Unipole advertising: Advantages, types, and all the reasons why you should use it.

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All of us at some point have visualized an ad pole, whether on the highway, on a street, or anywhere else. What do you think of them? What characterizes them? You have come to the right place to clarify all your concerns. Unipole Advertising is one of the most representative supports of outdoor advertising. They accompany us on our road trips, they show us the location of a business and they abound in the main entrances to some city.


BluCactus - Unipole Advertising - creative billboard example of a unipole

What is Unipole Advertising?


First, advertising unipoles are one of the most effective outdoor advertising methods to make an impact in terms of the number of views received.


We call them that because they consist of a single-pole that holds a gigantic sign on the top of it.


BluCactus - Unipole Advertising - creative billboard example of a unipole

They are placed at a suitable height so that people can see them well in the distance.


Thus, the splendor of this medium makes it impossible to not see them.


This makes it a remarkably effective advertising method.


Would you like one for your business?


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BluCactus - creative billboard exampleNon-intrusive advertising


Certain types of advertising methods can be annoying. Like advertising spaces in media for instance.


Thus, this method often interrupts the flow of the content watched by people.


In contrast, outdoor advertising has become a part of our landscape.


Consequently, this has led it to become a non-intrusive type of advertising.


BluCactus - creative billboard exampleQuality and technology, Unipole Advertising


Technological advances have allowed us to improve the quality of the elements used in outdoor advertising.


Advertisers can now choose from a wide range of finishes and design options to display their advertising messages.


These options include the labeling on canvas, the backlight, among others.


BluCactus - creative billboard exampleVisual impact


They have a large size and are visible from many angles.


Although, when preparing our message we must remember that users see them in a few seconds.


Therefore, the message has to be clear and direct, the more precise the better.




BluCactus - Unipole Advertising - creative billboard example of a unipoleAdvertising effectiveness, Unipole Advertising


This medium is effective because it exposes messages for a long time since it remains static. Likewise, we are beings of routine.


This means that we usually pass through the same streets every time we go to work or school. Consequently, we can see this type of advertising over and over again which causes it to be extremely effective.


Therefore, it’s natural to think that, because we see them repeatedly, the message will also get ingrained in their minds.


BluCactus - Unipole Advertising - creative billboard example of a unipoleMedia types


We already know what unipoles are and what their most outstanding characteristics are.


Now, we tell you the types of supports that exist and that can be seen throughout all the places we know.




BluCactus - creative billboard example


Conventional format, Unipole Advertising


This is the most common support.


It consists of two sides to achieve visibility in both directions of the road.





BluCactus - Unipole Advertising - creative billboard example of a unipole



It’s made of two poles of equal height that make it possible to mount much larger billboards.


Thus, with this, we can achieve a greater impact.



BluCactus - BluCactus - creative billboard examplebillboard example of a unipole





Triface, Unipole Advertising 


It has three faces that produce a triangle and making it possible to see the advertising piece from different angles.


BluCactus - creative billboard exampleFrontlight


They are installed with light bulbs so that people can see them at night.


It’s thanks to these posts that we can see any advertisement on the freeways at night.




BluCactus - Unipole Advertising - creative billboard example of a unipole

Backlit or backlight, Unipole Advertising


It’s a support that contains tubes of LED bulbs installed inside the advertising drawer.


BluCactus - creative billboard example


LED Unipole


This incorporates a digital screen made up of LED lights, which gives it a greater impact and public attraction.






BluCactus - Unipole Advertising - creative billboard example of a unipoleCorporeal advertising, Unipole Advertising


This type of unipole is maintained with supports and the format adapts to creativity.


It abandons rectangular measures to offer a three-dimensional sensation.





BluCactus - Unipole Advertising - creative billboard example of a unipoleWhy choose unipoles to publicize your business?


Outdoor advertising represents a good reminder of messages posted through other means.


Next, we will show you the main advantages of them to publicize your business:





BluCactus - Unipole Advertising - creative billboard example of a unipole24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Except for closed circuits, unipoles represent an active medium 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


They are very useful since not all people have the same working hours or leave their homes at the same hours.


Also, when we go sightseeing somewhere, they help us locate ourselves.


BluCactus - creative billboard example

High level of impact, Unipole Advertising


They are in strategic places and produce a high number of views from their target audience.


They are an advertising piece located near shopping centers.





BluCactus - Unipole Advertising - creative billboard example of a unipoleSegmentation


They may target certain groups that are difficult to capture otherwise.


For example, workers who spend a lot of time away from home and hardly have time to watch television or those who travel a lot for work reasons.


BluCactus - creative billboard exampleLow cost, Unipole Advertising


Since the cost per thousand impressions (CPTI) is low, they are in high demand for any type of campaign.


At BluCactus we advise you on any advertising campaign that you would like to carry out.


We will offer you an excellent advisory service that adapts to your needs and the location where you want to display your ad.



Benefits of Unipole advertising


BluCactus - Unipole Advertising - creative billboard example of a unipoleThis type of outdoor advertising continues to be one of the supports preferred by companies because of the many benefits it offers:


Because of its height and dimensions, it achieves enviable visibility which gives it brand recognition and great advertising effectiveness.


It’s of great help to locate a physical business or reinforce the image of a company.


The location of the monopole is essential to achieve a greater impact.


BluCactus - creative billboard exampleIt’s the best ally of advertising campaigns since we can combine it with other media such as digital, radio, or television.


At BluCactus we want to be part of your advertising experience and your own history by offering you the widest knowledge in marketing.


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