How To Start A Fashion Blog And Make Money Online

Blucactus - How To Start A Fashion Blog And Make Money Online

How To Start A Fashion Blog And Make Money Online. Do you want to start a successful fashion blog and make money online? Are you interested in sharing your fashion tips and tricks with others on the web? If your answer to the above questions is yes, then we have got you covered. 


In this blog post, you’ll come across how to start a fashion blog from scratch and make money online from any part of the world. Fashion is a billion-dollar industry, and if you start a fashion blog, it would surely help you in earning money. 


Wondering how?


Keep reading this blog post till the end and discover how to start a fashion blog that generates $1000 every month in passive. 


Why should you start a fashion blog?


Blucactus-Why-should-you-start-a-fashion-blogThere are so many good reasons to start a fashion. If you are already working in the fashion and lifestyle industry, starting a fashion blog would help you in increasing your authority and credibility. 


Of course, you can also make money online by starting a fashion blog in 2021 and beyond. 


Apart from this, if you are running a fashion business or a store, a blog will also help you in increasing your sales and conversion. Apart from this, a fashion blog will also help you with SEO, bringing in more traffic and improving the rankings of your website. 


You can also connect with like-minded people, and make new connections with the help of your fashion blog. 


So without wasting much of your time, let’s get started.


How to start a fashion blog from scratch?


1. Get a domain name


Blucactus-1-Get-a-domain-nameFirst things first, you need to get a domain name for starting a fashion blog in 2021. A good and reputable domain name would help you in creating your brand in the online world. 


Think of a domain as a business name. It should be simple, easy to remember, and SEO-friendly as well. A SEO-friendly domain name is the one that has the keyword of your niche in it.


For example, 


If you are starting a fashion blog, then your domain name must have a world fashion in it. This would surely help you with SEO and increase your website ranking in a quick time. 


You can get a domain name at GoDaddy or Namecheap. 


2. Get hosting


Blucactus-2-Get-hostingNow here comes the most important part of your fashion blog, which is selecting good web hosting. We can’t stress enough the importance of selecting a good hosting for your blog. Web hosting is something that helps you in improving the speed of your website. And website speed is the ranking factor on Google


There are a lot of cheap hostings available in marketing, but we will recommend you to go with the best hosting. You can opt for Bluehost or SiteGround. 


If you are looking for more speed and uptime for your fashion blog, then go with managed WordPress hosting or Cloud hosting like Cloudways. 


Both are the top-rated hosting companies in the world. 


Once you have bought the domain and hosting, it is now time to get started with WordPress and install all the relevant plugins and tools that will help you in scaling your blog.


Following are the tools that you’ll need to launch your fashion blog in 2021:


  • SEMrush


Blucactus-semrushSEMrush is a top-rated SEO tool in the market. It is a 360-degree tool that will help you with every task related to SEO. From on-page to off-page and technical SEO, SEMrush has got your back. 


It is a premium tool but trusts us, it would be worth every penny that you spend on this tool. We are using this tool for keyword research and auditing the website. 


Also, the technical SEO aspect is well covered with the help of this tool. 


  • Yoast


Blucactus-YoastThe next in this list is the Yoast SEO plugin. It is a free tool that you can use to level up the on-page SEO game of your blog. It will help you in creating SEO-friendly titles, meta, and other relevant tags for your blog. 


Apart from this, it will also help you in creating sitemap and Robots.txt files for your site. 


There is also a premium version of Yoast SEO which you can use to scale your efforts to a new level.


  • Google Analytics 


Blucactus-Google-AnalyticsHow will you come to know how much traffic your website is getting? Google Analytics will help you with it. It is a free analytics tool that will help you in getting all the relevant statistics regarding your website. 


Google Analytics will give you a complete overview of how much traffic your site is getting, demographics of the users, content flow, bounce rate, average time spent on the site, and so on. 


You can get all these valuable insights and information and strategically use them to scale your fashion blog in 2021. 


  • Search console 


Blucactus-Search-consoleHow To Start A Fashion Blog And Make Money Online.


Next to Google Analytics, Google search console is yet another free tool offered by Google that will help you with the technical part of your website. 


This is the tool where you need to submit your sitemap for better crawling and indexing. 




3. Essential things for starting a blog


Blucactus-3-Essential-things-for-starting-a-blogThe next important step is designing your blog. Web design is what makes or breaks a blog’s success. If you focus on getting a clean, simple, and professional-looking blog design, you’ll be able to create a successful fashion blog in the future. 


If you don’t focus on your web design aspect, you’ll regret it later. To give the best experience to your blog readers, you must focus on blog design and decorating. 


This is where WordPress themes come into the picture. 


We recommend the Genesis or Generatepress themes for your blog as they are not only used and recommended by thousands of bloggers, but they are search engine friendly as well. Also, they are highly mobile responsive which will help you in ranking well on mobile searchers as well. 


So, make sure that you use any of these two WordPress themes. 


Apart from this, don’t simply make blog posts that don’t enhance your crowd. Define who you are targeting. And afterward, track down the most well-known topics in the fashion business to make first-rate content. 


On the off chance that you make content that gets more likes, shares, and connections, you will get a ton of traffic from web search tools, and you ought to monetize your blogging endeavors rapidly. 


You can discover better topic ideas for your fashion blogs by perusing sites like Buzzsumo, Topsy, and so forth. Simply enter any of the keywords you need to target and track down every one of the top posts that get more likes and shares. 


Make far better substance around it to draw in more consideration from your industry.


4. Create social media profiles


Blucactus-4-Create-social-media-profilesImmediately after setting up your fashion blog, set up social media links on every one of the significant sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and, all the more critically, Pinterest


Attempt to get the same profile name as your blog’s domain name. That way, you will get greater shares and links from the web crawlers to your domain. 


Try to consistently publish your most recent posts to these social media profiles immediately after publishing them on your sites.


5. Create a list of top blogs


Blucactus-5-Create-a-list-of-top-blogsYou need to network with different bloggers assuming you need to promote your blog-related items well. Without elevating and becoming acquainted with different bloggers in your fashion industry, you will rarely succeed. 


So try to create a list of the relative multitude of compelling bloggers in your industry and follow them on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to reach out to them. 


Go to their live courses or webinars to reach out to them. Then, at that point, gradually and consistently sharpen your associations with them, regularly reach them through messages. 


Also, link out to their posts from your blogs and let them know about it through messages when you post something helpful for your blog crowd, email outreach to every blogger in your contact list, and ask them for a tweet or link. 


They will link or share on the off chance that they truly like your stuff. So blogger outreach is the way to get more exposure for your blog posts. Try not to pass up a great opportunity with this, assuming you need to construct a fashion blog effectively from scratch.


6. Generate revenue from fashion blog


Blucactus-6-Generate-revenue-from-fashion-blogThe last part about making a successful blog with no preparation is to finally make money from it. Keep in mind, making money from a blog isn’t hard in case you are consistently working towards making phenomenal content and promoting the right products to your crowd. 


We would suggest you discover and make a list of the top-rated products you need to promote through your blog before you even launch your blog. That will give you a reasonable idea about what to compose and how to promote the right products identifying with the fashion business to expand your site sales. 


Here are a couple of tips to make money from fashion blogs: 


When you set up your blog and get some traction, you can dispatch a podcast or video series to get more purchasers who are keen on buying products from you. 


You can take a stab at selling eBooks identified with fashion blogging or turn into a fashion industry consultant to make money out of your blogging efforts. 


You can discover and use the best-performing affiliate programs to make passive income from your blogs. 


Make a list of all the affiliate products your competitors are promoting, then choose the best products to promote from your blog.


7. How to make money from a fashion blog


  • Affiliate marketing


Blucactus-7-How-to-make-money-from-a-fashion-blogExtraordinary compared to other approaches to earn automated revenue from writing for a blog is affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing is an exhibition-based monetization technique, which implies you possibly get paid when your limited-time endeavors bring about a sale. To lay it out simply, at whatever point somebody buys an affiliate product using your affiliate referral link, you earn a commission. 


Fortunately, affiliate marketing is growing quickly, which is good news. 


  • Paid reviews, Start A Fashion Blog And Make Money


Lifestyle and fashion bloggers collaborate with different brands to make money. It can likewise be paid sponsorships, promoting other design brands, or way of life products where they advance brands in return for money. Brands improve their visibility and awareness on the web, while style and fashion bloggers make money. So it’s a win/win approach. 


  • Sell your products


In case you’re creating a ton of guests for your site and have a massive email rundown or supporters on social media, you can sell your products. Branding is the key here. Your products ought to be relevant to your intended interest group and set the right price, assuming you need to transform your site guests into customers. 


  • Ad networks, Start A Fashion Blog And Make Money


Blucactus-7-How-to-make-money-from-a-fashion-blog-2This is one of the normal approaches to make money from style web journals as you can use a ton of show ads, for example, Adsense.


The way to get more cash from show ad networks is that you need to draw in massive web crawler traffic so you can produce decent pay each month.


Yet, it will hurt your readership over the long haul, so think about better alternatives in case you’re running a design blog.


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