9 Twitter Marketing Ideas That Drive More Traffic to Your Website.

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9 Twitter Marketing Ideas That Drive More Traffic to Your Website. The emergence of social media has changed how marketing is done. Previously, brands used billboards and commercials to advertise their brand. But, with social media marketing in places like Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, etc., brands are using different tactics. After all, users are actively using different platforms to look out for brands to incorporate them into their lifestyle. 


Twitter is one such platform where brands are promoting their products. The platform has hundreds of millions of active monthly followers, making it essential for brands to work on strategies for marketing on Twitter. 


Find out 9 Twitter marketing ideas that can help in driving more traffic to your website:


9 Twitter marketing ideas


#1 Use Short, And Alluring Tweets 


BluCactus - Twitter Marketing Ideas - important dataTweets under 100 characters get a 21% higher engagement rate.


Though it might be challenging to write a short and compelling tweet, it is worth it. 


Even when you are just tweeting a link, show some creativity.


Short tweets get more attention and provoke the thought process in the minds of the readers. 


Tweets should be such that they inspire a call to action. It is what makes Twitter immensely impactful for brands in terms of marketing. 


BluCactus - Twitter Marketing Ideas - important data#2 Add URLs To The Profile


One of the most efficient ways of generating more traffic to your website is making it simpler for the audience to find and access it. 


Twitter provides a designated area in your profile where you can add a URL.


Link to your homepage, blog, or anything that you like.


Moreover, to maximize the generation of traffic, you can also include another one as a part of your Twitter bio. 


#3 Tweet With Consistency


BluCactus - Twitter Marketing Ideas - important dataIf you want your tweets to get noticed, be consistent with them.


Like any other social media platform, consistency is key to drive traffic to your website. 


The user’s profile feed is in chronological order but not the home feed.


There are plenty of tweets that keep dropping on the homepage of the user. A tweet stays only for 15-20 mins on average.


Hence, the need to Tweet often to maintain your visibility.


#4 Embed Twitter Feed


BluCactus - Twitter Marketing Ideas - important dataEmbedding Twitter feeds on your website is a result-driven Twitter marketing strategy to drive more traffic to your website.


You can embed Twitter feeds with the help of aggregating tools like Taggbox.


It helps collect all the relevant posts from the platform, curating, moderating, and customizing them as per the liking and preference of the brand.


After this, it gets converted into a unified feed embedded anywhere on the website easily.


It helps in building the trust and engagement of the audience, resulting in more traffic and conversions. 


#5 Use Hashtags Relevant To Your Business To Increase Visibility 


BluCactus - Twitter Marketing Ideas - important dataYou don’t want to spam your audience with tons of links in your tweet.


To avoid this, try using hashtags to boost your brand’s visibility and fetch more followers, engagement, interactions, and conversations. 


Find the right hashtag for your business while curating your Twitter marketing strategy.


It should be in line with the goals of the brand. 



BluCactus - Twitter Marketing Ideas - important data#6 Ask Your Followers To Share, Download & Click


If you want your audience to take action on any of your posts, seek a call-to-action.


Give them something to be inspired from, for instance, “Share if you like” or “Click below to learn more” or “Retweet if this helped you” or “Hit the like button.”


These things help in engaging the audience. 


#7 Optimize Your Twitter Profile


BluCactus - Twitter Marketing Ideas - important dataWhen a new follower connects to you for the first time, they will go through your profile thoroughly.


Ensure that your bio, images used, and username is made professional and appropriately showcases your interests. 


And to be able to derive referral traffic from your profile, make sure that you include a website or blog URL in your profile.   


#8 Run Contests


Contests are the best way to grab an audience’s attention, even on the microblogging platform. 


Running contests is the best way to connect to the audience.


Take pools, ask questions, conduct giveaways, play a quiz around your brand, or just opt for any activity that can push your audience to participate. 


Know that an attentive and hooked audience is the best asset.



#9 Make Your Tweet Worth-A-While


BluCactus - Twitter Marketing Ideas - important dataThis is indeed the most important part that needs to be taken care of.


Any tweet is like a headline. It should be written or formatted in a way that the audience is intrigued by it. 


Moreover, if you want to get click-throughs on your website, you have to give your followers a reason why they should click on it.


Hence, it is rather crucial to use the space wisely. 


BluCactus - Twitter Marketing Ideas - important data

Over to You


Twitter is one of the most influential platforms.


Leveraging it wisely is the best way to drive traffic to your website.


Use these Twitter Marketing ideas & tips to be able to maximize your efforts easily and smartly. 


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