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BluCactus has the best Custom Software Development Team for the growth of your Business.

BluCactus is a Software Development Company in the US that focuses on empowering businesses and enterprises so they reach their objectives. For that reason, software development is one of our areas of expertise in BluCactus. We have a professional team with experience and skills in developing fully custom systems made in accordance with the needs of our clients. Our expert designers and developers are mindful of your requirements and will work in accordance with your specifications. BluCactus will create enterprise, web, and mobile applications that will evolve and turn your idea into a powerful tool.

We will study your business, understand its needs, and then decide on the best solution through an in-depth strategy. The result will be developing the perfect custom software for your company. That’s because our goal is to make your brand increase its effectiveness and efficiency. We customize our process based on the scope and structure of your business.

BluCactus - 3 dwarf Software Developers doing Engineering tasks on a laptop

What is software development?

In general, software development is a task of engineering. It’s a process that consists of various phases, such as planning or coding, which results in the creation of a functional software system.

In simple words, software development, which also includes software design, is the process of creating software. From the idea to the coding, BluCactus will create the perfect enterprise software for your company. The software is developed through a specific programming language depending on the needs of our client.

How does programming language work? A specific set of instructions, known as coding, will direct a computer or mobile device. In order to make the software easier to use by our clients, an appropriate interface is added to the system. An interface is a way in which the software allows the user to interact with its function. It’s also know as User Interface or short UI.

Why does your company need custom software?

Custom Software Development increases Productivy

Business needs revenues to keep growing. Revenues are another word for productivity. In order to improve your productivity, you need to provide your employees with an efficient and easy to use environment.

When provided with the correct tools, your crew will commit to accomplishing their duties with high-quality results and without delay. Such a perfectly functioning businesses can’t happen without sophisticated software development. The correct custom software development company will help you save time.

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BluCactus - Woman sitting on a calendar and keeping an eye on the time

A Business Software Development Company makes your Team more efficient

Your time is priceless, and the time of your clients is even more valuable. Custom software development will help you be faster and more efficient in your service.

In addition, if you had a small business with few employees, your company might find problems in trying to grow. For example, it would be unable to properly address all of your clients’ needs at once. This could be impossible with a straightforward, manual approach.

What is the competition doing?

Replying to emails, scheduling meetings, and organizing databases. How can you make these tasks easier? You should invest in a custom software solution. Save your time and hard work for providing better products and better service.

As a professional business owner, you have to be mindful of what happens around in your environment. Analyzing software development tends to have your eyes pointing towards the outside.  It’s important to know what the competition is doing. You can find opportunities by finding the things they miss, and so on.

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Enterprise Software Development Firm

Furthermore, custom software development will let you know how your sales work. You will be able to know what channels you should consider in order to increase your profits. Besides, you will have enough information to know what your customers think about your brand.

BluCactus will help you keep things rolling, furthering the growth of your company. With BluCactus’ custom software development, you will be able to improve your business development. Consequently, your company will expand effectively through better business decisions.

What are the types of software development?

This field of science is widespread and severely modernized. BluCactus has a well-prepared and expert team who is familiar with all types of software development. We’re actualized, so we will develop modern, functional software for your company Your enterprise will find the professional business software development company you can count on.

What is BluCactus Enterprise Software Development Company in US able to do for your business? 

Here is what we are proficient in:

Web development

Hidden behind the pages you are clicking through every day while drinking your morning coffee, you can find a series of diverse coding symbols. The order of these complex characters is the core of web developing, and it marks the difference between a functional page and one that isn’t.

Most importantly, our development agency always uses integrated analytical tools to build a website. The websites developed by BluCactus are easy to be browsed and managed.

BluCactus - 3 Web Developers creating a web page
BluCactus - Laptop with all Web Tools floating around

Thorough Website Testing

Our website developers know how to use all new website technology tools. In addition, we understand the  Application Programming Interfaces, better known as APIs. They all allow your business website to take advantage of the newest features and give it the most valuable and desirable traits.

BluCactus will structure a stunning and catchy website to capture the attention of your clients. Also, your site will always be useful. We strive not to let your visitors think about leaving when they surf your site. The point is turning them into an interest and curiosity to find out more about your business through your site. This will inspire them to take action and becoming clients.

Moreover, before delivering your site, we will conduct functional testing, integration testing, and security testing on your site. Through this method, we will make sure that your website’s system is precise and secure.

Mobile Development

Your business needs to make an appearance among the countless applications used every day by the many owners of smartphones. If you aim to remind your potential customers that you are here and you have a big offer for them, you should think about building an application for mobile devices.

Our developers will create custom applications for all mobile operating systems. In Apple’s iOS, Android devices and Windows 10, custom software development can push users to navigate the interface and become interested in your business. We will establish your app as useful, which will assuredly pay off with an increase in clients. Furthermore, our applications will be scalable in terms of functionality and number of concurrent users.

BluCactus - Futuristic mobile app
BluCactus - Shiny WordPress Logo and symbols

WordPress Development

Online, WordPress has become a more acknowledged and well-reputed software for web development. All business owners now trust WordPress features because it provides you with many tools for your site. It also has a flexibility that allows it to be a useful strategy for all kinds of industries.

If you want to create a blog, website, e-commerce site, or corporate site, BluCactus can do it for you in WordPress. Our considerable experience in this field makes us 100% sure that building a website is the right way to increase awareness. With WordPress development, BluCactus’ team will put your business on the right track.

Endless ideas

BluCactus’ software developers optimize according to your needs in order to create the perfect WordPress website. After that, you can break into the business world by using it as your introduction card.

We always have access to the latest updated software to help you set up an ideal site. Eventually, you will get the perfect tool that will help you reach your marketing goals.

Our team also has endless ideas and alternative plans to craft your WordPress site with various strategic steps that can bring new life to your business.

BluCactus - Computer screen with WordPress application open and Yoast SEO plugin
BluCactus - 3 Software Engineers downloading data from Cloud Server to Laptop

Data Analysis

If you are ready to get started with your business, you need to know the treasure called data and how to make use of it. First, you will be able to avoid further flaws once you have comprehensive data. This data becomes a powerful tool when using reliable techniques to analyze it. Additionally, this data will help your profits grow if you handle it accurately.

BluCactus Enterprise Software Development Company delivers Solutions

Our team approaches the problem and finds a solution through a strategic plan based on how big or small your company is. We also take into consideration the kind of business and geographical location. Our extensive international experience makes us qualified to provide your organization with precise data that your business requires to continue growing.

We have a team of expert analysis specialists. They will offer customized help to support you in making better business decisions. Indeed, any business has its own particular requirements. BluCactus shines your way to achieve your objectives at all levels for your company.

BluCactus - 3 Data Analysts examining details from data
BluCactus - Software Developer with a beard viewing his 2 desktop machine, while his Laptop is idel

Desktop Development

BluCactus tries to make you never think about software stuff. You will manage your business comfortably and start winning with satisfying results.

For that reason, our software developers are able to work effectively in desktop development. With custom software development, you can accomplish your tasks and processes effortlessly by using a friendly and easy to use interface.

Our team also spares no efforts catering to innovative custom desktop solutions. Such development is the right choice if you are searching for offline applications. BluCactus’ desktop development technology is able to function in most popular operating systems. For example, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Software Tools Development

Software application development will allow you to test the software’s source code. This coding language is used when building your website, which authorizes you to change it for further updating.

Our highly skilled team will provide you with structured software to do that task. So, you ensure that all of the website secrets are in your hand.

BluCactus - Software Developer programming in C++ and PHP
BluCactus - Laptop connecting to database in Server room

Back-end and Front-end Development

Basically, any website’s backend must include a server, a database, and an application.

BluCactus has evolving solutions for your back-end website. Our developers have profound experience in programming services to meet your needs. They also well understand the market. Besides, we can create all kinds of applications, and plugins to make your front-end catch on.

Database Features

Additionally, our Software Development Company in US is competent in utilizing all the features of databases. Besides, we can help you in interpreting server programming languages, and in building the business’ software and organizing layouts.

We can do many services for you. Enterprise resource planning, document management software, content management system, e-commerce, and customer relationship management. We have all the tools to develop that perfect software to help your sales department and adequately handle your customers.

BluCactus - Circles spinning around a huge database
BluCactus - Software Engineer doing Firmware update

Embedded Development

Everything in your business must connect to the internet. And to that end, it is likely that something is getting complicated and messy. That’s why your business needs embedded software development. This type of development is specialized in managing different coding languages.

Because this matter is so sensitive and it might break your tools, you shouldn’t take this mission to anyone over it. In BluCactus, we will provide you with proven project management processes. We have firmware solutions to establish the influential electronic capacities for any device.

Custom embedded Software

Our software system development will always bring the best for your business. BluCactus only seeks to put on a convincing performance that is supported by high qualification standards.

Besides, what makes us as distinct is that we create coding series and evaluate them. Our developers also build concrete embedded software. Your software will adjust with Android, Linux, RTOS, and other operating systems. For that reason, BluCactus has software development for any computer.

Likewise, our expert developers will always consider the needs of your businesses. This is the most important to set up your custom embedded software development system. That includes integrating, programming and optimizing firmware for microcontrollers and processors.

BluCactus - Software Engineer in front of transparent computer screen
BluCactus - A hacker trying to steal data from a database

Security Software Development

Developing security software is a must. Today, by using advanced tactics, hackers can cause damage and steal information from the database. For many reasons, this particular type of software development is so essential to use in order to protect your company’s, and your client’s, privacy and money.

Cyber Security Development Team

In fact, our cyber-security team develops powerful software to keep your valuable data away from theft, hacking and even viruses. We use a custom and modernized tester processes to figure out the vulnerabilities, gaps or weak points of your software. These are the means that hackers could abuse it to get across your system and invade your data.

To emphasize, BluCactus adopts an integrated method. This method includes risk assessment and provides a long-term maintenance operation to assure confidentiality. We also take these procedures in our consideration when designing and developing your website. Because of this, we can avoid leaving vulnerable spots.

BluCactus - 2 Security admins are protecting the secure data of BluCactus
BluCactus - Software Engineer programming data in the cloud

Cloud Computing Development Services

Cloud computing technology has brought great advantages, both for private users and for professionals. Likewise, the latter has benefited from elements such as ubiquity in access to information or the growth capacity of cloud systems.

In addition, the programming field had already been using online resources since the appearance and extension of high-speed Internet connections. With the rise of cloud computing, we can count on a cloud development platform that covers all the needs of the project development.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a term that is defined as a technology that offers services through the internet platform. Users of this service have access for free or for a fee, depending on the service that needs to be used.

The term is a trend that responds to multiple integrated features. Furthermore, one of the examples of this “cloud” is the service provided by Google Cloud that incorporate from a browser to the storage of data on its servers. In other words, the applications are on the online servers and you can access the services and information through the internet.

Could Computing Features

One of the main differences of Could Computing is that there is no need to know the infrastructure behind it. With this in mind, it becomes “a cloud” where applications and services can easily grow (scale), run fast and almost never fail, without knowing the details of how this “cloud” works.

Advantages of cloud computing for your company:

  • Access to information and services from anywhere.
  • Free and paid services according to the user’s needs.
  • It provides companies with easy potential for growth.
  • There is no need to have server infrastructure on site.
  • No need to worry about server renewals.
  • No need to worry about software updates.

Graphics Development

BluCactus will take charge of all the graphics you need for positioning and defining your brand. Our graphics development service is all about visual marketing images and logos, including all design spots.

All these elements are critical to introducing yourself to the public and helping your brand present itself to your potential customers. Good graphic design defines your objectives. And this will help you build a long-term relationship with your clients.

BluCactus - 2 Analysts analyzing the trend of the business
BluCactus - 4 arms reaching out to a computer ticking off a TODO list

If you considered hiring a freelance team to get this kind of development, it might not be a perfect choice. Thus, you need a board to brainstorm discussion and get the best output that will give your company the boost it needs.

To point out, BluCactus comes up with graphics software development that helps your company move ahead in any competitive market.

What our consulting software development services?

Do you already have software development? It doesn’t matter our business consulting services help you. With BluCactus, you will deliver data management and analytics solutions that enable people to become more productive and dazzle your customers.

BluCactus Enterprise Software Development Company US will do our best to give you the finest guidance that provides the correct strategy for your company and your goals.

Our experts see all the tiny details of your identity and your place in the industry. Then, they will development prosperous software development strategies.

BluCactus - Business Analyst listening to client about their software problem

BluCactus IT Software Development Company listens to you

In addition, BluCactus’ team will listen carefully to your software problems and find the perfect solution. This will help you overcome them and your company will start getting results.

Moreover, BluCactus Computer Software Development Company in US creates a structured design. This design includes requirements, a realistic plan, and rectifications of previous errors. It also answers your common questions and develops the correct testing plan.

We will guide you step by step. Starting from scratch, building from the planning project vision and highlighting your goals. Afterward, we will start development exactly what your business needs.

Software Development Plan

At the end of meaningful discussions, you will know from where you should get going, and what you must do to prevent negative consequences for your business.

If you already have a software system, we can also help you find the faults of your process. Therefore, our specialists will propose solutions to overcome your issues.

To explain, the plan that will be delivered to you, will consist of tips for guaranteeing an integrated process to help you carry out your work. It enables you to observe progress tracking. You will have the ability to manage your schedule, and discover the mistakes and solve them.

BluCactus - 3 Software Developers in front of a computer looking for the bug with a magnifier glass
BluCactus - Onshore Development team is close to all resources

Onshore Software Development Company in US

In BluCactus, we offer onshore and offshore software development services. In fact, this is a great option to help you develop successful and effective software products. Our onshore software development service is located in Dallas, Texas, United States. In addition, our nearshore software development service is located in Monterrey, Mexico. Just 2 hours by car from the United States Texas border. Our midshore option, which exists between onshore and offshore is located in Cairo, Egypt. Whereas Cairo only has a 7 hours difference with North American times, so there is a lot of overlap to work together. After all, the offshore choice, the most cost-effective option, is located in Mumbai, India.

What is onshore?

The company that hires an onshore developer actually hires a company or team that works in the same country. The main advantage of outsourcing services within the same “shore” is communication. Better accessibility at a higher cost. Speaking the same language favors understanding between the parties. In addition, it will be easier for the provider to integrate into the client’s work routines.

In general, this is the option that is most successful for organizations with more stringent legal requirements. The regulations for the protection of intellectual property vary depending on the country. In this sense, opting for an onshore provider ensures the client work within the same legislative framework.

The onshore option also contemplates variations in itself, since you can opt for an onsite or offsite model. In the first case, the subcontracted employee or workforce works in the client’s own premises. In this way, the contractor must prepare a space in his office. That will be accompanied by other general expenses such as technical support or work material.

Offshore Software Development Company

Whether thanks to the advancement of technology for developers working remotely or to the great need for the development of high-quality software, the offshore trend has been increasing in recent years.

What is offshore?

Offshoring means giving priority to cost reduction, opting for companies located in more economically affordable regions. These companies are in more distant countries located in our case in India.

Unlike onshore, outsourcing services to foreign companies make the language barrier emerge. This is a factor that can slow the pace of the work of the company.

The time difference is a factor that can hinder the workflow. It is likely that the reduction in contracting costs will be accompanied by an increase in investment in project management. The more difficult the communication, the more necessary the management between teams.

BluCactus - Offshore Development Team has challenges with timezone and communication
BluCactus - Nearshore Development Team is close and cost effective

Nearshore Software Development Company

Nearshore is the most popular software development outsourcing option today. The main reason: combines the best of offshore and onshore. It represents the association with a foreign company located in a nearby country (in the same or similar time zone). In this case, communication in person, cultural understanding and relationship building are enhanced. Correspondingly, traveling to visit the team is cheaper and faster, so a healthy collaboration is easier to achieve.

Searching for a nearshore team makes it possible to expand the horizon of possibilities. Likewise, to make it easier to find well-qualified teams. In addition, it means a reduction in costs compared to a national supplier.

BluCactus - Why should you contact us for Software Development?

Why should you work with us?

Our passionate team not only does their job professionally, but they also seek to help your business finds the success that it needs. To clarify, our objective isn’t just finishing the work, it’s making your company grow effectively.

Certainly, the core of our organization is offering the best enterprise software development services and giving you elaborated tools to achieve your goals.

As always, our developers are masters of their craft. And they strive to put forward all you need for building software development to get the best possible start.