How to start a lifestyle Instagram account?

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How to start a lifestyle Instagram account? Social media became an extension of our lives. This is where we post more about what happens in our day to day, our achievements, what we do frequently, and what we yearn to do.


Fashion and lifestyle influencers’ Instagram accounts have become much more popular in recent years. We left bloggers behind and now have a more direct and intimate perspective with women and men talking about what they do, the clothes they wear, and the best advice for you.


If you are here, it’s because you’re interested in becoming a lifestyle and fashion influencer. For this, we will give you some tips that will help you achieve it in a very short time and with minimal knowledge.


  • Pick a niche that fits you


BluCactus - How to start a lifestyle Instagram account? - important dataFor an Instagram account to be successful, you must focus on a community with similar needs and desires.


In other words, you must find those people whose needs have been ignored, better known as a niche. Once you do, your goal must be to fulfil and meet them.


Because of this, you must meet these people, and you can do so through a group with which you identify with or are passionate about the meeting.


For example, tourists, low-budget fashionistas, or lovers of minimalist remodelling. In this way you will get followers who love your publications, are loyal to you, and allow you to grow quickly.


Also, take advantage of it and learn How to See Someone’s Likes on Instagram (In Secret!)


  • Create an impactful name


BluCactus - How to start a lifestyle Instagram account? - important dataThe name is everything, don’t be afraid to play with interesting and bold words that allow you to stand out.


Of course, this name must relate to what you do or represent.


Otherwise, it could be very confusing.


It must also be something easy to remember and with a good hook to attract all the people that you consider ideal for your account.



  • BluCactus - important informationCaption’s worth reading, How to start a lifestyle Instagram account? 


The captions, or copy, are the relevant factor of everything.


Not all you need it’s a beautiful photo and a good aesthetic, it is also important that you have something valuable to say and relevant to the community you are targeting.


Ideally, your caption should be inspiring, brave, and a little funny if possible. Also, it shouldn’t be too long because it could make people not want to keep reading.


  • Public constantly but without tormenting anyone


BluCactus - important informationPublishing in social media is a constant and peaceful task, one you will not grow overnight.


However, you must do it often to keep your audience up to date with your business.


This way you can start to gain more followers little by little.


Nonetheless, don’t forget that people can also feel suffocated if they only see photos of you on their feeds. Give them space to care about you and what you do.



  • BluCactus - important informationUse hashtags


Infallible strategy for the growth of any social media accounts today.


Hashtags are a characteristic element of Instagram and you should use them wisely for your posts.


Some research claims that 3-5 hashtags per post are better.


That’s why it’s best not to overload your captions with so many hashtags. A tip that some micro-influencer use is to include hashtags in the first comment. This way, they have more space to use and without disturbing the readers within the caption.


  • Interact with your users, How to start a lifestyle Instagram account? 


BluCactus - How to start a lifestyle Instagram account? - important dataTalk to your audience, ask them what they want to see and what they want to know about you.


Social media is characterized by the feedback and connections that you can create between people.


Don’t forget to answer their comments, thank them and be kind to all of them.


Ask their opinion and they will feel very taken into account.



  • BluCactus - How to start a lifestyle Instagram account? - important dataCreate alliances with other influencers


The best thing about social media is that many are trying to grow and connect.


As the saying goes, “together we are more” and this is not an exception for networks.


Seek influencers within your same audience, with similar followers, to make alliances where both benefit and have fun.


Make contacts, join forces, and beat everyone.


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