Marketing Strategies for Fashion Brands

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There are many fashion brands that have created trends and greatly impacted the market. Do you know why and how to design the best marketing plan? Keep reading and discover everything you need to know about marketing strategies for fashion brands.


How to create a Fashion Brand?


When developing a brand, there are various factors that you have to consider. We’re going to explain them one by one in the following next.

1.- Programming

When structuring a project, you just define the following elements:

  • Opportunities
  • Market spaces
  • Resources

Afterward, you can establish a series of steps in order to fulfill the idea’s execution. You must follow a program that will guide you in accomplishing the established goals.

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It’s also important to specify the company’s values and identity. What do you want to accomplish?


What do you want to convey? To clarify, these are two key questions that you must answer before proceeding. 


Furthermore, it’s important to design a plan that can be modified and adjusted to the different changes that your company can experience as it grows.


2.- Marketing strategies for Fashion Brands, Design

The design of the product is a very important part of fashion marketing.


Equally important, it will be developed by a professional designer in accordance with the brand’s identity. Each product must follow the company’s identity and feature its logo. Companies must design unique and attractive images that are eye-catching and appealing. 

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Originality and creativity are the two most important factors that are needed to distinguish your brand in the competitive world of fashion.


3.- Marketing strategies for Fashion Brands, Market

By defining the number of persons interested in the product you can understand the market’s needs and interest and offer the products that truly appeal to them.


Likewise, it’s necessary to fulfill the requirements that your target audience is looking for in your product.

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4.- Time

It’s important to be patient and wait for the brand to reach your target audience and gain followers.


There must be a waiting time to start with the level of scope and trajectory that the article of clothing is taking to be of greater visual appeal.


The fashion industry is unpredictable so you have to be prepared to adapt your strategy to the changes that appear as the company develops. 


¿How to develop a business plan for a fashion brand?


When building your sales strategy you must focus on the following variables during the execution:


1.- Marketing strategies for Fashion Brands, Location

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Choose the right place for what you want to sell. You must keep in mind the quality of the merchandise.


What design should it have? What will be the size? By answering these questions you will know the right place.


You can also make a plan to sell by electronic stores. This is advantageous to reach a virtual market connected to the Internet. Thus you expand the target audience and increase the number of potential customers.


2.- Marketing strategies for Fashion Brands, Catalog


The business has to establish the rules in terms of the guarantee, payment, and reimbursements.

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By the same token, you should also define if you will only sell locally or if you will import your merchandise. After defining these factors you will have the most important guidelines for the fashion industry. 


In addition, you can build upon your relationship with the clients through a CRM that manages personalized feedback.


Each interaction with your client should make your relationship stronger and make the customer network grow.

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3.- Resources

When defining your resources you can also expand your business’ position and increase your visibility.


However, you have to determine the idea’s viability and take into account your product’s weaknesses and strengths.


On the other hand, consider the competencies and fashion trends that are developed day by day and can be limiting for your impulse in the business idea.

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4.- Marketing

In other words, the marketing structure will help you reach your target audience in order to generate enthusiasm for your brand and to have more recognition.


Your goal is to capture the clients’ attention and make them develop a relationship with your brand, and that they choose it between the other brands.


¿How to use social media marketing in fashion brands?

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When developing a strategy for online marketing, a fashion brand has to use the best tools. For example:


SEO (search engine optimization)


Search engine optimization, better known as SEO, increases organic traffic by improving your website’s search engine positioning.


Contracting a professional SEO company might be a good option to attract website visitors. In addition to search engine positioning services, you can use different social media marketing alternatives like: 


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Marketing strategies for Fashion Brands, Blogs


If you already have a website, you can add a blog in order to create related content.  In fact, this will generate traffic and inform your clients about the best qualities of your product. 


Furthermore, this will keep you informed and arguing the functionalities of your products and why they will be the best choice for the audience or audience you have.

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Marketing strategies for Fashion Brands, Social platforms


When promoting your fashion business, it’s important to properly program social media usage in order to reach your clients.


Similarly, you must generate constant feedback with potential buyers and promote their participation with ideas or questions regarding your products.


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for fashion brands - email arriving in the computer with flowers on the backgroundEmail advertisement


Using personalized email marketing will create direct contact with each potential client.


You can further closeness with each client or potential client in order to solve their doubts and push them to become clients or buy more products.


Newsletters are also a great tool in order to keep your audience informed of your business’s new products or offers. 

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Paid advertisement


You can reach your target audience and convert them to customers through advertisements on social media like Facebook or Instagram.


You can organize different guidelines to increase visibility and gain a larger audience.

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Marketing strategies for Fashion Brands, Brochures


This alternative informs your audience through print material about your various products or your brand’s values.


The advantage of professional brochure design to make a presentation to potential clients of the novelties in the different beauty items that are found or that they have.

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You can use billboards to reach strategic locations in the determined city. Comparatively, it depends on your target audience and your product.


Moreover, this marketing tool is designed to attract clients in streets, avenues or malls.

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Publicity and radio and TV


Mass media can be used to reach a local or international audience with advertisements. 


Through two types of conventional media such as radio or TV.


It is possible to get in touch with a target audience interested in consuming your clothing brand through audible and visual communication tools.


What are the main benefits of fashion marketing?


Some of the main benefits in the creation of marketing brand are:

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Marketing strategies for Fashion Brands, Team building


Using clothing featuring the company’s logo creates a sense of belonging to the employees. It can also help convey a sense of unity to the clients.


Thus you accentuate the sense of belonging to the company and transmit your identity to your employees. In this way, you transmit to the different clients an image or sense of unity.

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Build the business’ positioning


Consumers associate big corporations with efficiency and reliability. This builds your company’s brand and trustworthiness.


Consistency and positive experience help your company improve its reputation and increase its reach in the market. Happy customers will recommend your brand.


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for fashion brands - girl doing her makeup with a palette in his handMarketing strategies for Fashion Brands, Create a corporate culture


It is important to note that the use of various outfits within the company allows you to choose which clothes to wear?


What is the ideal moment? In this way, you can create a culture in the use of clothing.


It will also be easier to link the use of the wardrobe with a particular fashion season, where you want to highlight some quality that is attractive to the product.


Marketing strategies for Fashion Brands, Build loyalty


When you offer your customers positive experiences you will be able to capture their attention and turn them into ambassadors that will expand your brand’s reach.


What are the most popular fashion brands in the world?


The following are some of the fashion brands that have caused an impact on the history of fashion:

BluCactus - Marketing strategies for fashion brands - Zara store


Created in 1963 by Amancio Ortega, who opened his own business in Spain.


It is one of the first stores created that began selling worldwide which determined its positioning and reach in the globe.


The income received by the different purchases in clothes influenced the solidity and expansion of the chain of stores independently of the geographical location.


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for fashion brands - H&M storeMarketing strategies for Fashion Brands, H&M

This company originated in 1947 in the town of Västeras, in Sweden. It’s represented by a set of stores distributed worldwide.


It has varied collections for men and women that have given them revenues of millions of dollars.


Alongside this, it has creations of renowned designers like Lanvin, Lagerfeld, Isabel Marant, Sonia Rykiel, Comme des Garçons, Matthew Williamson and Marni.

BluCactus - Marketing strategies for fashion brands - nike store


Marketing strategies for Fashion Brands, Nike

It is a successful brand and distinguished by the quality of its main products:

  • Sports shoes and sportswear.

In addition, the Nike brand is characterized by sponsoring various famous athletes. 


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for fashion brands - louis vuitton high fashion brand

Marketing strategies for Fashion Brands, Louis Vuitton

A French company that originated in 1821. It’s considered a brand of luxury and elegance.


Its creation leans towards designs with tan, beige and brown tones. Its expensiveness gives exclusivity to the designs.


In addition, the confection in the beauty articles is models and icons for different famous artists who feel comfortable with the garments and are potential buyers.


 Do you need help in marketing for a fashion brand?


Marketing strategies for Fashion Brands. BluCactus has all the tools that you need to begin a fashion business or a project involving clothing. We can help you in developing the correct plan in order to design the best clothing for your brand.


We have the best specialists in marketing to guide you through the process. Contact us today and learn more about our services. BluCactus specializes in helping businesses of all types reach their marketing goals.


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