15 Traits of a Successful Blogger

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15 Traits of a Successful Blogger. No man became successful from birth, whatever success you see people make is a result of hard work and exceptional qualities they possess. This is applicable when it comes to being successful in blogging, there are certain qualities that you must have to be able to stand tall in your niche.


In my years of experience as a blogger, I have come to know what makes successful bloggers, and the qualities they possess that made them become who they are. I always like to talk about my 3 E’s Blogging Formula – exposure, experience, and expertise. The mindset is that you will need to be exposed to something first, then get experience in it and then use your expertise to achieve bigger things. 


Using this blogging formula, I have been able to come up with some blogging qualities which successful bloggers possess. What this means is that for you to be successful in blogging, you need to have the same mindset as these influential figures. But if I may ask – do you know the traits of a successful blogger? The following blogging qualities will give you a heads up:


  1. They Are Passionate About Blogging:


BluCactus - Traits of a Successful Blogger - important dataOne unique thing about successful bloggers is the passion they have for blogging.


They love what they do and it shows in everything they preach or write about.


They can hardly say a word without letting blogging in.


To an extent, successful bloggers get to a point where their passion and love for blogging drive them to step out of their comfort zone to get things done.



  1. They Are Patient With Blogging:


BluCactus - Traits of a Successful Blogger - important dataPatience is one thing you hardly find in most bloggers.


Everybody wants to hit the jackpot immediately, and when the expected fortunes are not forthcoming the next thing that happens is discouragement.


Here I will equally say that passion works with patience.


Successful bloggers are always patient with what they do, there is no amount of trial that will make them strike before time.


SEO requires time and patience if doing properly.


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  1. They Are Naturally Engaging:


BluCactus - Traits of a Successful Blogger - important data

There is one thing that successful bloggers don’t fake and that is “engagement“.


They know too well how serious the business of blogging is, and so makes it a point of duty to engage in serious reader discussions and conversations where they express their love with readers and make them feel they care because they really do care for them.




  1. They Are Reader Tolerant:


BluCactus - Traits of a Successful Blogger - important dataIf you run a blog that receives a handful of comments you will agree with me that it’s not that easy dealing with some comments or contributions made by some readers.


This is not the case for passionate and successful bloggers, they are always ready to welcome whatever comment or replies their readers drop on their blog.


Their ability to tolerate negative thoughts by readers and convert them to positive thoughts is what makes them outstanding.



  1. They Research All The Time:


BluCactus - Traits of a Successful Blogger - important dataThere is a saying that says “if you are not informed, you get deformed”.


Successful bloggers never stop reading and researching.


Just because they have reached a level in their blogging career does not stop them from researching at all times.


In fact, what distinguishes them from other bloggers is their consistency in reading and researching.


They always find new things which others copy from them. 



  1. They Are Quality Driven:


BluCactus - Traits of a Successful Blogger - important dataThe blogosphere has grown beyond quantity.


Today, what makes you stand tall among others is the quality of work you produce on your blog.


This is exactly what successful blogs do, they are saddled with the responsibility of giving nothing but quality content and services on their blogs.




  1. They Never Quit:


BluCactus - important dataThis is the big gap between successful bloggers and those struggling to hit the line.


They don’t have the word “quit” in their dictionary.


Because they truly understand what it takes and who they are, talking about quitting is one thing you can never hear in their mouth.


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  1. Bloggers are Disciplined:


BluCactus - important dataWhen you’re blogging and have blogging as your business, you’re working by yourself.


It’s a very solitary business.


You need to be disciplined so that every day you will get up and start blogging, get on your computer & get your work done.


It is one of the most important traits that you need to be a successful blogger.



  1. Always Networking:


BluCactus - important dataThe one common quality that seems to exist in all highly successful individuals in business, is that irresistibly addictive personality.


People with that quality are usually sociable individuals, friendly, and able to network with others.


These core values are necessary for true success.


With the right contacts, you can usually accomplish almost anything.


The way to get those contacts lies in your tone. If you are a warm and inviting individual, it is more likely that you will be able to get in close with those that are at the top. Be willing to work with all people and be careful whom you cross or disappoint.



  1. Listen Daily:


BluCactus - important dataSimilar to the principle of reading daily. You really need to be mindful of what you feed in your mind.


Listening to AUDIO TRAINING is a great way to do some downtime training.


Unlike reading, you can listen to the audio while you’re doing something else.


You can consistently feed your mind with empowering audio training from some of the best marketers and entrepreneurs in your field and before you know it, you’ll adopt their mannerisms and even start to speak like them once you do this consistently enough!


Again, this also assists with you creating your content.



  1. Market Daily:


BluCactus - important dataSo you’re creating content on a daily basis. But there’s really no use doing this if nobody sees your content, right?


You need to learn and apply some sort of marketing strategy to promote your content.


There are a lot of low-cost methods to do this such as content syndication as well as some paid methods like various advertising sources.


Practice this for at least 90 days and you will have a skill so refined that you become an expert in that method and people will beg you to teach them what you know.



  1. Managing Your Mind:


BluCactus - important dataThis is the thing where many newbie bloggers struggle with the most.


Successful bloggers never self-doubt themselves.


If you can control your mind and tell him that I can be successful in blogging.


You have won a little and crucial war.




  1. BluCactus - Traits of a Successful Blogger - important dataWilling to Make Sacrifices:


Creating content takes a lot of time, no doubts.


For most of us, we don’t have a lot of time but we need to be committed and ready to make sacrifices.


Yes, it will be hard but the result that is waiting for you is going to cover all your sleepless nights.




  1. Creating a Productive Workflow:


BluCactus - Traits of a Successful Blogger - men suitIf you’re just a newbie then you should create a workflow that describes what you are going to do in a day.


Take a paper and write all your day’s work.


If successful bloggers won’t create their workflow, it will become difficult for them to create passive income.





  1. BluCactus - Traits of a Successful Blogger - important dataPosting on a Consistent Schedule:


With a publishing schedule, you know what and when you have to publish.


This definitely increases your efficiency and makes you more productive.



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