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Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. When we hear the word social media, we almost instantly think of Facebook or Instagram. This can be normal, depending on your knowledge of it.


If you only use Social Media to socialize and talk with friends, you may think of these platforms. However, there are many others that have different purposes and topics. Because of this, you can also include some of them as part of your digital strategy.


We tell you how:


Let’s first clarify


What exactly is a social media platform?


BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happyThese are websites or applications that allow us to share content regardless of where we are. We can do this quickly in real-time and efficiently.


Likewise, they allow us to create communities to interact and discuss certain topics with a wide range of people all around the world. Therefore, the function of each of these platforms determines their types. Such is the case of Facebook and Twitter that, as mentioned before, let us create communities.


But there are others who focus on sharing audiovisual content, such as YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram.


Likewise, there are other platforms dedicated to strengthening work contacts or getting a job, such as LinkedIn. Some allow us to promote social blogging, like Medium or Tumblr. Finally, there are others that let us create debates, such as Reddit or Quora. Thus, as you can see, there are many options to choose from.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy.


Can you imagine the potential of including these platforms into your digital marketing strategy?


BluCactus - Types of social media - cellphone with an app openWe have some numbers that will convince you: According to We Are Social; they estimated that the number of users of social media platforms is over 3,196 million, an amount that increases by 13% every year.


Also, 9 out of 10 people access their favorite platforms through their phones. Thus, it’s a necessity to have brands where their audience is.


90% of brands consider that social media marketing increases their business exposure, while 66% of companies that spend at least 6 hours on social media per week get more leads.


Let’s get to know each social media platform:




This platform was created in 2004, and it now has over 2 billion active users. It’s also a free tool that allows you to upload photos, videos, publications, or broadcast live.


It also makes it easy for us to communicate with other people and brands, create groups and events, search classified ads, and also create public pages around a certain topic or interest.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. How can I take advantage of this platform for my brand?


BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happyFacebook offers many statistics for those who advertise in it. On this platform, you can know the number of people that your publication reached and who saw the ad or interacted with it.


Besides, its algorithms allow us to target highly specific audiences.


On the other hand, Facebook’s chat feature, better known as Facebook Messenger, is great for brands because it allows them to personalize each customer’s experience.


According to the numbers from this company, they estimate that each month people and companies send over 2,000 million messages, either automatically or personally.


We can tailor this communication based on the business goals of the company.


Why use Facebook as a tool for my business?


Next, we will tell you why Facebook is a good option:


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Direct and personal link


BluCactus - Types of social media - computer wth a social media plataformFor companies, the opportunity of talking in real-time and directly with their client is too good to pass up.


Likewise, they can do this either through the use of a robot for customer service or by hiring a person for this. 


One of the greatest aspects of Facebook is the communication it can provide to you and your company.


This is not only a great opportunity for the client as they can reach your company at any time but also for your company.


Thus, this can increase the chances of getting information about them.


BluCactus - Types of social media - computer wth a social media plataform



You can add buttons and links to complement the publications on other platforms.


Doing this can allow you to create a type of activity that can speed up the processes, not only of purchase but also of payment.




BluCactus - Types of social media - cellphone with an app openTypes of social media platforms for your marketing strategy.



This can also allow you to receive criticism and suggestions.


Thus, you will be able to constantly improve your performance.





The main characteristic of this platform is its short and concise texts: each tweet doesn’t exceed the 240 characters.


This is the ideal place to find out what is happening around the world. Likewise, this platform is among the most visited websites in the world: position 8 in the United States and 13 in the rest of the world.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. How can we use its potential for our brand?


BluCactus - Types of social media - cellphone with an app openYou must know that at least 47% of marketers agree that Twitter is the best channel on social media to generate engagement.


This is because you can go for promoted tweets, accounts, or trends:


  • The promoted tweets appear in the user’s feed alongside posts from people who they follow.
  • Promoted accounts appear in various locations on Twitter and as a suggestion as to who they have to follow.
  • The Promoted Trends appear at the top of the Twitter trends box.


BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happy



These type of ads allows the brand to be more visible and interact with the users of this platform.


47% of users who follow a brand on this platform are more likely to visit that company’s website.


On the other hand, three-quarters of companies with an online presence now use Twitter for commercial purposes.


Reasons to use Twitter if you have a business



BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happy

Now, when we talk about the professional use of this platform, we must mention that Twitter has many advantages over other social media platforms. Some of these are:


  • Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. It has a great capacity to advertise content. This social platform has millions of users willing to read and share the content they like the most. Thus, having a presence on Twitter and being good at it can help your messages to receive more exposure and that way get to more people.
  • It allows you to listen to your user’s People love to share their opinion on any topic and Twitter is the perfect platform for this. It gives you the advantage of being able to see what your audience likes and doesn’t like. Thus, this can allow you to identify potential problems with your business, or to directly talk with your audience.
  • BluCactus - Types of social media - cellphone with an app openTypes of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. It has a very wide range of audiences: Twitter has a very diverse user base. It includes people like marketers, celebrities, teenagers, doctors, and many more. Because of this, you will have a lot of opportunities on this platform. We must mention that depending on the type of business and its objectives, these can vary. Thus, this is a very simple platform to use, and it will allow you to have a great interaction with your public.
  • It’s a good source of traffic for your website: On Twitteryou can share your blog articles and generate visits to it. You can also share photos or news about your business.
  • Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Give visibility to your business in search engines: Twitter ranks very well in Google. This means that when users search for your company, your account will appear on top of the page. Likewise, this will always happen even if you’re not well-positioned.




BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happyWith over 700 million active users per month, Instagram has been established as the favorite platform among companies and users.


This is a very visual platform since its main content is pictures and videos. Because of this, companies love it since it gives them a lot more engagement than written content. On Instagram, you can choose between ads with images or videos which are 60 seconds long.


Once you decide to target your strategy towards your goals for reach, frequency, broadcast, brand awareness, clicks, and video views, you will be able to convert your users into clients. Thus, this will allow you to increase the sales, downloads, or visits to your website. In this app, you can also see how many have installed it as well as the interaction your users have with it.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Tips for using Instagram for business


BluCactus - balanceKeep a balance of fun images of your business


Use the images to communicate the story of the business with a good balance.


Not everything has to be simple, edit the images in a good way.


Use the greatest attributes so that future clients feel the essence of what you want to convey.


BluCactus - Types of social media - cellphone with an app openUse the videos


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy.


You should create high-quality videos as this will allow it to stand out from the rest.


Think like your client, because maybe what may seem interesting to you is not interesting for them.




BluCactus - hastagsTypes of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Hashtag


Creating hashtags can allow users to find you more quickly.


However, try not to make the mistake of including a lot of them in your posts as it could tire the reader.


Also, we recommend using a trending hashtag in your caption, but only if it’s relevant for you.


BluCactus - Types of social media - cellphone with an app openInteraction


You can connect with others through the power of photos and videos.


Comment on the photos of your followers, like their photos and respond when they leave you a comment, in this way, they will know that you are real and that someone reads them.


Also, follow your most active followers.



Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Optimize your profile


BluCactus - optimizedBrandon Gaille recommends the following to optimize your profile:


  • Include your URL in comments and on your profile to improve traffic to your website.
  • Keep your profile public so that everyone can enter.
  • Use your company logo as a profile photo.
  • Give your comments a conversational tone by asking questions.
  • Use a username related to your company and that is the same or similar to Twitter.



Use Instagram to measure


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. When you upload a photo you can see the interaction you have had and the number of likes.


BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happy It’s at that moment, when you have a lot of engagement, that you can use it to be able to measure what your customers like the most. After this, you can go to Facebook and pay for ads using the data from that successful publication.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Reward your customers


Through this platform, you can offer a lot of promotional things, such as the case of coupons and discounts. This, in turn, will encourage people to follow your account. Thus, you will be able to measure the importance and relevance of your account depending on how many people use this coupon.


Do a “Sneak Peek”


BluCactus - sneak peekShow photos of something that is happening, but is not yet active or for sale. This way your followers will be looking forward to it. This can lead to positive comments on your photos, prompting you to show what’s next.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy.


It’s a technique in which you will have your followers more attentive and eager to expect something new from you every day.


This procedure can usually be done when a new season begins. For example, if you sell school products, or clothes according to some season of the year.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Thank your employees


BluCactus - employeesYou can upload photos of your employees thanking them for their good performance or for their efforts in a specific task.


For example, in this last case, you can also include a picture of them doing the task. This is great because it can give you extra points. You can also add your employee’s user accounts in the caption so the public can get to know them and create a connection.


Being thankful is the best thing you can do since customers now follow or buy according to their emotions.


Thus, you must always show your appreciation for every opinion or interaction from your staff. You can do this through the use of photos or comments that showcase this. Remember to make them unique so your customers can easily remember you.


Thank your customers too


BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happyTypes of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. It’s a fun way to put your customer at the forefront.


It may be that a photo is taken with your product and that it’s published or labeled by your brand. Besides, many people like to feel seen and heard.


Thus, they can appreciate your efforts of noticing them by supporting and buying your service and product.


Another way to show your appreciation is by leaving a note when delivering the product, this act implies the affection with which you sell your product and make yourself known to everyone.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Create contests


BluCactus - create contestsEveryone loves contests, it’s a fun way to create engagement between you and your followers.


Some contests can be “express”, which can last a month or several days.


The forms can be the following:


  • Give Like to win.
  • Selfie contests.
  • Contests with voting.
  • Photo contests in the same business or store.
  • Contest through your website.
  • Contest through photos of your products.


Add Instagram Photos and Videos to Your Website


BluCactus - instagram photosThis way you can let your customers know that you have an Instagram account and they can give you a follow.


Also, if they see something that interests them on the website.


They can search for it at once and buy it, or communicate to ask for this product.


It’s a simple way to attract customers and make them understand that your products are real.



Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Youtube


BluCactus - Types of social media - cellphone with an app openYouTube is an audiovisual content platform where users can view, share, comment on, and post videos.


This platform has around one billion users who consume over one billion hours of videos. Because of this, you can see the potential of including this platform in your digital strategy. If you do this, you will be able to take advantage of the statistics this platform can give you, such as which videos get the most subscriber and create the most click-through rate.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. You can also get some more data like demographics. It can show you the age, gender, and devices from where people consume certain contents. This is the only platform that can give such a large amount of this kind of information.


Apart from Google, it’s Facebook; YouTube and its videos bring brands to life, put a face on them, and humanize them.


Tutorial videos are very popular among companies. These can educate and at the same time entertain, or show the advantages of their products to the general public. Likewise, they can also help you to promote a new launch of a product or service. You can do this by having someone make a video about it.


How to integrate YouTube into your business?


BluCactus - Types of social media - computer wth a social media plataformTypes of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Companies often don’t give YouTube it deserves. They usually just upload a video without much care, sometimes they even forget or don’t care to put a title on it. On the other hand, there are also cases in which they write a title and description but don’t add keywords. These are the kind of mistakes that don’t let companies take advantage of such a powerful platform.


All of these flaws keep YouTube for Business a still-unknown opportunity. On the other hand, opening a channel on YouTube can help you to get a lot of visits since it’s still a new tool.


Similarly, YouTube is an informational channel that can achieve unimaginable audience rates and that can help boost your website.


Last but not least; A YouTube account is supposed to be the perfect sideboard to protect your brand. This is so that you can show your products, the image and personality that define your business.


For this reason, just having an account is not worth it. Next, we will tell you all the benefits this platform can give you and your company.


BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happyTypes of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. You can convince your audience


If you seek to impact your audience, you must first get to know them.


However, we already know that. Knowing your audience will help you create the perfect campaign and have the best YouTube channel for your business.


Maybe your audience likes an innovative campaign, or maybe they like a more sober and classic video. You are the only one who knows your followers.


BluCactus - youtubeYouTube or community life


When you create an account on YouTube you should keep in mind that what you are really doing is creating a new community.


The community can revolve around your brand, so you will have to work and be active if you want your brand to grow.


Of course, you need to keep your followers in mind and take care of them as they deserve.


Think about it as your potential audience. Unlike other social media platforms, YouTube users follow their own rules of interaction.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. SEO on YouTube


BluCactus - Types of social media - computer wth a social media plataformYouTube also helps you do SEO. If you include keywords in your title and optimize your description, you will be able to get good positioning for your videos. Thus, this will allow you to get the traffic you always wanted.


Remember that video marketing has the advantage that it can be used on phones.


Likewise, you must remember that it can give you many new and constant business opportunities. This platform has a lot of active users who use it almost daily, and thus, are exposed to your strategies.


The key to SEO on YouTube for the company lies between the balance with who you are, the interconnection between the different profiles, and social SEO.


YouTube and influencers 


BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happyNow those who succeed are the famous on YouTube, that is, the Youtubers and influencers.


We are sure that you already heard this word in recent months. These are people who because they are famous or because they know a lot of a subject, can get the trust of people.


That is why the appearance of companies on YouTube is so important. Through them, you can reach a high percentage of users with a loyal audience. Thus, you will be more likely to capture the attention of your target audience.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Embody your account


BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happyYou must always keep the spotlight in mind.


Don’t forget that you are looking to consolidate your brand. This means that you need to be known and followed.


Users of this social platform will feel much more comfortable if they know that they are communicating with a real person, who listens to them and answers all their questions.


Hence the need for your YouTube account to be personalized around you or the nature of your business. If you get users to trust you, loyalty will be a no brainer for customers, and best of all, it can be for life.


Do not despair


BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person stressAs always happens in social media platforms, patience will be your great ally.


Many get frustrated when they open an account and don’t get the results they want right at that moment.


But, success is achieved with work. Thus, YouTube requires effort, dedication, and patience.


Focus on taking care of your community and on generating quality content. Likely, you won’t make a profit from the beginning, but if you know how to manage your account well, you will able to do it in no time.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. The design will be your great ally


BluCactus - Types of social media - computer wth a social media plataformThe design of YouTube channels is designed to make your life easier.


These channels can be seen on any device, regardless of its size. It can be displayed on different devices such as phones, tablets, computers, and even television. Likewise, when you open your account, you’re able to choose the design you want to impress your audience.


Bet on original content.


This will give value to your brand image and grab the attention of your community. YouTube also gives you the option to pin a welcome video to your homepage.




BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happyThis a platform that works through the use of its own app. Its charm lies in the short duration of its videos which last no more than 10 seconds. Likewise, it also offers a great sense of privacy since the post can disappear after a certain amount of time or after the receiver sees it.


You can use Snapchat for your business by betting on instant ads and sponsored lenses. These have been used in marketing campaigns by brands such as Vans, Coca-Cola, or Netflix.


Instant ads are full-screen 10-second long vertical videos. In them, we can add a call-to-action to encourage our users to visit a specific link.


BluCactus - see stories There are also sponsored geofilters, they allow us to post a snap from a specific location. Thus, this can let our followers know where we are and what are we doing or launching.


When it comes to your company, if you have several branches, you can configure the filters for those specific locations.


Sponsored lenses, on the other hand, offer you a unique feature that not a lot of platforms have. This feature consists of facial recognition technology. This lets the user adapt their face to any type of filter which provides us with a lot of marketing possibilities.


For example, if you have a brand related to the automotive industry, you can use Snapchat to make your customers pretend they are in the car.


Tips for using Snapchat for your business


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Create and promote your Company’s Snapchat account


BluCactus - geo filtersIf you created your business account on Snapchat and optimized your profile, meaning, added a photo, a short description, and a link to your website, now is the time to promote your account to attract followers.


Similarly, you can promote your account in different ways, and this is essential if you want to build a prominent community on Snapchat.


Therefore, we recommend that you promote your Snapchat account on other social media platforms. Ask your friends, family, and followers to follow you. You can also include the Snapchat button on your website. We also recommend adding the logo of this platform on your business cards, office, and other offline spaces.


Customize your profile


BluCactus - snapchatUnlike other social media platforms, Snapchat does not offer an extensive profile to customize, although it does allow you to put some information.


For starters, you have to upload your account’s profile photo. For this, you must click on the yellow square with a white ghost in the middle. Once you place your photo, it will appear as a fill of said ghost.


You can also upload your company logo from your gallery or take photos to create a GIF that will be your avatar.


We should mention that in Snapchat, each avatar works as a QR code. This is so people can add other users simply by pointing their Snapchat camera at the QR code.


As you use your account, different medals or badges will appear under your profile. For example, concerning how many Snaps you have sent, or who has followed you, etc.


BluCactus - add users

Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Interact with other Snapchat users


Snapchat can offer you a wide variety of ways to communicate with other users.


One of these can be the option of talking in private mode. This applies to everything except the “Stories” function. 


BluCactus - Types of social media - cellphone with an app openSaid forms of communication are the following:


  • Add Users: To add a user to your contact list manually, you need to search for them by their username or point their camera over their QR code. You can also connect to your phone list of contacts, so everyone with Snapchat is added to your community.
  • Send Snaps: You can exchange photos and videos with other users. Please remember that if you take a screenshot of a photo or video, the owner of it will know it. This is because Snapchat notifies its users when someone takes a screenshot of their content.
  • View Stories: You can view and reply to the Stories of other users. The creator of the Story will be notified of both actions.
  • Instant messages: They are a very fast and effective way to communicate with any Snapchat user privately. When you reply to a Snap, or to a Story, both replies will be sent in the form of an instant message.
  • Submit “Snapcash”: This option allows you to send money via Snapchat. To enable it, you must go to Settings and link your credit or debit card details to your account.

Define the type of content you will share: 


BluCactus - messages instantTypes of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. It’s very important to identify the purpose of your Snapchat profile.


If you establish the purpose and the tone of communication for your account, you will be able to raise the quality of your content as well as organize your work process.


The idea is that you create original and attractive content that can grab the attention of users.


Thus, all of this can also provide added value to those who follow you and at the same time, promote the identity of your brand.


Take advantage of Snapchat Stories:


BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happySnapchat Stories are a compilation of content posted by each user.


Each content disappears after 24 hours from its publication. To create your own story, you need at least one photo or video. You can add 3 to 5 or all the Snaps you want and delete them at any time.


After posting your story you can see how many users have seen it, which is excellent data in terms of market research.


Stories are an excellent way to show your audience what the day is like in your business and to introduce your employees, facilities, activities, among other aspects.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Create Geofilters to distinguish your business


BluCactus - geo filtersOne of the advantages of Snapchat is that they allow you to create Geofilters to promote your business in the different locations that users explore through the app.


Geofilters are images or logos that show where a user is at any given time.


We recommend creating the Geofilter of your business.


This way your brand logo can appear in the place you want when users visit different virtual locations.



BluCactus - send private contentSend private content to build loyal followers:


An excellent way to retain your followers is to send them promotions, discounts, and benefits via private message.


You can also share exclusive content, such as news about your business, openings, events, and more.






Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Advertise on Snapchat:


BluCactus - Types of social media - cellphone with an app openThere are 3 ways to advertise in Snapchat: The “Snap Ads”, the Sponsored Geofilters, and the Sponsored Filters.


Snap Ads are full-screen vertical videos, with a maximum duration of 10 seconds, in which you can add calls to action to invite users to see your proposals.


Snap Ads can include an audio track that plays automatically. On the other hand, Sponsored Geofilters allow users to send Snaps from specific locations. You can use this last feature to show your logo and stand out within the App map.


Last but not least, Sponsored Filters are technologically more difficult, although very effective in advertising terms. It consists of the creation of an Augmented Reality mask for users to play with and create their own Snaps.


Partner with Influencers:


BluCactus - partnerWe mentioned earlier what influencers are within Marketing.


These people can give your local business the boost it needs. For this reason, we advise you to use the fame and reach of an Influencer to promote your business on Snapchat.


To get the most out of this technique, you need to identify an influencer that matches your brand’s style and offer a benefit.


For example, you can offer them free merchandise in exchange for creating daily Snaps to promote your products or your brand values. Thus, this will allow you to increase your popularity and attract new followers to your account.




BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happyLinkedIn is a social platform that focuses on the professional world. This platform can offer you a lot of opportunities to connect with other professionals and even find a job.


Its interface allows you to create connections, send private messages, and make your work experience visible.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Why should your brand be on LinkedIn?


In short, because it gives you exposure and allows you to meet potential clients.


BluCactus - Types of social media - cellphone with an app openYou can also connect with trained professionals and thus, expand our circle of contacts.


It also allows people to recommend your company.


That way you can get testimonials about the qualities of your company or product. LinkedIn also offers a lot of user data like the education, career, interests, and location of people.


At least 75% of business executives watch videos about their fields of work every week. Having this information allows marketers to promote business activities like company events and the launch of products on LinkedIn.




BluCactus - mediumTypes of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. This is an open and free platform for reading, publishing, writing, and sharing publications online.


With over 30 million users, Medium offers your company the opportunity to publish in-depth digital content about its field. Thus, this can allow you to improve your positioning in Google.


Medium includes Google Analytics on your site. This allows you to measure the visits, reads, and recommendations of the article you published. If you’re in the publishing world or you have a blog, you can’t ignore this amazing platform.


This is a platform of readers, in which its users spend an average of 4.5 million hours a month reading. You can take advantage of it to provide them with quality content according to their preferences.


Users also have the option of customizing their feeds with the type of content they prefer.




BluCactus - quoraThis is a question and answer social platform that receives around 100 million visitors a month.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Quora can help you rank topics on Google; some links from this platform appear in the first places of Google searches.


You can take advantage of this to develop your leadership and knowledge in topics that you master as a business. Another thing you should remember is that there are customers on Quora. On this platform, they can ask questions about your products or services. Thus, you can use it as a tool to answer their questions and fix any problem.


If you use Quora as part of your strategy, keep in mind that the benefits will be seen in the long term.


Brands that are interested in improving their positioning in Google can create a profile, find questions that have many demands and followers, tell interesting stories to show that they know the subject in-depth, and insert images, videos and links as material to give value to its content.


Tips for using Quora for your business


Optimize your profile


BluCactus - optimizedIf you want to have greater visibility, the first step is to have a great profile, from your image to your biography it must be professional.


Remember that you can link your profile with Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Remember to just mention your most important experience. This is because it’s what people see right after your name.


In the bio, you can add links to drive more traffic to your website. You can also create a page for your company by creating a new theme; this can be a great way for people to start asking and answering questions about your company, product, or service.


On the other hand, keep in mind that the company page must look professional. For this, add the logo and create a description that makes a great first impression.


BluCactus - Types of social media - cellphone with an app openTypes of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Focus in quality


For your reply to appear in the feed, it needs to have more upvotes.


To get upvotes, your response must be informative, easy to read, and visually appealing.


You have the option of adding visual elements to your responses, such as infographics, charts, images, and more.


BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happyCheck Notifications


Become an active member of issues related to your business.


Post interesting queries, provide helpful answers and add backlinks to your site content for additional information.





Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Connect with users


BluCactus - connect with usersQuora offers you a great way to build connections not only with experts in your industry but with regular users as well.


Staying connected gives you insight into their needs and the questions they have.


This way, you can answer them directly or even tailor your business to meet previously missing needs.


Therefore, by creating valuable information, you will not only get followers on Quora, but you will also increase traffic to your website.


Check your stats


BluCactus - staticsQuora displays your stats and you should review them regularly to see what worked, where you should prioritize, and where it’s not worth wasting time.


Statistics show you how many times your answer was seen.


You can check the upvotes and review the other answers. You can also see what you can improve in the future.


Check if you are placing a lot of text or if you have the correct balance of text and visuals. Questions and topics that have the most views should be your priority for the future.




BluCactus - contact usWithin this article, we talked about the most used social media platforms in different areas and tastes, as well as how each of them can work in your business.


Each social platform differs by its content and the way it’s used. Because of this, we recommend that you pay close attention to the aforementioned tips and get great benefits from them.


If you want to hire a social media management service so that you can business reach its maximum potential.


Hire our services! We have experts in social media that will help you improve searches on your website. Remember that hiring an experienced agency like BluCactus will ensure your success.


 Contact us now and request your free quote!


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