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19 viral fashion campaigns. Being unique and fast are the two perfect concepts that describe the demand from digital consumers today.


Fashion brands understand these concepts very well. Because of this, they consider the needs of the customer when creating their marketing strategies. This has allowed them to deliver some of the most successful campaigns of this year.


19 viral fashion campaigns




BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a really important fashion brandGucci’s strategy for this year has been to be persistent. This comes from the need to attract millennials and Gen Z. Another well-used strategy has been including its brand into the most used hashtags on Instagram.


Without a doubt, #TFWGucci has surpassed all the previous campaigns through a simple and very familiar idea: memes.


Alessandro Michele turned to international artists who were well-known on Twitter and Instagram, to design unforgettable memes. These memes would eventually go viral for the launch of the Le Marché des Merveilles watch collection.


According to Dash Hudson, the post caused a total of 1,986,005 likes and 21,780 comments.


Michael Kors, 19 viral fashion campaigns


BluCactus - michael korsNow you don’t need to have an exclusive invitation to a fashion party, or at least not one from Michael Kors.


“The Walk” is one of the Shanghai-based parties that have been held for some time. This party received 9.53 million digital visitors through the popular Chinese application, YiZhiBo.


The #korsshanghai event was broadcast live and featured VIP guests showcasing their “after-dark style” on the catwalk with LED lights. It included the participation of Soo Joo Park, Yang Mi, Hikari Mori, Ella Richards, and Princess Olympia of Greece.


On the other hand, artists such as DJ Sebastien Perrin, Bibi Zhou, and hip-hop artist Nick Chou were in charge of offering entertainment to their guests. Thus, this was the perfect combination of physical and digital, a winning recipe for fashion events.


BluCactus - fendi



F is for Fendi is a space for young people only. Here, they don’t have to buy anything, in fact, there’s nothing to buy.


The only aim of this is to share original content.


It presents a “main screen” full of creative and light images in which you can explore five different series:




  • BluCactus - futureFreaks: It’s where we find the manifesto, a powerful message that empowers younger generations. This inspires users to be creative and unique.
  • Fulgore: This is full of editorials made with an iPhone 7 that contains photos that feel spontaneous and authentic.
  • Faces: You can meet brand ambassadors, (like Laura Love).
  • Freedom: It offers city guides and the ambassadors’ favorite places.
  • Fearless: A space dedicated to artists and musicians, to share their work, like Cailin Russo in the following video.


Fendi’s Global Communication Director wanted to give younger generations their own space to express their identities.


So they created F is for Fendi which was a success.


Burberry, 19 viral fashion campaigns


BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a really important fashion brandBurberry contacted blogger Mr. Bags for the launch of its leather DK88 bag. They did this through an exclusive online store on WeChat. Then, Mr. Bags boosted sales by asking shoppers to share screenshots of their orders with him in exchange for an exclusive chance to win a gift.


Burberry also created a game on WeChat in which users could move their phones to “paint” the DK88 bags.


Once the user “liked” a color, the application provided personality descriptions based on their favorite colors. An example could be the color blue, which meant that the user was “kind, delicate, elegant and calm.”


The color shown for the launch was chosen by Mr. Bags and called Bright Toffee. This was only available for purchase in China, at Burberry’s official WeChat store.


Louis Vuitton


BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a really important fashion brandLouis Vuitton has always had a strong digital presence. It’s known for its creativity and quality within its digital campaigns.


The company’s website shows everything that happens within the world of Louis Vuitton. For this, they created a section called “World of Louis Vuitton.”


This strategy makes use of a detailed narrative of the brand’s history and its dedication to design and art. It showcases the latest events, product updates, and behind-the-scenes coverage for brand enthusiasts to discover.


Each article is easy to read and has special buttons to share them on social media. Thus, this encourages readers to share it with their followers.


Besides, the Friends Of The House section highlights all the celebrities and prestigious people who are associated with the brand. From Selena Gomez as UNICEF’s youngest Goodwill Ambassador to Wong Kar Wai. The latter, in 2009, had the honor of directing the panel of judges for the first-ever Louis Vuitton Journeys Awards, which showcased emerging filmmakers.


Primark, 19 viral fashion campaigns


BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a technological product with important informationIn March 2017, Primark launched a range of products about the movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’ at the time of the remake’s release.


The $8 Chip mug was very popular, so much so that shoppers were fighting over it. Primark saw this as an opportunity and instantly designed a pair of socks, and posted them on Instagram.


The phrase on the socks was “I wanted a cup of Chip, but all I got were these #Chipgate socks”.


This was well-received by its followers and gave them 145,000 likes.


Neiman Marcus


BluCactus - neiman marcusNeiman Marcus uses the latest and unique technology to improve the customer experience. At its new location in Dallas, the Neiman Marcus iLab team created this technology to interact with their clients.


It also includes everything from digital catalogs within the lobby, smart mirror technology in the beauty section, to custom music playlists in the fitting rooms.




Smart mirror technology offers buyers an interactive and digital makeover experience. It does this while educating them to apply all the different products.


Buyers can record the makeover app on video and later share their beauty experience on social media. The aim of the iLab team is to bring new technologies that a sector that doesn’t use them.


Nike, 19 viral fashion campaigns


BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a technological product with important informationNike joined forces with the NBA by creating jerseys with a technology called “NikeConnect”. Every NBA Connected Jersey has a unique chip that uses Near-Field Communication (NFC). This can be paired with an iOS or Android device via the NikeConnect app.


With NikeConnect, you can get exclusive access to videos, images, GIFs of your favorite teams and players, special products, tickets, and game highlights straight from the NBA.


But, what really makes this digital experience stand out is its personalized touch. For example, NBA players can connect with fans who own their jersey, sending them personalized messages instantly via their phones.



Tom ford


Some time ago a Tom Ford beauty products store opened in London, the location included many technological elements.


The aim of this was to help customers search for digital products and content to get information.


Besides, the brand created a digital scent table to allow customers to test the Tom Ford fragrance collection.


The brand also used augmented reality to let the customers test their wide variety of lipsticks.


Chanel, 19 viral fashion campaigns


BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a really important fashion brandChanel’s relationship with digital content has been clear in recent years.


From video production to content creation for each channel on social platforms, we can say that the brand has become an expert in creating online content.


The luxury brand’s website also focuses on history. Here, guests can explore the story of Gabrielle Chanel in different chapters and experience her legacy.


The traditional French house has highlighted the trajectory and history of its founder. This has been closely linked to the evolution of the brand.


Daniel Wellington


Daniel Wellington is a company that only works with influencers and has proof of its impressive sales.


As a manufacturer of wristwatches, the company has built its brand reputation in a solid structure of hashtags and a careful selection of influencers.


Hashtags or tags like #DWPickoftheDay or #DanielWellington are some of the hashtags about fashion on Instagram.


BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a really important fashion brand

Using these hashtags as a starting point, the firm runs contests and offers discounts regularly through posts from the influencers it sponsors.


And what is the result?


The creation of engaging and rewarding content that is given to loyal audiences through popular influencers.


Concerning the other traditional forms of marketing, Daniel Wellington shows itself as a brand respected by the community, and that it trusts that its products speak for it.


It doesn’t use glitzy photoshoots or over the top campaigns. Thus, consumers view this brand as a community effort. This creates a sense of authenticity.


Influencers who show their watches in their posts go for natural and realistic images instead of highly edited photos.


Forever 21, 19 viral fashion campaigns


The market for women’s fashion is filled with a lot of competition. Because of this, Forever 21 decided to reach the social media audience with something more than typical photoshoots. Thus, they made the decision to join forces with well-known influencers.


BluCactus - forever 21

Influencers talked openly and directly with their followers. The brand created a series of revolutionary posts. So, instead of showing its new collections with the traditional poses, they told influencers to create content about trying on clothes.


All points of view were accepted and remained in the content without editing or removing them.


Because of this effort to bring a genuine touch to their new creations, Forever 21 could showcase their new collection and create a “shopping with friends” sensation and message.


Finally, once the influencers decided that a certain outfit was here to stay, they uploaded the videos to social media.


After hearing real and honest opinions about which pieces did not pass the cut, consumers said which influencers they would really wear in their day-to-day.




BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a technologicalThe well-known brand Zara selected the most famous influencers in the world of fashion to show their products creatively and easily.


This was one of the most effective ways to get them to “take over” their Instagram by sponsored influencers like Teesh Rosa.


By asking influencers to create content from their products, Zara sends the message that their clothes are for everyone and authentic.


Zara’s decision to display their clothes through famous influencers ensured that their budget for the campaign was worth every cent. Because of this, Zara was able to earn around 4.6 million followers in just eight months.


Lululemon, 19 viral fashion campaigns


BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a really important fashion brandConsumers have developed the gift of knowing when a brand is being original or not. So, even if editing apps are very popular on social media, the audience is still able to identify which brand messages seem natural.


Because of this, Lululemon came to the conclusion that they needed to change direction. Thus, they made the decision of becoming less exclusive and friendlier.


In recent years, the brand’s social media platforms have changed paths. They went from creating over the top photoshoots of its leggings and sportswear to featuring ordinary day-to-day photos of its own clients.


They now show people playing in the snow or resting between yoga sessions. And what’s more! Now their clients create this content themselves and about them.


Brands now look for regular people to represent them. They no longer hire the typical Instagram models, choosing to have a natural look. Thus, they decided to work with well-known figures from the world of fitness and well-being. They even worked with an Olympic athlete. All of this was done because the brand is not stopping any time soon from growing and opening stores all around the world.


Dr. Martens


BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a really important fashion brandMany brands try to include the community in their efforts, but Dr. Martens has gone much further. For its campaign, the British firm has tried to create a new shopping experience for its most loyal clients.


Free haircuts, in-store gigs, and even tattooists to customize boots on the spot are some examples from their efforts.


And where can you follow these events if you are not in the store?


On Dr. Martens’ Instagram of course! They have earned over 2.5 million new followers because of in-store direct or content sessions.


As its director of products, Darren Campbell explains: “Today, purchases are a by-product of connecting with the customer.”


Monsoon, 19 viral fashion campaigns


BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a technological product with important informationWebsites like ManRepeller and NET-A-PORTER are the ideal showcase for haute couture firms or influencer relationships.


And Swoon for Monsoon has earned a spot on the list.


They proved that mixing editorial content and online shopping doesn’t have to be limited to luxury brands.


With a website and digital magazine available, whether on mobile phones or tablets, Swoon for Monsoon is the perfect example of how influencer content can influence a new life of fashion and style.


Marc jacobs


BluCactus - marc jacobsUsing the visual aspect of Instagram, the brand Marc Jacobs launched the campaign called #CastMeMarc. The aim of this was to find new faces to showcase its new collection.


Given its well-known presence, this is a great example of how an influencer can showcase their own brand without using an outsider.


All he did was ask aspiring models to tag their photos with #CastMeMarc, and the campaign dissolved like water down a river. 


Another bright side of this was the creation of a real commitment to connection and collaboration among Marc Jacobs’s fans. Even Marketing Week magazine named #CastMeMarc the campaign of the year.


THINX, 19 viral fashion campaigns


Blucactus-THINXTHINX is a menstruation-proof underwear company with charitable roots.


The founding idea came when Miki Agrawal found out that millions of girls around the world didn’t have the resources to manage everything that menstruation entails.


It makes sense that such an understanding and the straightforward company would come up with the motto “For People With Periods.”


By putting hard debates aside, THINX created a campaign that attracted interest from small groups to big media like Buzzfeed.




Blucactus-YeezyKanye West himself is part of this campaign so it shouldn’t be difficult to draw attention to the product. However, building the reputation of a brand that hasn’t even seen the light can be a hard task.


But, the Yeezy Boost sneakers are living proof of this. This product was born out of a collaboration between Adidas and Kanye West. Thus, this is an interesting example of influencer marketing.


The main goal was for people to realize how exclusive the shoes were even before they were launched.


So instead of sending dozens and dozens of boxes to each big-name, the company only selected a small group of people to promote the product.


So, what was the result?


An incredible success. That was the result. Once consumers realized they were not Adidas’ sneakers, the waiting lists to buy them became endless.


The prestige and reputation of the exclusiveness of the shoes meant that many of the influencers who were lucky enough to be selected to wear them did so without the company having to pay them for it.


Conclusion of the 19 viral fashion campaigns


BluCactus - contact usFinally, today in the world of Digital Marketing, we can see that influencers are carrying out everything, at least in most campaigns. Other brands just stick to using labels or well-known hashtags.


We must mention that to carry out every campaign mentioned above, brands needed to create a strategic plan. This plan, of course, came from their knowledge about what their target audience liked. Thus, even if a brand is famous and already has influence, it doesn’t mean that they won’t need the help of experts.


We saw in one example that, although the exclusivity to introduce everyday life is “ending”, each brand fulfills its essence and transmits what is necessary to sell.


If you have a company and want to take it to the next level, you can contact us and we will reach the goal together.


Hire the services of BluCactus as we are an experienced Fashion Marketing Agency. Remember that your success is our success.


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