Top 5 Social Media Strategies to Increase Restaurant Revenue

BluCactus - Top 5 Social Media Strategies to Increase Restaurant Revenue

Top 5 Social Media Strategies to Increase Restaurant Revenue. For smart business owners, entrepreneurs, and even the consumer, social media is no longer a suggestion but rather a necessity. As popular and innovative as ever, social media usage is seemingly necessary for everyday life while it can help inform, promote, or simply share. It is a marketing foundation in the world we live in today, as any industry can employ social media to its own benefit. Although many topics and subjects exist in the land of digital harmony, each may not be as quick to take the spotlight as the love for food.


As a business owner yourself, we are sure you’re aware of these facts, but it’s easier to understand the need than to know how you can use it to your own advantage. You’re in luck! We’re here to help by giving you 5v simple and effective social media strategies to increase your restaurant’s revenue! 


How Can Social Media Increase Revenue for my Restaurant? 


When observing social media through a business lens, you must understand that social media and marketing can be used synonymously. Both go hand in hand and are essentially used for the same reasons. Your marketing ploy is social media, while social media is your marketing ploy. Like any marketing campaign, social media is used to advertise a product or business creatively and effectively. By broadcasting your brand out into the world, you’re saying, “Hey, look at me over here!” This widens your audience, attracting new customers, and causing more sales and revenue increase. 


  • Be Accessible


BluCactus - ServiceOutreach is an important component of social media. Finally, placing your brand out into the digital world may seem intimidating at first, as your worries might only wander to the possibility of scrutiny. However, you must acknowledge that social media is the ultimate key to attracting new customers. More customers result in higher revenue! 


As we know, food is a global topic and one that consistently grabs attention without much of a fight. Social media is overflowing with users whose primary interest is food, creating a perfect playing field for you. Remember that more is better when you are motivated to give your business a social media presence. Being present on multiple platforms matters as it will reach a larger audience; a strategy that you will need to use. Some people desire only to use Instagram, while others may prefer Twitter. Either way, you want to have all your bases covered! 


What Social Media is Best for Restaurants? 


While using multiple platforms is important, you may wish to prioritize one over the other, considering your brand’s industry. Food is best seen rather than read about, which might encourage you to focus on more image-based or picture-orientated platforms. Instagram should be one of your best friends, while Facebook and Yelp are great choices too. Twitter is great for following culinary trends and keeping up with all industry news. 


  • Be Inviting


BluCactus - ServiceAs your restaurant begins its journey on multiple social media platforms, it’s time to focus on the content you’re publishing.


Eager restaurant owners will be determined to tell the world, whether global or local, who they are and what it is they do. Most platforms prompt users to share a short biography, and as a business account, your bio should invite other users to not only follow, browse, and “like,” but become a new customers.


Promote all the juicy details! Define the cuisine, theme, and specialties. Inform your audience of the location, business schedule, and website. This will be the first snapshot people see, and you want it to persuade a longer stay to entertain your actual posts. 


How Do I Get My Restaurant Noticed? 


Hashtags are a game changer in the realm of social media. They allow users to find your restaurant’s profile by searching the same hashtag that you listed in one of your posts. If your restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine, you may wish to add #ItalianCuisine, in a photo’s caption. You can also strategically place them in your profile’s bio or intro section. This will maximize outreach, as a user may search for a restaurant based on a location or specific dish. #Ontothenext!


  • Be Creative


BluCactus - Top 5 Social Media Strategies to Increase Restaurant Revenue - Restaurant serviceOnce you have settled upon a carefully crafted first impression, it’s time to dive deeper into content creation. Restaurateurs often choose their next dining experience based on how great the menu items appear.


An adamant social media strategy is providing images that meticulously showcase the best-sellers or fan favorites!


These pictures need to mouth-wateringly capture and interest both your followers and visitors. Prime photography is crucial here as any hint of imperfection, whether lighting, placement, or clarity, can negatively influence even a hungry viewer. Along with your delicious images should come a teasing description, inspiring to taste rather than be content with just looking


How Do I Grow My Restaurant Business on Instagram? 


Instagram offers many ways to get people talking about your restaurant. From posting standard posts and stories to maintaining connections with current customers, there are many routes you can take to grow your business through Instagram alone! Apart from advertising your own content, you also can reach out to other local Restaurants for partnerships or events. Networking through Instagram is easier than you might think, as everything and everyone is accessible through your fingertips. Business growth can also be reached through paid advertisements. Instagram offers businesses, big or small, the chance to buy an ad for their profile, post, or product. Although it isn’t a free tool, it can immensely help increase the number of visitors to your page and overall customer base. 


  • Be Personable 


BluCactus - Top 5 Social Media Strategies to Increase Restaurant Revenue - Restaurant serviceWhile your social media content should mostly consist of product images, it is also essential to display the work culture, advertise upcoming events, introduce staff, and even provide an insider to your restaurant’s culinary processes.


This furthers your relationship with existing customers while connecting you to new ones.


Videos from behind the scenes add a personable touch to your brand, as it portrays the team behind the name. Many professional profiles on social media choose to share company values, beliefs, and goals in addition to their product or business. You can choose what and how much to share. 


How Do Restaurants Attract Guests?


Before visiting your restaurant, guests want to know that they will receive immaculate service, tasty bites, and a friendly atmosphere. It is these elements that create the overall experience, and the perfect experience is ultimately what will appeal to customers, both current and new. Ensuring your content encompasses all the positive aspects of your brand will be sure to encourage new visitors. People easily gravitate to what is new and trendy and knowing your audience is how you will get them on your side. 


  • BluCactus - Top 5 Social Media Strategies to Increase Restaurant Revenue - Restaurant serviceBe Consistent


The final social media strategy that can help increase revenue is being consistent.


Social Media is a competitive place, and companies that prioritize daily posting and content creation are the ones who maximize their success.


If your restaurant’s social media page is a ghost town, there cannot be an influx in customer traffic.


Engaging with followers, answering questions, and posting Q&As are dire needs that cannot come and go. 


How Often Should a Restaurant Post on Facebook? 


BluCactus - ServiceWhile we advise continued engagement, you should limit yourself to a few daily posts.


Spamming your follower’s feed with too much content can often annoy or frustrate, causing an eventual unfollow.


Keep in mind that you want your audience to remember you while reaching and gaining new members.


Daily participation should be enough to invite a viewer without demanding their attention. 



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We understand that marketing through social media is a new territory full of many doubts, questions, and even fears.


The technology kingdom is vast and, at times, puzzling. Full of many windy roads, steep drops, and rocky mountains, but we’re here to tell you that it is conquerable!


Consider us your everlasting guide to assist you with all the tips and tricks to successfully navigate your new (and future!) adventures. 


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