11 Types of Interactive Content to Drive Better Engagement


10+ Types of Interactive Content to Drive Better Engagement. Any material that encourages user engagement to convey its message is interactive content. The content experience progresses from passive consumption to active involvement. It aids in the efficient promotion of your brand.


11 Types of Interactive Content to Drive Better Engagement


Check out the 11 types of interactive content to drive better engagement and fulfill your goals.


1. Conducting Webinars


Blucactus-11-Types-of-Interactive-Content-to-Drive-Better-EngagementVarious strategies are used to attract the audience to market a product or a service. Conducting well-planned webinars is one of the most effective methods. It is an online session that aids ineffective marketing. Various software gets employed, and many people can attend to get the necessary information.


This type of material appeals to the viewers and increases your brand’s credibility. Because many software packages are prohibitively expensive, we can hold such meetings using Google Hangouts.


You will need a well-written script, or you can employ a professional public speaker to demonstrate the services and answer questions from clients.


2. Engaging Infographics


Blucactus-11-Types-of-Interactive-Content-to-Drive-Better-EngagementInfographics are visually appealing displays that contain the information in a very concise and engaging manner. It usually displays statistical data with pictures and facts.


Instead of expecting the readers to take an interest in going through an extended piece of content, such content ideas can be of great use.


Anything that catches the attention of the eye has a long-lasting impact. Infographics have great use, and an essay writer might also use them to enhance the value of their essay.


If customers get the desired information about a product or service within a glance, it saves their time and enhances their interest and curiosity.


3. Ebooks and Magazines


Blucactus-11-Types-of-Interactive-Content-to-Drive-Better-EngagementStatic ebooks no longer attract the audience, and marketers apply the latest techniques to provide a sensory experience. Ebooks that run on and on for pages do not appeal to them, and people do not have time to go into extensive details.


They look for useful content that appears in just a few glimpses. Thus, you must embed quizzes, videos, and exciting content to fulfill the purpose.


To make the content more effective, you can use various content writing tools to make the content more effective.


Digital magazines are also very effective in presenting your services through high-quality visuals. For instance, you must have seen such booklets of various stores to showcase clothes and other products.


4. Mobile Applications


Blucactus-11-Types-of-Interactive-Content-to-Drive-Better-EngagementMobile applications have skyrocketed and brought tremendous praise from people. By introducing various fun activities like online gaming, you can keep the public interested.


You can hire game developers who can create customized games and attract customers, especially youth.


Such content fosters a productive approach and brings great admiration from the public.


There are various creative techniques to persuade the users, and games are visually quite appealing. It enhances the interest and curiosity and, to upgrade to the next level in a game, the players avail coupons and offers rapidly.


5. HD Quality Videos

Blucactus-11-Types-of-Interactive-Content-to-Drive-Better-EngagementInteractive video is particularly effective in giving potential customers a sense of control, and, as a result, a sense of connection to your brand.


Adding interactivity to your video content can increase engagement, viewing time, and conversions significantly.


Your interactive video will keep viewers engaged, whether it’s a linear story with branching routes (think Netflix’s interactive videos) or a hotspot-enabled clip that allows viewers to highlight select on-screen objects.


It is always a good idea to include a call-to-action button in a video. You may link your videos to exclusive content and drive traffic to your desired pages using interactive videos.


6. Q&A Sessions


Blucactus-11-Types-of-Interactive-Content-to-Drive-Better-EngagementInteractive quizzes can be a valuable tool for marketers since they help in collecting information and converting web visitors into leads.


Avoid the typical questions that most websites ask their customers; instead, bring some interesting and thought-provoking queries. Sometimes, the aim of marketers is not conversion but to generate brand awareness.


You can easily fulfill such objectives by designing different activities to inquire about the public’s interests.


There is also extensive applicability of such tasks that not only bring an active response but also enhance the credibility of your brand. Keep the target audience in mind while planning it, since you will be able to fulfill the goals in a shorter period.


7. Captivating Emails


Blucactus-11-Types-of-Interactive-Content-to-Drive-Better-EngagementEmails are a quick and effective way to communicate with clients on a one-to-one basis. It allows you to send a public message without putting in a lot of effort.


You may stay in touch with people by sending out email notifications and reminders about your services. You may engage the audience and persuade them to use your services by employing CTAs and interesting data.


Even in the fast-changing digital landscape, email’s inherent intimate design offers it an advantage. Yes, it has issues, but email is far from dead.


The email marketing statistics show extensive applicability. To improve open rates and engagement, include interactive components in your emails such as embedded movies, polls, charts, games, and more.


8. Surveys


Blucactus-man taking a surveySurveys can evaluate and collect significant amounts of data. It provides excellent feedback from your target audience at a minimal cost.


Conducting surveys to engage with the target audience is a fantastic idea. Inquire about their preferences and requirements for a product.


It will provide useful feedback while also allowing them to feel heard and acknowledged. The client persona has been created, and it is ideal for future objectives.


Certain social and psychological elements are considered when designing surveys. Customers’ needs are evaluated, and product design strategies get developed appropriately.


9. Blogs


Blucactus-man using a laptopBlogs provide detailed information on a specific niche. The business websites usually have a separate section of blogs where the company’s services are elaborated in detail.


Some educational websites also offer academic articles and well-researched content to share knowledge and showcase the quality of content.


No matter what kind of business you have, you can share blogs on diverse topics related to it and gain maximum engagement.


Keep your objectives clear while composing a blog post and create SEO-friendly content. It will help you generate maximum traffic and reach the target audience at a rapid speed.


10. Giveaways


Blucactus-giveaway imageThis form of interactive material proves to be an effective marketing strategy.


You may reward people with free products and services by holding giveaways. And even get people to share your content to generate leads. You can plan various activities and convince people to participate actively in them.


This gives your customers something in exchange for submitting their contact information. Giveaways can be an effective technique to gain the trust and love of people.


Those who have been offered giveaways can upload videos and give their genuine feedback to promote your services.


11. Live Streaming


Blucactus-11-Types-of-Interactive-Content-to-Drive-Better-EngagementBy going live on social media platforms, you can give an active opportunity to many people to inquire about services.


They can share their concerns and clear any confusion they might have regarding your services. You can hire social media experts to manage such tasks and engage people effectively.


Insta and Facebook live sessions can be recorded and displayed later as well on the timeline for those who missed out.


This type of content usually brings genuine feedback and a more realistic experience. Thus, the public develops a deeper bond with the company and feels connected.


Conclusion for 10+ Types of Interactive Content to Drive Better Engagement


Interactive content helps to differentiate your publications from your competitors and makes your content stand out. It takes careful planning and cutting-edge approaches to avoid overwhelming the visitors with information and instead establish a constructive relationship with them.


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Her creative potential beatifies the content and helps the reader gain useful and valuable knowledge.




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