Top 5 useful online tools to Extract Text from Images


Top 5 useful online tools to Extract Text from Images. We are living in the era of the internet and technology, where most of the data is shared over the internet. It has become common to send or receive different types of data in picture format.


Have you ever found mistakes in the data printed on the image? In case you are dealing with sensitive or important data, you might be looking to edit the text and make corrections.


It is almost as important to do without installing heavy-duty editing software on your device. For a user using a mobile phone, it is impossible to eliminate those mistakes from the text.


Therefore, they might get irritated and leave their work instead of completing it. In this blog, we are going to show a list of the best converters that can extract text from images quickly.


Who can use image-to-text converters?


Blucactus-Who-can-use-image-to-text-convertersMost of us are now using our mobile phones to deal with multiple tasks related to the online field or data sharing. Whether you are a student or a blogger, you might be looking to extract text from the image to use it at different points.


A person from any field of work or education can use this converter. It has made the work easier and faster for students.


Being a student, you might get an assignment in the form of pictures. You need to extract the text from all the images and then type it manually in a document.


In this way, it will take hours to do this conversion and get the text from all those images in an editable format. An image-to-text converter has resolved this problem by shortening the time duration of this extraction.


You can get a text from hundreds of images within a few minutes. It all depends on the familiarity with the interface of the converter you are using.


For your ease to access the converter, we have enlisted a few that we have found perfect for this simple task. Just have a look at the following sections and pick the best image-to-text converter to get the content from any image.


Best online converters to extract text from images


Whenever you search for a converter to extract text from the images, you will see hundreds of results on your mobile screen. It is not an easy task to check all of them and look for the best to enjoy interruption-free services.


We have analyzed multiple tools for this task and found some of them are just priceless. In the upcoming section, we have enlisted 5 of them you can use.




Blucactus-Editpad.orgOn the top of our list, we have an image-to-text converter by Editpad. It is a platform that is offering several tools to work in the online field to get better outcomes.


From this image-to-text converter, you can easily convert as many pictures as you can and get the text into an editable format.


The designers have made this converter with a user-friendly interface that allows everyone to come up and use it without having any trouble.


Because of OCR technology, it will detect the text properly from the image and write it in a text box. You can easily edit the document directly or download it in different text formats.


The amazing feature of this online tool is the availability of basic picture-editing tools. Being a user, you can easily crop the image to precise the text extraction.


It will give you the text from any image within a few seconds. There is no restriction regarding the quality of the image.


You can either get a text from a scanned image or a handwritten document’s image. Due to its amazing identification capacity, it will not make even a single mistake while extracting data.


The only thing that you have to do is to create an account with this tool. It is a completely free converter to do this simple task.


If you want to extract text from an image by using your computer and without registration, you can also check the tool by Editpad here. 




Blucactus-ocr.bestSome people want to get text from images and from pdf files in a word processing document to edit it. Are you also looking for an image-to-text or pdf-to-text converter that will give you editable text?


If yes, then this OCR online is just designed for you with a focus on this section. This converter will enable you to get text from any image or pdf file and directly convert it into Word and editable formats.


With this feature, you can say that it will not affect the format of the text while converting. In simple words, you will get the text in the built-in format of this program.


So, you can copy or download and open that document on your device quickly. It is right to say that this OCR online has made it easier for a user to extract the text from an image and make it an editable text format.


Overall, this online OCR is the best one when you are looking to get sensitive data from the images and pdf files without making mistakes. But you might find it hard in some conditions like when you don’t have any software for editing a word document.


Further, you will get continuous ads on your screen while using this free OCR tool. Therefore, it might not be good because it can distract your attention from the main focus.


3. - Extract Text from ImagesNo doubt, you can pick the above app and download it on your phone to extract text from the images. It is common to have images with content in the English language.


What if you have documents from multiple regions of the world? You won’t be able to extract text and understand it, right?


To deal with such cases, you can use this app that will convert photo text into an editable format. With its fast work, you will get the task done within a glimpse.


It will make the content editable and give you outcomes in a text box. You can get the text written in almost 10 languages and translate it too.


Yes, this app enables a user to translate the text from multiple languages into English. In this way, you will be able to understand the content written there.


Another amazing feature of this application is direct sharing. Yes, you can share the editable content directly with your friends or colleagues via Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking platforms.


The only problem in this app is the small interface that makes it hard for a user to get a proper look at the content. You might feel it hard or have to zoom in to get what is written in the box to understand it or edit it.


4. - Extract Text from ImagesSometimes, you might not be able to read the content written on the small screen of your mobile phone. It hurts when you have to focus on every word to understand what’s meaning.


Also, you might not be able to edit it because of insufficient understanding. Therefore, we have enlisted this image-to-text converter that will let you hear the text that is written on the image.


Yes, this image-to-text converter has an additional feature with the help of which you can make the text aloud. In turn, you can easily hear with the assistant of your mobile what is written there.


You only need to upload the image or use the camera to scan that specific image. After this, you only need to crop that section from where you can get your text in the editable format.


When you have done this, the tool will instantly fetch the text and show it on your mobile screen. By using the Play button, you can hear the complete content.


Further, this image-to-text converter will enable you to hear that text in multiple languages. It means that you won’t have to worry if you are not a native English speaker.


You can easily check the list of languages and choose the one that you understand better. Overall, you will find this converter perfect, but you have to face some advertisement banners and videos on your screen on and off.




Blucactus- - Extract Text from ImagesOn the last of our list, we have a text scanner that can work as a text extractor too. Normally, you have seen scanning apps that will only enable you to change the document into image format.


With this tool, you can first scan the image and then convert the text into an editable format. The process will be pretty simple and quick as compared to other scanning apps.


Due to its user-friendly interface, you can also get a look at the text and photo side by side. After conversion, you will get two options in the bottom menu bar.


By switching to your desired option, you will be shown the output in that specific format. In this way, you will be able to compare the text and image to check if the extraction has been done properly or not.


The only reason why we have placed this app in the last position is its limited features. You will not be able to use this app for multiple tasks, but only for scanning and text extraction.


There is neither a sharing option available nor a crop button to concise the extraction.


Final Wrap


Blucactus - Ken Schreck - ContactWe have done a lot of research to enlist these applications just for our valuable users.


You should use the image-to-text app for extracting the content quickly.


From the above list, we recommend you to use the top one because of the versatile working mode along with several advanced features.


Also, you will be able to extract content without even a single mistake.


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