Take a look at the best Twitter marketing strategy guide to beef up your social game

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Take a look at the best Twitter marketing strategy guide to beef up your social game. Today, Twitter is one of the most important social media platforms in the world. So, while it is true that you can use other platforms to promote your company, Twitter remains one of the most powerful platforms to speak to your audience in real-time. It really has managed to continuously stand out from other platforms, and that’s why you should know how to use a Twitter account. Now, if you really want to take advantage of it, here are the best marketing strategies for Twitter.


To begin with, you should know that this platform has over 326 million average monthly Twitter users. In fact, it’s ranked as the fifth most popular platform, its always at the top of its game by offering:


  • Accurate information 24/7
  • You will find many opportunities to build your brand efficiently.
  • You can generate higher sales since it does generate a greater number of fans.


How many tweets are posted daily? Approximately 500 million, so if you want to achieve optimal attention from your audience you will need several strategies. And most importantly you’ll need to know how to apply them wisely to get positive results.


This is why you can’t leave out Twitter from your marketing strategy if you want the resounding success of your brand.


Start creating a Twitter marketing strategy


BluCactus - Twitter marketing strategy - important dataTo start creating a marketing strategy for Twitter, start by not getting nervous, and always have a plan in hand. Before tackling social media, it’s important to have a plan of action in place. But first, you need to know how this platform works to start off on the right foot.


Where to begin? First of all, you must know what are the best marketing strategies for Twitter, remember that each platform walks a different path.


Because of this, there are many tools that you need to know about and add to your list of strategies.


Let’s get started!


Conduct an audit of your accounts


BluCactus - Twitter marketing strategy - important dataYour business may already have a Twitter account or even more than one. If this is the case, you should document all your accounts, and give someone on your team the task of taking care of them. To make it easier, add the accounts to a Twitter list for a thorough review of each one. On the other hand, during your account review, you can gather as much relevant information as you can to move forward with your Twitter marketing strategies.


It can really be tricky to know whether you’re truly successful on the site. So start by answering these questions: 


  • Does this account tweet frequently?
  • What is the calculation of the interaction rate?
  • How many followers does the account have?


These questions are also known as metrics, and to solve them you can use tools such as Twitter Analytics and Hootsuite Reports. From an audit, you can also obtain other types of data. This way, you can determine if your account is complying with the necessary strategies to move forward.


First of all, you must be clear that not all social platforms should be handled in the same way. Other than this, remember to keep your profile photo up to date and ensure it goes in line with the bio of your brand.


Without auditing your accounts, you won’t be able to move on to the next step in applying effective marketing strategies, but with your presence optimized now, we can begin setting your goals.


Set clear and measurable goals


BluCactus - Twitter marketing strategy - important dataWhen you keep in mind clear and measurable goals, your business can thrive through any social media platform. In other words, for you to determine if your strategy is on track, you must clearly know what you want to achieve for your brand.


How to do it? Well, you can start by creating SMART goals, which is to say, specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals. These objectives must be in tune with the aspirations you have at a commercial level. For example, if you want to get more traffic to your website, one of your SMART goals should be to increase your click-through rate. It’s in this stage where you should be more focused to get the best results.


Remember to use as a reference the clicks that you were able to obtain during the audit of your Twitter account. This way, you’ll be able to set achievable objectives, and for a reasonable time. For example, if during the audit you saw the clicks of the benchmark at 2%, you should notice a 2% increase over three months.


Be aware of your competition


BluCactus - important dataA competitive analysis is always useful. After all, knowing what your competition does is a great advantage. That’s why you should take your time to review the Twitter accounts of the companies that you consider to be a competitor for your brand. It is a fact that your direct competitors are the brands that first come to mind when you think about your competition.


In this case, it is a good idea to analyze all their social media so that you can easily identify both their advantages and disadvantages and your own.


If you are quite sure that your competitors are doing something better than you, well you need to respond and make some changes. This will make it easier for you to identify which marketing strategies are needed to continue to promote your brand in the right way.


Have enough equipment to assign roles


BluCactus - Twitter marketing strategy - important dataWhen your company wants to be known through Twitter, you must constantly stay proactive and try always to respond to people who are engaging with your brand. For this reason, you can assign the task of responding to mentions and direct messages to a member of your team.


If there’s one thing you need to know, it’s that Twitter conversations have to move quickly. This means that your audience will notice whether or not you really want to interact with them. So, if you don’t respond in time to the call of your followers, your brand might take a real blow.


Business Twitter accounts will always require hard work, and it will take a large team of people for effective oversight. In fact, some companies even create custom signs for each member when offering customer service. This way they can achieve a closer connection with their audience.


Also, if you have a single designated person to manage your Twitter account, we recommend adding this task to another member as a backup, to provide quality customer service.


Every team member must be clear about their responsibilities so that there are no problems in their account.


Create guidelines to avoid mistakes


BluCactus - Twitter marketing strategy - important dataThrough this guide about marketing strategies for Twitter, your brand will be recognized by the right audience. Besides, the ultimate goal will always be to maintain a good connection over time with them and expand your reach. For this, it’s necessary to create guidelines to ensure good teamwork and avoid mistakes on social media.


It’s of the utmost importance that your company’s guidelines be shared with all team members. This way, they will have a broad understanding of your audience and your brand style. We have already told you that marketing strategies may vary depending on the platform you use. So, in the case of Twitter, it must cover details such as:



As with other social media platforms, on Twitter, you can find both good and bad comments. That’s why you must be prepared in any situation to accept criticism without stress. After all, as your brand grows, you will see different attitudes from the audience, but they should not affect you. Rather, they must become an impetus to keep you moving forward.


A plus is that planning how to answer to so-called trolls will allow you to know how to answer naturally.


Keep a content calendar up to date


BluCactus - Twitter marketing strategy - important dataHaving a content calendar is more important than you might think. When you create content without having a guideline in the first place, you will only stress yourself out. As a result, your content won’t be able to connect with the right audience.


There will be nothing better than having a tweet prepared and filled with a lot of creativity to make it eye-catching.


Of course, creating a content calendar isn’t that easy and it takes time.


However, in the end, it will save you from having to worry about not having interesting content for followers.


BluCactus - Twitter marketing strategy - important data

What are the advantages of a content calendar?


  • It allows you to align the content you are going to post on different channels.
  • You can plan for interesting and timely content.
  • You will be able to evaluate your content to determine if you are sharing Tweets in the right way.


This task is ongoing, so once your calendar is ready, don’t forget about it.


That is, you must keep an eye on your account to respond to the audience’s concerns in time.


Evaluate the progress of your brand


BluCactus - Twitter marketing strategy - important dataOnce you put your Twitter marketing strategy in place, you should do a regular check-up. How will this check-up look like? It consists of evaluating your efforts to determine if your progress is related to your SMART objectives.


By keeping an eye on your brand, you can have access to many meaningful metrics that might be a bit disconcerting. However, you should pay more attention to the metrics that really matter. In other words, you should look at the posts that drive conversion and sales.


By measuring your impact on Twitter, you can collect important data to improve your marketing strategy if necessary.


Through marketing strategies, you can boost your Twitter account


Through our Twitter marketing strategy guide, you can create an efficient account for your brand. Here are some other tips that you can’t miss.


To make your Twitter marketing strategy most effective you must take into account the following steps:


Complete your profile 


BluCactus - important data

The profile of your Twitter account must be in tune with your brand. Create a professional structure to attract your potential clients. That’s why the name of your user must be consistent with the name of your company. And for your profile photo, you should use your brand logo. Then, you can update your cover photo regularly to provide updated information to your followers.


To write your brand’s bio you will only have 160 characters, so you should take advantage of it to put an attractive bio. You can even create a slogan to differentiate your company from others. In this section, it’s important to show the personality of your brand.


As for the URL, you can update it during targeted campaigns to give a more eye-catching focus to your site. It’s also important that you add a location to make your profile more realistic to the public.


BluCactus - important dataCure your feed with Twitter lists 


On Twitter there can be millions of conversations at once, that’s why you should use lists as they’re a very efficient tool to quickly discover the most relevant conversations for your account.


These lists work as curated feeds of accounts that you can select to tune in to relevant discussions for your company.





BluCactus - important dataConnect with your followers 


Twitter is the perfect platform to establish a real connection with your audience, and although you can use other content such as images and videos, you must have an attractive voice to easily engage with your followers.


That’s why, through tweets, you must showcase the personality of your brand. On the other hand, you need to understand that bots cannot replace human interaction you need to show your followers that they’re dealing with real people.


Also, try to be as original and sincere as possible. This way, you can create true bonds of trust with your followers.


BluCactus - important dataTake surveys through your account 


Unlike Instagram or Facebook, there aren’t many ways for creative interactions on Twitter.


However, Twitter polls are a great option to ask questions and choose up to a maximum of 4 answers.


Even surveys are a good way to attract an audience since this platform is accurate to provide opinions on any topic.



BluCactus - datos importantesUse your visual assets


While it’s true that to communicate with your audience you only have 280 characters, you can still use your visual assets to achieve a greater connection.


For example, you can add an image or infographic to complete your informational tweet.


You can even add a video to maintain your brand intent when introducing a product or service.



Schedule your tweets


BluCactus - Twitter marketing strategy - important data

Your Twitter marketing strategy should be leveling up, so start scheduling your tweets in advance. This way you can optimize your time while giving yourself a chance to review your content calendar. This option is very effective, as it allows you to never forget to post a tweet.


Scheduling your tweets in advance offers many benefits as you can take advantage of the most opportune moments to interact. After all, your audience is likely to be online at different times. Besides, by measuring performance through your analytics, you can determine the best time to adjust your calendar.


Typically, tweets containing images or another visual asset get up to three times more engagement than traditional tweets. Also, tweets with videos get up to 10 times more interactions.


To keep your tweets always looking amazing, you can also use gifs as they have the power to increase engagement by 55% amazing right?


BluCactus - Twitter marketing strategy - important dataTake advantage of hashtags


Hashtags are very popular all over social media as they bring many benefits to brands. However, this element was born on Twitter and is the best tool to boost interactions.


Use this to your advantage in the best ways possible. For this, you can research which ones are the most popular and are tending with your competition.


You can even create a hashtag with your brand. This way, you can promote campaigns or other ideas to upkeep the loyalty of your audience. In the same way, we also recommend only using one or two hashtags per tweet for better optimization.


BluCactus - Social Media Tips - important dataRun ad campaigns


To execute this strategy your Twitter account must be working organically.


Advertising through this social media platform is very effective for the growth of your audience.


Take advantage of running ad campaigns to promote your products, and drive traffic to your website.


Through Twitter Ads, you can selectively target your audience. This way you will reach the right people.


BluCactus - Twitter marketing strategy - important data

Use UTM parameters


UTM parameters are very effective for social media analytics.


This tool works as shortcodes in the form of text that you can use to improve both traffic and conversions.


Through these codes, you can specify the source, the company campaign, and the medium. Also, you can add these codes through Google Analytics. UTM parameters will help you know how users navigate your site and which tweets are most effective.


On the other hand, you can also measure the return on the investment of your campaigns, and much more.


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