7 Graphic Designing tips that will enhance your Brand Reputation

BluCactus-7 Graphic Designing tips that will enhance your Brand Reputation

7 Graphic Designing tips that will enhance your Brand Reputation

What is graphic designing? 


Blucactus-7 Graphic Designing tips that will enhance your Brand Reputation -What is graphic designingGraphic designing is a visual representation of elements or symbols, such as typography, images, text, colors, theme, shapes, to convey a brand message to the target audience. Organizations create a graphic design for their products or services to get recognized in the marketplace. Graphic design is a way to build an online brand presence and to showcase creativity and innovation. A compelling and attractive graphic design with effective meaning can attract a large number of customers to your brand. Graphic designing comprises some basic principles that help in creating balance, stability, and contrast for the piece of work.   


Every social media platform has a logo or graphics that get recognized worldwide. While many big firms such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Nike, Starbucks, have created a visually appealing and functional graphic design that helped them in standing apart from their competitors. Graphic designing plays a vital role in elevating your brand reputation and building a strong customer base. Customers always prefer a brand that has a good reputation and status, and we can achieve this by designing exceptional graphics. 


Now let’s explore the different types of graphic designing that help you in selecting the right graphics for your brand according to your business needs. 


Different types of graphic designing 


1.      UI/UX graphic design, Brand Reputation 


Blucactus-7 Graphic Designing tips that will enhance your Brand Reputation -1.  UI-UX graphic designUI/UX is essential for mobile, desktop, and web-based software that allows users to interact with your product easily. A user interface that has a simple and elegant design grabs the attention of users. Speed, performance, efficiency, accessibility, and much more contribute towards making a user-friendly UI design.


To create a top-notch user interface, it’s vital to design the information hierarchy in a useful manner that helps customers easily navigate information on your website.


But most importantly, the UI/UX design should uniquely cater to the needs and requirements of your customers. If designers don’t consider users’ requirements in the designing phase, then the UI/UX will be of no use. 

2.      Logo designing 

Blucactus-7 Graphic Designing tips that will enhance your Brand Reputation -2. Logo designingThe logo designing service is a visual emblem that represents your company’s image. Logo designing strengthens your brand identity and raises the value of your company. Using a combination of text and graphics to represent your brand’s vision has a lot of power. Your customers will be able to interact with your brand more easily if you create a meaningful logo. Logos that are both creative and significant capture the attention of your target audience and aid in the growth of your brand. 


The significance of creating a personal logo is apparent, as we can identify every brand, large or small, by a distinctive logo. Furthermore, developing a personal logo aids in the development of a strong bond, relationship, and trust with your customers. There are various types of logos, including wordmarks, letter marks, pictorial marks, abstracts, mascots, The Emblem, and combination marks. 


Wordmarks: Wordmark is a font-based logo that focuses on creating a logo with the brand name. It’s an ideal logo for a company that wants to display the full name on the logo. Some famous brands like Coca-Cola, Nikon, Sony, Flickr, Toyota, and many more implemented the watermarks logo for their companies. 


Lettermarks logo: Lettermarks are monogram logos that are designed by taking a few initials of the company’s names to design patterns. It acts as a theme for the brand’s web pages and can be easily printed on business cards. Examples include HP, P&G, CNN, IBM, JVC, etc. 


Pictorial marks: Pictorial marks are iconic symbols or graphics symbols that clearly illustrate your brand identity. Twitter, Dominos, McDonald’s, Apple, Pepsi, are a few names we can recognize through their symbols. 


Mascot logo: This is the logo that comprises cartoon characters or symbols that look very creative and appealing. Users identify and remember these types of logos easily as the characters and symbols are so engaging. KFC, Chocos, and Hamms are good examples of mascot logos. 


The emblem: An amalgamation of stylish, font, symbols, images, or an icon. Badges, seals, crusts, etc. are well-known examples of the emblem. 


The combination mark: A combo logo includes both an image and words. Because you may choose a good image and add your name beneath it, this could be an ideal alternative for establishing your customized logo. 


3.      Motion graphic design 


Blucactus-7 Graphic Designing tips that will enhance your Brand Reputation -3. Motion graphic designMotion graphic design is the most interesting and engaging type of animated graphic design that is created by adding a motion component to it.


There is a wide range of motion graphic design, including explainer videos, tutorials, upcoming mobile games, animated movies, or anything that has motion or animation features in it. It’s one of the effective types of graphic design that has a high demand and value in the designing industry.


Motion graphic design helps in explaining a complex concept in a simple way that is easily understood by your users. Moreover, following the latest design trends can take your graphic design to the next level. 


Enhance your brand reputation with these 7 graphic designing tips


Quality graphic designing can be a game-changer to help elevate your brand reputation. There are many reasons why companies invest in creating a graphic design for their brand. The foremost reason is that it helps in making you recognized and identified among your competitors. The second reason is that it will build customer trust, which will ultimately lead to an increased customer retention rate. Customers become satisfied and refer your brand to their peers and friends. But you can accomplish all this when you create a graphic design by following and practicing the graphic designing tips. This section describes the seven amazing design tips that will help in enhancing your brand reputation. 


1.      Select the perfect color, Brand Reputation


The first tip of graphic designing is to select the right color that sets an atmosphere, environment and invokes emotions. Every color has a distinct meaning and psychology behind it. Choosing the proper theme and color for your graphics is crucial to convey the emotion you want your audience to associate with your brand. A strong brand identity is reflected through the proper usage of colors, themes, and contrast. Choosing an enthralling and enticing theme and color can help you capture the user’s attention. 


Stick to a color that communicates your brand message and tells customers about the services you’re providing. For example, if your brand is related to fashion, then blue is an ideal choice because it showcases the symbol of confidence, trust, loyalty & sincerity. So, displaying your brand graphics with meaningful colors helps in the growth and success of your business. 


2.      Typography 


Blucactus-7 Graphic Designing tips that will enhance your Brand Reputation -2.TypographyTypography is the process of making your brand language readable, legible, and appealing. Typography includes things like line spacing, line length, typefaces, and point sizes, among other things. We can achieve excellent typography when the font of the text perfectly aligns with the images. Two or three fonts are enough to project your message to the audience. 


Choosing the right typography is essential in graphic designing, as it will deliver your brand tone and voice. Typography should be both visually appealing and functional. Furthermore, when creating a graphic design, you must carefully arrange fonts to make the text more engaging and appealing. The main factor is that your audience must easily grasp and understand the message with no hassle. 


3.      Quality images, animations, and illustration, Brand Reputation 


Blucactus-7 Graphic Designing tips that will enhance your Brand Reputation -3. Quality images, animations, and illustrationHigh-quality images help to establish a strong brand reputation by attracting more attention to the brand. Including high-quality images in the website’s user interface design can help to improve the site’s overall image and reputation. Animations and graphics are excellent tools for innovatively explaining complicated concepts. To attract more people, most designers now incorporate micro-interaction and micro animation into their websites. 


When the user hovers a mouse over an icon or link, at that moment, the color of that link changes, or an object moves in a particular direction. It’s because of micro-interaction. Micro-animation gives the idea of the product in the form of animation to the customer. Customers, for example, who want to see how a product will look in real-time can use micro animation to see the visual in real-time. This will also help the customer make a faster decision. And this is a one-of-a-kind concept that will undoubtedly improve the brand’s reputation. 


4.      Negative or white spaces 


Blucactus-7 Graphic Designing tips that will enhance your Brand Reputation -4. Negative or white spacesNegative space in graphic design creates rhythm and structure while also providing the space between two design elements to create illusions.  In a graphic design context, negative space includes channels, margins, and the space between columns. Without these components, the discipline would be far less effective as a visual communication tool. 


Keeping your white spaces natural is essential in creating a graphic design. FedEx is a shipping, logistic, and transport company that has used negative space in its logo design. Therefore, it’s crucial to create a logo by using negative spaces to establish a brand identity. 


5.      Design styles and icons, Brand Reputation


Blucactus-7 Graphic Designing tips that will enhance your Brand Reputation -5. Design styles and iconsChoosing the design style according to your brand’s needs and requirements as it helps in the success of your graphic design. Examine the various styles available to create your distinctive graphics. Choose a design style that complements your business and builds reputation. The following are the several design styles from which you can create your graphic design. 


Classical design: Lettering in the classic style is associated with products or services from a bygone age. If your brand adheres to the industry’s traditional traditions and procedures, this is the ideal option. 


Modern design: For your brand, you want to develop modern, basic, and minimalistic graphics. If that’s the case, go for a modern design style that uses only a few design elements to keep things simple. 


Fun and quirky: Brands in the entertainment, media and fun industries can have their graphics designed in a fun and quirky design style. 


6.      Using Geometry design 


The geometric design is a trending technique that emphasizes on mixing certain shapes, curves, and lines together for creative design results. Abstract backgrounds, tattoo design, jewelry design are created using geometry design. With the help of geometry, the shape and scalability of the graphic design can be maintained. 


Designers can create geometric designs through experimentations or with formulaic precision. It is effective for seamless patterns and cool photo effects.  Start arranging different shapes together in the Adobe Photoshop software for creating a basic design. The well-known examples of geometry in graphic design are Microsoft, Firefox, Kodak, Adidas, Google drive, Reebok, and Pringles.   


7.      Memorable graphic design, Brand Reputation


Blucactus-7 Graphic Designing tips that will enhance your Brand Reputation -7.  Memorable graphic designA graphic design should be clear, concise, and easy to remember for the target audience. It aids in the development of customer brand loyalty because if customers recognize and remember your brand’s emblem, they are more likely to choose your brand over the competition. It’s because your customer has built a relationship with your brand. 


If you’re at a shopping center and come across an Adidas outlet, you’ll immediately know the brand, thanks to its distinctive emblem. You’ll purchase Adidas shoes because you trust the brand and know it’s worthwhile. As a result, you’ll need to create a memorable graphic design that your target audience will remember. 


Wrapping up 


Blucactus-7 Graphic Designing tips that will enhance your Brand Reputation -Wrapping upBrands need to create top-notch graphic designs for their business to get them to recognize it globally. The audience gets attached to a brand that has a strong reputation in the marketplace.


Creating catchy graphics design by following these seven designing tips will surely enhance the reputation of your brand. These principles are a must-follow for every graphic designer from the start of the designing phase.


Whether it be a UI design, logo design, or motion design, the brand message must be excellently conveyed to the target audience. Moreover, designers must make sure the graphics are user-friendly, interactive, and accessible to the target audience. 


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