Types of PowerPoint Presentations


The need to share information within an exclusively corporate context has given rise to the onset of the different types of PowerPoint presentations that we know today. Since its inception in the late 80s, PowerPoint presentations have been widely used within numerous fields like commerce, society, and business.


A presentation is a process of showing and explaining a topic to an audience. It’s also a powerful tool to captivate investors and clients, that is why visuals and text must display a harmonious composition that highlights the core message and allow you to connect with your audience.


Types of PowerPoint Presentations

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In this article, the marketing agency BluCactus shows you what are the keys to boost your PowerPoint presentations.


So you can capture investors or clients and make your business grow.


There are many presentation design services offered on the web.


BluCactus - Types of PowerPoint Presentations - conference room with a lot of peopleAcquiring a presentation design service implies the purchase of highly optimized designs that will add significant value to your marketing processes and sales.


They are a good investment if you want to display a quality product that makes your conferences successful and memorable.


The different types of PowerPoint presentations, while properly designed, can be a powerful marketing tool.


They can increase a company’s brand awareness, stir interest in their products and drive sales.


However, there are design mistakes that lead to ineffective presentations. What are the main reasons why some PowerPoint presentations don’t work with the audience?


Experts of the Digital Marketing Agency BluCactus recognize, in general, three phenomena that significantly decrease their quality.

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A very common mistake is the lengthy use of text blocks. That is when each slide of the presentation looks overloaded with information.


The proper use of text blocks makes the difference between getting attention and languishing without an audience.


The wrong distribution of the information on the slides can be a distraction from your oral presentation.


Therefore, your conference might be shadowed by the loss of the topic’s comprehension.

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The following two mistakes also block the viewer’s attention and affect the clarity of the information. The first one is about animation.


Wrong placement of transition effects on the presentation may let the viewer’s mind wander. Types of PowerPoint Presentations. On the contrary, the right placement of transition effects will make your conference feel smoother and more engaging.


The proper choice of transition effects is the one that has a minimalist approach: less is more.


The second mistake is the selection of very low-quality images. Types of PowerPoint Presentations. Poor image visibility creates visual clutters that block the viewer’s attention.

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Digital marketing agencies aim to enhance your brand image by creating high-quality, error-free presentations. Thus, hiring a professional presentation design service is a good marketing tool that will help you achieve your corporate goals.


Know the most common 4 types of PowerPoint presentations according to their content and objectives.


Design mistakes have in common the absence of the right approach to enhance the subject matter of the presentation.


Hence, the solution is identifying the different types of PowerPoint presentations that best suit your goals. Even though there are plenty of them, we show you the most common in the digital marketing world.


1.- Types of PowerPoint Presentations, Professional Presentation:


BluCactus - Types of PowerPoint Presentations - men giving a meeting to other peopleSelf-employed workers and professionals with a high level of specialization often use this presentation to market their independent services.


To structure a compelling professional presentation you must take into account five elements: the target labor market, the level of differentiation of your services from the competition and the action plans, marketing strategies and financial projections that your client will get by hiring your services.


Even though it seems like a lot of content, go easy on it and stick to simple designs, emphasize one point per slide, use text sparingly and select images for impact.


To give a fluent presentation, know your slides inside out, speak at a steady pace and interact with your audience.


2.- Types of PowerPoint presentations, Brand Image Presentation:


BluCactus - power point computer with statisticsUnlike other types of PowerPoint presentations, the success of a brand image presentation is due to a design based on much more visual criteria. As Milton Glaser once said  “There are three responses to a piece of design—yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”


Go for punchy, eye-catching messages and illustrate your concept. Showcase the brand’s creative process and distinguish your design from the old one (if there is any).


Go into detail to highlight the aesthetics of the new brand image and show its flexibility. Also, prove it is adaptable and justify its color scheme.

A brand image presentation includes the corporate identity manual, a summary of the brand’s evolution and data about its differential value complemented with high-quality images.


3.- Types of PowerPoint presentations, Business Plan Presentation:


BluCactus - Types of PowerPoint Presentations - woman giving a meeting to other peopleThe objective of this presentation is to satisfy the questions of all investors so it focuses on the description of business opportunities.


It includes financial analysis and information about investment and profitability.


Think about it as a concise and engaging overview of what is your business about, how you solve your customers’ needs and how your product is different than anything else on the market.


In the end, make sure to give a compelling closing speech that allows you to fully captivate your audience.


4.- AutoCAD Project Presentation:


BluCactus - computer with colors in the backgroundThe arrival of AutoCAD 2000 broadened the horizons of the different types of PowerPoint presentations. AutoCAD presentations display miscellaneous projects of technical fields like Engineering and Urbanism.

Accurate and dynamic, AutoCAD software increases the user’s productivity by helping visualize the product that is going to be made and its constituent parts. It also has a user-friendly platform to modify, synthesize, analyze and document the design.

A very important stage in an AutoCAD design project is setting a SWOT analysis.


That is a comprehensive review of the project’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. After you get the final product, you must elaborate on a marketing plan that focuses on highlighting its qualities.


Tips for using the most common software for presentations.

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Software is the second element that, according to marketing agencies, must be identified in order to create high impact and coherent presentations.


Presentations software are programs or applications that help structure any type of presentation. They have all the necessary tools and algorithms to guarantee the slides’ argumentative and methodological coherence, so as its dynamic display.


The first program of this kind was Cromemco Slidemaster developed in 1981 by the engineer John Dunn. The second one was Microsoft Office in 1987.


More recently, Apple’s Keynote made its appearance in 2003. Thanks to this evolutionary scenario that nowadays we benefit from the following classification:


1.- Types of PowerPoint Presentations, Exclusive software:

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Microsoft Office PowerPoint outstands globally among this type of software due to its classical slide set up and high level of penetration in the international market.


Microsoft’s latest statistics show that in a day users make more than 30 million presentations with this software all over the world.


Apple’s Keynote program is another user-friendly option to create engaging presentations.


Keynote was first released during 2009 and its last stable release was made in mid-2012. Keynote has an intuitive interface that allows you to create beautiful designs and add handwritten comments to your presentations.


2.- Types of PowerPoint presentations, Free Software Programs:


BluCactus - woman explaining informationFree operating systems have many features that will allow you to create eye-catching presentations.


In the first place is Apache OpenOffice Impress, able to export slide decks as Adobe SF files.


In the second place is Beamer, a text composition program based on different graphing resources.


Lastly, is Calligra Stage (formerly KPresenter), a great option for creating realistic vector graphics.


3.- Cloud-based software, an amazing tool to create PowerPoint presentations:


BluCactus - computer with designsCloud-based software is a great idea if you want to edit your presentations from any device and if you want your team to collaborate on it simultaneously, for better results in your work.


They offer creative templates and spectacular transitions and animations.


Some examples of cloud-based software are Google Docs Presentation, PowerPoint online, SlideShare and Prezi. Other less-known alternatives are Slides, Emaze and Microsoft Sway.


Microsoft PowerPoint, though widely popular, is not a platform exempted from mistakes. We divided them into two important categories:

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The first one is about design: the use of an inappropriate color and style typography, the selection of very common and ordinary templates, the use of overly lowercase typography, plus the disproportionate use of audiovisual resources.


The second mistake category is about public speaking strategies.


For example, reading the arguments instead of explaining them, giving an inconsistent speech and the inefficient use of the slides.


BluCactus - Types of PowerPoint Presentations - men giving an speechAvoid this kind of problem by showing your passion for the topic and connecting with your audience.


Focus on your audience’s needs and concentrate on your core message. And hire a marketing agency, which will create beautiful slides with dazzling effects. That way, your conference will be refreshing and memorable.


What are the advantages of hiring the presentation design services of the Digital Marketing Agency BluCactus?


With more than a decade of experience, we have a team of designers who are experts in creating all kinds of high-quality eye-catching presentations. We base our work on three key criteria:

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4.- Excellent content-audience relationship:


Before designing, we elicit data to identify the target audience and develop a precise array about the style and kind of content that will lead us to the final product.


That way, we focus on providing highly customized service.


5.- Types of PowerPoint Presentations, Texts with personality:


With us, you’ll gBluCactus - phone apps with internetet snazzy PowerPoint presentations.


We think it’s a good idea to play around with the perspective in your slide,  make the text part of the scene or just go big.


When it comes to your display text, size matters.


That is why we optimize the visual effect of your presentation by adding ultra-sized fonts or mixing up the size of the text to draw attention to the more significant keywords.


BluCactus - Types of PowerPoint Presentations - men giving a meeting to other people6.- Dazzling audiovisual effects:


Our designers have an exquisite taste for transition and animation effects.


That will create an audiovisual storytelling experience.


We also have optimization tools to make sure their display be stunningly beautiful.


Final notes: BluCactus shows you the importance of the different types of PowerPoint presentations as powerful marketing tools.


BluCactus - Types of PowerPoint Presentations - computer with colors inIn our agency, BluCactus, we are always innovating to give you the best possible marketing service.


That is why we take advantage of excellent tools like PowerPoint presentations to highlight the qualities of your products and services.


We are a digital marketing agency that provides services in Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Los Angeles, and New York.


Our brand, besides being a step forward in terms of digital marketing, it also has the global support of numerous customers and companies.

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This has enabled us to stay ahead of the products and services required by a market that is in constant growth.


So, what are you waiting for? If you want to leverage your conferences with each one of these PowerPoint presentations, contact us and our specialists will advise you on everything you need to know about it!


Contact us and we will give you personalized attention. At your disposal BluCactus! Your Graphic Design Agency in Dallas! Quote your PowerPoint presentation design and increase your sales! Get a quote now!


Quote your project to let us create your Pitch Deck
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