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BluCactus has the best custom software development team for the growth of your business.

BluCactus is a software development company in the US that focuses on empowering businesses and enterprises so they successfully achieve their objectives. We have a professional team who have experience and skills in developing fully custom systems made in accordance with the needs of our clients. Our expert designers and developers are mindful of your requirements and will work in accordance with your specifications. BluCactus will create enterprise, web and mobile applications that will evolve and turn your ideas into powerful tools.

We will study your business, understand its needs and then decide on the best solution through an in-depth strategy. The result will be developing the perfect custom software for your company. That’s because our goal is to increase your brand’s effectiveness and efficiency. We customize our process based on the scope and structure of your business.

BluCactus - 3 dwarf Software Developers doing Engineering tasks on a laptop

What Is Software Development?

In general, software development is a task of engineering. It’s a process that consists of various phases, such as planning or coding, which results in the creation of a functional software system.

Software development, which also includes software design, is the process of creating software.  BluCactus will create the perfect enterprise software for your company, from the idea to the coding,. The software is developed through a specific programming language depending on the needs of our client.

How does programming language work? A specific set of instructions, known as coding, will direct a computer or mobile device. In order to make the software easier to use by our clients, an appropriate interface is added to the system. An interface is a tool that allows the user to interact with the software. It’s also know as User Interface (or UI for short).

Why Your Company Needs Custom Software?

Custom Software Development Increases Productivity

Business needs revenues to keep growing. And that means your team needs a comfortable, efficient environment to work in. When they’re provided with the correct tools, your crew will accomplish their duties with high-quality results.

Businesses can’t function or be productive without sophisticated software development. The correct custom software development company will help you save time.

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BluCactus - Woman sitting on a calendar and keeping an eye on the time

A Business Software Development Company Makes Your Team More Efficient

Your time is priceless, and the time of your clients is even more valuable. Custom software development will help your service become highly efficient.

To elaborate on this idea, if you have a small business that’s struggling to address the needs of its customers, you can use custom software to help. This would make the customer experience positive and help your small business become more efficient.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

As a professional business owner, you must be aware what the competition is doing. You can use custom software to stay ahead of them and identify opportunities they miss.

Invest in a custom software solution. Save your time and hard work for providing better products and better service.

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Enterprise Software Development Firm

Custom software development will let you know how your sales work. You will be able to know what channels you should consider in order to increase your profits and have the necessary information to know what your customers think about your brand.

BluCactus will help you be productive, furthering the growth of your company. With BluCactus’ custom software development, you will be able to improve your business development so your company will expand effectively through better business decisions.

The Types of Software Development

BluCactus has a well-prepared and expert team who is familiar with all types of software development. We will develop modern, functional software for your company and become the professional business software development company you can rely on.

What is BluCactus Enterprise Software Development Company in US able to do for your business? 

Here is what we are proficient in:

Web Development

Hidden behind the pages of any website are  series of diverse coding symbols. The order of these complex characters is the core of web developing, and it marks the difference between a functional page and a nonfunctional one.

Our development agency uses integrated analytical tools to build a website. The websites developed by BluCactus are easily browsed and managed.

BluCactus - 3 Web Developers creating a web page
BluCactus - Laptop with all Web Tools floating around

Thorough Website Testing

Our website developers use all-new website technology tools such as Application Programming Interfaces, better known as APIs. They all allow your business website to take advantage of the newest features and give it the most valuable traits.

BluCactus will structure a stunning and catchy website to capture the attention of your clients. When they browse your website, they won’t want to leave; they’ll want to find out more about your site. This will inspire them to take action and become clients.

We will conduct functional testing, integration testing and security testing on your website before we deliver it to you. Through this method, we will make sure that your website’s system is precise and secure.

Mobile Development

Consider building an app for your company so customers can access it through their smartphones. Our developers will help create custom apps for your company on all mobile operating systems. Apple’s iOS, Android devices and Windows 10, custom software development can inspire users to navigate the interface and, by doing so, become interested in your business. The apps we make will be scalable in terms of functionality and number of concurrent users.

BluCactus - Futuristic mobile app
BluCactus - Shiny WordPress Logo and symbols

WordPress Development

Online, WordPress has become a more acknowledged and well-reputed software for web development. Business owners trust WordPress features because it provides them with many tools for their sites, and it’s useful for all kinds of industries.

If you want to create a blog, website, e-commerce site or corporate site, BluCactus can do it for you in WordPress. We have considerable experience with it, so we’ll be able to set your business’s website up for success.

Endless Ideas

With access to the latest software, BluCactus’ software developers will create the perfect WordPress website for you. We’ll use effective strategies and endless ideas to make your website attention-grabbing and efficient so you can achieve your marketing goals with ease.

BluCactus - Computer screen with WordPress application open and Yoast SEO plugin
BluCactus - 3 Software Engineers downloading data from Cloud Server to Laptop

Data Analysis

You need to know about data in order to run a successful website. Simply put, data is information a computer can interpret and when it gets analyzed, it becomes a powerful tool. When you work with the information data provides, you’ll be able to avoid problems and increase your profits.

BluCactus Enterprise Software Development Company Delivers Solutions

Our team approaches problems and finds solutions through strategic plans based on the size, type and location of your company. Our extensive international experience qualifies us to provide your organization with the precise data your business requires to continue growing. Our team of expert analysis specialists will give you customized help so you can make excellent business decisions.

BluCactus - 3 Data Analysts examining details from data
BluCactus - Software Developer with a beard viewing his 2 desktop machine, while his Laptop is idel

Desktop Development

Our software developers work effectively in desktop development. When you have the benefits of custom software development and an easy-to-use interface, you can effortlessly accomplish your tasks and achieve your goals.

Our team spares no efforts supplying innovative custom desktop solutions. BluCactus’ desktop development technology functions in most popular operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux.

Software Tools Development

Software application development will allow you to test the software’s source code. This coding language is used when building your website, which authorizes you to change it for further updating.

Our highly skilled team will provide you with the necessary structured software to do this.

BluCactus - Software Developer programming in C++ and PHP
BluCactus - Laptop connecting to database in Server room

Back-End and Front-End Development

Any website’s back end must include a server, a database and an application.

BluCactus has evolving solutions for the backend of your website. Our experienced developers will use programming services and their knowledge of the market to meet your needs. We can also create various applications and plug-ins to make the frontend of your website appealing and engaging.

Database Features

We can help you use databases, interpret server programming languages, build your business’ software and organize website layouts.

Additionally, we can assist you with enterprise resource planning, document management software, content management system, e-commerce services and customer relationship management.

We have all the tools and software to help your sales department handle all your customers.

BluCactus - Circles spinning around a huge database
BluCactus - Software Engineer doing Firmware update

Embedded Development

Everything in your business must connect to the internet. Your business needs embedded software development so you can avoid troubling issues. This type of development is specialized in managing different coding languages.

Here at BluCactus, we will provide you with proven project management processes.

Custom Embedded Software

Here at BluCactus, we create coding series and evaluate them. We also build concrete embedded software. Your software will work with Android, Linux, RTOS and other operating systems.

When we set up your custom embedded software development system – which includes integrating, programming and optimizing firmware for microcontrollers and processors – we will be considering the needs of your business every step of the way to give you high quality results.

BluCactus - Software Engineer in front of transparent computer screen
BluCactus - A hacker trying to steal data from a database

Security Software Development

Developing security software is essential. Hackers can cause damage and steal information from the database using advanced tactics. It’s crucial that you use this particular type of software development so you can protect the privacy and money of your company and clients.

Cyber Security Development Team

Our cyber security team develops powerful software to keep your valuable data away from theft, hacking and viruses. We use a custom test processes to identify the vulnerabilities of your software.

To emphasize, BluCactus adopts an integrated method. This method includes risk assessment and provides a long-term maintenance operation to assure confidentiality. We also consider these aspects when we’re designing your website to ensure there are no vulnerable aspects.

BluCactus - 2 Security admins are protecting the secure data of BluCactus
BluCactus - Software Engineer programming data in the cloud

Cloud Computing Development Services

Cloud computing technology has introduced great advantages for private users and professionals. It’s a highly beneficial tool for accessing and storing information, especially as the cloud increases in size.

Here at BluCactus, we use a cloud development platform that covers all the needs of a project’s development.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a technology that offers data storage services through the internet. For instance, people can use Google Cloud to store data that was on their browsers on its servers instead. They can use it for free or by paying – it depends on the type of service they need.

Cloud Computing Features

Using cloud computing gives you and your company many advantages. There’s no need to worry about server renewals, software updates or keeping server infrastructure on site. Other advantages include:

  • Access to information and services from anywhere.
  • Free and paid services according to the user’s needs.
  • Easy company growth.

Graphics Development

BluCactus’ graphic development service will take charge of all the graphics you need for positioning and defining your brand including visual marketing, images, logos and design spots.

All these elements are critical to introducing yourself to the public and helping your brand present itself to your potential customers. Good graphic design defines your objectives. This will help you build a long-term relationship with your clients.

BluCactus - 2 Analysts analyzing the trend of the business
BluCactus - 4 arms reaching out to a computer ticking off a TODO list

When you need custom software development, you also need reliable team to brainstorm ideas and discuss things with so you can get the best output that will propel your company towards success.

We have an independent team to give you the best results. BluCactus’ graphics software development helps you company move ahead in any competitive market.

Our Consulting Software Development Services

With help from us at BluCactus, you’ll be able to deliver data management and analytics solutions that enable people to become more productive – and you’ll also dazzle your customers.
BluCactus Enterprise Software Development Company US will do our best to give you the finest guidance and excellent software development strategies to help you achieve your goals. When you use the strategies we give you, you’ll get to where you want to be in your industry.

BluCactus - Business Analyst listening to client about their software problem

BluCactus IT Software Development Company Listens To You

Here at BluCactus, we have a plan designed to help you.

It includes following specific requirements, fixing previous errors, answering your questions and developing a testing plan. We guide you through all of this step by step as we start from scratch to ensure quality. This thorough development helps you get exactly what your business needs.

BluCactus’ team will listen carefully to your software problems and find the perfect solution. This will help you overcome them, and your company will start getting results.

Software Development Plan

If you already have a software system, we can also help you find and fix any issues in it by proposing solutions. We’ll give you a software development plan that will guarantee a fully functioning, integrated process that’ll help you accomplish your work. You’ll have what you need to track your progress, efficiently manage your schedule and discover mistakes and correct them.

BluCactus - 3 Software Developers in front of a computer looking for the bug with a magnifier glass

BluCactus - Onshore Development team is close to all resources

Onshore Software Development Company in US

At BluCactus, we offer onshore and offshore software development services (also known as onsite or offsite models). Both of these are great options to help you develop successful and effective software products.

Our onshore software development service is located in Dallas, Texas, United States while our nearshore software development service is located in Monterrey, Mexico, just two hours by car from the United States Texas border. Our midshore option – which exists between onshore and offshore – is located in Cairo, Egypt.

Cairo has a seven-hour time difference with North America, so a lot of overlap is required to work together. The offshore choice and the most cost-effective option is located in Mumbai, India.

What is Onshore?

Hiring onshore means that a company will hire another company or team that works in the same country. The main advantage of outsourcing services within the same “shore” is communication; there’s no need for a troublesome language barrier. It’s also much easier for the provider to integrate into the client’s work routines.

In general, hiring onshore is most successful option for organizations that have stringent legal requirements. The regulations for the protection of intellectual property vary depending on the country. Using an onshore provider ensures client work is within the same legislative framework.

Offshore Software Development Company

The technology for working remotely has improved over the years as high-quality software continues to be developed. As such, the usage of the offshore option has been increasing in recent years.

What is Offshore?

Offshoring means prioritizing cost reduction and choosing companies located in economically affordable regions – for instance, we have an offshore located in India. However, the reduction in contracting costs will be accompanied by an increase in investment in project management.

Unlike hiring onshore, outsourcing services to foreign companies means dealing with language barriers. This, of course, makes work happen much slower, and time differences are another issue to overcome. Generally, hiring offshore means communication is going to be very difficult – so that means it’s even more necessary to have good management between teams.

BluCactus - Offshore Development Team has challenges with timezone and communication
BluCactus - Nearshore Development Team is close and cost effective

Nearshore Software Development Company

Nearshore is the most popular software development outsourcing option today. The main reason is because it combines the best of offshore and onshore. It represents the association with a foreign company located in a nearby country (in the same or similar time zone). In-person communication, cultural understanding and relationship-building are enhanced. Traveling to visit the team is cheaper and faster, so collaboration is easy to achieve.

Using a nearshore team means it’s effortless to find well-qualified teams, and it also means a reduction in costs compared to a national supplier. Nearshore will give you endless possibilities.

BluCactus - Why should you contact us for Software Development?

Why You Should Work With Us

Our team of professionals seek to help your business finds the success that it needs. Our objective isn’t just finishing the work, it’s making your company grow effectively.

Certainly, the core of our organization is offering the best enterprise software development services and giving you the best tools to achieve your goals.Our developers are masters of their craft. And they strive to create the best custom software development so you’ll have the best possible start.