Fashion marketing and storytelling: Do they go together?

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Fashion marketing and storytelling: Do they go together? Everyone has a story to tell, including a business, a business owner, or even a fashion product. However, telling a story needs a lot of magic to really connect with the client. This is when storytelling marketing enters the picture.


Today, we will explain what this is about and show you some examples and details. This way, you will learn to tell each story correctly and connect with your clients.


What is storytelling in fashion?


BluCactus - storytelling work in fashion - dataIt’s impossible to not be linked to any story during our daily life. However, if you have a business related to the world of fashion, how do you tell the story of your brand? This can be easier than you think as long your take storytelling into account.


This concept refers to the strategies that must be carried out to tell a story correctly. In the case of fashion, the idea is that the story told highlights the values ​​of the brand, and of course, of the clothing (the product) that is for sale.


Therefore, the story must convey emotions and have a meaningful ending to achieve greater interactivity. To use storytelling, not only is a textual language used, since auditory, visual, olfactory, and even graphic language is also of great help.


In the same way, this strategy is based on the plausible, that is, on that appearance of the true, even if it is not real. Consequently, the story is accepted and understood by its target audience. When this happens, the mind of the audience will automatically be able to quickly identify you from other brands, increasing loyalty.


How to carry out storytelling in your fashion business?


BluCactus - storytelling work in fashion - dataIf you run a fashion business, chances are you sell clothing or accessories.


Because of this, you must understand that the fashion world goes beyond selling a product.


Once you create a marketing plan for your fashion brand, you must apply storytelling ideas.


Here, you must focus on selling illusions, feelings, and experiences.


BluCactus - storytelling work in fashion - data

Only in this way will you get to your client’s hearts.


These are some storytelling examples from fashion brands that managed to transform their messages.


  • Pandora
  • Chanel
  • Ralph Lauren
  • GAP
  • Unequal
  • Stella McCartney
  • Nike


What’s the goal of storytelling?


BluCactus - storytelling work in fashion - dataEasy, it’s all about publicizing your brand or clothing just like the competition does. However, here’s where you must find that “something” that makes you stand out. So, to explain your story, you can start by using a different perspective. This way, the audience will be more interested in knowing your brand. Most people like to know what’s behind the scenes, so a good idea can be to show them your clothes’ creation process.


In the same way, awakening a customer’s sensations is a great advantage. After all, thanks to this, they will feel like they’re part of your brand by wearing any of your pieces. On the other hand, telling the story of your fashion business isn’t a hard process. Nonetheless, you must define and establish all your ideas to do so.


What do you want to convey? The message you want to send through fashion brand storytelling should include what your target audience wants to hear from your brand or brand collections.


Among the fashion storytelling examples, we can mention the following: a certain store is recognized by its audience exclusively for its classic style, but in its message, it mentions “we have a collection based on a totally informal style”.


As you can see, in this message, the initial philosophy of the given brand changes. So, in order not to confuse the public, your clothing store storytelling campaigns should focus on the true story of the brand. Therefore, if your store sells a classic style, the message must be framed in traditional collections.


How should you carry out storytelling?


BluCactus - storytelling work in fashion - dataTo tell the truth, there is variety in the history of a clothing brand, as we have shown you before.


However, one of the most obvious is Nike.


This clothing and accessories brand, to use the storytelling strategy, has used Michael Jordan since the 90s as a hero character to tell stories that manage to attract their audience without much effort.


Like Nike, other big-name brands have used this strategy to achieve notoriety.


BluCactus - important dataSo, if you want your fashion brand to be successful, these storytelling keys will be very useful:


  • The content offered must focus on human development.
  • Sincerity is an element that must not be left out.
  • Must be aware of whether the text is interesting to read. Would you read it?
  • You have to connect with the audience to bring out their emotions through your brand.
  • Focus on telling short stories.
  • Include the wow factor.
  • Sometimes you need to tell stories, including characters or heroes who tell the story of your business or products and share their personal experiences.


Once you discover the human factor that you can convey with your fashion brand, you can think about how your business and clients can tell a story that really connects on an emotional level. To do this, you must also think about how your business or the products you have for sale, in this case, clothes, can change people’s lives.


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