A guide on Teleworking: 9 tips to increase your productivity while working from home

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9 tips to increase your productivity while teleworking, Teleworking has become really important in recent times, and it seems to be the future’s main way of working. However, although this way of working seems easy because people can do it from home, the reality is different. There are many types of productivity during teleworking. All of these you must use if you want to have a good performance.


BluCactus - Teleworking tips - important informationThe spread of COVID-19 has made isolation the norm, and as a result, teleworking has been the best option to gain income.


Because of this, it’s now the best tool for those who have started working from home instead of in an office.


Have you decided to telework? If the answer is yes, your goal must be to do an efficient job.


For this reason, you should know 9 of the best productivity tips.


These will allow you to perform well and accomplish your tasks from home without stress and with a good level of professionalism.


Teleworking has its advantages and disadvantages


As in any work environment, in teleworking there are also advantages and disadvantages that you should know:


BluCactus - Teleworking tips - important information



  • Compatibility: Teleworking allows you to achieve a reconciliation between your work life and your job.
  • Saving time: By not having to travel from home to the office, you can save time. As a result, you can enjoy your rest minutes much more
  • Cost reduction: When you work from home, you save money since you won’t need to spend it on infrastructure. Also, you won’t have to make an investment of expenses in employees.
  • Borders don’t exist: Through teleworking and productivity, you have the opportunity to hire people no matter where you are in the world.
  • The diversity of options: Through this form of work you have a wide variety of options. For example, you can choose the labor sector of your preference. Also, it will be easy for you to choose a part-time schedule.



  • BluCactus - Teleworking tips - important informationDifficulty separating your job and life: This can become real stress, so you must know how to disconnect your personal life from your work schedule.
  • Higher possibility of isolation: It’s common that when working from home, physical isolation occurs on the part of the worker.
  • Little to no teamwork: In the absence of teamwork, there may be a reduction in expenses and become an advantage.
  • Disadvantages in communication: Thanks to different digital platforms, working remotely also allows you to stay in communication. However, the working environment of this model can often be difficult.
  • Self-management: To telework with productivity, the worker needs a lot of self-discipline to achieve it.


If you already telework, now it’s time that you find out the best 9 productivity tips-. Thanks to this, you will be able to reach a high level of performance.


Get to know the 9 tips to increase your productivity while teleworking


BluCactus - Teleworking tips - important informationOnce you start working from home, you will find that working directly in an office is very different. In a company, you will focus exclusively on your development as a professional. While at home you’re closer to your personal experiences.


If you don’t live alone, your family will be at home, and you will find yourself in an environment that can easily distract you. Besides, so that telework isn’t affected, you must know how to mix your job with home life and your family.


For you to perform well at your job, you must be free of stress and worry. That’s why you should focus on the following 9 organizational and productivity tips to increase your productivity in teleworking. This way you can stand out by your level of performance when completing each task of the day.


  • Create a space that provides comfort 


BluCactus - Teleworking tips - important informationWorking from home becomes a great advantage because you can do it from your room or from the space where you want.


However, you must have a specific place to work. Why? It’s easier for you to create a good work habit  you will perform better.


Also, having a custom space where you only have your telework accessories will significantly increase your productivity.


For you to be efficient the same space where you work mustn’t be a space shared with your family. Differentiating the spaces for each moment is essential for you to be an effective worker.


  • Establish a work schedule 


BluCactus - Teleworking tips - important informationMany people make a big mistake when working from home, and it’s the fact that they can work hours and hours while forgetting everything that happens in their environment.


The idea is that you make the most of your workday to increase your productivity.


So, set a schedule you can focus on to get your day’s work done. Once you set a schedule to work, you can maintain a work routine to avoid stress.


Then, organize your schedule by blocks, that is, intersperse breaks to eat or do any activity of your choice.


This way, you will feel more relaxed and more focused while you are working.


  • Plan your workday


BluCactus - Teleworking tips - important informationBefore starting to work, you must create a plan to work in an organized manner. To get started, define what the most important tasks of the day are and include 1 to 3. These activities could be checking emails, making important calls, or attending some relevant meetings. Regardless of what the tasks are, don’t include another one before finishing them.


Once you finish with your tasks, take the opportunity to plan what your day will be like for the next day. When you finish each of your tasks for the day, get some rest, get up, and give your body some movement. By taking even 5 minutes to rest, you will notice that you will be more productive on your next task.


Not having your day’s plan planned from the first thing in the morning can reduce your productivity while teleworking considerably.


  • Make a to-do list


BluCactus - Teleworking tips - important informationBefore starting your workday, you must plan your tasks to divide your time. Once these tasks are defined, you must divide them into actions to write them down on a list.


This is a way to keep your actions clear and not deviate from your work goals. Having a task list is also a great advantage to focus on when working.


This way, you won’t be distracted from the most important thing, which in this case would be to comply with your workday.


You can cross every task that you get to be aware of your process. We assure you that once you see all of them crossed out you will be very satisfied.


  • Avoid interruptions 


BluCactus - important informationThis is one of the most important productivity tips that you cannot ignore when teleworking. In simple words, you must focus and concentrate on your job. For you to stay focused on your work, you must stay away from anything that may blur you from your goals.


When you work directly in an office, you may be interrupted by your co-workers.


Also, you will be busy attending different meetings that will be part of your daily tasks. However, at home, this can be a bit more annoying due to household activities, or unexpected visits.


If you really want to be a productive person in your work, you will want to avoid the following points.


  • BluCactus - important informationSocial Media 


To keep your work up to date, you must mute your social media notifications while you stick to your schedule.


When you finish your tasks, you will have time to catch up with what is happening in the world.


  • Your phone 


By being at home you have more freedom to use your phone and take all incoming calls without discretion. So be aware that keeping an eye on the phone will only waste your time. Thus, try to take calls or send messages outside your business hours.


  • Email 


BluCactus - important informationAlmost everybody knows that email is one of the most used tools in teleworking.


However, this is still a very distracting tool.


To not let this happen, mark some time slots to check your email.


For example, consider checking your email for 15 minutes three times a day.


Once you do this, you will see your productivity increase.



  • BluCactus - Teleworking tips - important informationDomestic Chores


You can’t let housework stop your workday.


Because of this, it’s best if you finish it before you start working or after you’re done.


If you do the opposite, you won’t have the concentration and adequate time to perform well at work.





  • BluCactus - important informationOnline shopping 


Also, avoid making purchases online while you are performing your work tasks.


We know that online stores or other platforms are a temptation.


However, you can forget about them for a moment to dedicate time to what is most important.




  • BluCactus - important informationPrepare for your workday


If you worked in an office, you would have to get ready daily to go to your job.


So, the correct thing is that you also do it to work from home.


You don’t need to wear overly formal clothes as if you were in the office though, you’re still in your house after all.


In this case, you can use your “street” comfortable clothes.


  • Maintain communication with the rest of the team


BluCactus - important informationMost often than not, people feel isolated when working from home. So, to avoid this, we recommend that you keep in touch with the rest of the team. For this, every teleworking site uses different communication options.


In general, the most common tools for this are WhatsApp groups, Video chats, Email, and other tools such as corporate emails.


Besides, you must know how to distinguish when a call is to keep in touch or to deal with an issue. For this, the best you can do is have different pathways to deal with these two issues.


How to do it? For specific issues, there are very effective communication platforms such as Yammer, since it’s a very effective corporate messaging tool. Teleworking tips. And for meeting communication, you can opt for video conferencing.


  • Take rest intervals


BluCactus - important informationTo keep your focus, you must follow all these tips to increase productivity to achieve it. In general, when you work from home you will have fewer distractions than in an office. However, this doesn’t mean that you should forget to rest.


Your brain can maintain a high level of performance for approximately 120 minutes. After that time, your concentration will decrease, and you can be distracted by any element or noise in your environment.


That’s why you should rest every two hours if you want to maintain the same level of concentration while working. The rest time you choose yourself, although it could be 5, 10, or 30 minutes. During this rest period, get up from your chair and move away from your workspace a bit to clear your mind and your vision. This is the best way to have a good rest to regain energy and continue with the workday.


  • BluCactus - Teleworking tips - important informationTake into account the formulas to telework


Teleworking has some formulas that you can use to achieve greater performance and productivity.


While you are working, you cannot lose your objective, which in this case would be to fulfill the assigned tasks.


Otherwise, you won’t be at the same level of professionalism as the team.



What are the formulas for teleworking?


BluCactus - important informationGetting Things Done, Teleworking tips


Free your mind from unrelated to-dos, only focus on getting your day done.


To use this technique, you must create a list of the most important tasks.


Then, you will fulfill them according to how much time they take.


In other words, if you have a task that only takes minutes, you should do it right away.


BluCactus - important informationKanban


With this formula, the goal is to quickly carry out any project to be efficient.


The way it works is through a board in which you can sort your tasks according to importance.


It allows you to see the whole process and those tasks that are either done or pending.


As a result, you can work smoothly while always having something to do.


BluCactus - important informationInbox Zero, Teleworking tips


Since most telework tasks are via email, this technique will be helpful to efficiently manage your messages.


This formula proposes to empty your inbox first thing in the morning.


Then, you need to sort them according to their usefulness.


During this process, you should archive less important messages, remove subscriptions, and convert each message into specific actions.




BluCactus - Teleworking tips - important informationThe way this formula work is by dividing the work into 25-minute fractions. According to this technique, it’s the best way to have higher telework productivity while maximizing your time.


Teleworking tips. At the end of each work interval, a 5-minute break is valid.


And at the end of all the fractions (4 pomodoros), the rest can be between 15 and 20 minutes.


These are some of the most efficient productivity tips. Choose the one you like the most and start using it to be productive while teleworking.


Improve your telework productivity thanks to these 9 tips


BluCactus - Teleworking tips - important informationTaking into account these tips will allow you to achieve the best performance in your field while working from home. As you can see, there are many tools that you can use to be successful.


Don’t forget that while teleworking, you must set your own pace in terms of your job performance.


And of course, you must also maintain good communication with your team to be productive.


Follow these tips to improve productivity while teleworking to achieve the best results.


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