Telemarketing: How to Sell Over the Phone?

BluCactus - Telemarketing: How to Sell Over the Phone?

Telemarketing: How to Sell Over the Phone? If you have a company in the United States and want to learn how to sell by phone, you need to know some strategies to get successful campaigns. However, it is essential to consider that it is not an easy task. Because there are different types of users, and not all of them want to hear what you have to say about your products.


Additionally, many customers every day prefer to answer questions by phone. Many people are willing to communicate like this, and it is an action you should take advantage of to benefit your brand. Do you want to sell your products or services over the phone? In this post, we give you the best suggestions.


How to Sell over the Phone?


Many companies use this direct marketing technique to reach their potential customers. However, to obtain good results, the following factors must be taken into account:


Focus on Connecting From the Start


This point is essential since you need to capture the attention of each of your customers. For this, a good presentation will be critical, that is, take care of making a simple but friendly introduction. Likewise, said presentation must include your name, the name of the company, and of course, the client’s name.


When you use a person’s name, a bond is created, generating a feeling of proximity. However, to get the customer’s name when selling over the phone, you can ask for it once you have introduced yourself. Or you can also use a contact center platform to get this information. Indeed, knowing the user’s name is more important than you can imagine creating a greater connection.


Make an Adjustment Based on the Client’s Schedule


There’s a very common reason you don’t get the customer’s attention, and you usually call them just when they do not have time to talk. That barrier must be overcome, but how? Ask them when you can talk to them to present a product so you can adapt to their time.


After knowing the times of your clients, you can contact them to talk to them when they are willing to listen to you. Thus, customers will be more receptive when talking about a product and selling by phone will achieve better results.


BluCactus - Telemarketing: How to Sell Over the Phone?Remember That the Customer Comes First


Telephone sales have one main objective, and that is the customer. This whole process revolves around them. Therefore, we must stay focused on the customer and not the product.


Additionally, when making a sale over the phone, you have to allow them to speak and give their point of view since it is a way of building trust. Likewise, knowing their expressions will enable you to understand their needs and determine which product may be more effective for each of them. This way, you will know what product to discuss with the ideal buyer.


Do Not Give So Much Information at the Beginning of the Conversation


Salespeople typically provide a great deal of information to their customers from the start of a conversation. However, in most cases, not giving complete information generates better results. We mean that it is good to leave the customer with some uncertainty during a sale by phone because it can create more interest. This way, the client will take the initiative and ask for the information he needs.


In short, it is best not to tell the client everything. Share some information to make the customer curious and more engaged by asking the questions they really want to know.


Take Success Stories as a Reference


Attracting the attention of customers for telephone sales can often be tricky. However, this task can be made more attractive by presenting success stories. In this case, take the initiative to tell your potential customers how your products or services have worked positively for some buyers.


Similarly, it is essential to know that this step can work with products that have been on the market for some time. If it is a new product, no successful situation can likely be presented. Likewise, remember that you should not invent this type of information because the client can verify on their own. Moreover, by determining that it is false, it will immediately create a negative image of the brand or business.


Present Solutions


When users buy a product, it is with the hope that it can solve a need for them or provide them with some added value. Therefore, when looking for a benefit, you must mention the most relevant thing your product or service can have for the client. There is no need to put so much emphasis on its characteristics. It is enough to list them to inform the client.


BluCactus - Telemarketing: How to Sell Over the Phone?Be Grateful to Your Customers


If there is one thing you should keep in mind, it is that customers give you some of their time when they could be doing something else. That is why you should always start and end during a telephone sale with a thank you to the user. Show them that you care, they take the time to talk with you.


The client will always be encouraged to feel valued, so it is important to generate a feeling of appreciation. Once the user gains confidence, they will be more willing to purchase the product you are selling.


How to Make a Sales Strategy by Phone?


We have already explained how you can capture users’ attention to convert them into potential customers. Now, after learning to sell by phone, the next step is to implement the strategies that we will mention below to sell by phone successfully:


BluCactus - Telemarketing: How to Sell Over the Phone?Plan the Calls


Preparing calls is an action that works very well in telemarketing. Collect as much information as possible from the client so as not to ask as many questions and achieve better fluency in the conversation. As we have already mentioned, there are now contact center platforms that you can use to obtain important user data.


Prepare for any Scenario


A telephone sales call can lead to any scenario, and you must be prepared for any circumstance. Remember that there are all kinds of customers, and while some are friendly, others can be very rude or just hard to understand. In this case, mentalize yourself and try to be patient. Patience will ensure that you never lack kindness with any of your users when speaking.


Use a Good Tone of Voice


When contacting your customers through telemarketing, the way you communicate with them is of great importance. The best thing you can do is use a pleasant and enthusiastic tone of voice. Likewise, do not lose the coherence of what you want to communicate and speak with your clients clearly.


BluCactus - Telemarketing: How to Sell Over the Phone?Try Short Speeches


Sellers who know the products very well can simply explain their features. In the same way, this helps to use a concise speech so that the user stays animated and does not get bored with so much information. As a recommendation, omit details that are not relevant or do not add interest to the products.


Identify What the Customer’s Needs are


This is one of the best telemarketing strategies you can practice. By identifying your customers’ needs, you can offer your products as a solution to that lack, which is very attractive in the eyes of users.


Make a Compilation of the Most Frequently Asked Questions


While it is true, customers will always have questions related to your products or services, and some of them will be constantly repeated. Take advantage of this as a strategy and identify those questions to give them a standard answer and improve communication.


Invest Your Time in Interested Customers


Some users will not be interested in your products, and even so, they will continue with the conversation because they are nice or have enough time to listen to you. In this case, you must learn to identify which customers are really interested and not waste your time.


Would You Like to Include Telemarketing in Your Company?


BluCactus - Contact us - Ken Schreck - +1 469 206 5510Each of the telemarketing strategies we have mentioned is effective for learning to sell over the phone, capture customers’ attention, and generate more sales. Selling over the phone is possible as long as you gain the trust of your customers to achieve efficient communication.


Do you want to sell over the phone successfully? At BluCactus, we have marketing specialists. We can advise you to capture your customers’ attention and streamline the sales process. Contact us right now to discuss your project and tell you what telemarketing strategies suit your brand.


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