters on Instagram for stories with games for both one person and several.


Many of these games became very popular because they encourage conversations and interaction among fans themselves.



  • The giants will remain at the top, but they will have to adapt


BluCactus - important dataThe largest accounts of social media are still the most important and have the largest number of followers. However, this doesn’t mean that they have the most interaction, one aspect important today. Social media trends. Besides, now they have to compete with new influencers or brands on other platforms. Some of them can even have a larger following and community than them.


Brands have to start adapting to new forms of social media content such as the use of Reels, IGTV, Stories, among others.


For example, TikTok is a platform that is sweeping all other social media platforms. Thus, if brands don’t adapt to these changes, they might fall apart. You must ensure that your brand is up to date with the newest trends. This way you be overshadowed by those that have already adapted to them.


  • Fight misinformation, Social media trends


BluCactus - important dataWith the uncertainty, misinformation also came and it is widely known that in social media many of the videos and images that we can get are false.


A trend that is very present during 2021 will be the penalization of accounts that do not offer real and true content.


You must be critical of social media when sharing content that goes viral. Many of them aren’t accurate or aren’t confirmed by a true source.


If this content turns out to be false, it can cause a stir on your account. Remember to verify the information before tweeting, making a post on Instagram, sharing a story, or even publishing on your web pages.


  • Social conscience


BluCactus - important dataBeing aware is fashionable and on social media, it is where it is most seen. Users no longer settle for accounts that are issue neutral. This year it will be seen with much more force how social media is a channel to express discontent on issues such as climate change, gender equality, inclusion, the discussion about mental health and healthy eating, among others. Although these platforms are more used as an entertainment mechanism, they are also used as a form of protest. Many times it is sought to generate a social impact and there is no better place than within social media.


In the last year 2020, we were able to see the strength that social media has, mobilizing people, ideologies, and everything that people do to defend their ideals. Those recognized social media accounts that do not join the struggles for various noble causes will be penalized by many of their followers. This can mean the abandonment of consumers from this account and the loss of trust in the brand.


  • Turn inspiration into income


BluCactus - important dataMake the experience of being on your social media account fun. Social media trends. If users spend so many hours on social media, the trend this year will be to offer them motivating and fun experiences. These can be through dynamics such as:


  • Instagram live
  • Offering webinars
  • Courses
  • Contests
  • Video tutorials
  • Interviews.


Besides, you can not only inspire your followers by motivating them to meet you, but you can make them visit your content on other platforms or your website. Offer them things, tangible or intangible, that attract them and thus create a need in them to acquire what you offer.


  • Focus on customer loyalty


BluCactus - important dataThis is a trend that will never go out of style. If you have a social media platform for your business, focus on giving your customers what they are asking for. Social media trends. Don’t forget that these followers are the real movement of what can be the growth of your account or the failure of it.


Ask your followers for their opinions, listen to them, and take their opinions and complaints into account.



Remember that in social media it’s very important that you understand that your success is due to what they think of you.


Because of this, if they have bad opinions, it’s good that you hear them first hand to solve them.


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