Five Ways Animation Helps in Digital Marketing


Five Ways Animation Helps in Digital Marketing. With its long history, animation is often regarded as one of the century’s greatest inventions. Luminaries like Walt Disney have helped develop animation. As a result, businesses can now unleash animation’s full potential in different fields and not just specifically in the entertainment industry.


Today, both 2D and 3D animation are aiding businesses in various areas of branding and marketing. Animation can be a part of a business’ website in so many ways. For example, a business can create animated videos for social media marketing efforts or their website.


Furthermore, businesses can integrate micro-animations into their websites to improve interaction and engagement. Digital marketers can benefit from animation in so many ways. Here are five of the most exciting ways.


# 1: Animated Videos Make Concepts Easier to Understand


Blucactus - laptopAnimation and text are combined in animated explainer videos. As the name suggests, you can use these to explain to your audience why they should engage with your brand. It also helps people appreciate your products or services.


They don’t fit into a specific market. Businesses can use animated explainer videos virtually anywhere. Short and sweet is the best strategy for conveying information. The ideal length for a well-structured, visually appealing, and concise video is around a minute. 


Can you extend the explainer video? Yes, but make sure that the rest of the video is as informative and engaging as the first minute. In addition, businesses will benefit from working with professional animators who can work with writers and other professionals to create the required animations.


Additionally, companies should seriously consider working with professional animation services. The experienced animation service will develop a wide variety of ideas and concepts that will benefit the business’ aims for the campaign.


# 2: Professional Animations Helps Tell Your Business’ Vision and Story


Blucactus-2-Professional-Animations-Helps-Tell-Your-Business-Vision-and-StoryWays Animation Helps in Digital Marketing. When creating a brand animation, you want to convey exactly what your company does to your audience. Brand animations are the first thing people see on your site. These animations are the most essential. They must grab the attention of customers. The readers must continue engaging with the page and not bounce to other websites.


Keep brand animations short, just like explainer videos. A quick, one-minute-long video that focuses on the most critical aspects of your business is better than a long, drawn-out video that doesn’t get to the point.


A high-quality brand animation will enhance your brand. In addition, these videos will explain your products and services.


Furthermore, these animations will also give the public an idea of what to expect from your company. A brand animation conveys your brand’s values and makes your company more relatable. As a result, you can expect to generate more leads, conversions, and sales in the process.


# 3: Animation Has Wider Audience Appeal


Blucactus-3-Animation-Has-Wider-Audience-AppealCartoons and other forms of animation can appeal to a wide range of demographics, including young children, millennials, and even baby boomers. Because of this, if you incorporate animation into your marketing strategy, you have a better chance of attracting new customers.


And that’s critical in today’s competitive marketplace, where businesses are fighting tooth and nail to attract new customers.


Animating anything makes it look effortless. It’s easy to follow the explanation if the story is well told. Just think of all the lovable characters that appeal to the story.


Endearing animations also aid in the retention of important information and help you recall it for a longer time. Your audience will remember the smaller, harder-to-catch details better. They become better-informed individuals in the process.


# 4: Animations Bring the Gift of Nostalgia


Blucactus-4-Animations-in digital marketingWays Animation Helps in Digital Marketing. Since almost everyone has watched cartoons in their childhood, it naturally follows that animations can produce feelings of nostalgia. Through an increased sense of social connectedness, nostalgia fosters positive emotions such as joy and contentment while decreasing negative ones, such as loneliness.


We can see a social web stretching across people and time in the sentimental memories shared by study participants. For example, the word “nostos” means “homecoming,” and “algos” means “pain.”


It is important to remember that nostalgia, once evoked, aids in restoring psychological balance.


Self-esteem and social connectedness are boosted, and feelings of continuity between the past and the present; meaning in life increases; social behavior is encouraged, and a sense of connection fights off thoughts of losing loved ones.


Marketing has always benefited from adding a dash of nostalgia to marketing assets. Nostalgia creates a bond between the promotion and the person, bringing the ideas and messages closer to home. Furthermore, the nostalgic animations make people feel good while stirring personal memories and emotions that matter to people.


# 5: Animations are Memorable


Blucactus-5-Animations-in digital marketingPerhaps the biggest challenge to businesses who want to benefit from video marketing is the element of being memorable. Not everything is fantastic. When something is presented as an advertisement or a promotion, people are also warier. People know how to differentiate between a simple message and a promotional one. Additionally, people have an aversion to ads on the internet.


Animations can help quell this problem. These awesome videos can send vital messages across the gulf of the digital space. Animations are so much easier for people to understand and retain. This is mainly due to animation’s fun and engaging nature, instead of many other dry marketing methods.


Using animation, you can combine your marketing goals with emotions, stories, music, memorable visuals, and other aspects of storytelling. In this way, your audience is more likely to remember and value your brand because of the positive associations it creates in their minds.


Animation is the New Frontier for Digital Marketing


Blucactus - Ken Schreck - Contact usAnimation combines the power of genuine storytelling with cutting-edge tech.


With powerful new software available to commercial consumers, even smaller animation studios and professionals can provide animation services worthy of any business.


I want to emphasize that animation can benefit every aspect of your branding efforts.


Even your business’ logo can benefit from a much-needed refresh with new animation.


In the end, every business that invests in animation will reap the benefits in due time.


Author’s bio for this guest post: Shane Clark




Shane has been involved in web development and internet marketing for the past fifteen years. He started as a network consultant in 1999 and gradually evolved into a software engineer. For the past eight years, He has been developing and marketing websites on a white label basis for marketing agencies throughout the US. His hobbies included traveling, spending time with his family, and technical blog writing.


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