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There are several important elements in successful website designYou may ask, is it actually important for your business to have a well-designed website? The answer is always yes. Your website is an integral aspect of your business that is going to have a real effect on your sales and profits. Businesses with attractive, professional-looking websites make a better impression on their prospective clients. In the digital age, the website is the true gateway to your company. Therefore, we will show you below the most important elements that are always present in successful website designs.


An efficiently built website will get more traffic and visitors and will give you a higher conversion rate. This way you can increase your cash flow effectively. So, how does your website impact the success of your business? There are many ways that a well-designed website can influence potential clients.


The best websites are those that attract their target customer and inspire them to hire their services or buy their product. There are five aspects of web design that every entrepreneur must take into account. These are the core elements of successful website design.


The navigation


All you need to create a successful website design | BluCactus AgencyThe most important element of a website is navigation. A website fails or succeeds depending on its navigation. This is especially important for large websites that have a wide variety of content and web pages.


The navigation of a website usually includes a navigation bar. In addition, navigation bars usually have a list of categories that set apart the different pages of the website.


Good navigation should be easy to find and understand. The best sites are easily and quickly navigable. Thus, when designing navigation, web designers should focus on creating eye-catching and accessible sites.


This way they can reach more potential clients. That’s why navigation is one of the most important elements in successful website design.


  • Consistency for the brand


All you need to create a successful website design | BluCactus AgencyIf your company has a specific logo and design style, it should be present on your website. Consistency is a powerful tool in branding


The logothe colors, and the rest of the characteristics of the brand must be used in the web design. Your clients must distinguish your brand and recognize it in all the forms of communication you have with them.


Your website is one of the best ways to communicate with your customers, so it should be a positive representation of your brand.


Turning your website into powerful support for your branding is another important element in successful website design.



  • SEO positioning and easy reading


All you need to create a successful website design | BluCactus AgencyMost people prefer to read a website in the same way that they read a book. That is, they want to read a website from top to bottom and from left to right. Web designers must consider this when designing a website. Many designers make sure to start with the most important information in the upper left. This way, you will ensure that the first thing your visitors read is the most important information.


Thus, you will have an efficient and easy-to-read website. Additionally, positioning the most important information in this way improves your SEO positioning. SEO stands for search engine optimization and improves the position of your website in Google Search rankings and other web search applications.


When you include your company’s keywords in the text and give them relevance, Google or Bing web crawlers can catalog your website easier, thus improving your positioning and visibility. Among the many important elements in the design of successful websites, easy reading is one of the most relevant.


  • Content, Successful website design.


All you need to create a successful website design | BluCactus AgencyThe content of your website is important. When you have good content, you ensure that users stay longer on your website. You can also positively communicate the values ​​of your company and the offer you make to the customer. There are many key factors to consider when content creators work on a website.


Short but complete messages that have a familiar and friendly tone are needed. This way, you will make your website users more receptive to your message. If the text on the page is not well organized or the visual content is too crowded, it can be difficult for your clients to read it. If this happens you run the risk of losing their attention.


The web designer and the content creator must work together to provide the best possible experience. This content is an indispensable part of the design of successful websites.


  • Trust, Successful website design.


All you need to create a successful website design | BluCactus AgencyGaining the trust of your consumers is essential to being successful in your business. This is impossible if you don’t know what they want and what they value in a company. To better understand themonline marketing strategies can help to start a business with prospective clients and other potential customers.


Interactions with users can be used to find the elements that they identify positively in your new design. The design of your website is an important element to improve customer trust. Thanks to this trust, you can increase the conversion rate by digital means.


The internet can be impersonal for those who are used to doing business face to face. That’s why having a well-designed website is important. This way you can create an experience that is friendly and lets your clients know they can trust your company.


Web design is a great way to create a friendly environment that consumers can turn to. When a website is well designed, customers will return to it and continue to do business with your company. That is why trust is an underrated but highly relevant element of good business design.


  • Reliable web hosting.


All you need to create a successful website design | BluCactus AgencyWhen building your brand, you have to start with the right steps, conduct studies, and create a solid foundation that your customers can trust.


Although this point is more technical than sentimental, you must have a web hosting plan that meets each of your needs.


As time goes by you can change your web hosting plan, but you should initially choose a hosting platform that has customer service and is reliable.


With the help of customer service, you always have expert support if any of the services on your site do not work.



All you need to create a successful website design | BluCactus Agency


  • Well-designed websites, Successful website design.


At BluCactus we know what sets the best-designed websites apart. That’s why we can help you turn your website into a tool that will increase your customers and profits. Next, we will show you the six key elements of contemporary web design that we use for all our clients:


  • Good graphic design.


The word design refers to all the visual elements of your website. For example, the logo, the typography, the colors, the images, or the arrangement of the elements on the page.


A website should always be visually appealing.

  • The content, Successful website design.


The key to a website is to give users the content they are looking for. Your content should keep them on your site for as long as possible. So, for this, you must always strive to have the most engaging content possible. You should always answer the question “What can you offer me?” with a straightforward, satisfying answer that keeps the client from clicking the return button on their browser.


  • Navigation.


As mentioned previously, your website should be easy to navigate. It should be organized in such a way that the user quickly finds what they need. To achieve this, you must design a simple, streamlined navigation bar. It is also always a good idea to group pages of the same topic to facilitate navigation.


  • Unique Typography, Successful website design.


Many organizations have a very particular style of writing and typography. This includes the font sizes and font combinations they usually use to stand out from the competition. Fonts are very important when designing your website.


There are more and more new and better fonts to use but choosing a font family that aligns with the values ​​and personality of the company is critical.


Ideally, choose a font that is recognizable by all your consumers anywhere in the world. Although fonts have been taken as part of a brand’s style manual, today it’s one of the most important elements.


That’s why you must take typography into account so that your readers can identify you on each of your platforms.



  • Animations and movement.


All you need to create a successful website design | BluCactus AgencyEvery day animations become a more and more popular element of websites. These offer dynamism and a sense of fun. However, it’s important not to abuse them. The idea is that the animations don’t exceed 20% of the total graphics on the entire page.


This prevents readers from becoming distracted and avoids saturating the site.


  • The Call to Action, Successful website design.


The “Call to Action” is a key element of contemporary marketing. It consists of a specific sentence that calls visitors to act immediately and hire your services or buy your products. There is no one exact way that defines a good “Call to Action.”


Because of this, it’s important to test different combinations to see what works on your website and with your audience.


  • Floating effects.


All you need to create a successful website design | BluCactus AgencyHover effects or elements make it easy to identify each element or section within the page.


Once the cursor is hovering over some part of the website that is floating, it usually changes color or creates different reflections.


This way, your users will understand that they can get more information with a single click.


Effects are a great tool to help with the user experience since it isn’t intrusive, and it helps guide website visitors.


  • Responsive images, Successful website design.


Due to the constant change of technologies in the world, it is no longer only important to have large page backgrounds. Now it is also very important to have sensitive images.


Responsive images are those that fit any screen size, regardless of whether you are viewing the image from a desktop PC, tablet, or mobile device.


This means you can see the image clearly without having to scroll up and down and side to side.


Your website’s users will see the different images from any device and will get the same experience.



  • Buttons and icons.


To further enhance the user experience, use representative, practical buttons and large, eye-catching icons to make the page easier to navigate. Elements that aren’t really important, however, such as a clock, should not be made into buttons and icons. However, if your website needs them to improve the experience of its users, don’t hesitate to use them.


  • Sobriety, Successful website design.


A page must allow easy visualization of the contents (videos, images, texts). Saturating the netizen is counterproductive. If the information or content takes time to load, this can lead to one less visit and a potential client who didn’t know the offer.


All you need to create a successful website design | BluCactus Agency

  • The mobile website.


More and more people are using their smartphones to access the internet every day. Make sure your website is accessible from mobile devices. In this case, BluCactus can make the design easier for you to use.

  • Web security, Successful website design.


Whether you are going to sell products, services or want to have the data of the people who subscribe to send them your newsletters, you must guarantee security. Investing in web security is vital so that clients trust you and feel comfortable sharing their data with you.


Today, it’s much easier to get a variety of free SSL certificates for a website that is just starting out. Once your business begins to grow, however, you will need to contemplate new and better options for offering web security. But it’s important to start looking for ways to protect the information of your business and your followers from the very beginning.


Also, if you want to position yourself higher in search results and have an advantage over other web pages you have to take into account that Google gives priority to online sites that offer security to their readers.


  • Legal pages, Successful website design.


Every successful website must contain each of the legal pages or the laws that by legal provision must be in each site. These will be modified according to each country and its laws, but they shouldn’t be missing from the site. Also, privacy notices and terms of use are important for readers.


Here, you can make small announcements when entering the site or at the bottom of the page.


Having the necessary legal sections will prevent you from having problems with your potential clients.


Remember that the final goal is offering products or services and that you must make your visitors trust you. It doesn’t matter if many don’t read these pages and just click “accept,” it is essential that these pages are present on all websites.


  • A tool to know the website statistics, Successful website design.


All you need to create a successful website design | BluCactus AgencyThis is one of the most innovative and indispensable elements of any website. Thanks to various web analysis tools you can now know the statistics of your website, when traffic reaches your page, and the preferred content, among other statistics.


The arrival of new technologies now allows you to understand the behavior and tastes of your followers.


Using tools to measure statistics will force you to be more aware of the actions and campaigns that you create in the future with your pages, as well as the points to improve. This is a more technical but indispensable element. Google Analytics is the tool used the most by everyone, although it can be complex for people who know little about digital metrics. However, with a little practice, it is easy to learn.



  • Contact information, Successful website design.


Not everything is about being fun and creative in website design. Many of your clients may have different doubts about your products and services, which is why they will want to contact you as soon as possible.


This is where the contact information page comes in. When it comes to contact pages, you must make them in such a way that the user doesn’t find it tedious.


Try to create a section on your website that is simple but offers all the necessary information for any of your readers or potential buyers to contact you.


This can be a physical address if you have a store or an email to gain credibility from customers.



BluCactus, your best option in web design


BluCactus - Linn Larsson BluCactus - Ken SchrenkFinally, web design is at the heart of contemporary digital marketing.


For your website to improve your sales, you must consider each of these elements in the successful design of your website.


However, if you find this to be too hard or you just don’t have time, a professional team can do it for you.


When it comes to digital marketing and web design, we at BluCactus agency are your best option. Contact us today and start making a profit using your website.


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