Top 15 Mobile Apps and Their Uses in 2022

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Top 15 Mobile Apps and Their Uses in 2022. We spend most of our day to day with our mobiles in hand. Through it, we usually manage and solve many things, even when we are at home. Because of the comfort and ease it offers and avoid having to resort to our desktop computer.


For this reason, today, we will talk about the best applications on your mobile, available for both Android and iOS. If, like many, you like to keep yourself entertained and up to date with what is happening around us.


Get to know the best 15 applications for your mobile


Amazon Photos


Another emerging option to Google photos, iCloud photos, is the one offered by Amazon with Amazon photos. Which, although it is true, is not free like the ones above. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, we have good news: the application is included.


It has smart albums with face and object detection and offers to upload photos with no space limit.


The best, without losing quality at the time of upload. So, if you are one of those who store many photos or you don’t want to clutter your phone with images you don’t use often but don’t want to throw away, this option is ideal.


On the negative side, the video storage only reaches 5 GB, and to expand this capacity, you must pay extra.




BluCactus - MobileIf you work with designs or just like to make your creations, whether for your social media, messaging, or just for fun, Canva is the right and the perfect place to achieve excellent models to your liking.


Canva is a design application with its Web and mobile versions available for both operating systems. You have over 60,000 templates. And graphic resources, elements, shapes, frames, high-resolution videos, and options to create quality images and videos.


Like many others, it has a paid version, with countless resources. And a free one, with which you can also work through a considerable number of available elements.


Another advantage is that it offers a wide variety of formats for whatever your need may be. And wherever you publish or share your work.


If you are not a designer, this option will be incredible for you. Because it gives you all the tools to work efficiently and with magnificent professional results.




What started as an application to make trendy dances today is a place where we can learn about cooking recipes, scientific data, doctors, learn about crafts, work tools, and endless other things. All thanks to the need that saw many making life on this platform and managing to capture the public that gathers there.


So, whether you want to entertain yourself with jokes and video memes. Or if you want to learn a little about everything, TikTok is ideal for this. It allows you to share videos with your contacts and, in some cases, download them or save them to watch later.


But be careful, it is highly addictive. And you can spend hours glued to your mobile screen and forget about your obligations.




It is currently one of the giants in terms of streaming music. In it, you can select your favorite artists. And according to this, it will suggest music lists, and mixes, among others, for you.


You can also create playlists with your preferences and share them.


It informs you about the musical novelties that are coming out on the market at the moment. As well as the releases of the artists.


Like many, it has a paid version with benefits such as passing more than 6 songs. And access to all the podcasts that meet there.


It offers a desktop version, as the mobile one, and the best thing is that it allows connection between devices. So, it is possible to listen to your music wherever you go.


BluCactus - MobileNetflix


An option to have on your phone is the application of the streaming giant Netflix series and movies.


In addition to its extensive catalog and exclusive content, the mobile application lets you download the chapters and movies you want to watch.


So, you can use and watch your programs offline. This is very beneficial if you’re on the go and want to save data. So, if you’re going to make a long wait more bearable, have Netflix downloaded at hand.


BluCactus - MobileFacebook


It continues to lead when it comes to social media.


It is a platform that offers photos and videos, news pages, entertainment, instant messaging through Messenger, and its Market Place store, where you can buy and sell everything. Even at very competitive prices.


It is par excellence the social media to be in contact with everyone.


And its mobile version offers you almost the same options as the desktop one and at your fingertips.


BluCactus - MobileWhatsApp


Without much more to add, WhatsApp is still the king of instant messaging platforms. Despite all the options that currently exist on the market.


In recent months, they have implemented updates and changes that have improved the user experience and promise to continue innovating to improve the application. So, it is estimated that it will continue to be the favorite for much longer.


It is available in a mobile version, necessary to be connected 24/7, and in a desktop version, allowing connection without the mobile being active. The phone had to be synchronized to use WhatsApp on your PC.




WhatsApp’s closest competitor is Telegram, an application that, like the first, is for instant messaging but that offers more transparency in terms of its privacy policies and many chat customization options and private chat options, Creation of channels, and subscription to them, the practice of surveys in groups, as well as uploading large files without losing quality.


Its popularity has been increasing thanks to the channels and the global fall of WhatsApp in September of last year. Leading many to download the application and be in contact with the outside world.


Like its rival, it offers a web or desktop version and a mobile version, with the possibility of multi-session. So you can use it to transfer files quickly and from anywhere.


Invite your contacts to be part of it if you already have it since its advantages are genuinely excellent.




BluCactus - MobileThe king of social media, without a doubt, cannot be missing from your device. Here you can also spend hours looking at photos, videos, and Reels of any content and find options to buy or what you need.


If you are looking for a company or business or want to buy a piece of clothing or makeup, now Instagram offers you the opportunity with its commercial expansion and the option of stores that brands now have.


Whether it’s to entertain yourself, learn about others or manage your business, Instagram must be on your cell phone.




If you are a video lover, YouTube is for you.


With a responsive design for both the web version and its mobile version, which runs excellently, YouTube offers all kinds of content. And we can apply the exact phrase for Google. If it’s not there, it probably doesn’t exist.


There is currently no other platform that competes with this one, so it remains the leader in its category.


It is definitely one of the applications that you must have on your mobile and enjoy the entire set of ​​content that it offers for free.


BluCactus - MobileGoogle Maps


On more than one occasion, they have not mentioned an address, and we have not been able to locate it quickly.


We always have Google Maps, which offers us its satellite and hybrid views, providing traffic information, public transport, and relief.


It allows the option of creating routes and offering you information on the distance to travel, sharing your location in real-time. And, in general, keeping you located and quickly locating the place you need.


So, when you are on the street, it is a precious treasure that will instantly get you out of trouble.




We can assure you that you have listened to a song on more than one occasion without being able to identify it or remember its name.


To save those fleeting moments, Shazam arrives. Which, although it is not a new application (it has been on the market for more than ten years), continues to stand firm in the art of identifying songs and melodies.


Although it is a mobile application, it also has a desktop version, which you can access to view the information of your shazams.


Just try to open the app with as little interference as possible for the best results.




A storage giant is Dropbox. Which also, with a long history, offers its mobile version to be able to store from our devices all that information that we don’t want to lose but that we don’t want to have on our cell phones either.


It has a large storage capacity and supports files of all kinds, accessing it from anywhere. Either by mobile or by computer.


It allows the creation of folders and thus keeps your files in order. And it also allows you to share them with other users through a link for later download.




Our means of expression par excellence, and the place where the news spreads first, is Twitter.


Whether you use this platform to tell the world your thoughts or to inform yourself, it is another option that you must have installed.


And even more so, with the changes and news that it promises to bring with the recent acquisition by Elon Musk of this social network.




Last but not least, a platform that is about to celebrate its first year in Latin America is HBO Max, and it can give Netflix a run for its money.


HBO already has a good reputation with its exclusive releases and content gems that they have offered us for years. Well, now, with its streaming version, they have surpassed themselves.


Because not only do we find those series that has captivated us for a long time.


But they have also brought together the content of Warner, DC Comics, and Cartoon Network, all in the same place.


Blucactus-contact-us-4 - Ken SchreckThey offer blockbuster movie releases exclusively for the platform. Allowing you to download the content so you can watch it offline wherever you are.


They have a section of classic movies and memory series that you will undoubtedly love and want to remember.


That your mobile is not a simple device that does not allow you to be distracted in the healthiest and most fun way.


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