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United States regulations for perfume packaging information. The United States is the world’s second-largest fragrance market by the standards of the global cosmetics industry. Only surpassed in terms of volume by the countries of the European Union. For its territory, perfume packaging information is just part of a complex process of adapting a fragrant product to a highly competitive market. To begin with, the importance of its size and growth, added to the regular change in user consumption habits, makes it necessary for each brand to bet on innovative strategies. With the ability to adapt to each local niche and differentiate each product from the rest of the best in its market.


BluCactus is a digital marketing agency with special services in terms of design, printing, and advice services for perfume packaging information. This, in itself, represents an initiative that coincides with its wide range of services in terms of product packaging in general. Located in the city of Dallas, Texas, this company represents an excellent option for designing attractive labels for perfumes. Our products have the power to be both visually appealing to the user and to comply with FDA legal standards. For further information and a description of this set of services, we invite you to read the following explanatory text.


How big is the US fragrance market? What is the value of the perfume market in the United States?


BluCactus - value of the perfume marketEconomically, the perfume market in the United States has a net worth of approximately 50,000 million dollars. Apart from this, other economic criteria, such as those published by the Statista magazine, situate the half-annual revenue to about $8.15 billion in the year 2022. With a previous investment of 10.5 million dollars during the year 2020. All of this is explained based on the increased demand for scented products that largely occurred after the pandemic. In parallel, a sustained net growth of 2.6% is predicted for each year until 2026. Perfume packaging information criteria allow each brand to bring its products to the target audience in the midst of all that growth market.


Aside from its economic range, the United States has broadly defined fragrance buying trends. Its features make it possible for the entrance of new proposals for action. On the one hand, a third of the North American perfume market is monopolized by major international brands. Among these, it is possible to recognize L’Oreal, P&G, Estée Lauder, Mary Kay, Unilever, Coty, and Revlon. The rest of the market is made up of challenger or emerging brands. Where its main feature of the expansion is online commerce, a channel accelerated by the advent of the recent pandemic. Another important criterion of the information on perfume packaging is that they favor the identification of fragrant products from other markets in internationalization.


What information is on the perfume boxes? What needs to be on a perfume label?


BluCactus - What needs to be on a perfume labelIn the United States, the information on perfume packaging defines any fragrant compound as an artificial element that forms part of the cosmetic range. Despite their nature, “fragrance” and “cosmetic” should not be understood as the same concepts. The latter is because the FDA, in its Cosmetic Labeling Guide, establishes the criteria to define whether a compound should be administered as a fragrance or not. Under this criterion, only any perfume, cologne, or aftershave is regulated as a fragrance. Whose application formula is direct to the consumer’s body and has the static intention of making it more attractive according to current industry standards. Other fragrances applied to products such as shampoo, body lotions, detergents, muscle pain gel, and aromatherapy are not considered as such, and other legal supports regulate their management.


Perfume packaging FDA-administered information has joint administration at the national level. Said government entities also include: the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) and the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA). The Cosmetic Labeling Standards Code of 21 CFR parts 701 and 740 manages the informative pattern of the perfume label from a visual point of view. Taking into account its main prescriptions, its distribution is regulated as follows:


Main Display Panel (PDP):


BluCactus Main Display Panel (PDP) in perfume packaging

It represents the main or front face of the product. Its technical definition comes according to the description of the 21 CFR in section number 701.10. It represents the main part of the information on the perfume packaging where the identifying information is exposed. As a characteristic feature of said section, the required language is English as the only and mandatory language for the representation of products. Said norm is accepted when it is necessary to distribute the product in areas of the country with language variants. E.g., Puerto Rico. Thus, the main information elements are the following:


Declaration of Identity:


Represents the explicit statement of the nature of the product. In addition to its main mode of use. For the representation of this type of information on perfume packaging, a select group of names or common or habitual terms are used according to section 701.11 of the federal code. The use of allusive advertising images is allowed. 


Net Content:


Expression of capacity, measured solely in terms of weight, volume, or numerical count. Depending on the case, the representation of said informative data also allows a simultaneous combination of these three variants. Its terms of use and placement according to the permitted measures are described in the 21 CFR in section number 701.13. 


BluCactus information panel in perfume packagingInformation Panel:


Represents the front or back box of every perfume packaging. The main parameters of the product, cosmetic, or perfume being promoted must be gathered here. The placement of this data set at the bottom end or base of the perfume is prohibited. In addition, the employer must not place expressions as “FDA-approved” nor attribute medical conditions to an irregularly fragrant product. Outside of this, the information panel is made up of the following elements:


Name and location of the responsible company:


According to parameter 701.12, it represents the expression of the fiscal name of the company, association, or corporation that has produced the perfume product. The various legislations and information on perfume packaging specify that this information, in addition to the manufacturer, must include the name of the packer and distributor, as the case may be. On the other hand, the fiscal address must include aspects such as state, city, and postal code of origin.


Distributor Statement:


BluCactus information panel in perfume packagingIn certain cases, the information presented does not match with the manufacturer, but with the rest of the companies associated with its marketing. For this, this criterion of the information of the perfume packaging is specified. Here the information declared must be only that of the company that distributes the product. Accordingly, such informational data must be declared “manufactured for…” or “Distributed by…” as appropriate.


Material Facts:


In the cosmetics and perfumery range, this information on the perfume packaging corresponds to the product’s use. In the case of the fragrance, it must be assigned to its components and storage conditions that involve parameters such as humidity, temperature, and storage. At the legal level, the omission of this information is considered misleading labeling, which makes it prone to the issuance of sanctions to all brands.


Warning and Cautionary Statements:


BluCactus information panel in perfume packagingLike all other cosmetic products, perfume packaging information should include warning precautions. Its presence is required to contrast against the rest of the information presented in the information panel, given its importance. The criteria for the presentation of the same are established in the section of the 21 CFR number 740.1 with an important emphasis on the flammability characteristic of each one of them.


List of Components:


The list of components is understood as the list of substances that make up the product itself. For perfume, such regulations are valid for all ranges of trade. So much in the sector of professional use as well as for the retail sale. Their description must always appear in descending order according to their proportion of the general mass of the product. No component should be excluded.


What is the importance of bottle design in promoting perfumery products? How do you package perfume?


BluCactus - bottle design in perfumery productsThe BluCactus Marketing agency assists the North American perfume entrepreneur by offering label creation services. However, compliance with perfume packaging information is only part of the comprehensive process of creating and promoting the products we offer. Our specialists focus on creating an attractive packaging environment for your brand where creativity and ingenuity allow you to highlight the quality and fragrance of your product. In this way, we prepare your product for commercial competition. Both physically and on the shelves of establishments and for its promotion in social media and other online environments.


To begin with, the shape of your product’s packaging will always be competent for the type of label that we can create for you. Parallel to the information on the perfume packaging, there are three basic model labels on which a whole creative universe can work. These are the front, anterior, and back combined labels and the wraparound labels. Regardless of the required label, BluCactus products are characterized by having durable and protective finishes. On the other hand, our labels are also made using high-quality paper and ink. All of these give a high-end finish and luxurious feel to your bottle, packaging, or box that will finally commercialize. 


Dallas, Texas: The power center of the BluCactus marketing agency for the entire United States and North America in general


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510We have an impressive action field that allows us to provide professional advisory services to consolidated and emerging perfume companies throughout the country. This includes major urban centers in the United States. This includes cities like New York, Washington, Chicago, Miami, and Atlanta. Without forgetting locations on the Pacific coast such as Los Angeles and other central states. We intend to offer you a homogeneous positioning service. All of these, go according to the information on the perfume packaging to allow the expansion of your brand both nationally, internationally, and globally. 


In itself, the main characteristic that justifies our ability to advise is our outstanding track record and positioning. BluCactus was born as a German initiative during the early 2010s and remains today with an important presence on the five continents of the world. The United States is not an exceptional country. Well, it represents the leading nation and protagonist of all the changes that society experiences day after day. 


For more information on perfume packaging, do not forget that you can contact us starting today. Likewise, you can receive news from our experts by subscribing to our weekly newsletter or through our social media profiles. Do not wait any longer! With BluCactus services, your brand will receive all the new and professional looks that you are looking for! Contact us and let your product stand out from the rest!

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